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  • The Jacobean Ring

    by Chris McLennan
    This is a fantasy, fiction crime novel set in Edinburgh= of the 1970s with an alternative Edinburgh populated by the Lore and Myths of Scotland. A body materializes out of a historical landmark on the High Street of Edinburgh. A figure is seen standing over this body and a young policeman, Cade Inver-Carron chases this figure. The thing disappears after touching an old well in the Grassmarket. Cade is introduced to a specialized department within the Edinburgh Police. This department is the gate... more
  • Watcher: Book I of The Chosen

    by Roh Morgon

    Predator. Killer. Monster.

    The words echo in Sunny Martin’s head each time she looks in the mirror. Since the night she was torn from her car and drained of her blood, only one fear rivals that of the hungry beast within her - the fear of exposure.

    Her lonely struggle to survive on the edge of the human world leads Sunny to the mountain peaks of Colorado where she meets Nicolas, the enigmatic leader of a hidden society.

    Their passion, tainted by betrayal, violence, and... more

  • So I Might Be a Vampire (Revised)

    by Rodney V Smith
    Nobody expects to get turned into a vampire, especially a guy like Bob. Everybody hopes that if they somehow get transformed into a vampire, they will instantly become some kind of superhero vampire out of the movies. Bad news guys: not gonna happen. More likely than not, you're gonna be one of the poor clueless bastards hanging out on Thursday nights with Bob in his vampire support group. You may think you know what being a vampire is supposed to be like, but Bob is here to set you stra... more
  • Europa

    by J.J. Co
    It's finally happening: the world is running out of oil. As major nations jockey and feud for the last carbon resources on the planet, one oil company sets its sights on the vast energy reserves of Europa, one of the largest of Jupiter's moons. Thought to have twice as much water as Earth, Europa offers humanity the best chance of finding microorganic life within the solar system—life that would prohibit harvesting the moon’s resources under international space laws. To confirm the presence o... more
  • The Carbynarah Chronicles

    by Jon Franklyn
    Carbynarah is a world at war with itself. Created so that all living things could use the magic that comes from Essence produced by the tree pictured on the cover. Shortly after the creation of Carbynarah, Natural magic users (magic that comes from the DNA of the individual) infested the world. Over the years, Natural magic users have been unable to overthrow the magic created from the Essence on Carbynarah; but now, as magical essence is diminishing, the Natural magic users believe it is time ... more
  • The SEED of CRONUS: A Novel

    by Jack Hughes

    After a constitutional convention is hijacked by religious extremists, America becomes a radical theocracy. A cartoonist imprisoned for corrupting public morals awaits death by stoning. But before his execution, an intruder suddenly, inexplicably, appears in his cell. The mysterious visitor offers the prisoner a choice. He can passively wait to die or accept the Seed of Cronus; a tiny artifact "phased" into his brain that, in addition to other amazing abilities, will ... more

  • The Elf and the Amulet (Deathsworn Book 1)

    by Chris Africa
    Waet Tree Village has family roots and traditions as ancient as the silver trees themselves. It is here that Chassy, Nita and Andrev were born, and here they are expected to remain until they die. Chassy Waet will join in the village's great silk weaving tradition. His best friend, Nita Smyth, will become a dutiful wife and mother. Her brother, Andrev, will run the family's inn. Their idyllic life starts to unravel when the dying wizard Vornole arrives at the inn and sends them on a dangerou... more
  • Panther Across the Stars

    by Lon Brett Coon
    A larger-than-life tale of one man’s courage, sacrifice, and unyielding defiance to fight for his peoples’ freedom against those that would take it, and in this great struggle he finds friendship with three alien beings fallen to Earth that stand with him. He is Panther Across the Sky and his world is fading. He takes all the hurt and pain a lifetime gives him and stares into his soul to face the greatest master he will ever know. Just a man among a dying people, he inspires his kin beyond al... more
  • Tales of Mystery Wisdom

    by A. Roz Mar
    Myths and legends are true and wise and fill our hearts with dreams of long ago. They come from a world we once knew and will one day know again. Such tales tell of wisdom and courage, foolishness and faith in places near and far. They are told so that we never lose heart.
  • Rosenhart Trial Book III

    by A. Roz Mar
    'Trial' is Book III of the Rosenhart Trilogy. In the dark age of the 13th Century ageless truths of world wisdom must be sought and vouchsafed for a time in the future when humankind will be ready to receive them. In this story, tragedies of the heart must be overcome so that out of the ashes the world may be perceived anew. From Ireland and France to Tulum and the forests of Thuringia we join in the dangers and deeds of the brotherhood of Knights of the Turtledove in pursuit of their quest.
  • Rosenhart Kindred Spirits

    by A. Roz Mar
    It is the 13th Century. In Book II, Kindred Spirits, the Knights of the Turtledove venture further in their Quest into the unknown. Rosenhart must lead the knights into battle and once again encounter the vengeful Colonel Guy de Villaret, the magistrate of Chartres, and his brutish soldier, Captain Saxum. They journey to Iberia, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the Latin Empire to do their work of furthering the legacy of humanity's destiny by protecting divine knowledge. Through the guidance of th... more
  • Rosenhart The Sight

    by A. Roz Mar
    The Trilogy of Rosenhart books tells the tale of a brotherhood of Knights of the Turtledove in the dark time of the 13th century whose mission is both secret and sacred. For those on their own Quest for Truth, and who seek world wisdom through inspiration, this book is meant to encourage that search.
  • An Unlikely Company (The NetherGate Trilogy Book 1)

    by Tyler R Lee
    For nearly a century, the country of Oriod has been at peace. However, dark tidings now threaten to tear it all apart as an evil organization known as the Order of the Fallen Light seeks to free their imprisoned master from her cage in the Nether. Woden, a prideful half-orc, Baelor, a surly dwarf, Jokkoa, a whimsical goblin sorceress, and Amrynn, a paranoid elf and her tiger companion are thrown together by chance. With more than a bit of reluctance, the four loners stumble upon this evil plot a... more
  • Theo Paxstone and the Dragon of Adyron

    by James Turner
    Young Theo Paxstone aspires to a better life. A virtual slave at a steam mech repair shop, he slaves away under the sharp watch of Master Grimes, along with dozens of other orphan boys. The biggest and meanest of them, Grant, has in it for Theo and his best friend, Ollie, the shop’s part spotter bird. Every day is a struggle for survival. When a dragon attacks the royal tournament and sets it aflame, Theo escapes to help. He saves an elderly steam knight, Sir Bentham, from the blaze, assiste... more
  • Fred the Beavercorn

    by Gene Kirschbaum

    Fred the Beavercorn was born of beaver mother and a unicorn father. His mother was a typical "busy beaver," forever working to provide for her family.  On the other hand, his father was a carefree fellow, passionately following his dreams and doing what he loved.  Fred came to appreciate the attributes of both his parents and determined that he should try very hard in school, so that he can qualify for a job that both provides for his family and that he loves.

  • 9780996383936

    by J. C. Stevens
    Magic and adventure abound in this second book in the Dragon Lad trilogy. The "Tale of the Talisman" follows our young dragon-hatched hero as he seeks his parents, his past and his destiny in Roman-ruled Britannia. A boy without a history—at least one that he can remember—Dirk turns to his shape-shifting friends for help. They launch him on a quest involving the one clue he has to his previous existence: a magic talisman. The wizard Beldor gives Dirk a ring that allows him to re-enter the ... more