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  • Death, the Gardener

    by Daniel T. Dodaro
    The Grim Reaper is not at all like legends describe. In reality, he is a debonair gardener by the name of Mot. Every person’s life is bound to a rose in his garden, and every person’s death occurs when their rose is snipped. Every person but one. When Cloth wakes up in Mot’s garden, she quickly learns that she has broken all sorts of rules by returning as the first-ever ghost. Her rose was snipped, yet she has surprisingly not passed on. And, to make matters worse, the shock of dying has caus... more
  • The Spring of the Sentinels: An Epic Sci-Fi Adventure (Project AION Book 1)

    by Eduard Lerperger
    In "Spring of the Sentinels," Ava Mason, a teenager returning to her 1999 hometown of Aurora Bay, stumbles upon an escalating supernatural threat involving a nefarious cult, time travelers, and malevolent extraterrestrials, known as Xenoformers. As she rekindles old friendships and establishes new alliances, including a time-traveler named Hailey and a robot named SCOUT, Ava learns of her unique power sought by the cult to reshape the world. After an unnerving revelation of her future self in a ... more
  • 44

    by Daniel Hunter
  • The Divine Union

    by Clare Archer
    Cyra is forced into hiding on another planet after a catastrophic attempt to thwart the Guardians' agenda. As her skill with sword and magic grow, she notices something else blossom as well. A life-altering romance with her true fated mate. And what starts out as disdain for Varjutus turns into something else entirely as astonishing revelations come to light within a land of darkness. The Divine Union is the spellbinding second installment of The Secrets of the Sun Series.
  • Downpour

    by Christopher Hawkins

    "This book hits like a summer squall and never lets up, a real-time, one-location doom machine that earns its place beside The Mist." - Daniel Kraus, author of Whalefall


    A sudden storm appears above an isolated farmhouse in rural Illinois, bringing with it a relentless and unnatural rain. A rain that eats away at everything it touches. A rain that turns people into monsters.

    Trapped inside his crumbling home, a father must... more

  • The Fall of Idunn: The Lightning Goddess Chronicles

    by Steven Petersen
    Long ago, a war was fought by the gods. Odin, the Allfather, and his Aesir emerged victorious, laying claim to the power of immortality. Afraid of that power being stolen, Odin locked it away, granting only a select few the key to finding it. Centuries later, men and jealous gods still seek immortality and the secrets that Odin kept from even those closest to him. Only the champion of magic chosen by Yggdrasil can stand in their way and protect those secrets from falling into the wrong han... more
  • Follow the Shadows: The Tales of Moerden Book 1 (Tales of Moerden, 1)

    by Rosemary Drisdelle
    When Marise Leeson gets her hands on a crystal ball, she believes her knowledge of Wicca is about to expand. The magic, however, goes horribly wrong. In short order, she’s thrown into an alternate world, attacked by a dragon, and rescued by Javeer, a young male dragon in search of a friend. Marise is desperate to get home alive. Instead of dabbling in scrying and spells, she must now use her Wicca skills to survive in Moerden―navigating rival dragon factions, riding Javeer without falling, an... more
  • Of Light and Nightmares: The Ashes of Magic Trilogy, Volume I (An Urban Fantasy Series)

    by Alex B Harper
    When the monsters find you, the nightmare begins. --- Heir to her late parents’ fortune, Emmeline is happy to continue their philanthropic work for the rest of her days. But a rare public appearance sends her crashing into a world of monsters and magic. Emmeline learns that she’s one of two humans who can see those marked to become a nainthe — guardians between the human world and the violent realm of demon-like monsters, the raizour. The guardians have spent decades searching for her —... more
  • House of Relics (Valley of Shadows Book 1)

    by H.F. Bloode
    When Mark's mom drives him and his sister Emily up to the front of the enormous Elsworth estate where his uncle works as caretaker, he immediately feels uneasy. His unease only grows. Carvings move when he's not looking, his little sister has a new imaginary friend who leaves when anyone approaches her, and he glimpses a strange boy in one of the mirrors who isn't there when he turns around. When his sister follows her imaginary friend into a place they'd been told never to go, Mark goes after h... more
  • Reign and Ruin: Enchanted III

    by Mallory Wanless
    Reign and Ruin is the final book in the Storm and Flame trilogy and takes place immediately following the events of Blood and Destiny She’s gone. Fulfilling a prophecy has never felt so heart-wrenchingly devastating. Aiden has a plan to bring her home, but it relies on Beatrice and Belladonna’s willingness to work with the demi-god. Quinn isn’t optimistic, but Roska allows hope to take hold. With the royal soldiers bearing down on Harbor Ridge, threatening the lives of all who inhabit ... more
  • Blood and Destiny: Enchanted II

    by Mallory Wanless
    Blood and Destiny is the second book in the Enchanted series and takes place immediately following the events of Storm and Flame. Elena and Quinn are still recovering from the paradigm-shifting revelations they discovered in the Great Hall at Harbor Ridge. Unfortunately, the turmio is still loose and threatening the life of all magical creatures in Waverly. After escaping Harbor Ridge, the teens are on the run from Madame LaBelle and her quick-to-violence investigators. They’re in a race... more
  • Storm and Flame: Enchanted I

    by Mallory Wanless
    Elena has always been a disappointment. Her magic is practically non-existent and now, on her sixteenth birthday, she is expelled from magic school by the strict headmistress–also known as her mother. Cast out into the world of the magically inept with only her familiar for company, Elena feels lost and alone until she meets a strange boy in the woods. Quinn is a thief, a hunter, and a hothead. His unexpected friendship with Elena awakens a fiery side in him–quite literally–and uncovers new and... more
  • Kael: Dawn of a New North

    by Tyson W. Simmons
    Kael has a blissful, but quiet life in the small town of Glamdra. He lives with his aunt, uncle, and his two cousins. Unfortunately, Kael's childhood is nearing a quick end. In the middle of the night, the family home is invaded by a nightmarish creature and his aunt and uncle are killed. Simultaneously, the entire town is brought to ruins. With their homeland destroyed and their parents dead, Kael and his cousins have no choice but to join in the fight. Throughout his adventures with his cousin... more
  • Agents of Fate

    by Tony Contratto
    Hayden de Vere and his friends are normal college students in Southern California. Their lives change forever when tragedy befalls Hayden's friend Paige. An unwinding sequence of events reveals that Hayden is the prophesied "cognizant one." Along with nine other individuals, Hayden has been bestowed with long-dormant magical powers which manifest just in time for the group to battle an ancient lifeform dedicated to eradicating humanity. All the while, Hayden must navigate the daily life of colle... more
  • Zorya

    by Tom Alan Brosz

    17-year-old Zorya lives on blood, is allergic to daylight, and can lift the front end of a car (well, a small car). And nobody in polite modern American society uses the “V” word anymore—the PC term is “Nightwalker.”

    She’s a popular senior at her Nightwalker high school in the California Enclave, with good grades, the newest smartphone, and the latest clothes.

    Then her easy life changes drastically. Zorya’s flirtation with David, the only ... more

  • Castle Falcon

    by Tom Alan Brosz

    Katie and her brother Zach have spent their whole lives in the vast and ancient stone fortress called Castle Falcon, somewhere in the present-day American Northwest. Their mysterious father, driven by secret fears, rarely allows them to leave the safety of the Castle and venture out into the world.

    Katie, thirteen, and Zach, twelve, are constantly testing the boundaries of their enormous gilded cage. When they finally crack the secret of opening the hidden rooms thei... more