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  • Quest for Sylvane

    by Cle Curbo
    How to prevent alien rule on Earth? Sylvane enlists Bert, an innocent and naive Earthman. Speeding to warn Watchers Council of Earth's imminent takeover, Sylvane is abducted by Farian, who insists she is the long absent third goddess of the planet Esthar. Intercepted on her way to Esthar, Sylvane is captured by the ultra-secretive Rieceh-Ta who send her to beta-Goltim to draw in the outlawed Farian. Sylvane escapes the Rieceh-Ta on beta-Goltim, only to fall into a trap set by Farian, who sends h... more
  • Blue Spell (The Chronicles of Cirrus Book 2)

    by John Harvey
    There’s no such thing as magic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use it. Jack Scatter knows that the mysterious force he wields has a technological source, and so does the man who’s trying to kill him. But he’ll need to tame dragons—both real and psychological—to harness that power to save himself and two worlds. Jack should be in high school, enjoying his junior year. Instead, an apocalyptic event interrupts his summer vacation and leaves Cirrus—the world-sized space station he lives on—wit... more
  • 9781614984009

    by Darrell Schweitzer
    For decades, Darrell Schweitzer has been prominent in studying and elaborating upon the work of H. P. Lovecraft. As critic, poet, and fiction writer he has analyzed and expanded upon Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos without compromising his own distinctive voice. In this new collection of tales, Schweitzer draws upon the fictional realm that he has made his own—Chorazin, a village in rural Pennsylvania where all manner of strange events occur. The strangeness lies not only in the incursion of extra... more
  • The Arcadian Match

    by Anne Mortensen
    In the year 2032, Sweden is the first crime free, eco-ideal nation. In this brave new world of social clubs and point scoring, many attribute the nation's remarkable achievements to the introduction of the Q-scores. Meet social media genius and unlikely hero, Christian Karlsson. He plays the Q-scores with the skill of a seasoned stockbroker, and he never fails to deliver. But when his friend falls to his death, Christian’s life is turned upside down. His hunt for justice leads him into the mur... more
  • That Mafioso Magic: Mages & Mayhem

    by Nicholas Bella
    Private eye, Adrian Elias, knows what trouble looks like, and ruthless mobster and lion shifter, Sage Tamir, was just that with a capital. T. On top of smelling like heaven, the man has a face of an angel and a body made for unbridled sin. A combination that Adrian is hard to resist. Unfortunately, someone is trying to kill Sage and they are using magic to do it. Sage usually takes these types of matters into his own hands. but this time he is out of his league. He believes the only person wh... more
  • The Truth Effect

    by Anne Mortensen
    In the year 2030, the Truth Laws in the UK have transformed the once-free Internet into a controlled space, making information a dangerous tool. Meet Kelly Blackwell, a journalist entangled in false accusations that have tarnished her career, leaving her reputation hanging by a thread. Just when everything seems hopeless, she discovers classified information that could clear her name and dismantle the oppressive system. Fuelled by unwavering determination, Kelly sets out on a daring quest ... more
  • The Hollow

    Jacob and his friends set out for a fun Halloween with their older siblings begrudgingly serving as their chaperones for "Trick or Treat". The older sisters hatch a wicked plot to detour the younger kids through the neighborhood's notorious "Hollow". Inspiring shivers in the bravest of Middle and High Schoolers, the Hollow is a place no one wants to enter until one Halloween offers it up as a fortuitous shortcut to the coveted full-size candy bars. Will Jacob and his friends make it to the other... more
  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    by Barry Waldo
    Anna Shepherd is a straight-A student with a lot going on under the surface: she's struggling with her mom's death, total friend drama, and the fall out from wasting her time on a very attractive boy. She's looking forward to skipping town after graduation — but then a zombie apocalypse majorly disrupts the holiday season. It's going to be very hard to graduate from high school without a brain. To save the day, Anna, her friends, and her frenemies, will have to journey straight to the heart ... more
  • AGENDA 2060 Book Two: AI and The View from Space

