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  • Alpha and Omega

    by Carol T. Luna

    Ao never believed in monsters—not after being branded one since childhood. Exiled, he lives with his adoptive guardian, Kaisei Aizawa, amidst verdant valleys surrounded by desolation.

    Humanity only had themselves to blame for the wretched landscape. Their war poisoned the seas. Their greed coveted the fertile and the green.

    Their ambition set it ablaze.

    One hundred years had passed since the war banished Talus to the skies. Doomed to chase the sun, the once proud natio... more

  • Singularity for Baby: Preparing Your Child for the Coming Overlords

    by R. E. Lane
    Are your kiddos ready for the coming FutureTech? Prepare them with Singularity for Baby, a tongue-in-cheek tour through tomorrow's technology. On first view, it is filled with the imaginary slang and bright, happy possibilities of advancing technology. Further examination, with a secondary text (hidden in binary and translated in the back), injects a dose of dark humor into the mix. This is the perfect book for the delightfully eccentric, the proudly nerdy parents, and their growing broods.
  • Singularity to Humanity

    by Daniel R Scott



    The saga continues. Bioengineered superhumans and self-evolving artificial intelligences threaten humanity's existence. Each of the Cameron twins continue their quest separately. Ainsley and her fiancé go to China and join her ex-boyfriend Xiang. They escape a nuclear explosion and flee across the Himalayas.

    Addison and her paramour lead an elite squad in pursuit of the heinous trio -- Count Gru... more

  • The Books of Norene Ii: The Masked Man

    by Jane Sefc

    Darkness is his hiding place; roofs are his territory. A mysterious man haunts Royal City.

    Have you ever walked through a dark, empty street? Have you ever had that strange feeling that someone is watching you? Has it ever occurred to you to look up? The Masked Man is roaming the city rooftops—his hiding places. What would you do to stop him?

    Rex continues looking for the necklace, but he’s using others to do his dirty work. And the Masked Man is doing one of... more

  • Trine Rising: The Kinderra Saga: Book 1

    by C.K. Donnelly
    Mirana Pinal, just sixteen summers old, knows she’s different. In her homeland of Kinderra, only a small minority of people are born with one of three magical powers—Seeing, Defending, or Healing. Mirana, however, was born with all three, making her a rare Trine, one whose powers can bring peace to the war-ravaged land—or destroy it. Only two other known Trines exist in the current age—Tetric Garis, a hero to Mirana’s people; and the Dark Trine, the ruthless leader of the enemy Ken’nar regime,... more
  • Billy Chan Rescues a Moark Named Mark

    by D.Z. Mah

    There's a moark in the Monterey Bay Aquarium! The CIA has heard rumors of a shark fin moving through the sand at the bottom of one of their tanks. He was put in there by accident, and a marine biologist might discover him at any moment. If they do, there will definitely be questions.

    The CIA needs my help to get that moark out of there. This is where you come in. These missions are hard, and I need your help to make decisions. Let's see if we can get that moark without causing a... more

  • The Harvest Sprites

    by Hayley Nystrom
    When a crispness cuts through painted skies With scents of leaf and hay... It means that fall is here! Fall is a magical time of year, filled with bursts of color, crackling fires, tricks, treats, and so much more. The Harvest Sprites adore this time of year, each for their own special reason. Carmine and Crunch can always be found admiring and playing in the beautiful leaves, while Blossom and Patches pick apples, pumpkins, and other yummy, ripe treats. There's so much to do, see a... more
  • Brimstone Bound

    by Helen Harper

    A werewolf killer. A paranormal murder. How many times can Emma Bellamy cheat death?

    I’m one placement away from becoming a fully fledged London detective. It’s bad enough that my last assignment before I qualify is with Supernatural Squad. But that’s nothing compared to what happens next.

