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  • Harvest Deep: The Descent (Harvest Deep Series Book 2)

    by Trent Pettry
    The thrilling sequel to the acclaimed horror novel, Harvest Deep. A larger threat now stirs with an insatiable hunger—leaving scores dead or missing. Armed with her dying father’s secrets, Liz, Cody, Scott and their team of rogue civilians risk everything to stop the scourge spreading towards Salt Lake City.
  • Shadow Creepers

    by James Hewison
    Lucas has a secret. He knows it sounds silly, but there’s a monster under his bed and he’s terrified. His parents say it’s all in his mind. His best friend thinks he’s joking. But at least the new boy, Martin, believes him. There’s a monster in his room too. Lucas has an idea. Together, they could get rid of the monsters for good. But just when things look promising, Martin’s parents go missing. Unless the children can overcome their fears… they will be next.
  • The Vagrant Chronicle

    by Paul L. Centeno
    It is a dark age in the world of Bra’dune. The Pure Land has ruptured into the Eight Hells, and the sky has been sundered into a fractured veil known as Stormrage. What remains of Bra’dune is still becoming tainted. Meanwhile, children are mysteriously being kidnapped and murdered. What is more frightening is that no one is doing anything about the abductions, save one humyn: Mor’reius Krelsin. Though a lousy vagrant, he feels for the children who have been kidnapped because he suffered as an or... more
  • UNEXPECTED HABITS (The Lineman and The Cook)

    by K. L. Russell

    Spiritual Fiction Fantasy/ The Lineman and the Cook series 1 begins. Buffaloberry? Pogonip? Uni-grams? Seriously? Only some very Unexpected Habits!  Young Jack MacCleary meets and marries Carol. They both soon learn they have very special gifts...they can talk to animals. The young couple is recruited by Father Warner, the watcher in the H.A.L.O.S. (Help All Lost Orphan Souls) network. There they would come to learn more about the secret organization and meet Saint Raphael's headmist... more

  • Leadlights: 10 Short Stories of Horror & Sci-Fi

    by C.C. Luckey
    An exciting variety of intense short stories for fans of horror and dark science fiction, designed to capture your imagination and send chills up your spine!
  • The Darknot

    by Matthew Jobin
    Edmund battles evil with spells, Katherine battles with swords, and Tom with humility and wisdom. Together they've repelled the great wizard Vithric and defeated the otherworldly Skeleth, but nothing has prepared them for the ultimate test--a final, all-out fight against the Nethergrim itself. As the fabric of their world begins to crumble, the salvation of the kingdom hinges on their success.
  • The Skeleth (The Nethergrim)

    by Matthew Jobin
    For the lords of the north, land is power. The Nethergrim, now awoken and free to wreak its evil upon the world, offers the promise of victory to those ruthless enough to accept its foul bargain. One ambitious lord, eager for the chance to conquer and rule, succumbs to temptation and helps to free the Skeleth—eerie, otherworldly beings said to be unstoppable in battle. The Skeleth merge with the bodies of their victims, ruling their minds and turning them into remorseless killers. Worse yet, to ... more
  • The Nethergrim

    by Matthew Jobin
    Everyone in Moorvale believes the legend: The brave knight Tristan and the famed wizard Vithric, in an epic battle decades ago, had defeated the evil Nethergrim and his minions. To this day, songs are sung and festivals held in the heroes' honor. Yet now something dark has crept over the village. First animals disappear, their only remains a pile of bones licked clean. Then something worse: children disappear. The whispers begin quietly yet soon turn into a shout: The Nethergrim has returned! Ed... more
  • The little ones & their monsters

    by Simón C. Díaz
    Since I became an analyst of monsters when I was seventeen, I have done so many lectures about the management of these creatures, around the world, that if you're interested in the subject, is very likely that you've been in one of them. Unless you are a child. I have always found it very unsettling that, even when children constantly face monsters, and seek help against them as often as adults do, all these meetings that are scheduled with the readers of the many books that I have published ov... more
  • Future Apocalypse A Time Travel Novel "Beginnings"

    by Barbara J. Gilbert

    Is time travel possible?

    ​Paulette Brown thinks so.  She is a brilliant young lady who has solved what other scientist around the world could not—how to travel through time.

    ​When she travels 250 years into the future, Paulette finds herself in a post-apocalyptic world, where the city of Seattle has been destroyed and is now under water.  Panicked, she tries to return to the present, but something goes terribly wrong and she finds herself stuck in this destroyed wo... more

  • Four Weird Tales of Horror

    by Larry Nocella
    FOR REASONS UNKNOWN AND UNKNOWABLE Authorities are calling it the American Dyatlov Pass incident. Four campers on an overnight hike fail to return. Only three bodies are found. Authorities piece together what happened using the latest in cell phone video enhancement and GPS tracking technology, but disturbing questions remain. A literary take on the "found footage" horror film genre! LUNATICS AND MARTYRS A cynical photographer is hired for a photo shoot of a famous wealthy family on their r... more
  • Wanderers Series – Box Set: Books 1-3

    by James Murdo
    The Ascended Biologicals are gone and the galaxy lies in ruins. At last, a Wanderer ship makes a discovery with the potential to change everything.
  • The Time Traveler Professor, Book Two: A Pocketful of Lodestones

    by Elizabeth Crowens
    In 1914, the war to end all wars turns the worlds of John Patrick Scott, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Rebecca West and Harry Houdini upside down. Doyle goes back to ancient China in his hunt for that “red book” to help him write his Sherlock Holmes stories. Scott is hell-bent on finding out why his platoon sergeant has it out for him, and they both discover that during the time of Shakespeare every day is a witch-hunt in London. Is the ability to travel through time the ultimate escape fr... more
  • Spider Season

    by Billy Hanson
    A man obsessed with his own death, a sleep-deprived husband, a violently jealous teenager, and a businesswoman on a lethal trip to Europe are just a few of the characters inhabiting Billy Hanson's dark vision of the world. Here, danger lurks within every stranger, co-worker, close friend, family member…and even within your own mind. Because when Spider Season comes around, fear is everywhere.
  • Eclipse

    by Ophelia Rue
    On the distant planet Oasis the secrets lay behind the Porcelain Man’s dead eggshell eyes. The panicked riddles he spews between catatonic cycles drive agent Carver closer to the missing. The brilliant Ceren Dore lies frozen in her virtual snow globe world, watching perfect false birds glide across a perfect false sky. She shatters in his dreams as the disease inside her grows. A secret society of eight guardians, the super elite, live in the shadows, ever tinkering, their dark mechanisms making... more