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    by Justin Hale

    A high octane, cyberpunk thrill ride that will have you on the edge of your seat! On the planet Nera, a world of towering metropolises powered by nano technology and controlled by corporations, Mr. Zan and his misfit crew have trained for five years to be Omegas, the greatest and most elusive assassins on the planet. However, disillusioned with their mission, they went rogue and killed their handler, Nancy. Now, they run guns to survive, while racing to stay one step ahead of the living Shado... more

  • Hot Ash: An Angela Hardwicke Sci-Fi Mystery (Book 3)

    by Russ Colchamiro
    “Russ Colchamiro has staked out a territory of sci-fi mystery uniquely his own. With Angela Hardwicke, he mines a vein of pulp fiction gold.” –Nicholas Meyer, writer/director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Intergalactic private Angela Hardwicke is Eternity’s most daring spy for hire… Following the mysterious and ill-timed death of her elderly husband, Camille Engquist was set to inherit the family’s real estate development company. But her stepkids stole it from her first. Or so she cl... more
  • Corsair and the Sky Pirates

    by Mark Piggott
    A brilliant inventor... A prolific writer... A chance meeting between Nikola Tesla and Jules Verne catapulted the world into a new kind of power. Using meteor fragments from a comet named Uriel, they created a world powered not by combustion but by steam. The incredible inventions that followed launched the world into an industrial revolution ahead of its time... a steampunk revolution. While Tesla's inventions were designed to ease people's day-to-day burdens, Thomas Edison's ERP Corporation... more
  • Kindred Star

    by M.D. House
  • Patriot Star

    by M.D. House
  • Ivory Poison

    by Andreas Sutton

    Set hundred of years in the future, a group of people called Linarias are the ones in power. Myra was born knowing that she was part of something special. When she meets a boy called Ashe Riley, her world changes. She realizes that the Linarias aren't the heroes she thought they were. In fact, the fall of her country is because of her people.

    Loyalties are tested in the first book of Ivory Poison. Myra goes on a journey of discovery and soon realizes that if she doesn't step up ... more

  • Proud Pada: Sci Fi Fantasy Adventure of Lilla uncovering the biggest conspiracy in the Seven Galaxies (The Last Lumenian Book 3)

    by S.G. Blaise
    Lilla is on her next mission as Sybil, when she must travel to the Pada world following the trail of a ruthless murderer. Navigating deadly politics turns increasingly difficult, when the Teryn emperor goes missing. Now the Teryn empire is heading towards civil war, and Lilla must uncover who is behind the conspiracy before it's too late. Unfortunately her success depends on the Proud Pada.
  • Saving Her Pack

    by JD Moore
    When people meet Margot, they consider her spoiled and entitled, but this is far from the truth. She has a strong desire to protect her loved ones, and so she has embarked on a covert mission fraught with peril to rescue her uncle from the consequences of the reckless choices he has repeatedly made in alliance with deadly criminals. Margot faces a number of challenges that force her to make difficult choices, each with potentially devastating results.
  • Earth’s Ecocide: Desperation 2647

    by David A. Collier
    The Earth’s Ecocide science fiction novel series is a one-thousand-year story of humanity struggling to cope with climate destruction and the awakening of artificial intelligence. What will life be like if global average temperatures increase 2, 4, or 8 degrees Celsius? What will life be like if sea levels increase 1, 10, or 70 meters? What if both happen?
  • Bright Blue Planet

    by Kim Catanzarite
    Continuing the story that began with They Will Be Coming for Us and Jovian Son, Bright Blue Planet, Book 3 in The Jovian Universe, takes readers behind the scenes of the otherworldly Jovian family, revealing their most startling secrets. Former three-term President of the United States, Evander Peterman, does his best to uphold the promise he made his human mother, Svetlana, to protect ordinary humans from the stronger, more-intelligent race of clones the powerful Jovian family has created. ... more
  • The Modern Fantasy

    by Cooper Klebba
    Time always marches forward, even in a world of adventure and dragons. Enter a land where the mystical and technological walk side by side, a country known as Aontech. Despite living in a fantastical world, the people who inhabit it are just like you or me. They want justice to prevail, to be recognized for their talents, or to just be loved and understood. Here are five stories of such people living the modern fantasy of Aontech. A young bard and a bodyguard encounter a dangerous gang leader, a... more
  • Silverskin

    by Caitee Cooper

    “Tips of cloud tendrils brushed over the shaggy green landscape as the two of them climbed higher onto the ridge. Ellie followed her father’s shape up the slope as it passed in and out of the mists. 

    And then an unearthly howl shattered the peaceful mountain air.”

        When Ellie Forth sets out to have a great Alaskan adventure with her remaining family members, she’s got something to prove—and not ... more

  • A World Apart

    by Laura Pruett
    In Dhelmidhart, corpses have begun disappearing . . . leaving no trace of a soul behind. And those who leave this way never come back. Follow Brondahl's fearless band to find out why, in this LitRPG that's really lit!
  • The Dwarves Of Dimmerdown: A Children's Fantasy Book

    by Laura Pruett
    Meet the dwarves of Dimmerdown! These fun-loving creatures roam around their tiny world, exploring caverns and traipsing down riverbanks. Along the way, the beautifully illustrated pages will spark your child's imagination as they explore the wide world of fantasy! With its smooth-flowing, engaging rhymes and easy-to-read vocabulary, young readers will love to follow along with this whimsical story. At home or in the classroom, these lighthearted dwarves will delight children and adults al... more
  • Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect: An Addictive Horror Novel

    by P.D. Alleva
    Carnivals, Cannibals, and Clowns. Oh My! Wanna go for a ride? Meet Jigglyspot, a five-foot tall half human half warlock carnival clown who spends his free time moonlighting as a drug dealing pimp and lackey for demonic entities who prey on the weak and vulnerable, casting their dark shadow across humanity through manipulation, and fear. Jigglyspot was selected to serve as the event coordinator for 2019’s Summer Solstice Celebration at the prestigious Cannibal Café. A celebration th... more
  • The Sands of Akhirah (The Valor of Valhalla Book 2)

    by Martin Kearns
    Months after the loss of Rose, David finds himself traveling through the Middle East to find the one he holds ultimately responsible for her death. But stumbling upon a dark tycoon with the same agenda sends David on a path he’d never thought possible. One of revelation and reclamation. Navigating a gauntlet of the supernatural has taken a toll on Chelsea and Dodd. The children of Lilith are no longer plaguing their world, but another vile creation awaits them in the shadows. A perversion of ... more