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  • Captain Whisker’s Nautical Adventure

    by Temmy Francis
    Meet Captain Whiskers, a feline like no other – he's the proud captain of the remarkable miniature naval ship, the "S.S. Meowington." Joining him on this seafaring escapade are a delightful crew of animated sea creatures, including Sammy the Sailor Seal and Tina the Tugboat Turtle. Together, they set sail on the sparkling waters of Seapaw Bay, navigating through waves of excitement and discovery. Through Captain Whiskers' enchanting adventures, children will not only be entertained but will a... more
  • Old Blood

    by Nick Jameson
    The prophecies of two ancient bloodlines converge when the Wolf Clan of Aria finds the fabled passage through the North Gate, surviving months traversing the arctic icescape in discovery of the New World, presaged to be the land that shall host their greatest glory. But this world is only new to them, being home to native tribes equally as ancient, manifested of the Mother Spirit whom gave birth to being, Her realm rich in spiritual magic imbued in the lush landscape, protected by primordial for... more
  • The Glass Witch

    by Sara Raztresen
    On a continent where the four seasons are tied to each country’s traveling rulers, a Summer tragedy causes the Winter King to withhold his season from his neighbors—but without Winter, the other seasons can’t turn. Aveline, a half-Summer, half-Winter pariah, has no place in her country. She's mocked in Summer as The Glass Witch for her Wintry looks and magic, while Winter travelers always thought her a disturbing mutt. But when her emperor finds her barely surviving the endless Summer, he tel... more
  • Titan's Tears

    by Chad Lester
    Unnatural things are happening on an isolated island off the coast of Alaska. Just when Belle had thought her life couldn’t get any weirder—she finds herself arrested for murder. Only a few months ago she lived in a peculiar village, cut off from civilization, where she suffered from bizarre hallucinations and nightmares. Then she received a mysterious invitation to work for the world’s most brilliant scientist—the enigmatic Sophia Eccleston. The pay was outstanding. The accommodations, secon... more
  • Mannigan - A Speck of Light

    by L. Ross Coulter

    ‘In a world gripped by the Vitruvian Elite, a young rebel discovers that the greatest battle between the darkness and the light is in himself.’

    Born from the ashes of the old world, the great cities of humanity's new hope are beacons of light. Yet freed from the depths of a cruel prison, Will Manning is left with nothing but rage. Seeking revenge against the tyrannical rule of the Vitruvian elite with the help of a shadowy group called Legion, he sets about to l... more

  • The Collective

    by David J Steigelfest
    The foundations of human civilization had become so fragile, all it took was the right kind of nudge to cause it to collapse completely. Well, at least that's the story He would have you believe. Jonathan, however, knows better. In fact, he has a good idea of how to counter the malevolent spirit that has enthralled what’s left of humanity, but his material self died decades ago. What remains of his soul is now entangled with the collective consciousness of a beehive, trapped by the same evil ... more
  • Ancient Omens: Part One

    by Zena
    There is chaos in the land of Jatera. Vicious beasts commanded by resurrectionists roam the land, terrorizing the citizens. Magus has joined the ranks of hunters fighting against these creatures. During his travels, he meets Bryn Farasen, heir of a powerful clan of merchants and warriors. Together, they embark on a journey north to uncover a secret regarding Magus's past, and the fate that awaits him.
  • The Weejee Man: a nerve-shredding slice of Irish horror

    by NP Cunniffe
    A nerve-shredding slice of rural horror for fans of Adam Nevill and Andrew Michael Hurley. Forced by his publisher to deliver a fresh manuscript by the end of the year, author Rick Rooney retreats to a secluded cottage in the West of Ireland in search of inspiration. After a night of dabbling with a spirit board at the local pub, strange events begin to unfold at the cottage, while a menacing figure lurks in the trees outside. When Rick digs deeper into the area’s dark history, he makes... more
  • Lost in Tarotland

    by Killian Wolf
    Soren Vyris does whatever it takes to survive. Even if that means becoming a master thief to protect her sister. But when her final con implodes, a magical tarot card opens a portal and sucks her into a strange world. Trapped in a land with talking creatures and deadly seas swarming with pirates, the young woman is horrified when she wakes up on the ship of the Devil himself and is branded a spy. But her dangerous captor piques her curiosity. There’s a darkness in him that sends shivers do... more
  • Wizards & Witches: Whisper (Book One)

    by Jonathan Blackwell

    Of that I be, the truth of magic does not exist! Only there be events (effects) of a cause, be that cause physical or mental. Effects can be as simple as someone showing up at your side, your door, or something as drastic as someone’s death, or a catastrophic storm. These effects be the wonderful, beautiful, yet often unseen painful and disastrous world of MAGIC!
    Never curse anyone intentionally! If your belief or intent is strong enough, it can, and has happened in a matter of minutes! ... more

  • The Sor-Wiz and the Painted Lady

    by Jonathan Phillip Blackwell
    When you think you have it all, think again. Today you are here, but where is here? Between fantasy and fiction lies the reality of the mind and the truth of us all. All is an illusion and in constant change, manifested to serve a purpose of intent. Be of thyself that the perception of others knows not an illusion. Magic, the effect of an intentional cause. What does time have to do with anything? Only that it changed every part of my life and because of that, I totally lost track of a lot of i... more
  • The Gatherer

    by Kit Trzebunia
    A coming-of-age fantasy tale of healing, purpose and the true nature of love. Legend tells of two powers that arise in times of crisis, but young healer-warrior Peregrine never dreams those tales might affect her life. Struggling to find her calling after her father's disappearance, she meets the Spear Prince of Moran and finds their unexpected friendship may be what saves the kingdom from invasion.
  • The Unravelling

    by Will Gibson
    In the year 2038, a disillusioned English boy's audacious plan to save his beloved Asian pop star collides with a weary New York cop's pursuit of an unfathomable global conspiracy, as humanity balances on the razor's edge between AI-governed order and lawless urban chaos. As unprecedented system failures plunge the world into turmoil, Joe Jones races against time to unravel the deceit behind apocalyptic threats and protect those he loves, revealing the delicate intersection of human vulnerabilit... more
  • Devi's Game

    by Alan Hamid
    Prepare to embark on an epic interstellar odyssey that delves into themes of identity, diversity, and the enduring forces of hope and love. "Devi's Game" is a pulse-pounding sci-fi saga destined to enrapture young adult readers, inviting them to contemplate the infinite possibilities of the cosmos and the boundless potential residing within the human spirit.
  • Nightshade Academy

    by Mel Torrefranca
    When Yahshi is unexpectedly selected for the Empire's military boarding school, he strikes an alliance with Vell, the only girl, and Pinto, the overachiever. Together they tackle the school's twisted challenges, compromising their humanity for success. But when Yahshi uncovers a dark truth about the program, he abandons everything he's worked for to become a fugitive on the run. Pursued by Vell and Pinto, who remain loyal to the Empire, he is torn between his affection for them and his revulsion... more
  • Dreaming Under an Electric Moon

    by Kris Powers

    Two FBI agents investigating a murder discover someone is twisting a vast virtual reality into an instrument for possession. Partners Washington and Deane form a motley crew to stop a psychopath who could be hiding behind any face. They race across enchanted villages and impossible planets, hoping to find a lost creator protecting a secret that could save the world or destroy it forever…