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  • Lady Silver: Warlock Chronicles, Book I

    by Bobbie R. Byrd
    The multiverse is unraveling. Zealots in thrall to an extradimensional entity awaken a rift in the dimensional barrier, a breach that’s festered for millennia. Trapped for centuries in constant flux between layers of the multiverse, this creature masquerading as a god has deteriorated into madness. When its followers resurrect the ancient technology that ripped open the dimensional barrier six thousand years ago, the galaxy faces another coming Cataclysm. Warlocks and humans, sister r... more
  • Shadows In Light - Book 1 of the Hidden Rims saga

    by P.M. Amaras & Paul Driggere
  • Identicals

    by William Brennan Knight
    In the year and a half since Jack Clausen lost his five-year-old daughter, RosaMarie, his life has fallen apart. Depressed and despondent, he steps off a platform into an oncoming train, but just before impact, a strong hand pulls him away. A strange, small person offers Jack a way to bring his daughter back, but there is a high price to pay. After Jack's child is returned to him, he refuses to pay his debt, and he experiences a series of new realities, each worse than the one that preceded it. ... more
  • The Breaking Game

    by Scott Charles

    The Hunger Games meets Goosebumps in this chilling Creeptown adventure!

    After a crunching tackle sees 12-year-old Rebecca red-carded from her soccer vacation, she’s sent to a mysterious camp for America’s most vicious and brutal young athletes.

    “I’m not a monster!” says Rebecca. But the camp's savage new owner just might be…

    Don't miss the fast-paced horror series kids are screamin... more

  • Annihilation of a Planet III

    by Antonion Borges
    An arc of light across the sky and shots fired from a U.S. Navy Blue Angel F/A-18 supersonic hornet fail to collide; the light vanishes from the sky, and the light energy of the android Lawrence streaks to the earth and into the labs of C&L Automation, straight to the alien disc brought previously from Mars. Dr. Paul Linsdale, unaware of Lawrence’s return, celebrates the birth of his son, Lawrence Love Linsdale, and goes to congress to request approval and funding for a project that will quell ... more
  • One Step Away

    by James Gabrian
    John Kenton, a young man caught between limiting parental guidance and an imagination fired by hidden meaning, is killed one evening by a lorry as he cycles home from school along the icy roads of his West Yorkshire village. Death provides a choice to go with a catcher to his next stage in life in the afterworld or remain ‘between worlds’, closer to his home and his reality. This is a world of denial and conflict, populated by those fearing judgement of their lives on Earth, the Leaves. Before ... more
  • Up Up You Go Jo!

    by Mariam Shapera
    One morning, music-loving Jo wakes up to discover that his musical notes have disappeared! Where could they have gone to? Join Jo on a dreamy space adventure as he goes in search of his musical notes!
  • The Broken Stone: Part I - Insight on Hindsights (A Lie to Die Series)

    by Sachin VY
    A Lie: Everybody says one but nobody reveals it. To Die: Nobody tends but everybody declares. A lie doesn’t live long. But this journey is atypical. A lie ends up surviving almost an eternity, unbeknown to its creator! A creative cocktail of fantasy, fiction, and drama, the story takes readers across landscapes filled with magical expeditions, supernatural events, mythical creatures, ancient lives and modern mishaps.
  • 2127 Soulless Society

    by Yu Ben Ja

    Upon the downfall of Sonet island of Pacific in 2127, android reinforcements arrived on the emergency call by the defeated military forcing insurgents to escape with a fleet of ships. The decamp later found the state of Sipenia and vowed to return their homeland with a revolutionised army. In the Sonet ruins, murdered android scientist was resurrected as cyborg Romeo036 in face of the technological singularity. The war of survival begun with the soulless race amidst dread philosophies in scie... more

  • Godfrey's Crusade

    by Mark Howard
    "Godfrey's Crusade" is Mark Howard's debut fantasy novel. It details Godfrey de Bastogne's coming of age in a harsh world filled with violence and intrigue. In the story, our young protagonist must not only fight monsters with sword and shield, but he must also learn how to hold true to his ideals while his rivals appear to only act in self-interest.
  • Scinan Legacy

    by Kathy Blackledge Pickel
    Scinan Legacy: C.1-9, set in legends of Wodan, is uniquely intentional. A story for all, designed with specific neurodiverse reading comforts. Innovation has stopped. Can we be saved from a dead future? Can we be kynd to each other?
  • Just a Little Broken

    by Le' Vian Dae

    Morrigan Bloodchild's life has always been a series of emergencies. She is in deep financial straits, and to irritate matters, her on-again, off-again relationship with her boyfriend, Jack, is reaching its point of no return. However, always the punk rocker, she barrels through, until one interesting night; she receives a visit from a mysterious older gentleman. Even stranger is after she awakens from being rendered unconscious, she has a massive sleeve tattoo of an iridescent snake and ancie... more

  • Elements, Volume 1 (Light Novel): The Hero of Light

    by William Richards
    Minisc Premier has never wanted to be like his father. Most kids would kill to have the Hero of Light, the most famous Elementalist in history, as their dad. Minisc hates the pressure though, and wants only to bring his mother’s dying wish to life: unity and peace between humans and Elementalists, the recently evolved species capable of controlling and wielding elements such as light, fire, and water. As Minisc attends Elemental Academy, training to hone his ability, he begins to uncover a new ... more
  • Lost In Legend

    by J. M. Palmer
    Ember, an ambitious college student with her entire life ahead of her, can't remember anything about her life. As she faces confusion, hallucinations, and blackouts, her decision to ignore the amnesia symptoms comes at a terrible price. With blood on her hands, Ember makes a break for it, falling headlong into a company of vampire hunters made up of ex-cons and fugitives. With their help, can Ember piece together what she is and learn what legends could never tell her? Unfortunately, unloc... more
  • Defying the Ghosts: A Haunted House Story

    by Joan Marie Verba
    A teen without a home. A dangerous residence. Can she survive one terrifying night to secure her future? Charlene Griffin never thought she’d be without a home. But when she’s kicked out on her eighteenth birthday, she has no choice but to sleep inside an ominous Victorian mansion. And with the owner offering the estate to anyone who can spend a full night in the haunted property, Charlene decides to risk life and limb to get off the streets. Refusing to heed the warnings of those sent running... more
  • Shift

    by Melisa Geiger
    Those who have power will often do anything to keep it. And if something, or someone, comes along that is a threat to that power, then they have two options: control or eliminate. Seventeen-year-old Saige Matherson is imprisoned in the Criterion Sector because she is a deviation, a genetic anomaly that resulted from the dropping of a nuclear bomb over eighty years ago, creating people with telekinetic abilities. But is that all she can do? In a world where, rather than being treated equally, her... more