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  • Blood Ex Libris

    by Raven Belasco
    Blood, sex and swords. And don’t forget flamethrowers. And one librarian, in over her head. How did I get here: covered in blood and holding a sword I can’t use? It all started when the dark and mysterious stranger showed up at my children’s reading hour. Of course I noticed him. I’d been single (and bored) for longer than I care to admit. Me, I’m Anushka (Noosh) Rosetti, head librarian. He turned out to be a vampire. And not just any vampire: Vlad Dracula. Although he goes by another name th... more


    THE TENANT'S WRATH (previously published as Outrageous Humans On Exoplanet) is a novel that has been written according to the author’s experience in living as a tenant. The author had tenanted in nine local houses from 2005 to 2010 before he shifted into his building in 2010. While he was living in this building, he published part of his book in January 2012. This work had only 112 pages, and it included only 500 printed copies.

    He employed it to extract data from other tenant... more

  • Seven Deadly Swords

    by peter sutton
    Reymond joined the Crusades to free the Holy Land from the Saracens and win glory for himself. Instead, with six others, he found himself bound under a sorcerer’s curse: the Seven Sins personified. Doomed to eternal life and with the weight of the deaths he has caused dragging his soul into the torments of hell, Reymond must find his former brothers-in-arms and defeat them. Riding across a thousand years of history, the road from Wrath to Redemption will be deadly.
  • The Creator's Army

    by David James
    An earthquake in Idaho uncovers a blood red pyramid in a granite cliff with the ominous name of Devil's Ladder. The next day a lone jogger is attacked and killed by hundreds of swarming spiders under the influence of the pyramid. The angel Gabriel along with his companion, a cherub disguised as a German shepherd who goes by the name Faax must now gain the confidence of the local sheriff, his two deputies, a priest/exorcist and an alcoholic Indian shaman to break into the pyramid and free the A... more
  • Six Sigma Acronyms and Their usage

    by Lamia Jonas
    The idea of Six Sigma was created in 1986 by Motorola as a lot of instruments and strategies to improve their assembling forms. In 1995 this idea was utilized by Jack Welch as the primary idea of the business methodology of General Electric—presently utilized by various mechanical divisions. Practically 50% of the Fortune 500 organizations had received this procedure for their associations before the finish of the twentieth century. Lean and Six Sigma both provide clients with the most ideal qu... more
  • Piercing the Celestial Ocean

    by Kip Koelsch


    Disgraced scientist, Captain Anton Ekels, seizes the opportunity for redemption he recognizes in the Endeavor’s near-collision with an alien stasis pod. Expelled from the mouth of a remote wormhole, the capsule—once taken onboard the deep space research vessel--reveals clues that the captain believes may link its female humanoid occupant to an alternate reality. A student of Earth’s space explora... more

  • Mindscapes: Ten Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories

    by Victor D. Lopez
    This book is a compilation of 10 science fiction and speculative fiction short stories by the author from his two previous short story collections, Book of Dreams and Book of Dreams 2nd Edition, as well as two new stories written in 2013. Its scope extends from the innermost dimensions of the mind to the outer reaches of the universe, focusing from diverse perspectives on some common themes as to the meaning of life, the superlative strength and wrenching weakness of the human spirit, the power ... more
  • An Echo of the Fae

    by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
    Echo enjoys the peace and solitude of the Faeorn forest, regardless of how strange spending time in the "haunted" wood seems to others. But on the cusp of her thirteenth birthday, the discovery of a family secret reveals why Echo has never been drawn to the sea like her mother. This discovery shakes the foundations of her world and sends Echo on a quest, not merely into the forest, but into the heart of the fae-lands themselves, to rescue the sister she didn't know existed. Elves, dragons,... more
  • Hidden Realm

    by T.R. Slauf
    Join Esther on her journey of self-discovery as she travels into a world long forgotten. Unsure if she can trust her hooded guide, she is hunted by unknown enemies and smothered by expectations of grandeur. Deciphering friend from foe she travels the lands, trying to unite kingdoms torn by pride.
  • Aryl: A day in the life of a Unicorn

    by Arnav Jhunjhunwala

    A short tale about a day in the life of a Unicorn in the world of humanly creatures.

    Aryl is a contemplative and profound unicorn living in a stable full of horses. He is about to embark on the most glorious event ever.

  • My Homework Ate My Dog!

    by Derek Taylor Kent
    For fans of Harry Potter, Goosebumps, and A Series of Unfortunate Events, this page-turning fantasy novel for ages 8-12 will keep young readers gasping in fright and cheering in triumph. Rudy Berkman thought he was the luckiest kid in the world when his family moved to Danville, recently named "The Best City in the World." There is no crime and the schools are considered the best in the nation. The only problem is, all the kids at Danville Junior High act like mindless robots and his teachers... more
  • Rainbow Soup

    by Laura Hanks Stevens
    Chantelle is a special young lady with a secret wish: to bring back the pot of gold from the end of the Rainbow for her beloved grandfather. So, she can hardly believe her good luck when she unexpectedly finds herself not only in the Rainbow, but surrounded by Rainbow fairies and many magical beings (personifications of the elements of weather) whom she believes will help her complete her quest. But as she travels through the Rainbow, obstacles continually pop up… obstacles that prevent her from... more
  • Honey Hawk

    by Hava Zuidema
    23rd century Earth exists in a fragile apartheid between humans and vantarians, the extraterrestrials who restored Earth after its apocalypse. Well-meaning but misinformed Alder Brites is aiming to finish their mandated service to the human military without incident when they meet the vantarian Sefynne Iyed, an alleged terrorist who raises questions Alder can’t answer. Sefynne, reserved but passionate, is striving to correct the power imbalance on Earth when he discovers Alder has resources he n... more
  • The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore & Bar

    by Seana Kelly
    Welcome to The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. I’m Sam Quinn, the werewolf book nerd in charge. I run my business by one simple rule: Everyone needs a good book and a stiff drink, be they vampire, wicche, demon, or fae. No wolves, though. Ever. I have my reasons. I serve the supernatural community of San Francisco. We’ve been having some problems lately. Okay, I’m the one with the problems. The broken body of a female werewolf washed up on my doorstep. What makes sweat pool at the base of... more
  • A última geração

    by Rui Ourique
    Romance fictício.
  • 1528902416

    by Jim Lowther
    Bradley White is an ordinary man who is transported against his will to a land incalculably distant where magic has shaped its growth and development, and where science has no place. He is forced by a ruthless being of unimaginable might to undertake an impossible task, one in which he will surely fail. The stakes couldn't be higher; if he does fail, then all that he holds dear will be destroyed. Should he succeed, he is certain that his family will not be spared. He cannot hope to take on and d... more