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  • The Day I Died (Apocalypse Cycle)

    by Aya Knight

    She had to die, to find the truth.

    Oshin Fletcher lives by three rules: obey authority, don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself, and above all else, never leave the city walls.

    Some say that more

  • Karda: Adalta Vol. I

    by Sherrill Nilson

    On the beautiful world Adalta, an ancient threat emerges. Young Marta is dropped to the planet for her first secret mission alone. Raised by her father on an orbiting trade ship, he trained her for this - and to live by two rules: Don’t get attached. Don’t get discovered.

    As cover for her mission, Marta joins the Mi’hiru, the all-female elite guard who patrol the skies on Karda, majestic hawk-headed flying horses.

    On this planet where the only weapons allowed are... more

  • The Sage, the Swordsman and the Scholars: Second Ed.

    by Pierre Dimaculangan
    Follow a legendary wandering swordsman and a political cabal of the vigilante Martial Scholars as they investigate the maritime arrival of a powerful and mysterious non-human military power. Alarmed by the discovery of the foreigners' true agenda, the Martial Scholars warn the emperor who then mobilizes his massive imperial army to prepare for war. However, he must quell the Underworld where secret societies and rebel groups have risen against him. The swordsman finds himself in the company of a... more
  • Fried Windows (In a Light White Sauce)

    by Elgon Williams
    Leave your world behind and enter an adventure forever lost but never forgotten. Where only magic is real, and anything is possible. When Brent Woods, a middle-aged computer technician delivers a new computer system to an eccentric woman who lives in a strange house with no windows, she offers to reconnect him with his childhood dreams and fantastic imagination. Alongside his best friend Lucy, Brent explores the seemingly infinite possibilities of the “Inworld” where she lives, a place where ... more
  • Homer Underby

    by Elgon Williams
    Why is the black van still following Will and Sandra? Something is wrong in Normal. The perfect summer of being eight years old continues in a way that even two precocious kids with vivid imaginations could never have envisioned. The day before the first game of the Little League season Will’s papaw reveals a family secret that not only explains the odd things that Will has been experiencing but also changes his immediate plans. While poking around in the abandoned old house down the stree... more
  • Becoming Thuperman (Thuperman Trilogy)

    by Elgon Williams
    What if you could take make believe and make it real? It's the summer of 1988 and little is normal about Will and Sandra, except for the name of their town, Normal, Illinois. The two precocious eight-year-olds share overactive imaginations, a love of baseball and genuine affection for each other. But over the course of a single, fateful week at the beginning of their summer vacation, the duo discovers budding superhero powers. Each day is a new adventure and an excuse for them to get on th... more
  • Echoes of War

    by Cheryl Campbell


    What if a single act of kindness were the tipping point to begin the end of a decades-long war?

    In Echoes of War -- the first book in an edgy new post-apocalyptic sci-fi series from award-winning author Cheryl Campbell -- Dani is a scavenger living on the fringes of society in Maine, gathering enough supplies to live another day… or so she thinks.

    ... more
  • Halve Human: Book 2 in the Bisecter Series

    by Stephanie Fazio
    Set in a dangerous and extraordinary fantasy world where the sun never sets, Stephanie Fazio’s BISECTER told the story of Hemera, a Bisecter who is part human and part Halve, who left her people’s caves to save her friends and sparked a war. Now, in HALVE HUMAN, Hemera must contend with a new enemy…one that was created from her own blood. Meanwhile, she must mount a resistance against the tyrannical Duskers, who have uncovered the location of the Solguard fortress and plan to annihilate a... more
  • Proud, a tale of rampant ludicrousness.

    Kid, raised by gorillas, returns to his native New Zealand (Proud in the book) to rescue it from a climate change-induced drought devastating NZ's natural beauty and ravaging it financially. Proud's politicians, led by a cocaine sniffing woman prime minister, prove inept. Kid, and his sidekick, a Merino sheep, who can talk telepathically, hatch a cunning plan involving Proud's national game, rugby. An evil Australian premier has designs on Proud, a mad, vengeful nuclear scientist wants to bomb ... more
  • Mimi of the Nowhere (Chronicles of the Great Migration Book 1)

    by Michael Kilman
    The world has become a strange place after climate change. Giant walking cities roam the landscape evading deadly storms and searching for resources. Immortality is available for the right price, and an ancient conflict is stirring in the heart of the city of Manhatsten. In this world, there are things worse than death. Mimi, a homeless woman from nowhere, knows all too well what that means. She thought she was unique, that there were no other telepaths. She was wrong. Soon, she find... more
  • Saldora – Early Empire

    by Raymond Pairan Jr
    Emerging from an unfathomable distance of space the Destiny a sleek intergalactic exploration cruiser started descending into the orange atmosphere of Naxious. The crew of the Destiny had been gradually moving further from the known galaxies utilizing the “Plaxitive Time Stream” to reach this uncharted region in just two Earth years. They alone, the primate species that inhabited a nondescript solar system on an equally colorful blue world had finally reached, discovered this myth that had been ... more
  • Silence on the Plains

    by Ray Pairan Jr
    This anthology of short stories written by Ray Pairan is dystopian, raw, and full of passionate humanity. Environmental destruction and unrestrained corporatism that leads to a world of pain and suffering are offset with lusty tales that excite both physically and intellectually. Take the journey into the totally unexpected – a travel into a not to distant future that each of us may already recognize.
  • Zalon Kingdom - The Invaders Arrive

    by Raymond Pairan Jr
    This was a natural world that shunned the alien who could never fathom its pure fresh elegant beauty. Humankind alone was able to rejoice in the gifts of a world rich in color and natural pageant. Not one instant on any other world could compare to ths special place on this nondescript planet so very far from the clustered luminosity of the densely packed center of the galaxy. The landing of our spacecraft out in some remote prairie expanse in the western United States facilitated the release of... more
  • Vigil: Knight in Cyber Armor: A Havenworld Novel (The Vigil Saga Book 1)

    by Bard Constantine
    A hero will rise from the shadows of a dystopian city to wage a one-man war on crime. Jett Thorne is an ex-soldier placed in hibernation for over three centuries. He awakens in the suffocating city of Neo York, a crumbling ruin of violence and vice ruled by gangs and crimelords. Jett's life is changed forever from a chance encounter with Vigil, the city's self-appointed knight in cyber armor. When Vigil dies saving Jett's life, Jett adopts the hero's mantle and continues the one-man war o... more
  • Rose of the Alchemist

    by L.E. Frost

    Orphaned as a child and raised by a brooding grandfather who can’t stand the sight of him, Xavier feels like a freak. Gifted, or cursed, with the visions and powers of his Jardi mother, and isolated on his grandfather’s estate, he thinks he’ll go mad.

    On his sixteenth birthday, when he finally escapes the dreary prison of his grandfather’s to attend university, he’s bullied because he’s Jardi. While he struggles to fit in, a master alchemist takes him... more

  • Gardeners of the Universe

    by Ronald E. Peterson
    What do we want humans to become? What do aliens expect of us? An ancient species, the Torae, are struggling to create new universes to populate. Three young humans are dragged into their schemes while guiding the Earth through the most dangerous and consequential time in its history—the 21st century. The children, their families, and the rest of humanity are entangled in the jarring future as it unfolds. It’s a story about the profound vision, adaptability, and truth we will all need to survive... more