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  • Full Moon Cleaners: By Fair Means or Foul

    by Kelly Jameson (pen name James Nolan)
    My name is Faith Jordan. I clean up crime scenes after the police, CSI, and the dead have gone home, and faithless, dark places where the dead, and other creatures, linger on. When I was twelve, my mother died during an exorcism gone wrong. If you’re thinking Linda Blair, levitating beds, projectile vomit, and spontaneous flesh wounds, don’t. It was worse. Because it was real. No Hollywood special effects. Just a charismatic priest that my mother shouldn’t have trusted. Believing he saw the dev... more
  • The Charlatan's Conundrum and Other Bedtime Stories for Insomniacs

    by Rich Hosek
    Can't sleep? Don't want to sleep? Afraid to sleep? Maybe what you need is a story. A bedtime story. One that can carry you away to the land of dreams... or maybe nightmares. So, make sure your windows are closed, your doors are locked and there's nothing lurking in your closet or under your bed. Then lie down, pull up the covers, close your eyes... and let me tell you a story.
  • The Robots Stopped Caring

    by Christopher Stauber
    The Robots Stopped Caring is a fascinating science fiction look into a future where everything is automated, but it’s all taken away in a split second. Through the novel, we live the most important moment in Chris’s life—both the good and the bad. His journey is a roller coaster ride of emotions. This book hopes to make readers think about the future and the potential problems that can occur due to modern emerging technologies with real emotion and relatable characters.
  • Lenox Justifier of Innocence

    by Janet Collazo
    Lenox, a girl created by the gods, has been created save humanity and defend the innocent. In this story of Greek god meets superhero, Lenox helps those in need and who urgently require someone to be on their side. Follow Lenox’s journey and escape into a world of fantasy where true justice is served.
  • The Street Between the Pines

    by J.J. Alo
    A strange creature lurks between the pines of Forest Street. Since the deadly DUI that ruined his life, Curtis Reynolds has long since struggled with sleep deprivation, debt, a failing marriage, and, frankly, justifying his own existence. But when his elderly neighbor is murdered, the Gulf War Veteran returns home to Forest Street, where a dangerous encounter sends him spiraling. Battling insomnia and PTSD induced visions, Curtis begins an investigation of a mysterious monster, falling down a... more
  • Godless Armageddon

    by Scott Coon
    Thomas Jefferson Stoneshield VII dies in World War II and enters a godless afterlife where souls are clouds upon a golden ocean surrounding the Earth. He blames himself for ending the legacy carried in his name. He doesn't know why he never married because he's buried it too deep: Thom is gay. To help him, Thom's dad reaches out from inside a soul well—a monster made of captured souls. But his dad is unable to communicate. Instead, Thom keeps rewatching his dad’s death in World War I, while his ... more
  • The One Adventure of Mitch the Adequate

    by Scott Coon
    The Steampunks need a wizard to quest for a new dragon bone to power their entire civilization. The Great Wizard Mitch the Adequate is sent to collect this information and return. But Librarian Pearl claims that dragons are harmless and wants to prove it by retrieving a bone with his help. Mitch is unsure of her claims but eager to escape his dead-end job even briefly. With the help of the pirate Captain Fanny and her clockwork sailing ship, they embark upon a very unauthorized adventure. Will t... more
  • The Black Swan Files 003: Shimmer

    by Tricia Cerrone
    The adventure continues, and the stakes are even higher. Jocelyn hoped to enjoy her first holidays since escaping Camp Holliwell. She has good friends, an adoring boyfriend, and a dream to become a musician. But the choice between just a girl and superhero soldier is tested to extremes. Her brother is used as bait, her friend is kidnapped, and an army of test experiments are being trained and brainwashed by the government to be used against her and the country. Freedom, a family, a future,... more
  • The Black Swan Files 002: Glisten

    by Tricia Cerrone
    The Award-Winning Series is back! She is known as Project Sunday to her former government captors—a human-enhanced teen transformed by a black swan event. She was their most valuable asset—until she escaped. Now, only one thing is certain…Jocelyn has no intention of ever going back. Graeme knew Jocelyn was special the first time he met her. Then, leaping from his Porsche to take down a drone, she pretty much sealed the deal. Months later, she has returned to his life and trouble is not fa... more
  • The Black Swan Files 001: Glimmer

    by Tricia Cerrone
    Meet the Black Swan… After losing one family and the home where she belonged, Jocelyn strives to keep her science and military family happy, as odd as they might be. That is, until she finds out the truth…Uncle Laurence is using her as a guinea pig, her brother and sister are still alive, and she doesn’t have long to live. Now Jocelyn only cares about finding her real family. The problem—breaking out of a highly classified, military facility before the next experiment kills her. Seth Johns... more

    by Justin Hale

    A high octane, cyberpunk thrill ride that will have you on the edge of your seat! On the planet Nera, a world of towering metropolises powered by nano technology and controlled by corporations, Mr. Zan and his misfit crew have trained for five years to be Omegas, the greatest and most elusive assassins on the planet. However, disillusioned with their mission, they went rogue and killed their handler, Nancy. Now, they run guns to survive, while racing to stay one step ahead of the living Shado... more

  • Kindred Star

    by M.D. House
  • Patriot Star

    by M.D. House
  • Ivory Poison

    by Andreas Sutton

    Set hundred of years in the future, a group of people called Linarias are the ones in power. Myra was born knowing that she was part of something special. When she meets a boy called Ashe Riley, her world changes. She realizes that the Linarias aren't the heroes she thought they were. In fact, the fall of her country is because of her people.

    Loyalties are tested in the first book of Ivory Poison. Myra goes on a journey of discovery and soon realizes that if she doesn't step up ... more

  • Proud Pada: Sci Fi Fantasy Adventure of Lilla uncovering the biggest conspiracy in the Seven Galaxies (The Last Lumenian Book 3)

    by S.G. Blaise
    Lilla is on her next mission as Sybil, when she must travel to the Pada world following the trail of a ruthless murderer. Navigating deadly politics turns increasingly difficult, when the Teryn emperor goes missing. Now the Teryn empire is heading towards civil war, and Lilla must uncover who is behind the conspiracy before it's too late. Unfortunately her success depends on the Proud Pada.
  • Saving Her Pack

    by JD Moore
    When people meet Margot, they consider her spoiled and entitled, but this is far from the truth. She has a strong desire to protect her loved ones, and so she has embarked on a covert mission fraught with peril to rescue her uncle from the consequences of the reckless choices he has repeatedly made in alliance with deadly criminals. Margot faces a number of challenges that force her to make difficult choices, each with potentially devastating results.