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  • Drawing Red

    by Adara Spence
    Lucy knows silence is golden. But when her charge is kidnapped, her home, intergalactic peace & wolfishly handsome flat-mate are on the line. She must speak. But when she does, will she be Little Red Riding Hood or the Red Queen?
  • Licking

    by J.V. Sadler
    J.V. Sadler’s first collection of short stories tip-toes the waking and unconscious world. Take a peek into the upside-down world of Licking. Transcending reality, these stories integrate a diabolical twist to the mundane.
  • Creator of the Stones

    by J. R. Geraci
    Jaxon isn’t sure how he created the green stone, but it could be exactly what he needs to save his brother. To master the power of the stone, he enlists the help of the greatest healer ever known. Quinn is a red stone bearer doing everything she can to distract herself from her best friend’s impending marriage. She’s focused instead on the string of murders haunting the kingdom. When their paths cross, the danger grows. Soon, they will have no choice but to confront the threats and uncover... more
  • Honey the Bee Goes to Caterpillar University

    by A.R Raspa
    ‘Honey the Bee Goes to Caterpillar University’ is about a European bee named Honey, a lovely bee who is not very good at collecting pollen. After disappointing the queen once too often, her sting is torn from her abdomen, and she is discarded from the hive via the royal waste chute. A breeze deposits Honey atop a leaf beside a cocoon, and as she takes her penultimate breath, four fuzzy paws reach through the cocoon and pull Honey inside. Honey awakes on the pupae plane: a land where caterpi... more
  • Talisman: Gifts of the Shavtal

    by Toni Yap
    When twelve-year-old Georgina Trabeck found her pregnant mother lying on the floor, unconscious, she did something she had never done before—she called 911. Step-Dad had warned her never to call the police or tell anyone about what happened at home. But this was the final straw. Her fear turned to anger, and, to her surprise, her ability to see people’s auras was suddenly heightened. Since the age of six, GiGi’s gift of seeing colors had warned her to hide in her bedroom and protect her three-y... more
  • The Sword of Aeschylean: A Minerva Novel

    by William Howard
    Kasidy Vulkner has fallen through a celestial hole in space and time that has brought her into an alternate dimension where she has an unexpected reunion with an old friend, but also encounters an old enemy. The Venusian Galaxy’s favorite rogue—The Abominable Hotfire, currently an inmate in the Bokhun Planetary Asylum for the Criminally Insane—is not living his best life. He claims that the worst warlord in the galaxy, Diabolix, is very much alive when the everyone is convinced he’s quite de... more
  • Squawk of the Were-Chicken (Clockwork Kingdoms Book 1)

    by Richard J. Kendrick
    Almost nothing interesting ever happens in Deidre's little village, outside of the occasional traveling merchant or troupe of players visiting the marketplace. So it's no wonder that she spends her every free moment designing and building outlandish contraptions, and then relying on her semi-autonomous tongue to get her out of trouble—or dig her in deeper—when the device inevitably slimes Momma with something. Then that self-proclaimed were-chicken hunter rode in. His tall tales of shape-shifti... more
  • Rare Birds

    by L.B. Hazelthorn

    Alchemy meets Agatha Christie in this dazzling Jazz Age fantasy when an archaeology student faces myth and monsters to protect her family and break a blood curse.

    As 1920s London swelters in the grip of Egyptomania, archaeology student Rom Godden uncovers a deadly family legacy.
    Along with her dearest friend, Rom joins forces with her sceptical brother to navigate an underworld of shapeshifters and blood magic. Deception stalks their path. Their precocious... more

  • Henrietha/Waiting For the World to Change

    by Joyce M. Johnson
    It all started in Toronto, Ontario in a coffee shop on the Southside corner of Church and King Street right across the street from St. James Cathedral. Joanna White was having a difficult time in her office as well as in her marriage as her husband had recently walked out on her. Joanna is trying to restructure her life when she’s interrupted by Jamaican-born Henrietha Browne, who had just walked in forcefully pulling her chair out, sitting down, taking a sip of her coffee then humming a song an... more
  • Wanaka

    by Jesse O'Reilly-Conlin
    Hound has a particularly strong sense of smell. He can smell the memories of people and can smell them so strongly in fact that they appear before him as if something real and touchable. In these memories, Hound can walk and talk with the ghosts of people’s past, and—this is the important part—he can make changes, both big and small, wherever he wishes. He may direct someone left instead of right, say something that had not been said before, or even remove a person or event that had bothered the... more
  • The Burying Point

    by Derik Cavignano


    A missing girl whose bloodline traces back to the Salem Witch Trials is the perfect prize for a demonic cult operating on the fringes of Salem’s witchcraft underground.

    Desperate to find his missing niece, a Boston police captain loans his best detective, Ray Hanley, to Salem PD to lead the investigation. But tensions flare when Ray is partnered with Elena Martinez, a rookie detective who resents his intrusion on her... more

  • The Jungle Planet: A Science Fiction Thriller Novel

    by Jeff Walker
    The Jungle Planet is a sci fi triller—The crew of the harvesting space vessel Skyward Seven, are bound for Dreganon V—a jungle world with a rich, and highly concentrated oxygen atmosphere. As they extract the planet’s dense O2 supply, Katelan Driscoll (Astrobiologist/interplanetary botanist) and crew being to discover that this world is more than what they bargained for. Not only is the air thick with an overabundance of pollen and spore that continually clog their collectors., but strange thing... more
  • Servant

    by Patrick R. Field
    Not long after their move into Blackstone, married couple Mitch and Buck begin to witness strange sightings of shadowy figures, physical manifestations and inexplicable events taking place in the former Sheppard family estate nestled in the Northern Poconos of Pennsylvania. Through séances, Mitch and Buck learn from the spirit of Jedidiah Sheppard that he has not been able to cross over into the afterlife because the truth behind his sudden disappearance in 1965 has never been solved. Through ... more
  • Ali’s Big Adventure

    by Roxie Fiste
    Ali, a young puffball, finds himself lost after an uncontrollable bounce. He is found by Mika, a human boy from a northern tribe. Mika has heard legends about puffballs so agrees to help Ali find his home. Along their journey they meet a talking pony that speaks his mind. Together, they overcome many obstacles to take Ali back to his family. Their quest brings their friendship closer.
  • Stars Like Fire

    by Marissa Lupe
    Fighting for their freedom was only the beginning, now they must do the hardest thing of all, they must live. Three journeys and one destination will bring them all together. Despite having never met in person, their years of communicating virtually cemented Eleanor’s love for the woman who has her whole heart long ago. But when her love goes missing, Eleanor leaves the safety of Sandstone Estate to rescue her, and ends up finding more than she bargained for. An entire town has had their c... more