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  • The Dharkan

    by Susana Imaginário
    The enemy is defeated. The gods strike a truce. And the Dharkan strike against the gods. Victory has cost both gods and mortals dearly. The veil between life and death in Niflheim is thinner than ever. Try as they might, the gods are powerless against the influence of Time, and their past mistakes threaten not only their future but their very existence. Now the fate of eternity rests in the unlikely alliance between the goddess of the soul and a soulless Dharkan, as they must work to... more
  • Wyrd Gods

    by Susana Imaginário
    Psyche, the Greek goddess of the soul, needs to find her way out of Niflheim before the end of Eternity.
  • The Chocolate Clouds: A Magical Journey Through a World of Chocolate, Sweets, and All Kinds of Delicious Food

    by Marc Remus

    Everybody in Sugarland is overweight because there’s no food other than sweets. For decades, delicious Chocolate Clouds soared above Choco-Locoville, the hometown of ten-year-old Henry. They would melt in the intense summer sun and chocolate would drip from the sky. Henry’s family collected the drops and made a fortune, building a candy empire that controlled Sugarland’s food supply.

    One morning, Henry wakes up to the shocking news that the Chocolate Clouds have disappeared. With the fa... more

  • The Ring

    by Sagar Constantin
    Angela returns to Earth to search for and find the last two members of a group called the Ring. Together, the Ring can access crucial knowledge that the world desperately needs. Each member has unconsciously carried a piece of this knowledge over thousands of years. By reconnecting the pieces, they will help turn mankind’s negative, violent development on Earth into a positive, loving, and constructive progress. If the Ring doesn’t reunite now, it is doubtful that they will ever succeed... more
  • The Life - A Journey Of Self-Discovery

    by Sagar Constantin
    Eva Monroe is returning from a three-week business trip, one in which she left her five-year-old son in the care of her estranged ex-husband when the plane that's taking her home crashes. The accident leaves her in a coma, unresponsive to doctors' attention and the urgings of her little boy. However, while Eva's body lies on the precipice of death, Eva's spirit has traveled to a place known as the In-Between - a world that is hovering in the clouds above our planet. The In-Between is a ... more
  • TM

    by H.D. Rogers
    "The Guardian Orbital Defense System, a network of 104 satellites shielding the U.S. from missile attacks and establishing American hegemony in orbital space, will soon be fully operational. From its inception, mystery and controversy have surrounded the system. Dr. Harold Symes, the scientist who designed the system's artificial intelligence, has disappeared, leaving a calendar containing enigmatic ""TM"" notations. Political opponents of the system, led by Senator Leila Kahlid-Conroy, are rais... more
  • Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of the Carandir Saga

    by David A. Wimsett
    In the conclusion of The Carandir Sage, the dragon Baras waits to wake and spread a rein of terror in vengeance for being confined in the void. Baroness Luja, Baron Womb and Baron Gilyon slam their forces against The crown of Carandir in their civil war to gain control, oppress the rights of women and expel everyone they do not consider to be “Pure Carandirian.” The Karakiens, who they have promised the eastern baronies to, attack from the south. Yearol and Keetala sneak behind enemy lines to co... more
  • A Little Taste of Everyone

    by Zachary Cooper
    Zukail, Z, or Zuke to those who know him, is a private investigator and in the city, there is plenty for him to do, since being a good guy here is more like not lying blatantly enough on your taxes. Money is power, and power is obvious around here. This is not fully a city of sin but is known to many as everyone is morally questionable, and the shining beacons of moral conscience are dim, few, and far between. Good pretending to be bad, bad pretending to be good, who knows who is in the middle o... more
  • The Wingman

    by Jay. Hartman
    How one black homeless man became his city’s wingman—A superhero story. Sam Farsight has a plan to end gang violence forever. Or at least, he did before it all backfired and the biggest gang lord threw him off a building! No one could've known that the wings would appear, saving him from smacking face-first into the pavement. And now? No one CAN know. Sam Farsight is dead, and the man who’s here now has a long way to go before anyone will call him a hero. Quickly labeled as his city's big... more
  • Games of Worth

    by Elias Barr

    To save his mother's life, he must compete in a deadly competition designed for the best of the best. There's just one problem: He's only an average teenager.

    Wyatt Chanes is perfectly content living with his widowed mother in the farming kingdom Crop, one of seven resource-supplying lands surrounding Armora, the Kingdom of Champions. But when his mother falls suddenly into the clutches of a deadly and unknown disease, Wyatt is left with one choice: win the Games of Wor... more

  • Dawn of the Watchers

    by Winn Taylor

    Dawn of the Watchers is book two of the Metaphysical Sci-Fantasy series, The New World Chronicles.


    ONCE AGAIN, protecting Laris, the prophesied ‘ONE’, is left to Jinx, an impulsive, superpowered 18-year-old who has never followed a single rule.​

    Yeah, sure, she and Jacob managed to save Laris from the first threat, but that was yesterday. ​​

    Today, Jinx is still trying to work out the kinks in her newly-acquired powers, sett... more

  • Potion: A Witchy Fairy Tale

    by Dorlana Vann

    Mean Girls meet The Craft in this contemporary retelling. #WitchesBeBitches Lucas and Melrose survived their not-so-fairy-tale childhood and are now trying to live a normal life. But the teens' dark past is summoned after three new girls arrive at their high school with a wicked agenda. Soon the siblings are lured back into the world of magic where evil witches can distort reality. They must uncover the deception before all the ingredients for a deadly potion are gathered. Or this time, t... more

  • Hydra's Wake

    by Daniel Jones
    When dirigible pilot Rogue Whip crashes in the Deep Forest Province of Shell, he takes refuge in an old, abandoned mining camp. However, he quickly discovers the camp is the territory of the four-headed hydra—a rare but vicious creature that mercilessly hunts and kills its victims using its “wake,” an airborne toxin that causes hallucinations. However, the hydra isn’t the only monster out for Rogue’s blood. The sadistic Lord Albert Richtoff has hired a mercenary to take out Rogue, confusing h... more
  • Ghostland

    by Duncan Ralston
    PEOPLE ARE DYING TO GET IN. THE GHOSTS WILL KILL TO GET OUT. Be first in line for the most haunted theme park in the world - Ghostland! Discover and explore hundreds of haunted buildings and cursed objects! Witness spectral beings of all kinds with our patented Augmented Reality glasses! Experience all the terror and thrills the afterlife has to offer, safely protected by our Recurrence Field technology! Visit Ghostland today - it's the hauntedest place on earth! After a near-death exper... more
  • The Midwives

    by Duncan Ralston
    On tour with his latest book, true crime writer Martin Savage discovers one of his most-dangerous subjects has escaped. The so-called "Witch Hunter," a delusional murderer of women and their unborn children, holds a deadly grudge. He'll stop at nothing to get his revenge, and destroy everything Martin cares about. With nowhere to run, Martin and forensic psychologist Sheila Tanner flee to the town he left when he was a boy, after his mother was locked away in a psychiatric facility. A town hi... more
  • Moon Rescue: Escape from the Dome

    by Tom Kranz
    Lt. Jenna McNamara is a tough cop in a tough place--Daedelus Dome, the Moon habitat that’s home to more than 5,000 people in 2067. There’s rampant drug addiction, a killer on the loose, a virulent plague and a fugitive with a checkered past whom she’s ordered to recruit. She has to trust Rick, an admitted killer with an altruistic streak who may just end up saving the Earth from the ravages of climate change and Daedalus Dome from crumbling under its own age.