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  • The Secrets of Cinnamon Cinderguard

    by Lara Lee
    A new stand-alone adventure and love story within the same faerie world of gryphendale. Seventeen year old Cinnamon Cinderguard has secrets, tons of them that she hides under a mask of wit and humor. Her greatest desire is to have a safe, new life as a servant to the royal family of Samodivas...and a real bed...and drink tea. When a plot to murder the newly returned mad prince and the assassination of an Undine Ambassador threatens the stability of the Huldra kingdom, Cinnamon tells all she k... more
  • The Becalmer

    by Nick Wilford
    The Becalmer is about a girl with the power to resolve conflicts using her mind who is called on to take on the biggest challenge of her life - stopping a war. When she comes up against an adversary who shares similar powers but doesn't use them for good, she is forced to dig deep and find a strength she never knew she had if she is going to prevail.
  • Sun Child of the Moor

    by Tricia D. Wagner
    Darkness, no fourteen-year-old should fear. Or so Bastian believes until he discovers that, in the dark, hides a terror known only to old English legends—a terror that’s stalked him since the day he was born. England’s Sylphic Kingdom, peopled with its Forest Children and Faeries, its Oakmen and Sunwalkers and Sprites, awaits the coming-of-age of its hero—the Sun Child. For at the hand of a Wight Witch, risen to great power, the Sylphic Kingdom stands on the brink of destruction. And with its f... more
  • Regent: The Coelacanth Project Book III

    by Sarah Newland
    Natalie has found the worst kept secret in history. Now, to stay safe, all she has to do is keep her head down and obey the Regent. But the cost of Natalie’s power is catching up with her. The past and present are a blur, Nautilus lurks at the city gates, safety is an illusion, and all around her reality cracks. While Edwin urges her to find an anchor and Leo strives to be her confidant, Natalie is convinced that to save herself, she must fix her family. And fixing her family means finding Br... more
  • Chymist: The Coelacanth Project Book II

    by Sarah Newland
    Haunted by a power she can’t control, Natalie is determined to reunite her family and uncover the truth of her past. But with Leo missing in action and Uncle Chris out of the picture, Natalie is left harboring a mysterious key and a secret that isn’t hers to tell. Invited to masquerade as a Nautilus recruit, Natalie finds herself in the Helix: Nautilus’s center. Faced with old enemies and locked doors, she hopes to last long enough to find her parents. However, Natalie isn’t the only one keeping... more
  • The Last Elder King

    by D. B. Collins


    Max’s life takes an extraordinary turn in the ordinary town of Gilden, where magic is dismissed as make-believe. Raised by a hardworking but absent mother, never knowing who his father was. Thankfully, his wise and supportive grandfather, Paps, fills the void. However, at times, Max feels like he’s the one raising Paps.

    One fateful day, Max and his loyal best friend, LG, find themselves transported to a strange new land, a world where their imagination bec... more

  • Jack the Ripper?

    by Philip Jones
    Readers are transported to Victorian London and introduced to Inspector Doyle, a modern-day detective with eternal life, who discovers that he has been wrongly named as ‘Jack the Ripper’, the Victorian serial killer. Nobody wants that label at any time in history, so with the aid of time travel he returns to the year 1888 in an attempt to clear his name.
  • Father of the Future

    by Darren Dash
    Cassique is a time travelling Fixer in AD 2853. It's his job to nip back into the past and fix problems which threaten to wipe out the world of the twenty-ninth century. But the longer Cassique spends in those past times, the more he comes to wonder if the docile, VR-obsessed people of his present would actually benefit from a reset. It's a dangerous thought, because that would mean taking a stand against Father, the world-running super-computer, and Father takes a very dim view of any form of r... more
  • Minds of Sand and Light

    by Kylie Chan
    A dazzling new series from the beloved Australian bestselling author of White Tiger, Kylie Chan. 'Clever and timely, Minds of Sand and Light is an intriguing exploration of AI that manages to be both optimistic and terrifying in the possibilities it offers' ...Robin Hobb Iain M Banks and Max Barry collide with a splash of Murderbot in this wildly original, gripping and new trilogy. The world is in the midst of a new Cold War - between the wasteful nations of the West, and the oppressive... more
  • Our Future Selves

    by Graham Dix
    This is the story of three people, caught in a love triangle, sharing a secret that no-one else will believe, that when we die we form a connection with a future self, who shares our reincarnated soul. A connection so strong that sometimes we can become that future person and they can become us. We can swap bodies across time.
  • Night Highway

    by Allen Coskerie
    One Friday afternoon, Steve and Mark Cross head off on an adventurous father and son weekend in the Australian bush. The long drive provides plenty of time to shake off the weekday woes, have a few laughs and soak up the rugged landscape. In the early hours of the morning, as they near their destination in a remote part of the country, through the endless darkness of the ‘night highway’, they notice a dull light on the road up ahead.
  • Caring for Your Clown Book Two: Trial and Error

    by Oleander Blume
    Overjoyed by his official adoption and with the completion of the molecular transporter coming closer, Oliver's excitement over the return of his mother conflicts with the ever-expanding mystery surrounding the circumstances of her departure and Dindet's increasingly suspicious behavior. She's leaving, more often and for longer and longer periods of time. And left alone with devilishly wandering thoughts and idle hands, Oliver craves a distraction-- and his name is Markus. The second e... more
  • Valkyrie Landing: YA Fantasy Romance (Valkyrie Allegiance Book 1)

    by A.J. Flowers
    I'm an ancient Valkyrie on a mission to reap my first soul. To all the cheerleaders at Mattsfield High, I'm just the new girl and they're going to chew me up and spit me out. None of my training prepared me for what life as a human teenager would really be like. Not the boys, the pool parties, or the dead bodies lining up in my wake. This was supposed to be a simple job. Befriend the hottest swimmer on the team. Become his girlfriend, and then take his soul straight to Valhalla. Except someon... more
  • Farewell To Dust And Sun

    by John M. Broadhead
    The sun-scorched wasteland of Dirthome is a harsh place, and survival is a constant struggle against violence and apathy. As the sun prepares to set for the first time in generations, a tenacious but headstrong young laborer named Coal returns from his adventures with a daring plan. His mission, to convince his people to abandon their home before the world turns dark and cold, won’t be an easy one. Driven by a complicated love for the governor’s wife, Bright, and accompanied by the enigmatic ... more
  • Talking Man

    by John M. Broadhead
    A sci-fi novel about sensationalism, insanity and conspiracy. Follow celebrity Traver Graff into space, and perhaps back again. Traver Graff is the preeminent social commentator of the 22nd century and a staunch opponent of space travel. Unexpectedly, he finds himself swept along on a journey into the far reaches of space, for what he assumes to be a publicity stunt concocted by the powerful and clandestine Aurora Corporation. But Traver has demons of his own. As the ship nears its mysterious d... more
  • Zilly's War

    by John M. Broadhead
    Eve is alone in orbit around a distant planet, nicknamed "Zilly," which is home to an alien strain of plant life. Her existence is a solitary one, despite the comforts afforded by the design of the ship, which includes an interactive A.I. meant for recreation. When the A.I. begins to make unexpected decisions on its own, threatening the delicate balance between life and death that exists on the planet’s surface, Eve finds herself making discoveries both exciting and terrifying while her own memo... more