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  • My Story In Space

    by Joseph Rice
    Stain Burden lives on a planet named Peanut its a nice planet in the Witch-Head Nebula. The planet lost there ships in a battle a long time ago so Stain Burden has to find the gate address to Earth to get them build ships. Without the ships the planets people will soon die. Follow Stain Burden on is journey through the universe to find gate address using a map the portal and his own life.
  • 979-8-21-801320-2

    by Eva Wasserman Margolis
    The Children of the Tribes by Eva Wasserman Margolis is divided into sections where a child describes what it is like to belong to a specific tribe of people. For example, what is it like to work extremely hard for everything or have everything given to you? What is it like to be raised in a family that values rules and religion? How do we answer questions about how and why the world works the way it does? Where does everything come from? Margolis helps us discover why sharing and giving to thos... more
  • Haunted Ground: The Ghosts of Laskin's Farm

    by Cailyn Lloyd
    On the run from cartel enforcers, shrewd ex-con Kat Lundquist finds the perfect refuge, an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. But when an earthquake stirs up ominous forces below and evidence of a haunting mounts, Kat realizes she’s stumbled upon something more terrifying than the killers on her trail. As strange, senseless crimes rattle a nearby town, the assassins discover her hideout and close in for the kill. Desperate to escape, Kat joins forces with a new ally, a geologist whose pu... more
  • The Greatest Matchmaker in Space! (Eudora Space Kid Book 4)

    by David Horn
    Eudora space kid, budding engineer, lobster freedom fighter, robot creator and now matchmaker extraordinaire? Book 4, in the hilariously funny, early reader sci-fi chapter book series perfect for elementary-aged kids. Eudora is a normal third grader who just happens to live on a 36 deck AstroLiner. In SPACE! As a math and science whiz who’s been adopted by what you might call . . . aliens, she has normal ambitions—like being the chief engineer on an AstroLiner. But when Eudora offers to help ... more
  • When Death Is Coming

    by Jen Woodrum
    With the knowledge of death dates available to the world, Corrie knows that she will die before she turns 20. Living in a society that oppresses those who will die young, Corrie tries to use her leadership role in her labor camp for "short-lived" to secretly create change. But after learning that her best friend doesn’t have a death date and therefore can’t die, she begins to question the system even more. Seeking answers, Corrie connects with the source of the death dates and discovers not only... more
  • Prep School for Serial Killers

    by Tara Platt
    There aren't many comforts at Anathema's school. Only those who test highest on the Psychopath Scale get in, and though the government's experiment with the water supply decades ago left the entire population with limited empathy, these students are exceptionally suited for the role for which they're being groomed. With no family, and with friendship a foreign concept, Anathema finds solace only in how gifted she is at learning the art of death and in the few moments she can get alone with a lon... more
  • Critical Habitat

    by Terrence King

    A Fantastical Sci-Fi & Dystopian Action-Adventure that bends sci-fi and The Hero's Journey's tropes and archetypes. As a devastated world recovers from war and plight, an unlikely heroine emerges and attempts to rescue distressed rebels from the government’s corruption controlling the rationed food supply and from a rogue general trying to steal the only known honeybees.

    And Earth itself fights back.

  • The Surge

    by Monica Abbott
    The Surge is an action-packed, Christian speculative fiction novel set in the present day. The high-concept theme is an adventurous dip into the world of deep underground scientific experiments culminating in the development of super-soldiers and the rewriting of human DNA. An EMP anomaly brings about the atmospheric, electromagnetic change that sets the DNA rewriting into motion. All around, humans are enhancing into A.I. hybrids. Except the protagonist, Rayner, his two children, and his cous... more
  • The Art Traveler

    by Jerry M. Thorpe
    Welcome to the exciting world of time travel with Dr. Robinstrum, Dr. Villar, and their crew of scientists! With their time sled machine, they journey through the ages to explore the evolution of art and artifacts throughout history. Their passion for art and history drives them to explore the mysteries of ancient cave paintings and artifacts, seeking to understand how art changes over time, and how time changes art. From the earliest cave paintings to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to medieval ta... more
  • A Walk Through Dimensions

    by Josh Fredrick
    Emily is unsure of her life. Unsure of herself. She's close to either seeing someone or just offing herself. When a transdimensional traveler starts spouting off his idea for an adventure (while simultaneously juggling fireballs) she knows that this is her one chance to truly experience a thousand lifetimes. Honestly could you resist the temptation?
  • Itropa

    by Xine Fury
    In a world of swords and sorcery, noble knights and fair maidens, ancient dragons and graceful elves, a group of brave warriors is destined to find a mystical orb with the power to save the land from a great evil. The problem is, there’s no such thing as magic, their wizards are actually science-savvy charlatans, and their quest is based on a television commercial misinterpreted by their deluded mentor.
  • Bloodhunters v3: New Blood

    by Xine Fury
    Six years after the events of Blue Blood, Transmasc bounty hunter Zak Blood leads a new team of space mercenaries. But when an old enemy resurfaces and holds the entire galaxy hostage, both generations of hunters must work together to restore the peace.
  • Bloodhunters v2: Blue Blood

    by Xine Fury
    One year after the destruction of Earthstation 1, the terrorist is still on the loose. The crew of the Bloodwind is still on her trail, despite often being hunted themselves. Meanwhile, the heirs to the throne of Valos conspire to build a weapon that could spell doom for everyone on Earth. The exciting sequel to Bloodhunters!
  • Bloodhunters v1: Bad Blood

    by Xine Fury
    Fourteen thousand lives, gone in an instant. A ruthless terrorist on the loose. The largest bounty ever posted. IGP Earthstation 1 was the largest police station in the galaxy. Designed to deploy officers anywhere on Earth at a moment’s notice, this orbiting fortress was a symbol of protection to all those it defended. The aftermath of its destruction leaves the galaxy in turmoil. Crime rates soar. With the police too understaffed to pursue the woman responsible, a reward is crowdfunded for h... more
  • The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel

    by Gregory S. Slomba

    Twelve year old Eric Scott is called by Stig, a talking owl, to journey to another world to save a fishing village from a band of bloodthirsty pirates. Once there, Eric discovers that delivering the town is but one of the problems he'll have to solve.Can a 12 year old boy, a talking owl, a headstrong girl and an outcast dwarf save a village, much less an entire world? Find out as they set out on the journey of a lifetime to defeat an immortal pirate, face their fears, and fulfill an ancie... more

  • A Dispelling of Darkness

    by Joyce L. Miller
    Twelve-and-a-half-year-old PJ Profitt’s life is complicated enough. She faces ridicule from class bullies, is burdened with an obnoxious younger brother, and has a dad who’s checked out of their relationship. Then a mysterious letter is placed in her hand, warning that time is running out for her world and telling her she’s been chosen to save it. Friends disappear and her family is threatened as she faces a powerful force that manifests itself in darkness, the dark deeds of evil men, and creepi... more