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  • U N E A R T H E D

    by Brendan Smiley
    Meet Breya Morrow in the Western States of Separated America, 2039. Internet access is implanted in the brain. Social media likes are a form of currency. Artificial intelligence has evolved into artificial enlightenment. Pregnant, haunted, and hunted by the mistakes of her past, Breya is taken captive when innumerable fantastic, terrifying creatures fall from the skies. With friends and foes both old and new, Breya finds herself an unlikely companion to an otherworldly collective and their strug... more
  • Tribal Logic: Book Four of The Tribal Wars

    by Stella Atrium
    From Paris, Jesse Hartley jumps back to Dolvia in the galaxy’s Westend. A bloodless coup on Stargate Junction interrupts her travel plans and sends her in a different direction. Hershel Henry is tasked with rescuing abandoned conscripts after the abusive Company withdraws from asteroid mining. A change in leadership on Stargate Junction makes all characters question how the future will shape. How to survive the shifting loyalties among the city-states? Will my home even be there when I return... more
  • The Smuggler's Deal

    by K R Solberg and C R Jacobson
    Chasing an escaped fugitive, Shane zem’Arta reunites with smuggler Jon Therman and his clever daughter, Ella. Jon agrees to help Shane in exchange for assistance dealing with a rival. Their schemes go awry when the fugitive joins forces with a disgraced immortal. Between Jon’s cunning, Shane’s muscle, and Ella’s lock-picks, they manage to stay alive. But they must flee the city.
  • Remnant

    by K R Solberg and C R Jacobson
    When an immortal dies, Mavell, a master of shadows, is tasked with finding the killer, whom he believes is connected with one of the most notorious assassins in Palimar. Rock smuggler Jon Therman gets caught in the manhunt when Drawlen assassins go after his family. But the Drawls have ulterior motives for coming to Jon Therman’s quiet northern town. Using a magical gate, they launch a surprise invasion of the Deep Wood, burning everything in their path. Nate, one of Jon’s sons, races to warn th... more
  • The Hadrian Prophecy

    by Luis A. Colon
    When a bright and conflicted young woman receives a mysterious box containing a ring with great power, she finds herself at the forefront of needing to stop an alien invasion.
  • The Gold Mystery Adventure

    by Randy Kaufman


    In a world on the brink of destruction under a madwoman's tyranny, a brave young girl emerges as hope's last beacon.

    Defying her oppressors, Zhen steals a valuable gold object, launching her into a perilous and whirlwind adventure to a mysterious planet.

    She believes the gold artifact possesses special powers. Unlocking its mysteries holds the key to her homeland's salvation. With her enemy in pursuit and a race against time, Zhen must be smarter and brave... more

  • Galacticide (Galacticide Series Book 3)

    by Bert-Oliver Boehmer
    No cause. No effect. Causality stops and reality shatters. Kel Chaada believed to have beaten the extra-galactic menace when rigged AI cores blew the Võmémééř’s galactic realm apart. Sheltered from the explosions, the alien Brood Mother survived, mourning billions of her children, burning with vengeance. One breeding couple is all it takes to re-build an army, but the Brood Mother’s target is neither Kel, nor space fleets: It is reality itself. No universe hostile to the Mother’s chil... more
  • Dark Cascade (Galacticide Series Book 2)

    by Bert-Oliver Boehmer
    Every delay costs a world. Billions perish when raider ships peel off planetary crusts to feed their galactic civilization. Kel Chaada had united humans, machines and silicate aliens, but the hyper-tech invaders push the shaky coalition of former enemies to its breaking point. Kel has to work against his friends, ally with his sworn enemies, and strike where no one could foresee: The raider’s home galaxy. The desperate plan is bold, but cruel. Kel realizes he will become what he is fightin... more
  • Three Immortals (Galacticide Series Book 1)

    by Bert-Oliver Boehmer
    Extra-galactics ravaged the Milky Way and humans saw their civilization burn. 2400 years later, humanity has risen again, living by a brutal creed keeping interstellar nations at war. Kel Chaada is a master tactician who rose from soldier to leader. His life gets crushed when his military successes threaten to unravel the web of lies protecting humanity’s immortal rulers. Betrayed and cast out, Kel flees to the fringes of the galaxy. He enters the realm of ancient alien civilizations and d... more
  • Prince of Shadows

    by Gwendolyn Morgan Noni Philebar
    The Prince of Shadows In the celestial tapestry of New Greece, Hades’ outcast demigod son, Zane, takes center stage. With fire coursing through his veins and a destiny entwined with prophecies, Zane grapples with the weight of godhood. As the threads of fate pull taut, his choices echo through Olympus, setting the stage for a divine epic that will either forge a new legend or unravel the very fabric of their immortal world. In the pantheon of gods and demigods, Zane's journey unfolds—a tale of... more
  • The Well of Souls

    by Cordelia Kelly
    Lola Monteux, a treasure-hunting vampire, is betrayed by her crew and sentenced to death. Desperate to evade her fate, she embarks on a daring escape to a haunted island cursed for her kind. Her solitary mission: to unearth the fabled Well of Souls treasure, rumoured to bestow invincibility upon demons like her and grant her the freedom she craves. But as Lola succumbs to the enchantment of the island, a powerful magic weaves its spell around her. She is inexplicably drawn to Gael, a local boy,... more
  • The Thief of Time

    by Infinity House Creative
    THE THIEF OF TIME is an exciting middle-grade contemporary fantasy adventure that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the realms of magic, friendship, and self-discovery. On a visit to their local library, Ben, Bridgette, and Maya unwittingly unleash a dragon from an ancient book and find themselves fighting for their lives against a swarm of evil birds. They battle to escape with the help of the dragon and are whisked through a portal into the magical Great Library of Alexandria. ... more
  • Neon Lights and Plane Tickets

    by Eli Alemán
    Neon Lights and Plane Tickets is a sci-fi-themed collection of poetic prose, featuring tales of cosmic horror and galactic urban legends. Explore lush and vibrant cities across the universe, the terrifying creatures they hide; as well as their inhabitants' adventures (or misadventures, as the case may be). Bright neon lights and illusions of technological advancement are fine distractions to keep their rotting societies hidden within their foundations-reflections on the intricacies of human natu... more
  • Campfires and Canines

    by Aly Hollis
    Hazel’s quiet getaway takes a wild turn when she discovers she’s staying with an actual wolf shifter pack - and one of them has fallen for her. Cozy fantasy meets rom-com in this stand alone shifter romance.
  • Trees in disguise

    by Arqam Arif
    Most people don’t think about trees and dismiss the giant, ancient towers as mere encirclers of empty space. The open sunlit habitats of half the world have been further neglected in the current tide of media promoting forests and tree planting as a quick fix for climate change. The writer has taken a dive into urban society’s need for—and relationship with—trees that sought to return the natural world to the concrete jungle. A fascinating and beautifully told story that explains what trees tel... more
  • Tempered Illusions (Shadows of Otherside Book 6)

    by Whitney Hill
    Arden Finch’s big dreams for her future risk becoming nightmares. After stopping the Wild Hunt and preventing the end of the world, Arden thought she could take a break. But the mundane backlash against supernaturals is getting worse, and Otherside abhors a power vacuum. When someone dumps a vampire-bitten corpse at the North Carolina governor’s mansion, tensions boil over. With rioting humans on one side and invading vampires on another, Arden must decide how far she’ll go to secure her a... more