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  • Luna

    by David Thomas

    "One day, Earth's cities failed to shine and a silence fell over our corner of the cosmos... and that is when our peace died."

    Adam is like any other seventeen year old. He has dreams, hopes and fears.
    However, Adam's birth marked another giant leap for mankind.

    One day, his entire world begins to slip away.
    One day, he and those closest to him are faced with impossible life-or-death decisions... and time is rapidly running out.

    This is his s... more

  • The Evil That Men Love

    by Aaron J Clarke
    Jealousy, shame, lust… A maelstrom of emotions stirs in this passionate novella, a tale following a young boy in a small town who is doomed to follow in the footsteps of his father. Sinister betrayal. Defying death for love. The Bloofer Man will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he always gets his way.
  • As & When: Book 2 of The E Apocrypha

    by Alex Andre
    They’ve messed with the wrong woman. Aileen’s got a city to run—its shady part, in any case. Abducted and whisked away from Locksville, she refuses to be a pawn in powerful players’ games. She most definitely is not a damsel in distress and needs no freakin knights in shining armor to come to her rescue. Alas, her best-laid escape plans misfire, landing her in even hotter waters far away from home. Aileen must find her footing in an unfamiliar, unforgiving society, fighting tooth and nail to sur... more
  • Oceans of Sand

    by Jessica Flory
    One girl. Her boat. An ocean of sand to cross. Norah’s desert world has always been treacherous, with the roiling ocean of sand, giant scorpions, and brutal sandstorms—but now an unnatural famine plagues the desert nations and threatens to destroy all. Despite being the only one in her village without a sand gift, Norah is chosen with her best friend, Zadock, to sail across the ocean of sand in search of the legendary moonstone, an artifact that could end the famine. As Norah and Zadock se... more
  • Ignore the Dead: an existential horror

    by Jay Sizemore
    IGNORE THE DEAD. In Clarkson, Kentucky, Richard Chandler gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Just five years after losing his wife to the disease. He contemplates ending it all. His suicide attempt is interrupted by a call from a mysterious stranger. What the stranger offers is a way to cheat death, all he has to do is give his cancer away to other people. And ignore the dead. What transpires is a story of terror, one that delves into the existential dread lurking beneath human mortalit... more
  • Arctic Druid

    by Stephen Reeves
    Twelve-year-old Eamon returns home from his first solo hunting expedition hoping to have earned his rite of passage into adulthood and full status as a hunter. Disqualified by a technicality, Eamon is left searching for his place in the village. When a mysterious darkness appears, threatening the village, he sets off to find the Druid, a magician powerful enough to rid the land of the danger. As he journeys through the Barren Plains and Do’gorym Sea, Eamon finds companions to help him on his que... more
  • The Woodcutter

    by Stephanie Ellis
    A tragic accident, shrouded in mystery, leads to a family reunion in the hidden village of Little Hatchet, located in the smothering shadow of GodBeGone Wood, the home of the mythical Woodcutter and Grandma. Alec Eades rediscovers his bond with GodBeGone Wood and the future his father agreed to years ago as nefarious landowner Oliver Hayward schemes to raise money for the village by re-enacting part of the Woodcutter legend. Old wounds are re-opened and ties of blood and friendship are tested to... more
  • The Book of Power

    by Charles Quince
    My novella The Book of Power is an epic, 40,839-word supernatural thriller featuring Hope Bankston, an ambitious but inefficient financial investment manager who must decide if achieving her greatest desires is worth the price of losing her soul. Hope has fulfilled her dream of working for a prosperous investment firm. However, there’s one caveat: her inability to do the job. Her situation would be hopeless if not for a beacon of light in the form of a magical book that she received as a gif... more
  • The Sylver Platter

    by J.B. Fitzgerald
    Uncommonly courteous and resolutely nonviolent, Sylvia Platt’s intelligence and creativity open the door to countless successful pursuits. The general populace would likely agree: vigilantism is not among them. When violent crime invades her island home, jeopardizing the lives of those she holds most dear, this ultra-curvy introvert must summon the strength and courage to transform into the one persona she’d never believed in yet unwittingly harbored all along. Sylvia Platt must become…a hero... more
  • Medei, the Ghosts of Thornhills

    by Danie Ellis
    Medei, the Ghosts of Thornhills, is a YA fantasy novel with a thrilling whodunnit and a whole new magical world to discover, but at the center are the protagonists, trying to deal with grief, change and finding who they are and where they belong.
  • Princess Eve's New Orleans Adventure

    by Dr. Vanessa P. Girard
    One minute he's there and the next he's not. Princess Eve's cousin Asher disappears, along with one of the village children, without a trace. What happened and can Eve and her family get them back? This is a story about courage, mistakes, and redemption. How does one escape from a dragon? Find out in this fun tale about reputations and circumstances!
  • Hearts & Wings

    by Richard C Lin

    In fifth-century China, fifteen-year-old Wencai aids his childhood friend and secret love interest Yingtai in posing as a boy to attend school together. Amidst the ancient halls of learning, Yingtai falls for Shanbo, their newly sworn blood brother, who reciprocates her affection—albeit for the boy he thinks she is. Jealousies provoke rifts in their “brotherhood,” culminating in Shanbo’s violent death, for which Yingtai blames Wencai. At Shanbo’s funeral, Yingtai... more

  • The Girl Who Freed the Darkness: Book 2 in the Rim Walker Novels

    by Renee Hayes
    Since destroying the Rim wall and its menacing queen guardian, Kyeitha, Rim Walker Zemira Creedence has been cursed. Now possessed by Kyeitha's unconquerable spirit, Zee's strength and powers are fading fast. With healer and seer Diwa unable to help her, the Rim Walker turns to the only person who can - Ravaryn Black, her former captor and the king of Kymera. As Ravaryn pledges to save Zemira from Kyeitha's control, their voyage takes an unexpected turn. A turn that leads them to... more
  • Chronicles of Asadore: The Quest to the Emberlands

    by Robin M Farella

    Embark on an epic odyssey into the world of Asadore, where the fate of an entire world hangs in the balance. Ellie cherished the simple joys of existence alongside her four closest friends. But life's tranquil facade shatters in mere moments, as she grapples with the unforgiving hand of destiny. In the blink of an eye, Ellie’s life casts her into a role of The Keeper of the Water Element. Fueled by her life-long love of fantasy quests, Ellie sets forth with unwavering determination,... more

  • Life, Undiminished.

    by Dieudonné Lemmert
    A thousand years from now, Nick and his girlfriend Aurora from planet Mitis have dreams of opening Earth’s last nature preserve to visitors from desert planets. Those dreams are destroyed when a radical ecologist movement takes over the preserve and captures Aurora. Soon, a deadly pandemic breaks out caused by a germ with a mysterious genetic code. Government calls Nick to duty to crack the code. Nick needs to decide whether to search for Aurora or save his home planet from the ultimate disaster... more
  • Eye of the Stormlord

    by Laurel Colless
    For the initiates of Spiral Hall, the race is on to make the top adventure team. Eleven-year-old Peter Blue is in the running for the finals. But when Peter learns that his dad, thought dead for five years, might still be alive, he and his friends are drawn into a larger test of courage going far beyond the contest lines and forcing Peter to become the hero he is destined to be.