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  • Jestin Kase and the Terrors of Shadow Metal: Dragon Metal Book 2

    by J. Michael White
    What happens when you give a group of kids the power to fight the ultimate evil? Trauma. Now able to harness Dragon Metal, Jestin suffers from crippling panic attacks and visions of memory, pointing to the terrors of his past. The timing couldn’t be worse, as he finds himself up against a mysterious enemy leaving bodies wrapped in chains, a plot to cover Chicago with darkness, and a race toward the fabled First Relic coveted by one of the Three Great Schools of Magic. Not exactly an easy to-d... more
  • The Einstein Object

    by Kevin Hincker

    All Preston wants for his 12th birthday is a phone.

    Instead he gets a coding language secretly created by Albert Einstein, the power to change reality, and a magical enemy inherited from his long dead grandfather. So not the birthday he'd been hoping for.

    It all starts when a mysterious course in computer programming injures Preston's fingers. Because of that, he misses months of school. And when he returns he finds the world strangely altered. H... more

  • A Nameless Curse

    by G.W. Prouse

    Felicity is a weapon trained to expose secrets, slit throats, and weaken realms. A Fae orphan raised among humans, she's loyal to the guild who trained her. She needs to complete one final mission to be inducted among those who call themselves Master Spy.

    Ordered to uncover the rebel informants within the king's court, she finds herself amidst the gossip acting as the rakish prince's latest conquest. When her guild returns memories she hadn't known they'd stolen, she... more

  • the haunted cookie jar

    by siaeeda bellal

    Ella was an ordinary house wife, she had given up her dream job to stay home and raise her first born child at the insistance of her mother-in-law. But after the birth of her child, everyone started to show their true selves and she could not imagine how her perfect life unravelled into insanity... or is it something more sinister?

  • The Accidental President

    by I. Michael Grossman
    The last man standing? Earth is in crisis. And the intergalactic managers who oversee all creatures of the Milky Way Galaxy are tasked to bottom-line man’s usefulness. Should they let homo sapiens survive or watch them continue to their own destruction? To answer that, the extraterrestrials charged with evaluating us as a species discover incredible truths about who we are – the good, the bad, the really, really bizarre. They look at how we govern and decide to change the rules. The Acc... more
  • Choice of the Traveler

    by Toni Binns
    Betha’s night out dancing pivots into a dangerous fight as demons pour through a rift in space. Peace is shattered and her friends are drafted to fight against the invasion. As unknown powers emerge within her, hopes of stopping the invasion fall to her.
  • A Debt to the Stars

    by Kevin Hincker

    Diana Roark didn’t begin life as the richest person in human history. 

    But as luck would have it, she’s exploring Earth’s deepest ocean when aliens, called The 27, orbit and make First Contact. When The 27 leave, as suddenly as they came, every human alive has been Augmented—except for Diana. After Augmentation, humanity no longer ages, and all material comforts are dispensed free from alien Obelisks. With all fundamental needs suddenly free... more

  • The Tickling Tale of Smoo

    by Louiza Kallona


    Some strange things arrive suddenly, like frogs that rain down instead of cats and dogs. Other strange things creep up slowly until one day no one can ignore them any longer. This is the story of the McClaffertys, and the mysterious disappearance of laughter.

    Lucy McClafferty and her brother Ben are fed up. The weather has been dreich for months, and no one is laughing anymore.

    It’s up to Lucy and Ben to uncover the mystery of why the world has stopped laughing ... more

  • CRISPR Evolution

    by Charis Jones

    Brilliant geneticist Howard Wake has one life-defining dream: to advance human evolution, starting with his own kids. Under the radar of repressive agencies, he designs a tool to probe the darkest crypts in the human genome for buried treasure. But rousing ancient DNA is a risky undertaking. To create his children safely, Howard needs to enlist Jacqueline Witt, who has engineered her own secret. Before he can convince his friend and colleague to help him, Howard is forced to disappear into th... more

  • The MountainSea Scrolls & The 9 Tailed Fox

    by Kyle Anderson
    War pandas, zebra-corns, jungle yetis, snake turtles and nine-tailed foxes roam MountainSea, a magical world the Yao family has been protecting for thousands of years. Cloe, Meili, Didi and their rascally monkey, Houhou, take up the old family business, leaving a stuffy antique shop in Brooklyn for the radiant canopy of Mount Que to defend MountainSea’s creatures from the cruelties of the Court of the Ink Blade. Slip on your jade ring, hop on the Dragon Bike, and fly with Cloe into an amaz... more
  • The Girl in the Zoo

    by Jennifer Lauer
    Mirin thought she was the last human on Earth. Captured during the AI takeover, she’s being held caged in a zoo, and suspects her guard, Borgie, is becoming sentient. When they introduce a feral man they want her to mate with, she realizes she’s not alone. Now she could be in more danger than ever. When Mirin discovers secrets about the zoo and how she got there, she is determined to survive. Aided by a feline companion and an unlikely love, Mirin must face forced proximity, emotional sc... more
  • Solar Rift 2120: The Prologue Novel

    by Steve Rivers
    Raz takes care of the physical, Namazu takes care of the digital. But Namazu isn't like any hacker you've seen before.... Together, they are Namaraz Solutions Ltd—freelance infiltration experts and corporate spies. Pilot. Geek. Ambitious. Zarina Verma is one of three crew members aboard the Emergency Response Vehicle Xiangu, a patrolling spaceship belonging to the TKR Corporation. Her job is protecting people and property...and getting her crew home alive. Solar Rift 2120 tells two ... more
  • The Songstress (Records of the Three Realms Book 1)

    by Joshua Killingsworth
    Spreading her wings wide enough may break the songstress free… unless her captors manage to clip away her very spirit first. Seventeen-year-old Kari, now exiled from her people, spends her days singing in the teahouse and her nights huddled with Suying, a younger girl she has taken under her wing. But when Kari’s songs draw the attention of the empire, both girls are abducted and forced to become royal concubines to the Imperial Brothers of Xiang. Their compliance means a life of subjugation... more
  • Natural Selection

    by Fiona Stoffer
    An author's resilience is tested when his child protagonist turns on the elderly. He has no choice but to kill the hero in his manuscript. A near impossible task in a nursing home that's on fire if not under water, with killer turtles lurking in the dark. And what made his grandma a target for this evil?
  • The Beedlebogs In: A Recipe For Disaster

    by Kegan Kerr
    In a whimsical world where goblins make their own brand of coffee, elves hold cowlick contests, and adventure lies around every corner- two halfling boys must do what they've never done before... make breakfast!
  • Demonic Fragments: Horror from the AI Mind

    by Juha Raipola

    Demonic Fragments: Horror from the AI Mind is a novel-in-very-short-stories published in December 2022 by Juha Raipola. The entire contents of the book were generated using ChatGTP, a language model that uses machine learning to generate human-like text for various applications. In Demonic Fragments, Juha Raipola showcases the potential of AI in writing horror fiction and social satire. Rather than following a traditional narrative structure, the book is structured more like the experience of... more