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  • Prince Lazaro and the Magic Scales/ISBN-9798765545195/ASIN-B09V6N3VH8

    by Heidi Dehncke
    Prince Lazaro and the Magic Scales is a tale of adventure and timeless friendship. Journey with lonely Prince Lazaro as he rescues and becomes friends with Deluthian the dragon. The duo manage to keep one-step ahead of Deluthian's captors as they adventure together. The dragon enlightens Lazaro about the importance of gratitude, love, selflessness, and how precious our time together really is. A bit less lonely now, the prince and Deluthian race against time as they lure the villains into their... more
  • Beyond the Walls

    by K.L. Penn.
    Kayde wears the blood of his past on his skin. The flesh of his fallen allies in his heart. And the memories of his family in his mind. A continent rose out of the ocean one day. An island that had once flourished, but was soon taken underwater. Many years later, it lived above water once more. Now called Domini, this is a book written about everything that went wrong, the death that was never meant to happen. Kayde Willows, a 15 year old boy who suffers constant ruminating thoughts and survivor... more
  • Entropy

    by Dana Hayward
    Life on Earth is dying from a mysterious cause, and President Kim bets her future on an obscure, young scientist whose theory can only be tested from outer space. The year is 2066, and the race is on against the Chinese to establish a viable lunar colony before the 100th anniversary of mankind’s first step on the Moon. Yet, the Moon is only the first step, the springboard for the permanent settlement of Mars. \t“Entropy” is set in the near future where technology has evolved to an astounding ... more
  • Tied to You

    by Cassandra Crull
    Kat Sells is living an ordinary life when a part of her past suddenly comes back to haunt her. Now, Kat must confront her dark past to help her first love get home to his family in the hope of helping him move on Spanning decades, follow Kat as she tries to right her wrongs and face the traumatic past that she tried to leave behind her. Tied to you is a story about redemption, forgiveness and the journey to find yourself and learning to love yourself again.
  • Percivious Origins

    by JJ & AJ Cook
    What if we’ve never actually been at the pinnacle of the evolutionary ladder? As the pandemic of Percivious: Insomnia tightens its devastating grip on society, travel back in time and across space to uncover its secret... The maverick second volume in the Percivious trilogy, Percivious: Origins shatters history as we (think we) know it. Two hundred and eighty million years before the origin of homo sapiens, an advanced species—the XYZ—are forced to flee as a five-hundred-kilometer-wid... more
  • Cursed Witch (Creatures of the Otherworld)

    by Brogan Thomas

    Her conjury was out of reach. But when she’s flooded with strength, can she survive becoming a target?

    Tuesday Larson thought she’d settled for normal. A disappointment to her mother for never taking well to magic, she deliberately put distance between her family and any witchery. But the supernatural destroys her barriers when a group of mercenaries tears through her home looking for blood.

    Escaping with her cat-sized dragon to find her coven under a... more

  • Perfect Darkness, Perfect Silence

    by Richard Farren Barber
    After the apocalypse, only the dead are safe. Once the plague has swept across the world, a small community fights for survival. Hannah leads a crew disposing of the bodies of those who succumbed to the disease. It’s a horrific job – each day spent handling the infected, decaying bodies. She and the fledgeling community must fight to survive in this stuttering dark new Britain. Will they find a way to live together, or will human nature and the problems of the old world push them to extinc... more
  • Mythera Chronicles: The Lost Athenaeum

    by K.C. Auburn
    When a timorous thief has a vision of a dark entity swallowing her estranged brother, Caden, she must venture to find stability in her powers to save her only remaining family. Aylith is the Eruanna, protector of the realm, but her past leaves her haunted and unwilling to use her gifts. With her only tether to this world threatened, she will reluctantly follow the guidance of a mysterious woman, Lusha, to the lost Athenaeum in search of answers. Yet Lusha is not all that she claims to be. Her ca... more
  • The Everlasting Earth

