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  • Only Half Human

    by Nathaniel Wright
    High school was hard enough for Lesley Robinson, and that was before she sprouted wings, a tail, and devil horns. She and her witch mother are forced to flee to Misty Hollow, a hidden haven for mythical creatures. As the only half-demon at her new school, Lesley struggles to fit in. Desperate to restore her humanity, she can’t help but be tempted when Asmodeus, chief prince of the demons, gives her a magic necklace with the power to turn her human again. But there’s a catch—it won’t work without... more
  • The Republic of Reality

    by Adam Rowan
    Hunted by loan sharks, Joseph Shields is in deep debt and even deeper trouble. Thanks to a toaster fire, he’s also dead. Instead of waking up in Heaven or Hell, he comes to in Hyleberia, an island republic inhabited by dead people. The dead who, unbeknownst to the living, govern civilization and control reality. As the newest citizen, nineteen-year-old Joseph must attend Hyleberia Academy. There he studies everything in existence, and learns about the way of life in the Republic of Realit... more
  • Murmurations

    by Teri Hall
    When a biological weapon decimates the population, Julie feels . . . relieved. To her, the apocalypse doesn’t seem any more dangerous than navigating the world before, when she spent all her energy trying to avoid the treachery of human beings. Years of abuse have left her broken in some way, unable to trust. The dangers of the new world force her to barricade herself in the safety of her house, which also feels familiar, since she’s been doing the emotional equivalent for years. Alone with her... more
  • The SEEDS Trilogy

    by Cary Allen Stone
    The Strategic Extra-Earth Development Site is a specialized group of scientists and engineers who combine their talents to save humanity from a dystopian Earth. They build a starship and depart for Saturn's moon, Titan, where the colony is established. A Mayday transmission is received from the Russian starship, Red Star 1. A team is sent to investigate. They find one survivor, the captain. The Chinese Mars base attacks and the colony is infected by the lethal Mars Virus. The Early Ones interven... more
  • Seven Beyond

    by Stella Atrium
    Dr. Meenins is 800 years old and has traveled the stars to Earth to hide in an alien colony. Meenins explores a dreamscape of memories of his galactic travels, protected by friends. A quest novel and cautionary tale touching on themes of diversity and facing your guilty acts. This historical science fiction fantasy fable is for fans of books like Spellbreaker, The Lathe of Heaven, and Shades of Magic.
  • Hamlet, Prince of Robots

    by M. Darusha Wehm

    Something is rotten in the state of cybernetics.

    Elsinore Robotics is on the cusp of a breakthrough—the company is poised to create the first humanoid androids powered by true artificial intelligence. Their only rival, Norwegian Technologies, lost a publicly streamed contest between their flagship model, Fortinbras, and Elsinore’s HAM(let) v.1.

    But when the first Hamlet model is found irreparably deactivated, the apparent victim of wild malware, the field of ... more

  • The First State

    by Tshekedi Wallace

    England is run by the dictator and tyrant Gregory Christopher in the year 2079 from London Metropolitan state. He is crushing the citizens will by enforcing unfair laws using his statesmen, and he has used the police and his alpha hunters to put fear in the people’s hearts. Kofi Achebe and the urban fist revolution factions are fighting the evil head statesman and the men he uses to inflict pain on those who go against him as he continues to rule over the masses. The battle between the ... more

  • The Song of Everywhen: Books 1 - 3

    by Chess Desalls

    Travel talents have evolved, including pseudo talents with unprecedented dangers. Silvie Hall is a Healer and Remnant Transporter who inherits a musical instrument that allows her to travel through space and time. She spends her days healing travelers who have become lost through overuse of their travel talents. In the midst of betrayal, she learns what can happen when travel talents aren't used to their full potential—an illness known as an Occlusion that is spreading rapidly in he... more

  • A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping

    by Kami King Larsen
    In the frigid waters, off a moonlit beach, a magical transformation is occurring. The Girl Aylee is a shop-keeper’s daughter in a nameless coastal town. Kind, thoughtful, and recovering from a broken heart, she yearns for a life she may never have. She would do just about anything to make her parents happy, including perhaps, living a life she doesn’t want. The Stranger On a brisk autumn morning, Aylee stumbles upon Cailean. He’s an outsider—lost, confused, and very much out of place. C... more
  • White as Witching

    by Katherine Buel

    A wicked queen. Dark magic. A heart as cold and fierce as winter.

    The Selection is a lie. The five girls chosen each year do not vanish into a life of royal luxury, as most believe. Snow knows this because she knows her aunt Lyric—the Witch-Queen of Cresilea—murderess and usurper.

    When the Selection comes to the remote village where Snow has hidden since her father’s murder, she puts herself forward, trusting in her scarred face to hide her identity, and... more

  • The Vessel of Elseland

    by D.A.N.T.E
    Dante is a struggling artist. His hopes and dreams are shattered by the world harshly looked down upon. Lost his job and tormented by his own demons. But he has more to fear. Something monstrous. Something much, much more… Haunted by horrifying nightmares of a world that are beyond the senses of exquisite pleasure and pain imaginable. He slowly spirals down into his personal hell – breaking away any hope and his own sanity. Plagued by questions of what is real and what is hallucination caused ... more
  • Toothless

    by Theodore Thomas

    Toothless is a LitRPG Horror novel about four individuals who must navigate through a glitched game system that reads their minds and knows their fears. It is a gripping tale—


    [Hold up. Let’s break the blurb and get real with the description. This is a story about 4 friends who are trapped in an RPG. However, it’s a hilarious attempt at horror that will keep you engaged and thrilled if you enjoy: LitRPG, Crunchy stats, Crazy player stunts, and a G... more

  • I Fail at the Afterlife

    by Anni Sezate
    When you die and become an angel you don't expect there to be so much paperwork. At age seventeen, David Garcia fell to his death and has spent the past ten years filing papers for dead people. His uneventful afterlife is thrown into chaos when he’s attacked by a pernicious demon called Malum. Frozen in terror, David does absolutely nothing to prevent the demon’s escape. Blaming himself, he joins a group of demon hunters intent on recapturing Malum before he destroys the world. Armed with ten... more
  • Black Star (Black Star Trilogy by M.J. Jones Book 1)

    by M.J. Jones
    In this psychological sci-fi thriller, a single mother discovers that her daughter has disappeared without a trace. Was she to blame for her daughter's disappearance? Did she hold on too tight? As she searches for the truth, her past and sanity collide. Can she take back control of her life, and find her daughter, before it's too late, or will she too, become a mindless drone? Follow Mia Black in this alternate reality, where things are not quite a mirror image of our world. A Black Star is ... more
  • Love in the Age of Dragons

    by Fatima R. Henson

    Two years ago, a wormhole opened and ushered vicious dragons into the world. The dragons burned Earth’s cities to the ground and sent its inhabitants scattering for cover—and since then, Ayanna Grace, a seventeen-year-old Black girl, has been scratching out a life in an abandoned subway system, part of an extensive underground community.

    Underground, medicine runs short and outbreaks of disease spread uncontrollably. The water supply is low, uprisings occur frequently, and d... more

  • Black Forest Bound (Book One)

    by Lorelei Gray

    “Fairy tales are real, and they’re trying to kill us.”

    Stranded at a mysterious castle deep in Germany’s infamous Black Forest, 10 high school seniors must solve riddles and fight through the Grimm Brothers' darkest fairy tales if they’re going to make it out of the forest alive.

    Sadie Reyes and Jenny Bell had been best friends most of their lives, until a traumatic event tore them apart. Sadie can’t forgive Jenny for her ro... more