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  • The Rose Trilogy - 10th Anniversary Edition

    by Tish Thawer
    A vampire's love... An innocent's guilt... A secret no one could've imagined... Christian has long hidden his truth within the shadows. But to be with Rose, he's willing to reveal himself as a vampire in hopes they can be together forever. Rose may be oblivious to his secret, but the truth will soon be revealed when he petitions his Sire to change her. One way or another, he can't bear to live without her. Rose Reynolds recently lost her mother in a "freak accident" and is now seen as an... more
  • Noobs

    by Simon carr
    IF YOU THINK LIFE IS A GAME, WAIT UNTIL YOU PLAY DEATH! Chris and Steve were quite happy sitting in their rooms playing online games until events in a kabab shop changed everything and reset all of the rules. A deal with the Grim Reaper could give them both a second chance at life if they can play the game of their lives inside some of the games they have only ever seen through a screen, until now. Luckily they are not alone, friends they had not met, or maybe they had, help the new guys, the... more
  • Virtually Gone

    by Simon carr
    Since mankind first climbed down from the trees we have looked out to the stars. We looked outward wondering what secrets to our existence are out there. Professor John Spanks is about to discover the biggest secret the universe has. John has his World turned upside-down when he discovers that all this time; we were looking the wrong way!
  • End of the Eighth Day

    by Mark Graves
    The battle to save mankind from domination by the vampires is about to begin but Johan has more pressing concerns. His mentor and friend, Alexander, lies dead in a Paris morgue and the mortal friend, John Jones, had been taken hostage by the vampires. Johan, his new girlfriend Annick, have to figure out how to stop the Princess and the three Families from building an unstoppable army and come up with a plan to rescue John before the vampires use him to feed their slaves. When John’s mother arri... more
  • Army of the Eighth Day

    by Mark Graves
    After searching for him for almost a century, Alexander McGill has finally destroyed the Graf, the most dangerous vampire in the world, preventing him from uniting the vampire families in a battle against the mortals. Any thought of being able to live peacefully among mortals is interrupted by the knowledge of the Graf's apprentice, Princess Irina Poltoratzky escaped along with supporters from three vampire families. Alexander and loyal companion Johan embark on a quest around the globe to disco... more
  • Children of the Eighth Day

    by Mark Graves
    John Jones is an average teenager living an ordinary life in Savannah, GA. A single act of teenage mischief, breaking into the empty house across the street, introduces him into a dark reality that he thought only existed on late-night television, a world where vampires are real, and they kill without remorse to satisfy their lusts. John discovers the personal journals of Alexander McGill, a vampire who resists the unnatural desires of blood lust and fights to protect humans from domination by i... more
  • Diary of a Citizen

    by R. K. Cooper, III
    Chaos. Death. Confusion. That night 12 years ago from the start of the war is one of David's first memories. Now he walks into class after each attack wondering how many of his friends will not be there. When the teacher calls roll, every answer is a sigh of relief, every silent moment a fitting tribute to the life now lost. His only escape is the woods that surround his city. The day after a ruthless bombing by their enemies, David is desperate to escape into his refuge. Thinking that he is tak... more
  • Bluepills4men

    by James Smith
  • Harvest Nights

    by Ahmed Alameen
    Harvest Nights is a story told through a young boy named Chua (Snake), who narrates the story of how the days were gone and replaced by nights when a strange shooting star appeared in the sky in 1811 Colonial America (Great Comet of 1811). During those dreadful nights, Chua, and later three other people, will have to survive the other worldly creatures that will stop at nothing to eat. A Lovecraftian horror story featuring famous historical figures and creatures inspired by Native American myths... more
  • The Legend of Koji

    by J. R. Ryan
    Relative peace has flourished throughout the Known Universe since the end of the Jarvinis War. So, when whispers of foes once vanquished begin returning, a small team of vigilante warriors called the Templars must act.
  • The Legend of Loman: Wild Winds

    by Timothy McCarthy
    A realm tainted with dark magic is growing dependent on an other-worldly means to cleanse itself. In order to solve a worldwide predicament a young man and his magical counterparts must gain access to the Titan Artifacts: ancient items of wild and immense power from a long dead god. All the while being hunted by scores of undead monsters serving a malevolent king. Sometimes it takes those less-fortunate to solve a crisis for the ages.
  • The Golden Quest

    by David Delisle
    The FUN way to learn about money The Golden Quest is a graphic novel about a young boy who embarks on a Hero’s Journey with his dog Shelby to discover the Golden Rules of Money. While on this adventure, he learns about spending, saving, investing, and giving. He also discovers “Money Mindfulness” and being aware of what’s truly important to YOU… …The Awesome Stuff. The lessons are universal and will teach children of all ages the secret to a rich life. Your journey awaits…
  • Starborn

    by D.M.Barnham
    The Earth has expanded to the stars. Colonizing habitable planets as they gradually march forwards; forever fuelling the unquenchable beast that is humanity. But their expansion outwards was met with a strange mystery. Many of the best worlds were already inhabited by human beings. Not just that but all life it seems has a shared history. The Book of Ominiue is set upon this newest world and another intelligent species walks amongst the humans. The lionman: tall, strong, fierce. These lionman... more
  • Deep Roots

    by Edward R. Rosick
    Deep Roots is set in the decaying urban heart of Detroit, where Kevin Ciano, a 30-year-old man just released from prison, frantically searches for the reason strange, painful, hair-like growths have begun to infest his body before realizing the horrifying condition may not only be deadly to him and those he loves, but to the entire world.
  • The Brain Drips Yellow: An Invocation of Madness

    by Burn Moor
    In his debut novel, Burn Moor delivers on his promise to leave his readers’ minds twisted…permanently. Deep within the confines of his sheltered delusion, Bill Butler is a loving father and husband, and a successful corporate executive, but his reality is far different. Bill is estranged from his wife, detached from his daughter, and is a constant target of ridicule at his job – and he is on a straight path to mental breakdown. The Brain Drips Yellow is one man’s descent into madness. Al... more
  • Asylum

    by Susy Smith
    In the aftermath of the Big Crash, the President of the United States declares martial law. The National Guard rounds up citizens who are never heard from again. While fear and chaos reign, a small band of revolutionaries rise up to resist. Lacy Monroe, barely out of high school, never saw herself as a leader. All that changed after the Big Crash. When the rest of her family fled, she remained on the farm, the last piece of land in the state holding out against the hostile government. Alone a... more