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  • A Wish Too Dark And Kind

    by M.L. Blackbird

    Among the immortals that inhabit our world, Arnaud Demeure is known as the man who can fulfill your one true wish or who can also conjure your worst nightmares.

    Eight invitations are sent to eight immortals, and when Arnaud Demeure hosts a party, no one refuses his request. Why have they been summoned? Is it for a celebration or does a sinister fate await them? After all, in the ways of magick, a party can also be a ritual to end the world.

    As the mystery deepens,... more

  • The Defenders of Dembroch - Book 2: The Sinners' Solemnities

    by Patrick Harris
    On an eerie night much like this one, the King of Dembroch left on a secret mission, only to return in a casket. THIRTY YEARS LATER Identity unknown, the King’s Killer remains at large, gathering forces to slaughter innocents and drench an entire country in blood. It will happen, he promises, at the end of the Sinners’ Solemnities, a dark festival in which sacrifices breed monsters and madness. Desperate to stop this act of terror, the Queen of Dembroch dispatches her defenders to... more
  • Pneumanauts

    by Cameron Armstrong
    The year is 1976 – seven years since First Contact – when seventeen-year-old Kirk MacNair’s crisis of faith reaches a tipping point. He absconds across the Saskatchewanian prairie in a stolen van with two former churchmates: Roland, a nihilistic burnout, and Louis the fantasy-obsessed homeschooler. With a bag of contraband anti-hallucinogens stashed in the backseat, they navigate the perils of a cross-country pilgrimage to the proverbial Wedge City, a hippie commune nestled in the mountains of B... more
  • Madness

    by Paityn E. Parque
    Death is not an escape. One night Ezra Adkins is brutally murdered in her own home. As she was dying, she expects to wake up in the afterworld. She was wrong. She loses consciousness and awakens into a horrific game of kill or be killed. Players can be killed an infinite number of times, but the only permanent way out of the game is their actual death by suicide. Players in the game ruthlessly hunt each other for points, while others kill for fun. Most players have given up on findin... more
  • A Force of Nature (Spirit Seeker 1)

    by Janna Ruth
    The war against nature has begun Nature spirits have ravaged the world with natural disasters for millennia. They're dangerous, unpredictable, and largely invisible. After eight years of living on the streets, Rika is one of few people in the world that can see spirits. Most of the time, she keeps a fragile peace with them, but when the Erlking, a powerful storm sprite, attacks Berlin, Rika is dragged into the fight against nature. She joins the Spirit Seekers, a group of elite soldiers trai... more
  • Dusted by Stars

    by G.A. Matiasz
    Science fiction space opera adventure novel with a touch of fantasy. Starship pilot and freight hauler Stacy Jones takes on a commission to transport a seemingly innocuous object from a mysterious employer to the Perfected World of Kapala. The mythical sangrael from the legendary Medea Aeëtes. With Kryz, a pint-sized Rarj, Stacy battles thieves and hijackers across the galaxy teeming with aliens and danger to protect her precious cargo. The escalating action culminates on Kapala in a transcenden... more
  • Yves, or the Man Who Wasn't

    by L.N. Mayer
    Some want Tell dead, others want to exploit him. Most want him to go away and never return. Can Tell claim what is rightfully his in order to abolish the decree that made him an outcast in the first place? Or will his quest for power be his own undoing? In this action-packed sequel to TELL, OR THE ADVENTURES IN THEMIDDLE, this time it will take more than just another odyssey. It will take resolution, willpower, and mastering the one thing Tell has yet to conquer... his imagination.
  • I, Cassandra

    by E A Carter
    She is a prisoner who can alter reality. He is a dead soldier brought back to life as a sentient machine. A forbidden love affair that transcends time, the end of the world, and what it means to be human. 2086. In a world divided between a protected zone for the super-rich and the billions left to survive in a dying world, Cassandra’s ability to alter reality marks her as a valuable asset to Global Command. Lost in a terrorist attack to the United Freedom Fighters, she is discovered in the seed... more
  • The Forgotten Sky

    by R.M. Schultz

    Unrest smolders in a galaxy where most citizens endure the oppressive society of the Northrite corporation.

    Run by six masked council members, the Northrite exploit the powers of Elemiscists—those with magical abilities—and keep them as indentured servants. When a nearby sun turns blood red and begins pulsing, people flee their homes, and the millennia-old government is plunged into chaos. Six diverse individuals from across the galaxy become entwined in a struggle for survi... more

  • The Sphere of Destiny

    by Nassim Odin
    Giza, Egypt, 832 A.D. Al-Khidr is awestruck when he finds a mysterious metallic sphere inside the Pyramid of Giza. As a long-time medieval alchemist, he has seen his fair share of interesting finds, but this discovery is like none other. Unbeknownst to him, the relic will change his life in unimaginable ways. The curiosity catapults an alchemist through space and time to an alien planet, but his efforts prove futile when he comes head-to-head with the aliens who viewed him as a curse. With dange... more

    by Toni Behm



    Magic may take many forms, but love shall rule supreme

    Though wholly shorn of memories like all who dwell in the village of Fogland, Fleex knows this: his heart will always beat for Fin and Fin alone. However, when his dearest friend is hoodwinked by th... more

  • Little Bit: Alsoo Rising

    by Henry A. Burns
    Twenty years have passed since a small group of galactic refugees sought shelter on Earth. Frightened, defeated and traumatized they huddled in their. artificial burrows for years, Little Bit, born on Earth, has experienced none of the horrors her parents escaped, she grows up pampered and protected, a pet of the god-like humans. When her home world is discovered she starts having a strange dream where the spirits of two long-dead humans speak to her. They tell her she must return to her home wo... more
  • Guardians of the Solar Shield: Earth's Climate Mirrors Under Attack

    by Sam Bleicher


    Political pressure, corruption, romance, intrigue, and murder in the battle against climate disruption

         Kelly O’Rourke is excited to become a UN Solar Shield Corps Officer, but she soon discovers inside political pressure to misuse the Project’s capabilities. She confides in Jay Bhattachar, Commander Fauré’s Aide, that she suspects Fauré has covertly realigned one of the 480 solar mirrors to satisfy a ... more

  • A Girl From Forever

    by Yolanda McCarthy
    A teenage psychic runs away from the sinister Institute that raised her, only to discover that her secret boyfriend has lied to her about everything...
  • The Outlands

    by Tyler Edwards
    In the ruins of the world that was lies the city of Dios, a haven protected from the hostile environment known as The Outlands. Ruled by an oppressive Patriarch, the people of Dios are conditioned in fear. The smallest infraction could result in banishment to the Outlands, a fate worse than death. With his make-shift family of “Undesirables”, Jett Lasting struggles to find his place in a world where drawing attention to yourself can get you killed. His very existence is considered a crime. To... more
  • Grit Enough to Chew Your Legs Off

    by C. Scott Brown
    Don’t worry about the cockroach. It’s not that kind of cockroach. But be concerned that the rest of the Galaxy is very worried about Earth, especially America. The tribalism and division that plagues many lands on Earth has made it a prime target for a numberless horde of evil spirits that prey on the sick worlds of the Galaxy. \tAn alien spacecraft monitors Earth. If the evil spirits have infiltrated the planet, nothing can be done to save it. The planet will be cleansed of both inhabitants ... more