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  • Severed

    by Daniel J. Lyons

    After exhausting planet Earth, humanity has moved out to live "on the stars."
    With your closest neighbor lightyears away, the “on the stars” lifestyle guarantees a level of privacy unmatched in human history. But even ultimate privacy doesn’t need to come at a cost when modern technology can instantly whisk you back to civilization.

    But when that modern technology unexpectedly fails, three private vessels find themselves completely unprepared for the isolation that follows. The thr... more

  • The Bone Taker

    by Scott Charles

    Indiana Jones meets Goosebumps in this chilling Creeptown adventure!

    Arlo Vreeland is not a movie star. Are you kidding? But his director-friend, Darius, desperately needs a lead actor, and Arlo has been dying to get Kayla’s attention…

    When a power outage traps his sixth-grade class in an empty museum, Arlo thinks it’s the perfect excuse to slip away and start filming. He’s wrong.

    Hidden in the museum&rsq... more

  • Thief of Slaves

    by Carol Louise Wilde

    Nagaro has accepted a commission in the Royal Fleet of Edrovir. He hopes to help Kuran, the Lord of the Fleet, avoid sinking Mahuk warships by forcing their surrender - to free the galley slaves instead of killing them. He soon renews his friendship with Princess Nevien and runs afoul of Lothard Hurn, Edrovir's greatest swordsman. But when he tries his hand at international diplomacy, lives are at stake including his own and that of his Mahuk-born friend Pavo.

  • Lilly Noble & Actual Magic

    by Deborah McTiernan
    “Lilly decided she could use all the luck she could get, even if it came in the form of a creepy locket.” After the collision claimed her mother’s life and left her with a memory full of holes, Lilly Noble is sent away to boarding school on the gloomy island of Raven’s Landing, Maine. When she meets the hypnotically charming and strangely intense Murosky Skaggs, his unnatural curiosity and careful attentions toward her raise her suspicions. His stories don’t add up. Lilly’s search for ... more
  • The New Enchantress

    by Sunayna Prasad

    The point of no return has come!

    It’s the summer before high school and life is about to change for fourteen-year-old Alyssa McCarthy. A sorcerer hexes her with everlasting powers, requiring her to become an enchantress. If she cannot learn to control her magic pronto, she will forget her loved ones and serve as the warlock’s eternal slave.

    In order to control her powers, Alyssa must gain control of her emotions. With the struggles of adolescence and disasters everywhe... more

  • The Bone Carver, Volume 2

    by Monique Snyman
    For a small New England town, Shadow Grove has an uncanny ability to attract the worst kind of trouble. Not that the residents are too concerned about the various horrors living among them. As the leaves change color and the weather grows colder, a foul presence is making itself known by leaving peculiar gifts for the students of Ridge Crest High. At first, the presents seem harmless—and a rash of accidents seem coincidental—but when seniors Rachel Cleary and her Scottish cousin, Dougal Mack... more
  • The Order of the Dark Rose

    by P. H. Solomon
    An arch-mage can handle almost anything. Unless he's cursed, lost his job and facing an unknown enemy. The Gallantean Empire relies increasingly upon magical technology which cleans sewers, runs trams and much more. Within the capital city of Cal Rindon, magic is pervasive, but not necessarily used without criminal activity. The bustling metropolis boasts constant innovations mixed with growing pains. Amid the good lurks the bad with unrest and growing crime. Arch-mage Manny Mandeheim fell... more
  • Short Stories and Assorted Nightmares

    by Mark A. Snyder
    In "Short Stories and Assorted Nightmares," you'll be led on a journey from the everyday to the extraordinary. This collection of nine deliciously wicked tales and curiosities piques the imagination, conjures stirrings in the darkest corners of the mind and will appeal to fans of horror and science fiction alike.
  • The Amusement Park

    by P D Smarslok
    Funland Amusement Park was a very popular theme park until one sunny afternoon when three teens died tragically on three different rides. The park closed and was vacant for five years until Blake Maxwell and his wife Myrna purchased it. Had they known what was in store for them, they would have reconsidered.
  • Saving the Light of Justice Book 2 of the Hoshiyan Chronicles

    by Barry Dr. Nadel
    Yoshua, Aviva and Sasha are falsely incarcerated in a Spanish prison. Pardoned by the king, the warden instigates the inmates to kill the trio. They are saved by the Minister of the Interior and his GEO agents. Once home they seek information to barter with the Spanish government to recover the mummies and artifacts from the excavation Spanish deputy minister of the Interior, Ernesto Palmerio, leader of the terrorists lures Yoshua back to Spain to kill him with promises to reopen the excavation... more
  • Fraidy's Amazeballs ARggles Adventure

    by Ira Nayman

    Hoverboards (eat your heart out, Marty McFly!), ARggles (Augmented Reality goggles, which, Terminator-like, project digital information on the real world, and come in a variety of designer colors) and Home Universe GeneratorTMs (which allow you to see other universes, but not touch) – the near future is a great time to be a kid!

    Everybody thinks that Frieda “Fraidy” Katz is a fifteen year-old slacker who is coasting on gentlewoman cs. In fact, she is a math nerd who in... more

  • Demon Zero

    by Clayton Smith
    The city of Templar has always been a little strange. Monsters slither out of the lakes, a zombie rises up every few years, and from time to time, some of the people go missing for no reason. But the supernatural occurrences have been happening more and more frequently lately, and it may have something to do with the all-powerful demon that’s living in Mrs. Grunberg’s basement. When local slackers Simon Dark and Virgil Matter decide to investigate the mysterious presence in the cellar, they s... more
  • Return to Lankura

    by Carol Louise Wilde
    Nagaro Chronicle 3: Nagaro and his men practice a form of honorable piracy, attacking only Mahuk war galleys to free the slaves at their oars - a practice that has caused the Mahuk emperor to put a price on Nagaro's head. And now he has attracted the attention of the King of Edrovir as well. When Nagaro learns that Edrovir's Lord of the Fleet is looking for him, he boldly decides to meet the man, setting himself on a course that will change his life forever.
  • Covenant of the Sword

    by Carol Louise Wilde

    Nagaro Chronicle 2: The captured Mahuk war galley floats enticingly in Pakoa harbor, and Nagaro has a beautiful and deadly Mahuk sword under his bed, but neither seems likely to do him any good. He is famous from one end of the island to the other for leading the slaves' escape, but unanswered questions about the past he must conceal torment him. How did he escape the palace and the will-enslaving drug heskial? When Taru hatches a plot to find out, things go from bad to worse.

  • Leaf and Flame

    by Veronica Dale

    In this fourth and final book in the Coin of Rulve series, twin brothers Sheft and Teller must leave the women they love and embark on the last stage of their mission to save the Land of Shunder from a vicious despot. Sheft must face the face that the very act that fulfills his destiny will strengthen the lord's evil intentions. Teller gambles everything he is on a face-to-face challenge to stop the lord's ruthless march to domination. Pushed to their limits, besieged but still s... more

  • Dead Man Walking

    by Zach Adams
    “Dead Man Walking” by Zach Adams is a compelling contemporary fantasy novel full of twists and turns that will leave readers captivated until the last page. Focusing on Isaac Falcone, a young library assistant, this novel follows the man as he realizes that his life is becoming infested with otherworldly creatures, many of whom mean to do him harm. After discovering a magic book, Isaac is attacked by a swarm of the undead, but is rescued by an elven man named L’æon. The elf suddenly appears in I... more