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  • The Catalyst

    by Anttimatti Pennanen
    In the final chapter of the Black Table trilogy, the crew of Unity find themselves literally in a colossal battle between Breathers and species behind the Protectors of Light. Jon and Gus are trusted on a mission to find an ancient weapon, the Catalyst, with a possible power to wipe out Breathers once and for all. Meanwhile on a different timeline, Kentho and his family discover an ancient book, Chronicles of Myron, sending them on puzzle solving quests to find more clues how to reunite them wit... more
  • The Journey to Saraland

    by Cherilee Kinman
    The protagonist takes the reader through a paranormal, psychological, esoteric, science fiction, fantasy tale in an antiquated, western setting. It's apocalyptic in nature.
  • Being Fiction

    by T. G. Sparrow

    Gilbert Betters is not the Chosen One. He doesn’t know magic. He’s never participated in a heroic quest. He is, in a few words, just some kid from Nebraska. But when he’s unceremoniously pulled into a bizarre fantasy world—complete with magic, dragons, and sandwich generators—a suspicion arises, and it only grows when he learns that a world-threatening tyrant is quickly rising to power. When the strange truth about Earth is revealed, Gilbert is all but certain. H... more

  • A Shift in Shadows

    by Maddox Grey
    A Shift in Shadows is the first book in the paranormal fantasy series, Lost Legacies. It features a morally-grey FMC and a diverse cast of supporting characters.
  • In Like Lloyd: Book One of The Noctis Investigations

    by Matt Armstrong
    Thief, PI, shadow walker. Lloyd Gibson hides in his hometown of Calgary after stealing from the wrong people, taking odd jobs for the paranoid. Then Mireya Delgado called, and he had his first genuine case. Now he must unravel an 80-year conspiracy involving shady organizations, secret agents, and a fiery supervillain. Lloyd's own superpower may be the key to stopping the rampage.
  • Across Both Sides of the Mirror

    by Bianca Pensy Aba
    NOVA feels like she has nothing to show for her almost three decades on Earth. She works a job she only tolerates. Her friends are both doing better than her in their romantic and professional lives. She has not spoken to her parents in years. When she purchases a stunning mirror at an antiques shop, her reality is turned upside down Across Both Sides of the Mirror. She finds an opportunity to get everything that she has ever wanted...but there is a cost for it. Will Nova accept what the mirror ... more
  • Forged of Immortal Blood

    by V. M. Nelson
  • Hel

    by Gitte Tamar
    After losing his job at a genomic research company, Joel worries about his ability to provide for his family, especially during the holiday season. Even more concerning is how his unemployment may affect his perfect image within the extremist community he has lived in since birth. Lured by the idea of a quick fix, he impulsively books a flight for himself and his family to Europe when the offer of a large inheritance arrives in his inbox. Confident that he knows best, Joel blindly trusts a stran... more
  • Garden of roses | Book of genesis: Book 1

    by Five star legend
    Cursed to be the one that would bring the end of humanity, Rowan's death was guaranteed the second he was born. In a world where black hair represents the symbol of the end of humanity, Rowan was born with black hair by the strongest legends alive. In order to protect him they had to sacrifice their lives to seal away his destiny. Their sacrifice became tragic when Rowan met the princess of the Rose kingdom, in the moment of death and despair, Rowan's inner demon awaken and he subconsciousl... more
  • Home, casa (Multilingual Edition)

    by Janette Lart

    Dive into the enchanting depths of 'Home, casa', a mesmerizing short novel that transports readers into a fantasy world teeming with extraordinary creatures, each with their own relatable human qualities.

    Immerse yourself in the vividly portrayed underwater realm, brimming with meticulously researched details from the Mediterranean Sea's vibrant vegetation to the intriguing molluscs that inhabit its depths. Through this immersive setting, follow the captivating journey of a ... more

  • Drencrom

    by Hamelin Bird
    Driven from home at eighteen, Coda has indulged a rambling, hippie-soul existence. Now in sunny California, those freewheeling days are long since behind her, with no promises of a better life ahead. But her fortunes begin to change when she drops a new kind of drug bought off the dark web, her consciousness shattered as something sinister takes root from within, threatening to claw into our world. Entangled in the lives of her neighboring tenants, Coda struggles to maintain her sanity w... more
  • Vizard

    by Shari Marshall
    A dark urban fantasy, Vizard is a stand-alone prequel in The Ember Files Series. It details events that happened forty years before Kori Ember and the emergency of the Ember stone. Vizard follows Juniper Berry—later known as Astrid—through events that lead to the birth of her son, Belamey Adelgrief.
  • The Team

    by Chris Morris

    God has put out a contract on the Demon Arual. He has chosen young angel Mara to do the work. He has given her a team to help her complete this tough job. But the team is a strange mix of strong personalities, all with diffent skills and powers and Mara must mold them into a fighting unit if she ever hopes to succeed in taking out Arual.          Note: Mara and Arual are blood sisters.




  • A Mother's Torment

    by Xavier Poe Kane
    June Williams is back in the one place she never planned to return to: her childhood home. After her divorce and with her four-year-old son Mikey in tow, she must face the house and all its inhabitants—living and dead. Being back in that house with her religious stepfather and overbearing mother makes June feel like she's a teenager again and not in a good way: the ghosts are back. Wracked with fear that Mikey can see and hear them too, she's desperate to distance herself from her past. In a... more

    by Lumen Reese
    A grieving mother. A monster. A ship crewed by the damned. The Thing swam out of the magma in the Earth’s core and clawed its way up through the San Andreas Fault on the night that a chunk of the California coast sank into the Pacific. Millions died, including the two children of Lucille 'Ceely' Bennett, an accomplished engineer stranded in rural Montana when the cataclysm occurred. Ceely builds a submarine, complete with mechanical arms and a set of harpoons -the biggest on the market- wit... more
  • Broken Hearts & Other Horrors

    by Xavier Poe Kane
    Everyone gets their heart broken at least once. Whether you're a mercenary in 17th-century Hungary or a transplant to Missouri in 2019, we've all been there. But in some universes, love's aftermath is a tad more gruesome. From crunching bones on midnight asphalt to burning flesh in an ashen snowfall, everyone has to learn some way-there are horrors worse than a broken heart ... right?