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  • Chronicles of My Alien Invasion Life

    by Jes McCutchen
    Chuck and her friends lost a good one last summer, but none of them are convinced that Ghost is truly gone. Once she recovers from her accident, she's ready to find the truth behind where he went. With the help of her friends, Bailey, Corrin, and Pacey, Chuck will do what she can to track down Ghost, even if it means she maybe kinda gets abducted. It's complicated. Will Chuck be able to reunite her crew, and, more importantly, will she do it without embarrassing herself? Probably not, but ... more
  • Fractured

    by Gordon G. Bowman
    A teenage girl stumbles out of an alley in Ottawa, concussed, with no memory of her life. Fleeing sword-wielding operatives with inexplicable mental abilities, she soon learns that her name is Zoe, and that she not only possesses the same abilities, but is extraordinarily skilled in martial arts. As she scours Toronto for clues about her identity, she finds others like her, and is given refuge at the Academy, an international school for Telepaths. As fragments of her childhood return, she begins... more
  • Mysteries At Treasure River

    by Nipuna D. Ranasinghe
    This is my first time dropping my pen in the ink to write a book. In this novel I try to look at a SciFi angle that is not a common topic. This book is written from a first person perspective of a young journalist that went to a small sleepy town called Treasure River for a filed report. But when more he dive into the story more mysterious it gets. End of the day the law got in the way to tell the story to the world. To preserve the memory of what look place in Treasure River this young jour... more
  • Village of Salt and Sorrow

    by Laura Holt
    Nova McIntosh has been called many things—a witch. Dangerous. The girl with fire in her hair and salt water in her veins, whose eyes will drag you in and crush your heart like an under tow—and they’re all true. It’s said that Loch Moira was once home to a flock of selkies, until its fishermen made a deal with a sea witch to steal their pelts. Unable to transform, the selkies were forced to retain their human forms and wed their captors. But the sea is unforgiving and eternal and demands restitu... more
  • The Warrior Queen

    by Kathryn Knowles
    From the stillness, a hero rises. Catanya has escaped to the Kingdom of Awnell. Inside the towering fortress city, she meets Queen Ayr, a freethinking and cunning leader intent on safeguarding her people's liberty. Unsure who to trust, and still grappling with her untamed magic, Catanya must learn what it means to be a warrior. Miles away, Diyah's strength is tested as new allies emerge and old secrets unravel. Torn between fear and curiosity, she begins to suspect that nothing is as it se... more
  • The Zoo of Intelligent Animals

    by D.A. Holdsworth
    London, 1977. Year of the Silver Jubilee, Star Wars – and a spate of unexplained disappearances from across the academic world. Elizabeth Belfort, a young agent with a high-flying career and a low-flying marriage, is urgently dispatched to bring in an elusive government informant. But she soon finds herself drawn into the mysterious world of this informant and his family as they embark on a rescue mission. New horizons and new loves start to overturn her well-ordered life. Before long, she is... more
  • Bride of the Crimson Queen

    by Keri Moore
    Kami, a novice fire sorceress, never wanted to fight. She already lost her mother, the great fire sorceress Arkemi, to the forces of darkness. While the world sees a fallen hero, Kami is riddled with regret and bitterness—struggling to understand what she died for. Although heroes may persevere, darkness never truly fades; it merely waits for a chance to return. The Crimson Queen, a powerful vampire that once laid claim to Kami’s town, Fortuna, is back. Struck with fear, the townspeople prepare... more
  • Diary of Fear

    by Robert A. G. Erickson
    Although Lord Hamer Bleathune controls half the kingdom of Calpathon, he maintains an uneasy truce with King Maldon Zefron the true king who seeks to win it back but is reluctant to go to war because of Lord Hamer’s reputation as a great sorcerer. Lord Hamer is content to wait since the people love him and resent the evil King Maldon. They would very much prefer to have Lord Hamer sitting on the throne of all of Calpathon than the true king. Lord Hamer’s plans are upset when he decides to... more
  • The Wizor Fair

    by Robert A. G. Erickson
    Twins Lenny and Cassy must overcome a power struggle between two powerful sorcerers and a wicked fairy before they can return home. Skeldon, an apprentice sorcerer searching for magic wizors to help him compete at The Wizor Fair, transports himself from the parallel world of Duscany to morn day Seattle where he enlists fourteen-year-old twins Lenny and Cassy to Help him, but he accidentally transforms Cassy into a a fairy called a whelf. The twins return with him to the medieval Kingdom of Dus... more
  • Sunshine and Shadow: Exodus, or The Second Transit

    by Benjamin X. Wretlind

    Where do you go when the storms come and your paradise rebels?

    On a cold and rainy September afternoon, Father Elijah Jonas convinced his followers to abandon the purgatory that was Earth and travel on faith to a new world. Now, forty years after the most important event in human history no one left on Earth witnessed, the descendants of those who followed Elijah have built a remarkable life. From farms to stables to the mundane of the day, life has been fruitful. But, like many things ... more

  • The Fireshrike

    by Eloise Redding

    Two convicts, Lavinia DeWitt and Zavier Nicholas wash up on the frontier shores of Ta'er Fraedinn. They are picked up on a caravan, which is then attacked by a clan of natives, the Fenrir. The two flee into the woods and are met with a wendigo. The Chieftain's son Fjorm saves the duo and brings them back to camp.

    After spending a night with the Fenrir, Lavinia and Zavier are forced back onto the road. They come to Pennsicol, a colonial town, but they are met with guns. The two a... more

  • 1662910215

    by David A Neuman
    Twelve years following a cataclysmic event that took civilization to the brink of no return, the Triplow family has finally found peace. Settling in Corona, California, has ensured that the past horrors and madness remain relegated to another time, another place. On the morning of September 7th, 2022, that false perception is shattered when Bob Triplow is forced to take his son back to his past, and the horrors of childhood - a place truly out of this world - where he will struggle for sanity, ... more
  • Vision of the Spirit Man

    by George Mendoza
    Five years after the events of Journey of the Spirit Man, Michael Seymour finds himself back in the alternate reality from which he had been so eager to escape, but to where he has recently been desperate to return. But the land he discovers upon arrival has changed. A great war rages, and Michael is revered as a warrior and a killer, although he has no recollection of being either of those things. Charged with finding and destroying the Annihilator, a force intent on bringing doom to the lan... more
  • 978-1664142084

    by Mary Schaller
    Two nursing students take an apartment in a Victorian house in San Francisco. One of these women gets involved in some steamy affairs with professional men and drugs. Sadly, she ends up dead. Poison was the cause of death, and it could have been an accident or murder. The poison came from a mushroom called Amanita ocreata. Several suspects could have profited by her death. The big question is, who knew about the poison and who also has a motive? The police find the case complicated by the world ... more
  • Restoration

    by Sam Bradbury
    The air is too thick to safely breathe, streets are more trash than concrete, and ecosystems are on the brink of collapse. Having accepted that climate change would have been too costly and formidable to stop, the world remains divided between the “destabilized” lands of famine and the “stabilized” states where genetic engineering keeps populations fed and pacified. When Lotus, a young student, discovers the abrupt and cataclysmic die-off of a remote mountain valley, authorities are steadfast... more
  • Eventually, They All Fall

    by Jenna Marcus

    Domino Garrison knows that he is the king of all that is weird, but he would rather abdicate that throne. He would rather be a normal teenager who just goes to school and works at a bookstore—and for all intents and purposes—that's exactly how he appears to his peers; however, aside from his best friend, Griswold, no one knows Domino's secret, or his secrets. His father abandoned him and his only family—his mom—when he was 5 years old, and his mom is a drug add... more