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  • The Transcendent

    by Salina B Baker

    Handsome Janek Walesa is burdened by tragedy and a desolation he cannot escape. Hoping to start anew, he leaves Oregon bound for San Francisco, but the nineteenth-century traveler is detoured to the town of Ferndale, California. A force stronger than any spirit he has ever felt challenges him. Others in the town befriend him, willing to challenge the dark forces he tries to resist. Their shared struggle transcends time and place and redefines what it means to be faithful.

  • Unleashed

    by Carolyn O'Doherty
    Alex and three other time spinners have successfully escaped the CIC—the government facility that had imprisoned them. At last, they are free. Or are they? How free can you be in a world that fears spinners—imprisoning them, medicating them, and killing them before they reach adulthood? How free can you be when you know that the twenty spinners you grew up with are still trapped? How free can you be when the police officer you used to work for is determined to track you down? In Unle... more
  • Rewind

    by Carolyn O'Doherty
    Sixteen-year-old Alex Manning has a rare gift: she’s a spinner who can freeze and even rewind time. Hated and feared, spinners are housed in Centers, where they are carefully monitored and medicated. They are let outside for only one purpose: to use their gift to help solve crimes. Each spinner is paired with an officer, and Alex hit the jackpot—an agent who actually values her skills. She and Agent Ross are secretly trying to catch a dangerous criminal, a task that will take time. But time is s... more
  • Reckless

    by Carolyn O'Doherty

    RECKLESS is the final chapter in the trilogy that started with REWIND and UNLEASHED. The books tell the story of Alexandra Manning, a teenage spinner with the ability to freeze and rewind time. RECKLESS finds Alex and her friends safely tucked away in a refuge for runaway spinners, but their security doesn’t last long. Alex soon discover that their presence has put the refuge in danger, not from the Center she so recently escaped, but from Kronos, a shadowy international organiza... more

  • Over the Edge

    by Jane Tesh
    Mel Worthington wasn't sure what he'd find when he went over the edge into Fairyland, but he was amazed to discover his mother was revered as the Diamond Queen and that he had a rightful claim to the throne. But Riley Evensong, his fierce bodyguard, has a claim of her own. Together Mel and Riley must save the young fae from a strange social media fad called Flitter before fairy tales become warped beyond recognition. Oh, and there's a talking animal sidekick, of course.
  • Good Morning, Tranquility

    by J. E. Tremulant

    In the corporate automated wastes of the US exists a subterreanean information corporation called the Big Data, a conglomerate of many competing minicorporations divided along political, cultural, and department lines by endless surveillance and reality forming algorithms and feed back loops... When a 'dispute' (read: war) between two prominent American corporations turns bad, a conpiracy is formed to drag the company into the conflict and the CEO vanishes, the various divided powers ... more


    Happy New Year 3309! Make a tour to a strange planet. The Tenant’s Wrath is a funny research report on how wrathful aliens live on their planet. Tussled Platters, the researcher from Earth, familiarizes himself with the aliens' techniques of conducting a research. He performs a thorough research on how aliens' wrathful nature affect them when they live together in their buildings as landlords and tenants. He reports it to Earthlings.
  • The Traitor

    by A. D. Lombardo

    Although Katori is the paradise Kai sought, why does he find himself drawn back to Diu?

    Torn between his past and his future, Kai finds himself caught in a mountain of lies, and his once-loyal friends begin to question his loyalties. Desperate to prevent his father's demise, he plays a dangerous game of tempting fate.

    Kai’s bittersweet reunion in Diu reveals a changed city--and not for the better. Poverty and quick tempers rule the streets, and Milnosia... more

  • The Leafwing

    by Deborah J. Copeland
    Fourteen-year-old Amelia Ricci goes to school every day thinking that everything is normal. Same faces. Same friends. Same boring city. Soon she discovers that something is a bit off; that a pack of recluse Tony Hawk wannabes aren’t really human. But the scary part is only she can see them. She’s the only one who knows their secret. Things start to get really complicated because while she’s watching them, they’re watching her…at midnight, at dusk, even in her dreams.
  • The Sightless City

    by Noah Lemelson
    Kidnapping. Enslavement. Murder. Those are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to actions some will take to protect their interests in æther-oil, the coveted substance that fuels the city of Huile. As both veteran and private investigator, Marcel Talwar knows this firsthand, and he likes to think he'd never participate in such things. However, that naïve idea comes to a crashing end when he takes on a new case that quickly shatters his world view. A trail of evidence points to someone... more
  • The Ingenious and the Colour of Life

    by J.Y. Sam
    From a beguiling new voice in contemporary fiction comes an astonishing novel about a group of mysterious children with the power to change lives... Ever since young Milly Bythaway can remember, she’s had to hide who she really is – dumbing down an extraordinary genius in order to blend into the background. 14-year-old Tai Jones has been abandoned by his mother and forced to live as a homeless wanderer, but the appearance of a stray cat helps him realise he has a special gift: he can see thou... more
  • Knight School: A Mystic Brats Novel

    by Robert G. Culp
    Meet the students of the Knight Academy, a top secret government school where teenagers are taught to fight the mythical, mystical, and cursed dangers that surround our world. Jason Gardner is fourteen and has lost everything important to him. His mother is in an enchanted sleep, while his grandfather has been missing for years. Julie Brooks comes from a family torn apart by magic. Her father was once a chief sorcerer for the government and succumbed to his inner demons, killing Julie's brother.... more
  • The House on Infinity Loop

    by Bonnie K.T. Dillabough
    A cat who is not a cat. A key that doesn't fit anything and an impossible door that leads Jenny to adventures beyond the known universe. Join Jenny as she steps from the workaday world into the amazing realms of the multiverse, only to find the fate of everything she holds dear in her hands. Jenny discovers that not only is there much more "out there" than she ever imagined, but there is also much more to herself than she ever considered possible.
  • Beneath the Ruins

    by Louis Woyak
    DARKNESS FALLS The month of darkness is quickly approaching. It is a time when the denizens of the night roam the land freely and the citizens of Arkdale lock themselves behind their high walls. A secret has been uncovered at the ancient ruins of the HARP that could unlock the past and reshape the future. One that has gained the attention of Arkdale’s mysterious Architects and their militia of men and machines. Now Walt, Rainna, Mallek, and Lucas must race to solve the enigma of the HARP before... more
  • Those Around Me

    by Susan Vivien Taylor
    Ben Stone is a bitter and self centred young man who is continually disrespectful, rude and hurtful to the people around him. One evening a stranger comes into his life who will show Ben how his negative behaviour affects the lives of the people of whom he sees every day and the consequences his attitude has on them. This story is a journey of self growth and a young man's journey to developing a sense of empathy. In the end he will realise that words can be fatal, hopefully before it is too la... more
  • Crown of Crowns Duology (books 1 & 2)

    by Clara Loveman

    Kaelyn was born into wealth and privilege – but when the otherwordly Crown of Crowns calls her to rule, she must choose between leading with her heart or her head; with the future of the Kingdom at stake.



    In a kingdom where the ruling and lower classes live and die apart by law, a noblewoman and a commoner make a fatal mistake: they fall in love.

    Kaelyn, a young noblewoman, feels ... more