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  • Reaping Independence: A Novel

    by Jeffrey Messineo
    Los Angeles, 2029 - They told her not to do it. She did it anyway. Now Kwynn’s on the run. From The Directive, her dead father, and herself. She’d like to catch on with the film crew she’s hooked up with and hack a clandestine server here and there but Kwynn has an inkling she’s destined for something bigger. When power failures spread like wildfire across the West, she discovers it may be that dead father’s sentient servers creating the blackouts. She must break into those computers. H... more
  • Laela and the Moonline by Lisa Perskie

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Marketing
    “Surprises unfold in the predictable. . . . You can never fully foresee the foreseen.” Long ago, the four tribes of Aerizon lived as one people, but the time of unity has passed. Now, three of the tribes collectively called the Treedles inhabit the forest canopy. The fourth tribe, the Mergons, live on the ground and pose a constant threat to the Treedles. Laela is a young Treedlegirl coming of age in the treetop realm of Aerizon. Her destiny, as yet unrevealed, will cast her in the role of ca... more
  • Hierarchy of Blood: A YA Dystopian Romance (The Five Colonies Book 1)

    by Jennifer Haskin
    “The Selection meets The Hunger Games in space.” Instead of a beauty contest to find the prince’s bride, sixty girls are forced to battle for him—to the death. But Marishel is just a seamstress who sucks at fighting. She has only one month of training to find a way to survive … and falling for the leader’s handsome son now would complicate everything.
  • Forever Child

    by Mark Lavine
    Three-hundred years into the future, and the world has changed. Among a chosen few, life expectancy is now hundreds of years; these are the forever children, and science has found a way to keep them in a nearly endless childhood. Secure in their giant hives, they have left the outsiders, who must live natural lives, to fend for themselves, although the forever children are dependent upon stealing the outsider children for their population growth. And that’s not all they do… This is the story of... more
  • Harbinger in the Night (The Humanity Blueprint Book 1)

    by John Warner
    In the near future a new space race is in full swing to be the first to colonize Mars. The United States and allied European governments working alongside private industry are competing against the RSAC, a new Russian-Chinese alliance, to build working spacecraft to make the long journey. In preparations for the mission, an engineering team from an aerospace/tech conglomerate is building out the interplanetary communications network, when a mysterious object emerges from the depths of interst... more
  • Ascendant

    by Izaic Yorks

    Revolution cometh.

    The sounds of Valor shall resound and pierce even the deepest reaches of the undercity, and not a soul will remain untarnished. . .

    * * *

    Hasbal, The City of Lights is no longer the capital of industry, but instead, a place frozen in time as its denizens reach ever towards the promised utopia.


    Ghost-Who-Walks is on the run from his past and he is dreadfully tired. Centuries have come and gone, and yet he still can ... more

  • Minimum Safe Distance

    by X. Ho Yen
    Two transbiological aliens are in a fight over what to do about a dire cosmic threat. They stealthily involve humanity, but things don’t go as planned. An AI expert channeled her autism for science. A violent zealot is her nemesis. Laurence and Matt must reach minimum safe distance from human nature itself to decide the fate of the world.
  • Exit Ghost

    by Jennifer R. Donohue
    After her father is murdered and an attempt is made on her life, New Jersey heiress and witch Juliet Duncan is supposed to be concentrating on getting better and moving forward. Instead, Jules summons her father's ghost using her blood and tears and his old rotary phone to answer the question: who did it? He reveals it was Hector, her dad's best friend and her mom's new fiancé. Certain her life is still in danger, Jules flees the family estate to the Asbury Park apartment she shares with her ... more
  • Ithandryll

    by Nikki Auberkett
    A young woman running from her past plunges headlong into the mysterious realm of the fae—where new alliances and vicious enemies force her to confront the demons haunting her memories.
  • Dealings in the Dark (Cursed Souls Book 1)

    by Samantha Moran
    All she wanted was to save her friend, so she made a deal with the darkness, but her good intentions came with a steep cost, and it's so much more than she bargained for. Magick always comes with a price. This is the lesson that Alex Hendricks, a young practitioner, learns when she is forced to confront a terrifying entity set on claiming her soul for his own. Secrets from her past are revealed, and she must decide whether to meet the entity's demands or sacrifice herself, allowing him to end... more
  • Apnea: a novel of the future

    by Jay Sizemore
    IF YOU FALL ASLEEP, YOU DIE. In the future, a virus threatens humanity with extinction. During the Great Sleep, nearly all men on the planet suddenly perished, throwing the world into chaos. For the few left behind, but one hope remains. An experimental drug that keeps carriers of the virus awake for 21 straight days. The treatment offers a slim chance of survival, but those willing to undergo the trial do so at the risk of losing their very minds.
  • The Last Alive

    by H L Wampler
    There are three rules for the zombipocalypse...Don't leave the fort. Don't get bit. DON'T fall in love! Emma Taylor does all three in the same week. Nathan White is the only doctor left in Fort Burgh and Emma is in love with him. She refuses to admit it until he goes missing. Venturing out into the wild means certain death, but she can't let him turn to zombie food. Heading out to face her biggest fears, she comes to terms with falling in love and finds her emotions hiding alongside the ... more
  • The Rings of Dialisk

    by Michael R. Willacy
    Cole Rowe lives a simple life in the city, until one day a ring given to him by a stranger transports him to Sajerskeep! Cole finds himself in another realm filled with magic and impossibly strange creatures - but the ring that has bonded itself to him has made Cole a target for the magic thief, who has plagued the realm with fear. Join Cole on an adventure to free the realm of Fiend, the magic thief and stop his plan before an even greater evil can be unleashed.
  • Ballad of the Dead: A Modern Fairy Tale

    by D.N. Moore

    For Rory, life after High School is not what she expected. Her dreams of college and a musical career are shattered after her mother leaves unexpectedly, taking the family savings with her. Rory gets a job at a local grocery store, and life becomes mundane -- that is, until she meets Thomas, who is charming, handsome -- and blind. An unfortunate accident leads them to discover that Rory's touch enables Thomas to see -- and from that moment on, they can't stay away from each other.

    ... more
  • The Blandford Fly and Other Tales

    by D.N. Moore
    A radio station that causes mysterious phenomena in its listeners. A street artist whose paintings come to life. A vampire fly. All this and more can be found in these gripping tales told by contemporary fiction writer D.N. Moore. Teens and adults alike will fall in love with young Danny Carson and his obsession with bugs, Levi Shay and his radio sweetheart, and Georgia and her insatiable hunger for art.
  • A Plague of Hatred: The Encroaching Chaos

    by Jeremiah Cain

    “This dazzling epic fantasy is packed with memorable characters in black, white, and gray.” (BookLife Reviews)

    Welcome to Perdinok, a world on the verge of destruction. Roslyn's dream of becoming a healer and marrying her beloved Jon is shattered when hate-filled fanatics arrive to slaughter her mentor and lock eight hundred of Roslyn's fellow townspeople in a local inn--intent on burning them alive.

    Reso... more