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  • Abandoned by the Gods

    by Ronit J
    Welcome to Adeva... A land abandoned by the Gods themselves. The mortals that were left behind built a rich thousand-year history full of legendary exploits. But history doesn’t remember everyone. Written by the victors, written for them, history has a bad habit of neglecting many. This collection features four tales of those hapless souls that history forgot. A girl sold into divine servitude who would threaten to change the face of Adeva's history, a noble forced into dacoity fuelled ... more
  • The Secrets of Shadowcrest

    by Lance McColgan
    The year is AD 1153. As England teeters on the brink of civil war, a faithful knight is sent by his king on a secret mission to the Island of Cabalia: a secluded land of unknown origin and fantastic magic. But when his errand goes awry, Lord William Steele must embark on an unexpected journey across the island, brushing shoulders with cutthroat mercenaries, conspiring kings, and legendary monsters. Forgotten histories and timeless truths must be grappled with in his attempt to discover the Secre... more
  • Angelians

    by Dennis Meredith
    Investigative reporter Luis Varga’s damaged brain was healed at the world-famous Hunter institute for Neuroscience, after an attack by someone seeking to stop a story he was working on. He is stunned to discover that the Institute harbors a population of peaceful aliens, Angelians. They are jellyfish-like creatures that live as humans remotely connected to people whose catastrophically damaged brains were totally restored. The benign Angelians, who include his beloved fiancé Jodi, fled their dyi... more
  • The Pinocchio Chip

    by Rick Moskovitz
    The Pinocchio Chip is a first person account of an AI’s quest for the Holy Grail of consciousness: human emotions. It explores the profound questions of what it means to be human and whether an AI, in its pursuit of emotions, can ever truly become real.
  • Broken Mirror: Resonant Earth Volume 1

    by Cody Sisco

    A fractured mind or a global conspiracy? Uncovering the truth can be hell when nobody believes you… and you can’t even trust yourself.

    “A fantastic SF thriller with a sincere and important message.”—Kirkus Reviews

    Broken Mirror is the first volume in a queer psychological science fiction saga that looks at the stigma of mental illness and the hellish distrust and alienation that goes with it.

    ... more

  • The Ten Riddles of Eartha Quicksmith

    by Loris Owen
    Have you ever thought … have you ever known you were different? Have you ever felt that there’s something big out there, something incredible, just out of reach? What if one day that something incredible came looking for you? When a mysterious drone delivers a cryptic gold coin, Kip is beckoned into the dazzling world of Quicksmiths School of Strange Energy, and everything changes. With only ten days to solve ten ancient riddles, Kip and his new friends quickly take the lead in the race to ... more
  • Moose and the Math Fairy

    by Abby Lewis
    When the Math Fairy leaves Moose in charge for the day, he figures making a few little changes can't hurt. Who needs plus signs, anyway? And graphs can't be THAT important... But he soon discovers that making small changes can lead to big problems! From upsetting the Star Fairy to causing chaos in a pie factory, Moose's attempts to fix things only make them worse. In the end, with the comfort of the Math Fairy, he is able to fix his mistakes- and learn a little something, too.
  • 979-8867605490

    by Daniel Parme

    A bartender's journey through Hell. But this isn't just any hell. This is The Inferno, the finest restaurant in the netherworlds, where Earth's most terrible customers are doomed for eternity. Join our hero as he is guided through the various dining rooms of The Inferno by a high-ranking demon who looks suspiciously like a certain globe-trotting chef. Witness celebrity chef hell-beasts and ironic punishments for the sinners who've found themselves here.

    Gluttony, lu... more

  • Wilde World

    by J Igarashi
    Ten year old Leo Wilde lives in two different worlds, and things are going wrong in both. In one realm, he's Commander Wilde, leading troops against the vicious Carthians. But things begin to crumble when he starts losing control of his soldiers. Meanwhile, in the 'real world', Leo's frustrations mount as he is just a powerless kid who is bullied and bossed around. As the war-torn country of Albion inches closer to disaster, Leo stumbles across a clue. Perhaps actions in one realm can affect ou... more
  • The Bedfordshire Warlock

    by Patrick R. Field
    Elias Doever, accused of being a warlock by the residents of the Village of Bedfordshire, Massachusetts in 1692, is executed via the “ducking chair” into a well of holy water. A force erupts from his chest, killing him and escaping the well. Three hundred years later, the force from the well, Beladon, contacts Dorian Leeves, a young man with supernatural abilities, and informs him that he possesses the same powers as Elias Doever. Dorian will accomplish his ascension into powers beyond his belie... more
  • Sarah Stryker And The Scorching Fire

    by Hanif Muhammad

    After surviving a brutal abduction, Sarah Stryker meets a woman named The Master and enlists in her global army in the hopes of overcoming her trauma. When ruthless Villian coined "The Shepherd" threatens to burn Seattle to the ground, Sarah must train to her hearts content and become a warrior of legend to be rememberd by all. 

  • Sarah Stryker: The Outcast

    by Hanif Muhammad

    Sarah Stryker is a twenty year old warrior Feline, a woman blessed with immense strength but also cursed with immense turmoil. After her former Organization, The Pride, turns rogue and targets her little sister Amy, Sarah heads to Georgetown Washington to confront The Pride's new leader; Queen Anastasia, A vile enemy hell bent on the subjagation of humanity. 

  • Flowers of the Demon Lord

    by Harold Kruger
    Space pilot Milton Brown’s journey takes a perilous turn when he touches down in the blistering desert of planet Pangolin, his ship laden with metric bananas – a curious cargo that fuels his addiction to a drug causing devastating amnesia. Amidst his struggles with a smoking habit and haunting depression, Milton’s path crosses with Rashalika, the High Demonlord, who intriguingly sees potential in Milton for his mystical cult.
  • Heroes of Time Legends: The Healer

    by Wayne D. Kramer

    A butterfly's wing is healed, and destiny unfolds. Follow the healer's path as he walks between Shadow and Light.

    Fulgar Geth's life has been one of grief and hardship. With his strange abilities to heal and wield forces of magnetism, he is often shunned and misunderstood. Unable to catch a break by following society's rules, he and his lifelong friend Binny take to a life of vagabond thievery, hoping to scrape by until better days. Their dream: to follow the clues aroun... more

  • Cryptids

    by Robert Herrick
    Alex was rescued by aliens when he was a baby. Now, he is 12 years old and works with them to capture cryptid creatures (like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster) placed on Earth after the aliens’ spacecraft engine malfunctioned. When a cryptid vanishes from the aliens’ monitors, they send Alex on an emergency mission to uncover what happened. There, Alex encounters something more dangerous than the creature he was sent to recover.
  • The Disgraced Mage

    by Torion Oey
    Lina is stripped of her name and nobility upon entry to the magic school of Taliesin Academy. Born into a respected noble bloodline, she and her family are devastated as she is identified to amount to little more than an average mage even if she were to successfully finish high school. Fueled by spite and defiance, she attends the academy as a pariah as she seeks an answer to tapping into her true potential while unknowingly becoming entangled in a growing movement of malcontents who threaten to... more