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  • Alaya

    by David Lee Short
  • Phantom Ultra

    by Kenton E. H. Ward

    My muscles were fine, my skills still sharp, but my mind… my mind belonged to Phantom.


    It was on that planet that Tommy Cade took part in a military operation that went horribly wrong and culminated in a terrifying otherworldly encounter.


    Despite later becoming a war hero and a renowned golem hunter, Tommy has long struggled with traumatic flashbacks of the event—eventually forcing him to seek out a more peaceful existence. However, any hope of a quiet lif... more

  • Hounded

    by Frederic H Martini
    It is 2066, twenty-five years after the Immune Collapse decimated the world population. The survivors spend as much time as possible in VR rather than in the real world. Vic Malone is a newly-promoted detective assigned to robbery-homicide in the Brooklyn Police Department. He finds himself tangled up in a case that involves murder, illegal software, blackmail, and the mob. Fortunately for Vic, his partner is Officer Louis, a Neo-9. Neo-9s are genetically enhanced dogs, and Louis’ mom was a blac... more
  • Firefax

    by A.M. Vergara
    The world’s oldest family of high-profile assassins, the Firefaxes, have been killing off dignitaries—and being well-compensated to do so—for centuries. The family is thrown into turmoil by their patriarch’s death and the return of their cunning, cruel prodigal, Murdoch. With their father dead, Murdoch is the only one who knows where the Firefax wealth is, kept on a secret island. But two competing intelligence networks in the American Revolution are bent on tracking down the legendary treasure... more
  • Eclipse 8

    by Jack Hammond
    In the near future, humanity has exploited Earth’s resources to the brink of ruin. Global leaders know that they must find a new planet to inhabit or face extinction. Knowing that no planets within the solar system will be able to adequately sustain human life, they realise they must take on an unprecedented challenge: they must travel into a black hole in the hopes that on the other side will be planets which are able to offer humanity an opportunity to start again. But as the crew for this dan... more
  • A Legend of Now

    by E. Merwin
    All is not well in the New Order of the World.Descendants of river spirits of Stratford-upon-Avon, a colony of wingless creatures lives by the letter of the law in the trunk of a twisted elm. But when the reptilian Chief Justice Bitterroot seizes power of the Upper Office, he seeks to crush all opposition.Only Indigo defies him. When secretly  she is detained by the SF2 and thrown into the Root System, an innocent friend is convicted of her murder and that of Martine the mantis, her fierce prote... more
  • The Orange Curse

    by Kristina Kamaeva
    The Orange Curse is a lively, fun fantasy inspired by Italian folktales. A cursed prince, a girl with terrible luck, a parrot, and a cat set out on a journey to a fairy country to look for three mysterious oranges that will remove a curse. On the way, they escape the bandits of Machaon Forest, deal with the devious people of Trappola, and cross a scorching desert. When the magical country opens before them, they find out that the sun has not shone there for many years, and an evil sorcerer has b... more
  • Heavy Heart (The Road to Ragnarök Book 4)

    by Rochelle Wilcox
    Freyr and Freyja believe the time finally has come to return to Asgard with Lia and Will by their sides, offer Yggdrasill’s fruit to Lia, and welcome her to their family. But Lia’s tasks aren’t complete. If the Norse gods are to have any hope of prevailing in Ragnarök — if Freyr is to have any chance of escaping the Norns’ prophecy and sharing a life with Lia in the days after — Lia must wait. Even the dragons who have vowed to join the gods in that final battle won’t be enough to save all of th... more
  • Alive Again (The Road to Ragnarök Book 3)

    by Rochelle Wilcox
    As he threatened to do, Loki drags Lia to Helheim, hiding her with his daughter Hel — he thinks out of Freyr’s reach. But Loki doesn’t know that Lia carries the key to her escape. She’s befriended by Baldr and Nanna, gods trapped in Helheim since the worlds were young, who join her in finding a way out for all of them. As they search for Freyr, Freyja and Will, traveling through worlds long believed to be figments of imagination, Lia finds a connection to the dragons, dwarfs and elves who make t... more
  • Enemies Eternal (The Road to Ragnarök Book 2)

    by Rochelle Wilcox
    Awaking alone in a strange hotel room, her memories of the last six weeks only vague images of places and people she has never seen and does not know, Lia longs for her old life. But that life is gone. As she learns who to fear and who to trust, Lia is forced to again flee Los Angeles and seek refuge with Freyr, Freyja and Will on the other side of the earth. There, the gods who have drawn Lia into the world of myth fight the undead and even part the sea in their resolve to protect Lia from fami... more
  • Lost Long (The Road to Ragnarök Book 1)

    by Rochelle Wilcox
    Some Norse gods will do anything to stop humans from knowing that gods still exist. They'll kill anyone who discovers their secret. But the god of love Freyr won't let them have Lia. She doesn't want to go with him. He doesn't want to take her. And he definitely doesn't want to fall in love with her. Fate has other plans. When Lia witnesses the impossible in the sky above her on a dark Los Angeles morning, Loki and Thor condemn her to death. To save her life, Freyr, his sister Freyj... more
  • From Legend (The Reeve Book 1)

    by Ian Lewis

    In an alternate, post-alchemy version of North America, Logan Hale is the highest peace officer in Beldenridge, a Gothic city that sits on the shores of Great Lake Peril. He's haunted by the legacy of his war hero father and the memory of Clara, a woman he once loved. While conducting a suicide investigation, he finds evidence of the Wojiin, a vicious enemy thought long extinct. He entrusts the safety of the city to a young vigilante known as the Veil an... more

  • The Earthspark: The Comstock Chronicles, Book 1

    by Vanessa Thurgood
    Nienna always imagined she’d live out her days teaching at Alturis University. That was before the taboo magic of the Earthspark, an elemental power all thought had vanished with the Guardians, reappears at her hands. As her power grows, so does attention from dark creatures, bent on using her magic to free their mistress. Things get worse when she comes face to face with the man who nearly brought about the ruin of the Comstock line a thousand years ago. Now Nienna faces the choice of cowering ... more
  • The Teras Trials

    by Lucien Burr
    Teras ravage England. Only London is safe. In an England where monsters have spilled into the world out of myth, only London is magically protected from the monstrous threat. The University runs the city, allowing family of graduate Hunters, Healers, Scholars, and Artificers to live behind the wards. Cassius Jones is nineteen and ready for the University. But when a bad year for the teras threat is projected, the University opens its admissions to anyone in England, behind the wards or oth... more
  • A Vampire's Tale: The Hunt for the Lycan

    by Omar Daniels

    Durante just does his job and hopes he gets a break. When he’s not drinking or enjoying some good eats, he’s policing Vampires of all things with the aid of an Empath who’s not really his type. Meanwhile, two nefarious Vamps by the names of Ryker and Malik are brewing up a storm with hopes of a takeover, or at the very least upsetting the Vampire-Human coexistence.

    If that isn’t enough, his pals are dropping like flies.

    Now it’s up to Durante and a co... more

  • Maialen

    by J. Barrett

    For generations, the Keepers of Imbria have wielded the power of the four elements and kept their world safe, fostering peace and prosperity. They were united in this endeavor, until one of the Keepers chose to forge her own path, igniting a spark that could burn their entire world to ash.

    Now the world is on the edge of chaos and a family has been torn apart.
    It has been ten years since the fateful battle of Queen's End, and Samirra is ravaged by famine and plague. The Council... more