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    by Barbara Cooper
    Spirits roam these hotel halls... looking for that final warm embrace. Someone to hold them tight. And never let go. Mark anticipated this is going to a pleasurable week, with his work friends, a jolly company indeed. All of them celebrating right before Halloween at the Irish countryside, staying in a manor house surrounded by deep woods, leading to the ocean... with a history of its own. Still in such a young company Mark feels quite alone, but his ambition drives him to go on and forwa... more
  • Moonlit

    by Samantha Heuwagen
    Several years after the Temorshian-Earth War, the Galaxy is at peace. La’Mursians, Temorshians, and Humans have started working together alongside the Galactic Court to bring stability and prosperity to citizens of their three worlds. Although harmony begins to blossom, a rebellious faction emerges and tests the newly formed bonds between the three planets. As discontent grows, Layla Aves and Glaklin Lerd are asked to step in and help facilitate a truce. Layla Aves has finally achieved her dr... more
  • Whispers the Blood

    by Danielle Renino
    Seventeen-year-old Silvie’s life has been a cycle of death and resurrection for as long as she can remember, the surgical scar on her chest a constant reminder of the trauma her body has endured. Her friend Nora is outgoing and assertive—everything that Silvie isn’t, and when she agrees to take them on an adventure, Silvie expects to spend the afternoon driving down backroads. Instead, they wind up in the backyard of an abandoned Victorian mansion, digging holes. Nora is looking for someth... more
  • Pallas Lost

    by Jake Morrison
  • North Queen

    by Nicola Tyche

    The Return of a Lost Heir …

    The kingdom of Mercia has been at war with the Shadow King and his dark army for ten years. To escape the seer’s vision of her capture, Mercia’s heir to the throne, Princess Norah Andell, is secreted away by her father to keep her safe. But when he dies in battle, so too dies the knowledge of where she’s hidden. She’s lost to the world—until three years later, when she’s found with no memory... more

  • Devotion

    by E.B. Bridenstine
    As Bozek and Ranamayve go their separate ways, they each must hold onto the glimmer of hope that their Devotion will hold true. As they journey to join his ogre tribe, Bozek and his elf friend Garik, encounter hardships, unlike anything they have endured before. While Ranamayve attempts to convince the complacent elves to join forces with other Races against Emperor Charr’s tyranny, she struggles with her grief, and loneliness—hoping Bozek will soon return victorious. But at a growing sense of ... more
  • Alliance

    by E.B. Bridenstine
    The Evil Emperor Charr is capturing magical creatures, forcing them to perform in a circus to entertain humans. Ranamayve, a beauty even amongst elves, is taken from the only land she’s ever known to a world filled with humiliation and savagery. As she strives to conceal her identity, Ranamayve must make alliances with Races that she would have preferred never to meet. She is forced to take a closer look into her prejudices when Bozek, a half-ogre, befriends her. His beastly form frightens her, ... more
  • The Warrior Within: A Zealeth's Redemption

    by Rahmel Garner
    Welcome to the land of mystery and myth. A world of sinister warlords and magnificent creatures. A time of great heroes and wanderers in search of enlightenment. An age when worldly pleasures and ancient secrets collide.
  • Catherine

    by Mary Kay Holmes
    As the coffee shop door slammed shut, Dez lost control of his reflexes and dropped his keys to the floor, a strange fear filling every drop of his blood. When his eyes met Catherine’s, the terror became entangled with obsession, and his skin tingled as if someone was caressing him. The inner instinct screamed to run, his heart trying to climb from his body in fear, yet looking into the deep pools of her eyes he was unable to move. Dez’s life as he knew it was over, an onslaught of horror about t... more
  • Of Shadow and Moonlight

    by Luna Laurier
    Take a story inspired by Black Dagger Brotherhood's vampires, add a dash of a modern twist on A Court of Thorns and Roses/Throne of Glass and a splash of Greek mythology and you get Of Shadow and Moonlight. Vampires, Monsters, Greek Mythology, Gods, Magic, Heartbreak, and more! A woman fated to die young, a man cursed to live forever, and a darkness that threatens to destroy everything they love. Cassie was never able to experience the life that many take for granted, the freedom to dictat... more
  • Of Crowns and Legends

    by Chelsea Banning
    Camelot's power hangs by a thread, but no one yet knows it. Its fate is tied to the children King Arthur was never supposed to have... Anwil and Ariadne Pendragon are twins, best friends, and nothing alike. While Anwil pores over books in the library, Ariadne is training to be a Knight of the Round Table. Yet they are both haunted by the same shadow: their late father, the legendary King Arthur. It's been nearly twenty years since Arthur died in the Battle of Camlann, and peace has since ... more
  • Pandemonium

    by Bill Harvey
    In this fast-moving thriller, a heady amalgam of hidden war, psychics, Nazis, aliens, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and transcendental love takes place against a backdrop wherein the latest media/technology revolution triggers sudden unprecedented changes in world politics.
  • Cargo 3120: Ties that Bind

    by Aaron Walker Sr.
    In the year 3120, Marcus leaves the brutal life of a mercenary...a life he barely survived. He returns home to keep his family's interstellar shipping business afloat, while also helping to care for his dying niece. In desperate need of money, Marcus embarks on what was supposed to be a simple deep space cargo run. But his world is turned upside down when he learns the truth about the job. Where did the mysterious cargo come from? And more importantly... who wants it back? No... more
  • The Palladium

    by Thorsten Brandl

    A radio station that doesn't officially exist

    A mysterious circle whose members possess incredible abilities

    One fateful night to save mankind

    Michael Baker, a down on his luck writer, finds himself drawn to an eccentric little hotel that shelters an ancient secret. When a badly injured woman materializes in his apartment later that day, he discovers that he is part of something far more fantastic than anything he could ... more

  • Half Awakened Dreams: Volume II of the Carandir Saga

    by David A. Wimsett
    King Ryckair and Queen Mirjel pursue Baras, the evil dragon who escaped in Dragons Unmembered. Together, as equals, they must complete a subduing spell with the power of the magical crown of Carandir. It alone can return the dragon to eternal sleep. Baras waits, wounded and in hiding, but his power grows each day. Soon, he will rise fully to visit a reign of terror upon the world. In the east, Shara, the former lover who convinced Ryckair Mirjel was dead, bears a son Ryckair was unaware he... more