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  • Anchor Moon

    by Amy Walker
    The main character Rupel is quite like any other child, longing for magical adventures outside of the world of ordinary. One stormy night he voyages on the most exciting journey as Captain Screye needs Rupel’s help in sailing to the moon to hide his treasure from the pirates. As Rupel flies over the roof tops and in to space, he looks back at the world, amazed at its beauty in lights. Rupel meets his new best friend Ronnie the Robot and they embark on lots of fun on the moon. Rupel discovers h... more
  • The 7th Paradox book one: The Doorway of Fear.

    by Levy Stephen
    Every time someone travels backward in time they always screw something up. Josiah Jenkins just happens to be the person responsible for repairing any contradictions that time travel might’ve caused. Out of all the paradoxes that he ever fixed the 7th one happens to be the paradox that’s closest to his heart. But only because it happened in the very city he was born and died in. Jason Michaels was only a child the day Josiah met his end. He’s all grown up now and he’s a famous game designer ... more
  • The Adventures of Theo's Star

    by Matthieu Silberstein
    To fulfill his destiny, a young star travels the Solar System to help a little boy cope with a childhood tragedy.
  • Sailing on the Tides of Burning Sand

    by Michael Darling
    Ghosts. Monsters. Harry Houdini meets Charles Dickens in Outer Space. * A man and woman, apparent strangers, sail over a surreal desert landscape on their way to a dangerous and uncertain destiny * Tiny predators who live in the wall and feed on memories prove without a doubt that you are what you read. * A little boy defies the curse of a mummified Indian princess, prepared to halt the emergence of an ancient god, even if it costs the lives of everyone close to him. These amazing storie... more
  • Sliptime

    by Jeffrey Grode

    A teenager, his grandfather, and a resurrected robot, slip the bonds of time to save the world.

    Sixteen-year-old Ben’s confidence and family life have never been better since meeting Jack, his doppel-brother from Terra, a planet in a parallel universe.

    Ben’s grandfather, Patrick, races the clock to stop an enemy drone from opening a portal between Earth and Erde. During his quest, he rebuilds a damaged robot and unlocks the mystery of time travel. The stakes have... more

  • Lunar Tide

    by Jeffrey Grode

    A mysterious seer, Mélange, sends seventeen-year-old Flora a telepathic warning—beware the Techno-Mage. Before Flora unravels the message, Albert, her dad’s arch-nemesis, kidnaps her father on Terra. She and her brother, Zac, vow to save him. Seeking help, they travel back through time to Earth and find Ben, his girlfriend Lori, and the trusted robot Amorphous.

    During the quest, the companions are granted new powers to bend minds and the laws of science. The trail lea... more

  • Slideways

    by Jeffrey Grode

    An eventful and immersive interdimensional romp.—Kirkus Reviews

    A troubled home, a family secret, and a technological breakthrough turn a teen’s world Slideways.

    If fifteen-year-old Ben believes his life is forever shattered after his brother’s accident, he is about to be amazed. After Ben’s grandfather is mysteriously kidnapped, Ben stumbles upon his grandfather’s scientific discovery – a portal to a parallel universe and a world called Terra.<... more

  • Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse

    by K.J. Kruk
    Who hasn't dreamed of going to the moon? That dream for eleven-year-old Leo Gray is about to come true—but he’s in for the surprise of his life! In the year 2113, most people live in robotically maintained homes, ride around in self-flying cars, and wear ozone-resistant clothes. Most people that is; just not Leo Gray’s parents. They’re stuck in the past, and science know-it-all Leo is completely fed up with his beyond-embarrassing living arrangement with them. But when he enters a rocket-buil... more
  • Android's Daughter

    by Marshal Northrup
    A beautiful android steals a baby. Andrea is an assassin who lives in a floating city. When on a job she decides to steal a baby. With the help from a friend she raises the child to the age of training. But nothing is what it seems and the true test begins.
  • The Turning Point

    by Julia Ash

    Animals have their own language.

    A language, Ruby Spencer doesn’t understand. Because if she did, she’d know that unrest festers.

    The natural order on Earth and Athanasia is about to shift. Animals are tired of being underdogs to humans and vampires. And wolves are more than happy to lead an intergalactic rebellion.

    Without an alpha who can speak to their hearts, find middle ground, and quell the uprising, the animals will be unstoppable. The universe will encoun... more

  • The Night the Moon Went Dark

    by Gordon Kibbee
    The Night the Moon Went Dark, is a warm, and fun, adventure story about Clarence de Lune, the Man in the Moon, and his friends….the Moonfluffies, who dance each night to make the Moonlight. An .app on BillyBuggy's SmartPhone goes crazy, and causes the Moon to go dark….and the Man in the Moon is missing. Captain Diddly Doodle, and his crew, go in search of Clarence….and along the way, they meet the Moon Shadow Rockers, Merrybright, the Pinwhizzies, and other Moon Friends. Going deep inside the... more
  • Scroll Seekers: The Black Dragon of Dearth

    by Jason D. McIntosh

    First came the Book. Then came the Mark. Then the kids went missing.

    Thomas and Jillian can find anything. Possessed of a rare gift, the couple makes their living uncovering relics of forgotten--even undiscovered--worlds. Some might call them archaeologists; others refer to them as treasure hunters. Still more have named them petty thieves. But guided by cryptic phrases from a mystifying Book and blessed with abilities that neither can explain, they know differently.

    Someone, or s... more

  • 1983

    by Aaron Clayton
    It was 1983, when I was 11 years old, when I began believing in ghosts. It was October 31st, Halloween Night, and this was the night I saw Mr. Jacob Wasser. I was traveling in the back seat of my family's Chevy Nova, along a dark, mountain road in Montana, when I saw a ghost for the first time. This is my story.
  • The Gables

    by Aaron Clayton
    Take a moment and picture a life that is likely quite different than the one you currently live. Imagine you were sent to prison, for the rest of your life, for killing six people (Seven, actually, but no one has connected you to the seventh... that you know of). Your wife, whom you still love, left you because you are a murderer. Also, she is the reason you are in prison, because she turned you in. Now the only one who comes to see you in prison, which is the only family you have left, is your... more
  • Terminus (Fringe Worlds #1)

    by Kevin Hardman
    Being the sole survivor of humanity’s first bloody encounter with the alien Vacra had cost Gant Maker his military career. However, upon the Vacra’s return, Maker is reinstated and - assisted by a band of military rejects (including a blind sharpshooter, an unstable psychic, and a genetically-engineered killing machine who refuses to fight) - ordered to hunt this enemy down on a distant world.
  • Warden (Book 1: Wendigo Fever)

    by Kevin Hardman
    Trained in weapons and magic to be one of the monster-hunting Wardens, Errol Magnus goes from being the hunter to being the prey after crossing paths with the legendary Wendigo - a monster with preternatural strength and speed, as well as enhanced senses of sight, smell and hearing …and an insatiable hunger for human flesh.