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  • Hamlet in Baltimore

    by Pavel Cerny
    HAMLET IN BALTIMORE is a horror about the 5 year old Edgar Poe and his two actor parents being murdered by a vampire. It is a wholly made up fantasy. In reality Poe's alcoholic father left the family when Poe was 1 1/2 years old, and his mother died of consumption when he was 2. Instead, this is a fiction about what formed E.A. Poe's life and work. The book is Part One of the planned A Heart Laid Bare series. Part Two-THE BLUE BOTTLE, about the author's strange relationship with his 13 year old ... more
  • Friends For Robots

    by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor
    A science fiction and fantasy short story collection from Merc Fenn Wolfmoor (author of THE WOLF AMONG THE WILD HUNT and SO YOU WANT TO BE A ROBOT).

    by Sean Michael Paquet
    Imagine a world where aliens are real, Vikings roam on another world, and Earth is on the brink of doom. For nearly six hundred years, the ancestors of Jon Raynecksson have lived in such a world. Upon assumption of his Title as Warden of the Lands, Jon is thrust into an adventure of epic proportions. The quiet life he had known as a boy is torn from him as he becomes a playing piece in a game of cosmic proportions, a Game of Gods.
  • The Eternal Machine

    by Carol Ryles

    A woman with the strength to rebel.
 A shapeshifter who wears the souls of the dead.
 Together, they face a lethal enemy. In a 19th Century Australian city owned by industrialists, Em sells her magic to make ends meet. The extraction procedure is brutal and potentially deadly. Desperate for change, she joins an underground resistance movement to weaponize her magic and stop the abuse of workers. Meanwhile, a mysterious voice wakes Ruk from a decades long slumber and compels him to become huma... more

  • Freedom Rings

    by Daniel Paul
    A dystopian, dying Earth has fallen to autocratic dictators ruling with iron fists from power zones where genetic minorities are ushered into detention centers and extermination camps by the millions. The powerful gay CEO of the planet’s top tech conglomerate offers hope for the damned in the form of interstellar escape to a pristine new world. There, his young protégé is charged with transforming himself from reluctant leader to steward of a perfect new society built from scratch in an other-... more
  • Little Wanderers: The Everlasting Seasons

    by I.K. Silver

    Snowy is a tiny dwarf leading an almost normal life in the village of never-ending winter. Aside from the ever-dreary sky, living next to rowdy neighbors, and being treated like a child, nothing seems to pose a challenge.

    All that changes when rumors about Snowy breaking a taboo spread. Disheartened at what he deemed betrayal and feeling stuck in his village, Snowy sneaks out to look for Originem, a village where misfortune befalls no one. However, the aftermath exceeds his wildest expe... more

  • The Singing Shore I: Sea and Song

    by E.P. Clark
    All magical gifts are wild. The seer’s gift is the wildest of all. Dasha, Tsarinovna of all of Zem’, was expected to have great magical gifts. Why else would the gods have arranged her conception? But instead of anything useful, Dasha’s gifts first manifested themselves as visions of terror and destruction. Then, just when it seemed she might be gaining some control over them, they abandoned her entirely. That’s unfortunate, because Dasha could really use some guidance right now. She’s vo... more
  • Babouc's Vision

    by Glenn Searfoss
    The year is 2041 - and the gods are angry. While Carissa scours the city garbage for food and pretty things to show her grandfather, Tom and April strive to prove themselves genetically suitable to conceive a child. Luis fights to protect his unborn son from the gangs. Nora sits alone in her dark apartment, old, tired, and waiting to die. And Izzy, how did he end up on the street? In the backroom of his appliance repair shop, Harl Babouc putters at his workbench unaware the Gods have chosen him ... more
  • Balloon: Altitude

    by Christopher Keith

    Great things never come from comfort zones. In an era of exploration like never before, they must rise to the challenge. And dare to fall. Fable Sky, the world’s largest zero-pressure helium balloon, embarks on its inaugural flight into the stratosphere. The space tourism project has taken many years, the assembly of a highly trained crew and a small fortune to get off the ground. If everything goes well, it will be a flight of discovery and transformation, a triumph of the human imagin... more

  • The Cupid Chronicles


    A social worker and angel-in-training in heaven is assigned to advocate for an unruly Cupid's assistant and keep him from being "flushed" to the lower regions for violations of the Cupid's Oath. This is a Fix-up novel that contains short stories, which are thematically connected.

  • The Know-It-All Pencil

    by Lois Wickstrom
    It's Caspian's UnBirthday again. This year, Grandpa gives him a pencil and a small pad of paper. When Caspian picks up the pencil, it writes the word APPLE. What does a pencil know? Grandpa says "It's a STAR adventure." But there are no apples in the house. Caspian rescues a runaway walker and returns in to the woman whose leg is in a cast. She gives him an orange. He trades the orange for two bananas. He trades the bananas for a worm. Eventually he gets apples. The pencil tells him to take them... more
  • The Mermaid and the Rainbow

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Trezzie, Maia, and Fig swap science tricks using treasures from the mermaid's secret box. Best of all, they make a rainbow with a mirror, a piece of paper, and a glass of water. Trezzie is Maia's imaginary playmate. Fig is her human friend. Together, they make a great team.
  • The Sight

    by V. H. Mizzell

    What if in the near future a thousand people worldwide spontaneously developed the ability to see the future?What if they began crashing financial markets, winning lotteries, bankrupting casinos?What if the governments of the World blamed the phenomenon on each other? Claiming cyber attacks?And the result - worldwide nuclear war! Then three hundred years later .....

    Rion of the Free State - a young warrior living in a Post-Apocalyptic world three hundred years in the future - has a recu... more

  • Afflicted

    by H.D.Cyr
    Samantha Sinclair has had visions her entire life. And for most of her life, she has kept the visions to herself. Until recently. At the beginning of the Fall semester Sam’s colleague, Dr. Susan Epstein, went missing. A few days ago, she showed up at the community college where they both work, missing a shoe and half of her face. Sam is the only one who can see Dr. Epstein’s decomposing corpse wandering the halls, and it is wreaking havoc on her appetite – and her sleep. She has infor... more
  • De Cineribus: From the Ashes

    by Thomas Vaccaro
    When your greatest dream is born from spite, will it make you truly happy? Over half a century of strife has passed since the Revelation, where magic was revealed to the world. Now in 2116, humans and sorcerers—referred to by humanity as magi—are engaged in a quiet struggle for global dominance. Though many magi live safely within the walls of the mysterious Medeian Empire, uncounted more live beyond its enchanted isles at the mercy of human fear, suspicion, and scorn, including one Felix Bra... more