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  • The Sundered Isle

    by Eldon Thompson

    Rogue bladesman Kylac Kronus pits wits and swords against a vengeful queen in a desperate race to spare a conquered people from annihilation.

  • The Blackmoon Shards

    by Eldon Thompson

    Rogue bladesman Kylac Kronus braves savage seas, treacherous enemies, and uncertain allies to seek and rescue an abducted prince before war consumes the land.

  • The Accidental Empress

    by Justin Smith
    Since she was a child, Kristín Ormsdóttir has had the ability to spot people who are marked for death, causing other children to shun and bully her as a witch. She yearns to escape her tiny Icelandic fishing village and see the world. Kristín gets her golden ticket out when she passes the Temple of Knowledge Exam, a test of knowledge and — secretly — of latent psychic powers. Her prize is a coveted position in the Temple, learning and participating in its research. In her honor, Germany's kai... more
  • Darker Than Night

    by Caleb Howell
  • The Bandit Kings of Nowhere Park

    by Jonas Samuelle

    Not all bad kids have lost their way; some have found their calling. When two young friends sneak out to explore the Phoenix summer nights, they discover more than they'd ever imagined.

    Nowhere Park is a haven for troubled kids. On the first night of summer, magic doorways appear in each of the seven cities of the southwest, and all the bastard boys and wild girls come running to answer the call. No adults, no police, no laws can follow them through. 

    There... more

  • Megathron - A New Beginning: Part 1

    by P.U. Basu

    Seven girls have no clue and future in their lives. They hail from different backgrounds. They do not know each other. All of them are looking for an opportunity to break through the struggles of their lives and their minds. Each of them has to reach a destination in their personal lives. Turns out all of them have to take the same road to the destination in the form of different opportunities. 

  • Bolting the Furies

    by Helen H. Moore
    Pairing post-apocalyptic survival fiction with intense action in this book about powerful female fighters, this sexy adult fantasy with dark humor presents a world where the standards and virtues associated with traditional roles are upended. "Bolting the Furies" is a thrilling, suspenseful dystopian novel and a young woman’s coming-of-age story set in a dangerous world, whose protagonist is a reluctant warrior forced to fight for survival and purpose in a quest to find her way home again, freei... more
  • Dream Makers: Book I

    by Michael A. Richards
    Larry Martin is a struggling graduate student in architecture school in the late 1990s. The stress of the program has exasperated his anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and he notices his stress-induced dreams have been coming to fruition. When one dream about the destruction of Earth due to a cataclysmic meteor collision disturbs him, Larry seeks the advice from a former professor who recommends Larry talks to a specialist in paranormal psychology. She convinces Larry to inject an experi... more
  • Endow: A Blood Inheritance Novel

    by M. Ainihi
    Picking up from where Lost ended, Endow takes Emily, Amanda, and Kiami on a dangerous trip through the realms. On the world of Sumir, the realms were put into place to keep peace by separating the magical races, but what will happen if those barriers collapse? With a celestial being overseeing a scheme that originated centuries ago, the future of the entire planet rests in their hands—if they are willing to fight for it.
  • To See The Unseen

    by Emily Apfel
    I would like to say that when I see you again that I will know you by your face or hair, but that is not the case. I will see you, but not as a male or female. You will appear to me as a person made of molecules. These molecules look like atoms and they start out clear and change color depending on the person's emotions they hold inside. I know that to say they are like atoms is confusing because no one can see atoms with their naked eye. However, this is why I call them atoms. You see, I am ab... more
  • Alien Panic: Second in the Phane Series

    by William X. Adams
    Lou Buck, ex-cop and recovering opioid addict, searches for his kidnapped adult daughter, Lacey. In Reno he meets a muscular bald man, Phane, who claims to be an extraterrestrial. Lou thinks he is a nut until the man transforms into a large green tennis ball with arms, legs, and eyestalks. Lou recovers from his astonishment and learns that Phane was left to die on Earth when Lou was confined in Folsom Prison. They team up to find Lou's daughter. Phane and Lou rescue Lacey and another alien,... more
  • Chronicles of the High Inquest: Homeworld of the Heart: The Fifth Novel in the Inquestor Series

    by S.. Somtow

    After forty years, S.P. Somtow has produced a fifth novel in the Chronicles of the High Inquest, one of the most lauded galactic empire epics of the 1980s.  Homeworld of the Heart is the first of a trilogy within a trilogy.

    The songs of Sajit were known and loved through the million worlds of the Dispersal of Man. He was the favorite of Elloran, most powerful, most compassionate of the godlike Inquestors — even, it was rumored, his lover. In his ol... more

  • Engage at Dawn: First Contact

    by Edward Hochsmann

    The discovery of a drug-runner's derelict boat, with extensive and inexplicable damage, leads Coast Guard Officer Ben Wyporek and his crew on a dangerous mission to locate a crashed alien vessel before a transnational criminal organization, known as the 252 Syndicate, can find it. Driven by a mysterious government agent obsessed with secrecy, the crew of the aging Coast Guard Cutter Kauai is ill-prepared to handle the mission. The operation quickly turns into a life-and... more

  • The Game With No Name

    by L.G. Cunningham
    The explosive second book in the Jitters series by L.G. Cunningham is sure to be a hit for fans of Jumanji and Goosebumps. Izzy Miller has grown out of ‘family-game-night’. As a mature and sporty twelve-year-old, playing boring board games with her family is not her idea of a good time. But when her brainiac twin, Noah, discovers an ancient board game and casts the dice, he unknowingly sets off a chain of events that freezes time and leaves the twins with a frightening choice - play or nev... more
  • Pretty Perilous Parakeet

    by L.G. Cunningham
    Tarantulas, snakes and lizards are no problem whatsoever for 12-year-old animal expert, Archie Jones! But when an unexpected turn of events lead to his annoying sister demanding they take home an innocent golden-plumed parakeet from a creepy animal sanctuary (and its creepy owner), Archie discovers rather quickly that this is not a cute and cuddly bird. Can Archie and his best-leopard-gecko-lizard-friend, Lizzie, return the evil monster bird before it destroys his life? Can the sibling... more
  • Vis Major

    by Edward M. Hochsmann
    A research ship maintaining a security watch on a developing planet is pummeled by an unexpected solar flare and collision with one of its service drones. With communications destroyed and their only means of power generation damaged, the ship must land and obtain materials for makeshift repairs if they are to return home. But the planet is inhabited by a post-industrial species who must be protected from the knowledge of the spacefarers and their advanced technology at all costs. Unable to c... more