    by L. A. Cummings
    Mother Earth has finally taken control of her own fate, sinking and devouring life over four centuries. But on Lwo, the last habitable land, humanity endures. Vision and progress have led to prolonged lifetimes, continued technological advancements, and hope for the future, despite a powerful and unrelenting storm. From its founding, Lwo’s watchers have protected the land and its populace. Carefully chosen, and equipped with craft and technology to not only survive the storm, but safely t... more
  • I Kept a Piece of You

    by Joanna Wolford
    When Gabe Meier lost his wife, Eleanor, it affected everyone - especially his sons, Alex and Eric. Several years after her death, Gabe struggles with a guilty conscience, and Alex is struggling with demons of his own - he still sees his mother everywhere. Fifteen years later, Alex is living in a small town called Bridgford. Two women go missing within months of each other. No one suspects that Alex is involved. That is until he attracts the attention of Detective Howard Tamblin when an unrela... more
  • The Soul Sector

    by Michael Karolewski
    When Rose Ryder stumbles into Valcara, a dystopian purgatory where souls are bought and sold, she is focused on only one thing—reuniting with her deceased younger sister. But after a Valcaran company recruits Rose as their secret weapon, she becomes entangled in an industry that straddles the realms of the living and the dead. She wishes to free herself from the job, but her Valcaran employers hold the ultimate bargaining chip—if Rose refuses to cooperate, they will send her sister’s soul to Hel... more
  • Niah's Magic Coloring And Activity Book

    by Nina Waldman
    Niah's Magic Coloring and Activity Book is fun for all ages! The significant benefits of coloring pages are now being realized for all age groups as it takes its place alongside yoga and meditation as an enjoyable way to improve physical and mental well-being. In this 50+ page coloring and activity book you will relax and connect with your child, feed your mind and reduce stress by sharing in the activities. The perfect companion to the book, Niah's Magic!
  • Niah's Magic

    by Nina Waldman
    Niah is a little girl who dreams big. Every night she dreams about the same magical place where she plays with her best friend, Mayson, and her unicorn, Squigs. In her dream she meets her fairy godmother who gives her a magical treehouse and some magic fairy dust. Each day Niah is eager to return to her dream until one night, she discovers Mayson is missing. It takes Niah's love, Squig's help, and the magic fairy dust to bring Mayson back to the magic treehouse. Niah's Magic is a brightly... more
  • 9781735460604

    by K.L. Kolarich
    Behind the mask of duty and power, no one is who they seem... Centuries after the Forgotten Wars ravaged the world and turned it to ash, the Houses of Pilar, Darakai, Boreal, and Bastiion forged an accord with the royal line of Thoarne, founding a Quadren of advisory to the throne of Orynthia. Every generation, a single Haidren from each of the four Houses is appointed to this coveted chair. Upon her Ascension to adulthood, Luscia Tiergan takes her seat at court as al'Haidren to the House ... more
  • The Secrets of the Kings

    by Nora Delzelle
    Who are we, really, underneath the masks we choose to wear? Alex Kincaid is twenty-four years old and leads a quiet life in a small college town. She works at Galen Industries and spends most of her free time with her co-workers. Her friends, like Emma Bastian, want to meddle in Alex’s love life. That’s what friends do, right? Yet Alex is too preoccupied with the odd letter she’s received. It grants her a large inheritance from a total stranger. Among the effects is a magical mask that wil... more
  • Juvenile Tribulations

    by Nathan D. LATREV
    Juvenile Tribulations A fantasy novel without the tropes of the genre? I dare you! A novel accessible to 16 year olds and up. Two hundred years have passed since the last great war of the five peoples. Peace reigns, in appearance, on the vast world of Isthariun. In Valendas, the human capital, Eskalys, a young boy, and his childhood friends, Firnaël, the fishing elf, and Gugnir, the forest dwarf, live a golden and happy youth, hardly disturbed by their numerous pranks. But their l... more