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  • Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy 2018

    by B. Morris Allen
    Fifteen stories of gods and monsters, of love and cruelty, of memories and mementos, of futures and pasts. Stories drawn from Clarkesworld, Galaxy's Edge, Abyss and Apex, Escape Pod, Nature, and Metaphorosis. And they're all vegan-friendly to boot!
  • Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy 2017

    by B. Morris Allen
    A baker's dozen of the best science fiction and fantasy stories of 2017 that happen to be vegan-friendly. Mysterious giant birds, fossil snails, an instant prose analyzer, and much more!
  • Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy of 2016

    by B. Morris Allen
    Twelve stories of mysterious aliens, unusual pets, messages from the future, witchcraft, and much more. And what's more, they're all vegan friendly. These aren't stories about vegans, but stories that happen to be vegan. No preaching, just interesting ideas, good stories, and great writing!
  • Reading 5X5: Readers' Edition

    by B. Morris Allen
    Five stories, five times Five science fiction and fantasy themes, each explored five times by five different authors. Twenty-five great authors demonstrating just how varied and interesting SF&F can be, and how each author's style and approach make all the difference.
  • Reading 5x5: Writers' Edition

    by B. Morris Allen
    Five stories, five times Five science fiction and fantasy themes, each explored five times by five different authors. Twenty-five great authors demonstrating just how varied and interesting SF&F can be, and how each author's style and approach make all the difference.
  • Deep Core

    by FX Holden
    AJ is a maintenance tech at Sol Vista care facility. He likes the quiet life. Visiting with his ma. A burger at Fatty's. Surfing the Shifting Sea. Staying in flow. But his flow gets sorely disrupted when a new resident moves into Sol Vista and AJ soon finds himself on the run from a psycho assassin, trying to track down a hacker otherwise known as Destroyer of Worlds, all so he can save the life of his new girlfriend, who turns out NOT to be the laid back, Territorian skater girl he thought s... more
  • Score: an SFF symphony

    by B. Morris Allen
    Score is an anthology of varied stories arranged to follow an emotional score from the heights of joy to the depths of despair - but always with a little hope shining through.
  • Susurrus

    by B. Morris Allen
    Iskra wants magic and a home, but her magic keeps killing the people she loves. Just when happiness is finally with in her grasp, another wizard intervenes. Now, she needs to choose: rebuild her life again, or channel her destructive power into bloody revenge.
  • SPANK: Odyssey

    by Klara Raškaj

    It's easy to be a villain.

    Or is it?

    Domino Enviedhieri is a young magica user and aspiring entrepreneur stripped of his heritage, his dignity, and most importantly, his allowance. After being forced to battle a rampant demoness alongside his rival at the strip club where he works, Domino finally decides he's had enough and wants to kill the bastard for stealing his well-deserved spotlight for the hundredth time.

    With the help of his ethnically diverse... more

  • Tainted Truth

    by Nathalie M.L. Römer
    When truth and lies have been used as a weapon. When you fight an enemy from the past using lies, and truth becomes the weapon with which you fight that enemy. The story takes you to an ancient land under siege. The history of Keldarra is long but forgotten. A distant past when someone knew the Wolf Riders would rise. They also knew they would come to an end. The Truth: Words spoken. Still spoken to speak a lie. Marrida. Alagur. Each individual has a reason for wanting change. But can the ... more
  • Girl Out Of Time

    by John Matsui
    Twenty-year-old Leeza Keats is late for her first real work assignment. If misses her train in 20 minutes, she’ll lose her job and money for college. She hails a vintage cab that steams, emits the scent of barbeque, and whisks her crosstown in 20 seconds. The top-hatted driver then takes Leeza 40 years forward in time where, separately, she meets three elder versions of herself. Each urges her to save loved ones and humanity by changing the timeline. Leeza realizes that thei conflicting plans ... more
  • Code Stasis: Vessel's Short Stories (Emporion Chronicles Book 0)

    by Boris Sanders
    What do all the historic greats have in common? Could it be talent? Effort? Maybe intelligence? Or something else entirely? Four stories, one secret. Code Stasis will make you see the past in a way you never imagined before, while also giving invaluable insights on a possible future.
  • INFECTED: Will YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? (Click Your Poison)

    by James Schannep

    3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question... Will YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Everyone has their plan; what they'd do to survive if and when the zombies come. Now you can see how you'd hold up against the legions of undead--without needing to call the CDC because crazed bath salts users are trying to eat your face off.

    Here's how it works: You, Dear Reader, are the main ch... more

  • The Unfettered Child

    by Michael C. Sahd

    Her tribe is shattered. Her parents are gone.

    When eight-year-old Samara faces the capture of her tribe, an unimaginable power awakens within her. Even as this magic threatens to consume her, a disembodied voice intervenes, offering guidance and helping her control these newfound abilities.

    Meanwhile, Samara’s father chases his wife’s captors across an unfamiliar terrain. But can Orin find his wife in time to save her? Will Samara learn to control her ... more

  • Baby Steps - Designer Babies for Sale

    by Eugene Clark
    Rachael is a successful IVF breeder of race-winning horses. One of the appreciative beneficiaries of her Kentucky-Derby-winning horses gives her the gift of creating her own designer baby through Better Genetics Corporation. Separately, wealthy video-game magnate, Max, yearns for a child after having failed repeatedly to find love. His friend also recommends Better Genetics Corporation through which Max can choose the physical traits and innate strengths — intellectual, athletic, scientific, or ... more
  • Venin Abyss

    by Sherika Shields

    Orphaned at three, Adrien Reed lives his adult life mostly as an outcast. He has an exciting hope for a future with the love of his life, but an accident leaves him inches from death. Adrien soon finds out that his life will never be the same, as a mysterious man with hidden motives turns him into a creature of the night. He is plunged into a world of power, secrecy, violence and death. However, a greater threat emerges that Adrien could have never anticipated. He enters into an epic battle t... more