    Brutally murdered by an unknown assailant, I wake up twelve hours later in the morgue – and I’m very much alive. I don’t know how or why it happened. I ... more

  • The Dragons of Bloodrock

    by Graham Edwards
    “Do you swear to do all in your power to see that the world to whose skin we cling will now and forever turn true?” Long ago, the citadel of Bloodrock fell. Now the dragons of Bloodrock are scattered across the desert and the mysteries of the past have been forgotten. But nothing lies hidden forever. When cruel Viscero brings terror to the land, Abalone — the last member of a knightly order known as the Peregrines — vows to bring the ruthless dragon to justice. To do this, he must first u... more
  • String City

    by Graham Edwards
    The universe is made of string. When the knots tighten, the cosmos quakes. “It’s a tough job being a gumshoe in an interdimensional city full of gods, living concepts and weirder things. Good job I’m a stringwalker, able to jump between realities. “It started when I was hired to investigate an explosion at a casino. A simple heist, I thought, but it turned into a race to stop the apocalypse. So I rolled the dice, and now I’m up against the ancient Greek Titans, an interdimensional spider g... more
  • Stone & Sun

    by Graham Edwards
    In the third and final novel of the "Stone" trilogy, a headlong race begins to reach to the very top of Stone’s mighty wall. A thousand worlds must be crossed before the summit is reached … and in this race there is no second prize. Newest passengers on the Bark’s greatest voyage yet are the mysterious Tom Coyote, flung to Stone from the erupting Mount St Helens in 1980 and, more mysterious still, the diminutive Mister Ren, who claims to have created immortality. In the glare of its guardian ... more
  • Stone & Sea

    by Graham Edwards
    In this sequel to "Stone & Sky," Victorian naturalist Jonah Lightfoot and his companion Annie West must cross Stone’s unsettling vertical ocean, whose waters are filled with magic. Together with companions both human and dragon, they voyage in the Bark: the only vessel capable of crossing such an unruly sea. But the Bark’s temperamental pilot has ideas of his own. Gradually the sea’s charm weaves its destructive spell on the hearts and minds of all the crew. Soon Jonah must face again the imm... more
  • Stone & Sky

    by Graham Edwards
    Victorian naturalist Jonah Lightfoot, along with his American companion Annie West, is catapulted to the wall-world of Stone following the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. In this strange, vertical realm, Jonah faces an immortal dragon who has lain imprisoned for a million years, hatred growing inside her. Her name is Archan, and she is free at last. And she’s mad as hell. But Stone’s precipitous landscape holds more than just magic – it holds memory too. As he journeys through human history and... more
  • Dragonflame

    by Graham Edwards
    In this sequel to "Dragoncharm" and "Dragonstorm," Fortune’s daughter Aria in the thrall of the sinister Cult of the Last Circle. Under the guidance of its evil leader Scarn, she learns to worship the Flame and renounce the dragon gift of flight. Meanwhile, wingless dragon Wyrm sets out across the world to seek the answer to the riddle of the Last Circle itself – and his own uncertain destiny. But a new day is coming, the long-awaited day of creation, in which what’s left of the world’s charm... more
  • Dragonstorm

    by Graham Edwards
    It is a time of chaos. The world is shedding the charm by which it was once ruled. In this sequel to the bestselling "Dragoncharm," Fortune and his friends mount a desperate rescue mission to rescue the dragons trapped at Aether’s Cross while around them what remains of the charm is gathered together by the basilisks. These immortal creatures are planning one last great wielding of charm, and it is not certain that the turned world will survive it. But neither Fortune nor the basilisks hav... more
  • Dragoncharm

    by Graham Edwards
    Before man, there was magic. And where there was magic, there were dragons. The world is turning. The faeries are dying. Fortune, a humble dragon of the new, natural order, joins his fire-breathing friend Cumber on an epic quest to challenge the force that is drawing enchantment out of the world. As the tyrant Wraith attacks the ancient stronghold of Covamere, Fortune's growing band seeks to bring together the divided races of natural and charmed, for only if dragons are united can the wor... more