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  • The Teeth in the Tide

    by Rebecca F. Kenney
    Pitched as Attack on Titan with mermaids, this savage gender-swapped retelling of “The Little Mermaid” is perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Alexandra Christo, and Holly Black. Trapped on a walled island with her people, Kestra aches for vengeance against the swarms of ravenous mermaids that ate her father fifteen years ago. The swarms threaten her town’s last supply ship--and the life of the brave young captain who smiles so charmingly at her whenever he makes port. With the help of... more
  • Electric Trees

    by Melissa Bobe
    There is a mermaid in this book. There is a sea monster. There are sirens. This book has monsters and murders, elephants and polar bears and wolves, of a kind. It has crappy jobs and happy escapes. It has funerals and hospitals and hope. Its homes are haunted by people haunted by the things they cannot face. Its halls are quiet, its colors are loud, and it will take you on a journey if you’re willing to stay the course. Are you?
  • Nine Streams of Consciousness

    by Glenn R. Frank

    Late in the 21st century an interstellar object hurtles toward Earth. Its existence is covered up. Humanity's last hope is placed aboard the colony ship Provenance. Our destiny lies in our technology, alien cultures, and the deep unknown of a distant star system.

    The nine authors and short stories in the book:

    You Think You Have Time - Drew Wagar
    The Light of Spiring - Alan R. Paine
    Off Target - Glenn R. Frank
    Blessed are the Children - John Hoggard... more

  • The Fellowship of the Flame, The Chronicles of Purpura Book 1

    by A. R. Silverberry
    A deadly hunter … A boy with an ill-fated dream … Only one can survive. Caggril, ruthless mercenary and tracker, needs enough gold to release himself from the Purpuran army. Only then can he leave war behind and seek the near mythical land of Aerdem, by all reports a paradise. Cap, a ten-year-old street urchin, knows it’s mad to attack the brutal queen of Purpura. But he’s hell-bent on realizing his dream, to join the Purpuran resistance, and one bold action might just do it. Bent on ... more
  • Mac Ness, El Secreto de Mull

    by Malena Villarejo
    William es un tímido y solitario adolescente que vive en Edimburgo junto a su familia adoptiva. Nadie sabe nada de su pasado, excepto que unos pescadores lo encontraron cerca de Fort William y aparentaba tener dos años. Muy pronto, descubrirá sus verdaderos orígenes, que su nombre real es Mac Ness y que nació en una pequeña aldea de la isla de Mull. Emprenderá un viaje fantástico donde encontrará a su verdadera abuela y descubrirá que pertenece a un mundo increíble formado por los Glok, g... more
  • The Tear of Tybaleth, A Chronicles of Purpura Novel

    by A. R. Silverberry
    A bold heroine … A ruthless queen … Only one can triumph … Lonely and trapped in her father’s loveless house, Briar longs to flee as far away as she can with Vance, Who taught her swordplay, Who left her breathless, Who vanished without a trace. But the queen of Purpura plots to sell her off to the highest bidder. When Briar thwarts the plan, she’s cast to a fate from which she may never survive. She’d better. Or thousands of her countrymen will die. THE TEAR OF TYBALETH i... more
  • Far Flung

    by T.C.C. Edwards

    William Flynn was eager to take on a job as a reporter at the newly-founded Tau Ceti colony, where he would meet his fiancé and begin a new life. Instead, his colony vessel is flung far from the intended destination, appearing instead in an entirely different galaxy.

