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  • The Last War: Book One of The Cynnahu Saga

    by Ian E.S. Adler

    The people of the Archipelago of Cynnahu are used to war. Aeons ago their ancestors conquered the old continent, wresting it from the native Dragonkin whom they wiped out in a land-shattered conflict. Then, five hundred years later, new invaders arrived from the unknown south, the mireborn Naga, the snake-folk of Nag Isle who the Cynnahu folk have been ceaselessly fighting in the millennia since. But nothing prepared then for what was about to happen. A time foretold by an ancient Seer and Ar... more

  • Rune and Flash: Inside the Dream Prison

    by Joe Canzano
    When 16-year-old Markla Flash is convicted of murder and sentenced to 1,000 nightmares inside the Dream Prison, her friend Rune vows to help—but he quickly finds himself pitted against the police, and his parents, and a gang of murdering “subversives,” as well as the keepers of a society where artificially created dreams are used for both punishment and pleasure. “Rune and Flash” is an action-filled science fiction adventure about the power of truth, technology, and love.
  • 9198747606

    by Lene Fogelberg
    Nature finally rises against humanity. Flora Reed discovers a lifeless body in her front yard the morning after the last day of her junior year of high school. Matters get worse when more people from her small town are found dead under mysterious circumstances and police take an interest in the boy next door, Carl. Flora is convinced that Carl is innocent. Instead, she suspects that the deaths are somehow connected to her younger sister Fauna’s tragic accident a year earlier. What she learns ... more
  • Rosette (The Infinit Universe™ Book One)

    by Daniel M. Ross
    TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY.™ BABYLON, 2171. As the fabric of time begins to unravel, the man responsible must wrestle his darkest demons in order to thread the world back together again.
  • To Be Called Ethereal

    by Leslie Cook
    A new enemy emerges as Kyra loses control to save her mate. She is thrust from the world she now claims as her own to return to the world she was hoping to forget. Trapped in a web of confusion, she is unaware of who is friend or foe. Her adventure continues with old enemies and new allies that she does not know if she can trust. It will be up to the gods to judge her worthy and decide her fate. This is book two in the Ethereal series.
  • Stolen Moon

    by Brent Perdue
    The moon's sudden departure plunges humanity into a new darkness! Humanity’s last shared experience before the final global war - a total solar eclipse - ends with a shocking surprise: an unseen force reaches across the galaxy and plucks the moon from orbit. The impact on Earth is quick and catastrophic. Survivors soon realize their best hope for the future is to burrow underground together, yet old conflicts and deep divisions remain. Will the extraordinary efforts of a few ordinary people be e... more
  • Deus

    by Victoria Jayne Saunders
    How do you piss off a god? Eliana Porter has no idea, but she'd better figure it out. Quickly. After a trip to Greece goes horribly wrong, Elli finds herself in over her head- literally- with curses, kings, monsters, and immortals, all buried in the depths of the Aegean Sea. With her mysterious new ally Atticus keeping her annoyingly in the dark, Elli must untangle one of the ocean's oldest secrets, before she and her friends are swept away with the unforgiving tide.
  • Through the Silent Forest

    by Ashley L. Castillo
    They thought it was only a legend. Now it has arrived to destroy them all. Struggling with her obligations as the new Chief of Terrene, 18-year-old Diana must reconcile her destiny with her heart as she carves out her place in society. But when a bout of strange dreams and occurrences reveals an ancient enemy that everyone believed was only a mere legend, Diana soon finds herself thrown head-first into a quest that will decide the fate of everyone she loves. Falling in with a mysterious guardi... more
  • I Have Asked To Be Where No Storms Come

    by Gwendolyn N Nix
    The fact of Domino Bluepoint's afterlife is simple: he's a half-breed witch from a people without a name, living out a cursed Butch Cassidy existence… and no one wants to be stuck in Hell with witch blood. When he discovers bounty hunters are on his trail, and his brother, who wields insurmountable power, has struck an ill-made bargain with an ancient being of lighting and thunder, Domino is determined to fight his way out of the underworld no matter what the cost. Yet, he soon learns an even da... more
  • Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147volume 1

    by David A. Collier
    In David A. Collier’s debut science fiction novel, Earth’s Ecocide: Hope 2147, a mysterious orb arrives on Earth offering a solution to an Earth ravaged by heat and flood. But humanity must overcome its greatest obstacle: itself. The burden of salvation falls on the shoulders of the Hickory family as fractured nations, ignorant governments, and ravenous media grapple with the orb’s arrival. The novel launches June 13, 2022 on Book Baby and Amazon. The Earth’s Ecocide: Desperation 2647 (com... more

    by RA Cook
    TIRED OF LIVING NEAR DISCOURTEOUS HUMANS, GIGANTA stomps over miles of rough lava fields in the coursing rain hoping to find the trolls who left her behind when they migrated to the secret places deep within the volcanic mountains of Iceland. On the way she encounters, Gustaf, Head Scout for the Inner Earth Elves, who leads her through darkened tunnels and down treacherous paths deep within the earth. He guides her to the hidden Elf Kingdom where she meets Ilg, another troll, who lives among th... more
  • Ava the Hunted

    by Jules Adrienn
    Rebel teenage warrior Ava Phoenix is being hunted. If captured, she’ll be dragged to Aragonia, tied to a stake, and burned alive. But all Ava wants to do is find a new home and live in peace. Together with her fellow rebels, the Braves, she finds the perfect spot—the Oasis. It’s a veritable Garden of Eden. But there’s a terrifying reason the Oasis has been abandoned. Among the ancient ruins something awakens. A virus that blurs the lines between enemies and friends. As it spreads it become... more
  • Like a Lily Among the Thorns

    by Karen Bell
    There are those who are born into loving families and then there are the less fortunate who must forge their own families through strong friendships. At a local small library in New York City, one such family was born. And just like so many capricious happenstances in life, this family unit embraced newcomers and grew exponentially. But this clan was also charged with far more than spreading love and joy and a sense of belonging. This clan was formed by divine Providence to help save the pla... more
  • Icefall Cities: Deadly First Contact at the Edge of a Galactic Empire (Vast Alien Crisis Book 1)

    by Mark Eyles
    An alien controlled her mind and body. Stalked by an assassin. Attacked by killer robots. Lost in nightmare outpost cities at the edge of Settled Space. Deranged AIs quarrel in virtual worlds. Flocks of spaceships battle. The trans-dimensional bulk penetrated by a musical key. Stars, planets and moons destroyed on a whim.
  • The Dwarves' Dilemma

    by Lois Wickstrom
    The Queen is the fairest judge in the land. All her subjects bring their problems for her to decide. She uses her magic mirror to see the Sparkle of Fairness in their eyes. The dwarves bring her a problem where both sides think they are being fair, and the mirror shows that the Queen is NOT the fairest one of all. Snow White is sent to investigate. What she finds can change the kingdom forever.
  • Just One More Egg

    by Lois Wickstrom
    A scientifically accurate version of The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson. This story shows mutual benefit to both warblers and cuckoos when a cuckoo lays an egg in a warbler's nest. A cuckoo lays her egg in Mama Warbler's nest, and flies away. Will Mama Warbler love her new baby?