    by A.I. Fabler
    After two years in space, Alexa Smythe returns to Earth with a message of hope for the ‘World on Fire’ cultists who believe Earth is doomed and only she can save it. It’s 2062 and the World Government’s rules for maintaining authoritarian control are starting to unravel, needing urgent tightening. The elite have a master plan to finally wrest full control over the unsafe thoughts and speech of the world’s population. Can Artificial Intelligence learn to control mankind’s evil intentions ... more
  • Chasing Bigfoot

    by Steven Donahue
    Some of nature’s secrets are not meant to be revealed, as anthropologist Mike Foster and big game hunter Ben Cutler discover. A fisherman in a northern Pennsylvania town has an encounter with the legendary Sasquatch, and his eyewitness account grabs the attention of Mike Foster, who joins the search for the animal after physical evidence is discovered that supports the fisherman’s claim. However, Foster’s peaceful interest in the case clashes with the violent desires of Ben Cutler, a gun-for-... more
  • Song of the Dark

    by Bryn Suddarth
    In a siren-infested sea, Thomas is the last survivor on a sinking ship, the only sailor unaffected by the sirens’ song. Before he meets his end, the god of the ocean, Mariana, saves him in exchange for his help. Mariana believes Thomas is the only person who can help her find a cure for the siren plague that has infected mermaids around the world. On his journey, Thomas is thrust into the unfamiliar world of magic and discovers it is nothing like he believed it to be. The memory of his first lo... more
  • The Passengers from Hell & other ghost stories

    by Lachlan Hazelton
    Twelve standalone tales of mystery and peril. From a dark and lonely night by a Texan campfire to a mysterious heap of stones beside a Victorian railway, this collection of unique ghost stories will keep you guessing - not to mention sleeping with one eye open ... What makes these tales special is a combination of intense attention to detail, close emotional involvement with a varied cast of characters, and cumulative menace. You won’t find hyperbole or cliches, nor splatterfest, but prepare to... more
  • Tales of Witches and Wyverns

    by S. Ramsey
    It’s been nine years since the shy new kid, Dylan, appeared at the school bus stop and put an end to Enid’s torment. Ever since then, she’s had twisted nightmares that her best friend and growing love interest would pay the price for getting involved with someone like her. Someone different. On Enid’s sixteenth birthday, those fears have come to fruition. Journey with Enid as she travels to the fae realm to save her kidnapped friend and stop the Unseelie Queen Malagant’s quest to conquer b... more
  • Changing Tide

    by Robert Joncas
    A wild adventure that takes you on a journey from the California Coast to the depths of the Grand Canyon. Dive into this fast-paced, suspenseful Sci-Fi fantasy novel that melds sizzling romance, action, heart-stopping horror, and a high-stakes battle to save humanity.
  • Essien of Alkebulan

    by Didi Anofienem
    Essien of Alkebulan tells the story of Essien, the first woman to join Alkebulan’s formidable military power structure. Fueled by ancestral magic and the power of gods on earth, Essien becomes the physical embodiment of a goddess as she strives to empower herself and her country. Spanning several centuries, Essien of Alkebulan, parts one through four are set in Alkebulan, a re-imagined Africa that was never colonized or subjugated by foreign powers. Instead, the Alkebulan of Essien’s world is o... more
  • Viila and the Doomsday Affair

    by Roger Danchik
    Viila and the Doomsday Affair is a rollicking quest to save the universe by a very unusual group— a rabbi and his clueless son, a beautiful vampire, a sex obsessed teraphim, Barnabas the demon, Queen Pharaoh the original cat and Jasper the belly crawler. They must save the world we know - even with all its flaws - before the new eternity starts. To do that, they must reach the Hidden room in the Sacred Mount passing three impossible tasks (it's always three), the Master of Death's acolytes, an i... more