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  • The Shadows' Apprentice

    by K.L. Alexander

    Losing a rebellion is the best way to live a short life, and Nickalous Archer has no intention of doing that. However, after Nick’s father loses the war to the Night Emperor, he’ll be lucky if the enemy ends him quickly. Luckily, Nick sees an opportunity as he and his friends show potential for shadow magic and are trained to serve the Empire. But Nick doesn’t want to serve; he wants to rule. 

    To gain enough power, Nick will have to rise through the shadow circles... more

  • Santa Camp

    by Michael Strobl
    Santa Camp is a whimsical fantasy telling the story of how Santa Claus is planning to retire and is looking to find his replacement. In Part I, the story begins when impish young Nate loses a tooth on Christmas Eve. In the middle of the night, Nate discovers Santa and the Tooth Fairy together in Nate’s living room where Nate learns some shocking news about the two visitors. Among other things, Santa reveals that he’s planning to retire and asks Nate to come to a week-long Santa Camp to compe... more
  • The Visitors: Version 2

    by Andrew Cahill-Lloyd
    Two time-travelling aliens, Bjorn and Zorn, witness the destruction of the Earth in 2052. They believe the Earth has been destroyed by religious zealots. Their investigation reveals one of their own is behind it. The intended goal was to hide the Earth from the universe. With Tasmania up for grabs, the chess game begins. They travel in time to collect a little band of misfits, to help them save humanity from its religious wars. The laid back Ptoni the Pteranodon, the ladylike Florence the Jerse... more
  • Searching in the Pages

    by Ashley Tropea
    “Remember this wherever you go,” he said to me. “You are no one special to me. You are simply another enemy of Captain Caspian Rogers...Should our paths cross in the future, allow me to offer you this single piece of advice. Run.” Elizabeth Burrough had no way of knowing what awaited her when she was sucked into her favorite book, set in a fictional 18th century England among fearsome pirates and even more fearsome nobility. Not the danger that awaited her around every corner, or the allies s... more
  • Tap and Die

    by Lancelot Schaubert
    A cowboy separated from his wife visits an ambassador's gala above an active volcano. Magical terrorists attack. Separated from his clothes and family, he must wield a lightning wand against an invading army in hopes to set the fantastic world's diplomats free. Will he make it out clothed, reunited, and unsinged?
  • Another Elizabeth

    by Elle Mitchell

    Another Elizabeth is a gripping literary psychological horror novel that readers will sink their teeth into. Fans of dark humor and challenging fiction will be thrilled to delve into the mind of a deeply flawed disabled woman with a desire to kill. Elizabeth Dauphine’s life is taking a turn. She has three jobs, a boyfriend that loves her too much, and a recent diagnosis of Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She’s coming apart at the seams. Now all she cares about is keeping her p... more

  • Ungeheuer

    by Scott A. Johnson

    “Oh my God… There’s so many of them…” A grieving man and his son go camping, unaware that a group of amateur cavers have discovered a hidden cavern, and released a horror they couldn’t have imagined. What started as a weekend of healing turns to a fight for survival in the deep woods of the Texas hill country as an ancient terror hunts and seeks to sate a hunger that can only be fed with blood. Only three words, carved into a cave wall, give any clue as t... more

  • Goddess from the Lost Planet: A Sci-Fi Adventure of Gods and Aliens (From Heaven To Earth They Came Book 1)

    by Neal Roberts
    When the ancient gods threaten to return to Earth, can a brilliant academician opposing their return keep a step ahead of their wrath? New York, 2034. Professor David Schubert remains a man adrift two years after the death of his beloved wife until, one day, his interest is piqued by the sudden disappearance of a mosque from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, an event that threatens to bring the world to the brink of destruction. But David, based upon special knowledge provided by a friend who’s ... more
  • Super Doople

    by KA Cummins

    You’ve heard the legend of Humpty Dumpty, but do you know the legend of Super Doople? He’s faster than a chicken. He flies higher than an ostrich. No fall can break his shell! And he was once Little Doople, a small and fragile egg like all the other dooples, until his bad habit of not listening caught up to him.

    Engaging text with expressive illustrations, Super Doople is a lighthearted tale about resilience and learning to listen. This funny picture book for age... more

  • The Green Wizard

    by Joel Riojas
    Brownie Kickfinger believed that he was meant for nothing. He certainly felt like nothing. His father was a criminal, most of his family wanted nothing to do with him, and his grandfather, the one man he thought he could look up to, had disappeared. Brownie left home and ended up in the land of Devansh, a land of beauty and mystique, of magic and wonder, of strife and challenge, searching either for a purpose or a place to disappear. On his journey, he encounters Lata, a curious woman in the woo... more
  • Ground

    by Robert Cameron
    In an England shattered almost beyond repair by the Great Catastrophe and the war that followed, Mark Norman is brought up in one of a few fertile Grounds, Grounds surrounded by land that is, at best, liable to cause sterility and, at worst, to be lethal to all who venture into it. His doubts about the truth of what he is taught increase and when duty calls him to sterile service in the Domain, ruled by a sterile but near-immortal nobility, he flees to the Outland, the land where rebels have mai... more
  • Age of Resolve

    by Ilene Grydsuk
    It’s been one hundred years since the Correction, the great reset that erased the misguided ideology and spurious intentions of an ancient civilization seemingly bent on destroying itself. The Biodome’s universal moral compass is under attack. Known as the existential virus (EV), she is not to be trifled with. She is judge, jury, and—when need be—executioner. The only cure for EV is an end to the Age of Resolve and a return to ancient times. Seventeen-year-old Everett Steele has just transiti... more
  • The Thicket

    by Ann Eames
    After weeks of not being able to see for smoke; there was a wall of thick vines which reached to the sky; people started to call it ‘The Thicket’. They were as thick as tree trunks, they grew and entwined just like creepers. Beyond the thicket lay a forest, mountains and very unusual animals and creatures. There lived a people who belonged to the same tribe; who were very special and very loyal and devoted to each other. Two children called Hali and Aaron who found their way into the forest, a f... more
  • Darkness Below

    by Barbara Cottrell
    Nightmares. Disappearances. Suicide. Fall semester is always a challenging time at Miskatonic University. All Ellen Logan wants to do is pass her classes while holding down a bad job at a New Age bookstore. But when a former roommate jumps to her death from the university clocktower and another friend vanishes, leaving her with a mysterious book, she embarks on her own investigation. With the help of renowned professor Andrew Carter, she uncovers evidence of a murderous cult, a terrifying cr... more
  • Identity Crisis

    by Clayton Pulsipher

    “Fate turns the wheels of time and drives us all—and I cannot help but feel it has more in store for you.”

    Jag is human—but all he knows is that he’s different from everyone else on Rixxon Prime. And when a group of offworlders show up and cause trouble, he and his brother, Sixxis, get swept up in a seemingly unstoppable series of events that propels them into a galactic conflict far beyond the confines of their primitive planet.

    Aided by the... more

  • The Female Breeders

    by Melanie Bokstad Horev
    In the near-future dystopian society of EVE, women control the world. Young brilliant scientist Neen Salvek of Clan Triverser is assigned to screen imprisoned males of the Dome, to assess their mental and emotional fitness before breeding season. Her task is crucial in order to protect the breeding women, and continue the development of their genetic enhancements. As she embarks on her mission she finds more than she bargained for – a system of brutal mutilation and slavery that condemns any ... more