    Now Flynn and the rest of the crew of the Tereshkova colony vessel must survive among unknown allies and enemies. They are forced to accept help from the mysterious alien scientist Asar, who offers to guide them to s... more

  • The Normandy Club

    by Bill Walker
    He knows they’re plotting to alter the end of World War II. But he’s already too late to stop them… Miami, 1993. Jack Dunham doesn’t know if he’s gone insane or not. His best friend has assured him the Nine Old Men at their country club are planning to change history by giving Hitler the details of Operation: Overlord. But before he can think what to do, Jack awakens in a Nazi-occupied America. Unaware at first that anything is wrong, his memories come flooding back. Realizing the “resettl... more
  • The Buried Secret of Fairyloom

    by Niranjana Siva
    Life has changed so much for the students at the Elite academy. With the threat of the culprits lingering in the air of Illusia, the Tremendous Ten continue their mission. Two shocking discoveries threaten to shatter the friendship that they share. They get involved in a life or death mission, which endangers the life of each other. Old allies and new rivals emerge to increase the challenge of their already deadly mission. Wearing the wings of hope, they travel to uncover the long kept sec... more
  • The Girl of Dorcha Wood

    by Kristin Ward
    The people of Felmore talk of Dorcha Wood in whispers, if they speak of it at all, fearing the wrath of the Cù-Sìth should their words be carried on the wind. Those murdering beasts still roam the darkness of the forest, the last remnants of the cursed Aos Sí, a race of elves, long since vanished from the world. But to seventeen-year-old Fiadh, it is home. A haven. A forest whose secrets become known only when it chooses to reveal them. Her life is one of balance until the outside world shat... more
  • The Missing Piece of History

    by Niranjana and Archana
    Cathy Wilde, a 15-year old girl leading a normal life, suddenly experiences some weird happenings in a day. She is more terrified when two strangers appear in her home out of nowhere. She follows them to a world known as Illusia. Little did she know that her Academy was in grave danger. She and nine of her friends discover the hidden truths behind their history. Tremendous Ten are up to something for which they are not completely prepared yet. Will the ten of them be able to stop the dange... more
  • A-S2: A Clockmaker's Journey

    by R. A. Cabral
    A PREQUEL TO “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE” Clarence Odbody, the angel who helped George Bailey realize he had a “Wonderful Life,” is making a comeback in the new fantasy novella A-S2: A CLOCKMAKER’S JOURNEY. On Christmas Eve 1700, British clockmaker Clarence suffers the indignity of an accidental drowning in the River Avon. In the Spirit World, given the option of guardian-angel-in-training (GAIT) or a cushy cloud overlooking the English Channel, he selects the former. But after two underwhelmin... more
  • The Pitch: The Adventures of Luther Woundup and His Magical Orange Ball

    by R. A. Cabral
    From the moment Luther Woundup launches the orange baseball over the wall at Riders Field, Sacramento fans are introduced to the most intriguing mascot the game has ever seen. Luther bursts onto the field and into their hearts with the most ingenious, magical displays. But like a modern day Trojan Horse, the display serves as a ruse to collect human brain waves with an innocent-looking device invented by Luther's father, the reigning scientist on Spalding. The mission: convert the contents i... more
  • The Miracle of the Christmas Wish Holder

    by R. A. Cabral
    PR pro Grace McBride and her former high school sweetheart Donte Soltero reunite on a solution to save the Soltero family’s wooden toy creations from a high-tech company’s threat of a lawsuit. In the process the couple discovers the miracle of faith and the power of magick on a rare snowy Christmas Eve in Sacramento. This book has the heart of the holiday classic, "Miracle on 34th Street."
  • The Day We Die

    by Autumn Bluestone
    It’s the year 2070, and everything in Tessa’s life has gone wrong. She didn’t expect to be Branded—a process created to preserve her country’s precious resources—with the terrifyingly young age of sixteen, or for tragedy to befall all her childhood friends. She didn’t expect to be left this alone. Four years after everything crumbled apart, Tessa is sixteen, preparing to board the Bus that gathers the expired before mysteriously disposing of them; and searching desperately for anything that co... more
  • Maldene

    by Mark Anthony Tierno
    Maldene is a world of magic and science, wizards and dragons; but home also to an incredible secret. One jealously guarded by History’s most villainous being: Miro. For centuries his presence has been plaguing the nightmares of gods and men; the world is in his thrall, there is no one willing to face him. Or perhaps there is. The young wizard Sabu, and his elven friend Eldar, lead their companions on a journey to seek a destiny foretold them by a blind gold-skinned gypsy. Fighting a three-h... more