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  • Rainbow Soup

    by Laura Hanks Stevens
    Chantelle is a special young lady with a secret wish: to bring back the pot of gold from the end of the Rainbow for her beloved grandfather. So, she can hardly believe her good luck when she unexpectedly finds herself not only in the Rainbow, but surrounded by Rainbow fairies and many magical beings (personifications of the elements of weather) whom she believes will help her complete her quest. But as she travels through the Rainbow, obstacles continually pop up… obstacles that prevent her from... more
  • Honey Hawk

    by Hava Zuidema
    23rd century Earth exists in a fragile apartheid between humans and vantarians, the extraterrestrials who restored Earth after its apocalypse. Well-meaning but misinformed Alder Brites is aiming to finish their mandated service to the human military without incident when they meet the vantarian Sefynne Iyed, an alleged terrorist who raises questions Alder can’t answer. Sefynne, reserved but passionate, is striving to correct the power imbalance on Earth when he discovers Alder has resources he n... more
  • The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore & Bar

    by Seana Kelly
    Welcome to The Slaughtered Lamb Bookstore and Bar. I’m Sam Quinn, the werewolf book nerd in charge. I run my business by one simple rule: Everyone needs a good book and a stiff drink, be they vampire, wicche, demon, or fae. No wolves, though. Ever. I have my reasons. I serve the supernatural community of San Francisco. We’ve been having some problems lately. Okay, I’m the one with the problems. The broken body of a female werewolf washed up on my doorstep. What makes sweat pool at the base of... more
  • A última geração

    by Rui Ourique
    Romance fictício.
  • 1528902416

    by Jim Lowther
    Bradley White is an ordinary man who is transported against his will to a land incalculably distant where magic has shaped its growth and development, and where science has no place. He is forced by a ruthless being of unimaginable might to undertake an impossible task, one in which he will surely fail. The stakes couldn't be higher; if he does fail, then all that he holds dear will be destroyed. Should he succeed, he is certain that his family will not be spared. He cannot hope to take on and d... more
  • LeRoux Manor

    by Liz Butcher
    Camille’s father just inherited the family manor from his estranged uncle, forcing her to leave her friends and city life just before her senior year of high school for the small town of Woodville, England. After seeing a strange old woman lurking on the estate grounds, she embarks on a mission to uncover the history of her new home. What she finds is wilder than she could have imagined—the murder of her ancestor, Caleb LeRoux, on the same day his six-year-old daughter vanished without a trace. ... more
  • Dick Wiener's Caribbean Christmas: An Overstuffed Sequel

    by Luther Banks
    There's trouble in paradise...and hilarious fun! Dick Wiener traveled back in time and saved the world. Now, he just wants some rest and relaxation. But there's trouble lurking beneath the turquoise waters near Cayo Pene. A mutiny on Dick's prized yacht, the Salty Surprise, leaves the toilet-salesman-turned-hero marooned in the tropics, with his family missing. When Dick crosses paths with drug smuggler and foodie Chavo Cortes, their stories intertwine over a cheeseburger, a half-ton of co... more
  • Battle for Aspen Valley

    by Steven Wilde
    The chaos caused by global thermonuclear war has overwhelmed President Gregory McCormick, and his closest advisor is worried about him. They’ve eliminated one threat, renegade former Vice President Art Klemp, one of the carriers of the mutated smallpox virus, but another group of contaminated survivors—the Outcasts—is carrying it unwittingly across the country, and the military can’t stop them. Unable to repair the national power grid, the president has now been told that the bunker that is keep... more
  • World in chaos

    by Steven E Wilde
    Life on earth has been decimated by global thermonuclear war—the Omega Crisis. As surviving government leaders, in underground bunkers around the world, attempt to rebuild a collapsed infrastructure and near-total electrical failure, a new threat appears. A deadly virus has escaped containment at multiple secure storage facilities, threatening the survival of the human race. One of those contaminated is determined to find and kill the president, and he appears to be unstoppable. While President... more
  • Worlds in Collision

    by Steven E Wilde
    Nuclear war, deterred for decades by the threat of mutual annihilation, has begun. Al-Qaeda, unconcerned with the consequences of its actions, has detonated a bomb in Washington D.C., destroying the nation’s capital. As President McCormick and his advisers face the tough decision of whether to follow through with their threat to retaliate against the perpetrators, a new challenge arises—one as potentially deadly as nuclear war. Once again, the president turns to his old friend, Dr. Amos Blun... more
  • Omega Crisis, Book 1 of the Gemini Gate series

    by Steven E Wilde
    President Gregory McCormick faces an Omega Crisis: the threat of a nuclear detonation on U.S. soil, which could evolve into global thermonuclear war. He knows that Al-Qaeda, Russia, and North Korea are all involved--but who is the prime mover? And can they be stopped before it’s too late? As U.S. intelligence searches for answers, McCormick turns to an old friend outside of the halls of government for advice. Dr. Amos Blund, brilliant doctor, inventor and scientist, is on the verge of a break... more
  • Violent Souls

    by Byron Bartlett
    In a city where mega-corporations control every aspect of life—and death—their most efficient assassin is waking up and turning her wrath back on them. Freelance assassin, Sasha lives on a man-made planet designed to house the unwanted in the city of Chicago, a tinderbox where one spark threatens to ignite a rebellion. To make herself the best in her field, Sasha had her empathy removed in a bid. Now, she’s the perfect killer who takes on even the most vulgar jobs. But her perfection comes at... more
  • Science Meet God

    by Tabitha Womack
    It's the year 2063. A new world order has been established. It is a society where technology and humanity are symbiotic. A pretty amnesiac soldier, a street kid, an Indian chief, a tomboy mechanic and a Pastor make up a motley crew of broken souls. Scripture, semi-precious stones, scientific jargon, angels, demons, a pastor, a necklace, a journal and a broken soldier…. It's a puzzle they had better figure out. Because demons are real and hell is coming.
  • Denny Daydreamer and the Food Forest Treasure

    by Zachary Young
    Head on the ultimate treasure quest with Denny Daydreamer, a boy who brings to life his love of food, animals, and rides in this thrilling fun-filled adventure! Get ready to swing from a pizza tree and slide down an ice cream mountain with Denny in this read-aloud story. Children and parents alike will be immersed from beginning to end as they follow Denny through his tasty zany dream world of imagination.
  • A LONG STORY SHORT (a collection of thrillers)

    by Christopher Renna
    From the author of suspense/horror novels DARKNESS ON THE HORIZON and THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE. A collection of six short thrillers. These stories are tales of fear, wonder, the unknown, and revenge. A man and his dog encounter a dangerous, unknown creature. Two young teen boys welcome the new resident to the neighborhood with a prank. A teen girl accompanies her grandmother on a late night stroll. A man walking home has a run-in with a creepy stranger. A discarded Halloween decoration is more th... more