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  • Richter's War: Case of the Japanese Alien

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    In this sci-fi thriller short story, a World War II battle engulfs Los Angeles and sweeps a hard-boiled detective and Nazi spies into dangerous and out-of-this-world action and intrigue.
  • Glimpse

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    In 1950 New Mexico, a small group of agents who will become known as the "Men in Black" deploy in response to an event that will provide a harrowing glimpse into humanity's apocalyptic future.
  • Urraca Mesa Redemption: A Supernatural Wild West Tale

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    A mysterious gun slinging woman who’s full of vengeance and a US marshal with a dark past chase his former gang after they murder his brother and leave a bloody trail behind them in their hunt for gold at a haunted mesa rumored to be nothing less than a gateway to Hell.
  • The Legend of Koji: The Maiden of Lodain

    by J. R. Ryan
    Elves and Dwarves traversing exotic planets across the cosmos, must overcome perilous dangers on their journey of loss and redemption in a tale of self-discovery, friendship, and power.
  • Powdered Oak & Seven Metals

    by Ryan Kurr
    After Nina senses a push from Spirit, she relocates her coven to Nova, Colorado, a small, snowy mountain town just outside Denver. But when Leo—her most powerful and dangerously gifted witch—decides to stray from the coven’s goal for motives of his own, the coven begins to unravel. Soon they find themselves in greater peril than they ever imagined possible, hunted by murderous witches hungry for power and revenge, and with Death breathing down the neck of one of their own. As the rift between th... more
  • Heart of Swine

    by Freddy F. Fonseca

    The last swine left on Earth, Captain Grunter, is on a quest for justice.

    With the support of his improbable companions, he delves into the inescapable nightmares of a late-capitalist mediascape characterised by sensationalised poverty, fetish consumerism and glamourised environmental catastrophes.

    Through the lies and riddles of the villains he faces, the pig superhero begins his philosophical journey of what it means to be more-than-bacon.

     ... more

  • Beginning of Tomorrows

    by CL LaVigne
    A magic realism fantasy, Beginning of Tomorrows reveals the magical powers, psychic awareness and the fighting traditions of ancient families through the lives of four siblings returning to the family estate to mourn their parents’ deaths. Arriving as mere humans, Chance, Kai, Fen and Hilly soon discover they possess supernatural abilities and are descendants of ancient tribes, a lineage steeped in conjuring, portal travel and elemental power. Their situation turns ominous when an evil being ... more
  • Trial of the Lovebird Butcher

    by Lumen Reese
    In New Haven, Connecticut, a decades-old cold case resurfaces. As charges are brought, the details grow stranger and stranger... An antiquities dealer and amateur children's magician named Edward Fox is charged with three murders dating back to the 1980's, when he should have been only a child. Fox is a wanderer and a fall-down drunk. The case's unnatural timeline combined with one alleged victim's status as a teen beauty queen set the stage for the State of Connecticut v. Fox to become the t... more
  • Monster Midwife

    by Lumen Reese
    Alanna Rhee believes that all mothers deserve to deliver safely, even the monsters of the world. As a human enslaved to the fairies of Aerin, she made a pact with the king when she was just a child. She signed in blood. After studying midwifery, and for ten years attending to the most dangerous births of other magical creatures -earning wealth and prestige for the kingdom- she would win her freedom.
  • Birthright: Recall

    by Dale Thomas Vaughn
    Renwick Hector loves Earth so much that the other Mars colonists in school call him an Earthgeek. His own sibling questions Renny’s obsession with a dead planet. Nobody has heard from their ancestral home world for 500 years, until President Sara Ramone reveals a coded SOS message sent from a military bunker in ancient America. There is life on Earth! Now, Renny, Sara, and a small crew must discover who sent the message, what is happening on Earth, and whether the Phoenix colony is in danger ... more
  • The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten: No Good Deed...

    by D. E. Wyatt
    Set in a world based on the mid-15th Century Holy Roman Empire, No Good Deed... follows swordswoman and adventurer Elsabeth Soesten, as she and her comrade-in-arms are drawn into a conspiracy against the local Bishop after completing a job to recover stolen church property. With agents of the conspirators on one side, and the Bishop on the other, their only hope to escape with their heads still attached is to unravel the plot.
  • A Most Unusual Friday Knight (Shawn From the Shed, Book 1)

    by Alan Frost
    History is now in the hands of two orphans, a border collie, and a depressed inventor... ​For as long as Johnny and Ella have known him, Shawn has been that odd but sad man who lives in the shed at the orphanage run by his iron-fisted sister. Every day, the kids watch from the windows as he walks the dog, fixes things, and takes his sister’s belittling with only a sigh. ​Everything changes the night Johnny and Ella decide to investigate lights flashing from the shed. The night they discove... more
  • Hornback & LeFevre

    by Elisabeth Morningstar

    Sunny Gray is a graduate student in Archaeology who has spent years reeling from the unexpected deaths of her parents. Just as her life seems to get back on track, her brother is kidnapped, and the kidnappers leave a cryptic ransom note. What exactly is it they want and how is she supposed to find it? She has to enlist the help of the shadowy legal firm Hornback & LeFevre in order to unravel the mystery. As she tries to rescue her brother, she discovers a world exists outside of the... more

  • Branded

    by Joseph T. Humphrey
    YA contemporary fantasy/supernatural thriller about a refugee high school boy who struggles to reclaim his family's forgotten memories before evil creatures find the lost power his family has hidden. Henry Murphy will learn the heartache of the forgotten, the joy of the reclaimed, strength beyond himself, and the unbreakable ties that bind family together.
  • Shapers of Worlds: Volume II

    by Edward Willett
    Explore twenty-four imaginative tales crafted by some of today’s best writers of science fiction and fantasy, all guests on Aurora Award-winning podcast The Worldshapers during its second year, including international bestsellers and winners of every major award in the field as well as newer authors just beginning what promise to be stellar careers. There are brand-new stories from Kelley Armstrong, Marie Brennan, Garth Nix, Candas Jane Dorsey, Jeremy Szal, Edward Willett, Bryan Thomas Schmidt,... more
  • A Tear In Time

    by Miranda Levi
    After a brush with death at the tender age of nine, Faer Michelson has a near-perfect autobiographical memory. He has a good life, loving wife, and he’s only mildly concerned about Y2K. Sure, no one else remembers Bobby Kennedy was president, or that time an alien took over the TV to declare war, but what’s that in the grand scheme of things? Then one day, Faer remembers something that he can’t shrug off: his own death in 1968. It turns out, the Time Warp isn’t just a song in Rocky Horror. Fa... more