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  • FaseriPopedia

    by Jonathan Nolan

    Welcome to the FASERIPopedia Rules Cyclopedia! Here in one book are 388 pages of every possible rule, combat choice and option, recreating in retroclone form the 1980s classic superhero table top roleplaying game! This volume is the guide for gamemasters and handbook for players alike who want to play FASERIP superhero games - or any other kind of game setting using the brilliant FASERIP system! Hundreds of entries for Powers, Items, Vehicles, Weapons of all kinds and sizes, Animals, Creature... more

  • The Devil Particle

    by Kristin Oakley
    Teens compete for evil honor. In a dystopian world, senseless violence threatens complete destruction and nuclear annihilation. Scientists have discovered a way to extract evil from everyone, but once the evil is removed, it must be contained in a human vessel. Brave teens—eager to prove themselves and stop the destruction—volunteer to compete in the Vessel Trials. The winner will become The Devil Particle Vessel and save the world. Seventeen-year-old Paul Salvage wants to prove his worth... more
  • Custom neon sign

    by Zesta Neon
    Zestaneon is a company that specializes in creating custom neon lights for customers. They offer various options to help customers make the perfect neon sign for their home, office, or business. To start creating a custom neon light, customers can choose from various design options, including text, logos, and graphics. Zestaneon has an online design tool that allows customers to enter their text, select their font, and customize the color of the neon light.

    by J. Rose

    When Vera receives a scholarship to an elite tech school, she thinks the hardest part will be making friends. Turns out there are darker things at Morton Tech. Evil things worse than bullies. Like demons.

    After a face-stealing demon only Vera can see appears, she realizes she’s the only one who can stop it. She’s going to have to use all her wits, and the confidence she’s gained from living with a facial difference and Osteogenesis Imperfecta (“Brittle Bone Disea... more

  • The Byways

    by Mary Pascual
    Neurodivergent high school student CeeCee Harper has a temper and a reputation for trouble. Angry at the rumors and afraid she’ll never fit in, she makes a wrong move—and lands in the byways, a world of alleys, magic, and forgotten people . . . some that aren’t even human. And if she doesn’t escape quickly, CeeCee learns, she’ll be trapped for good. Searching for a way out, she gets lost among monsters, drug pushers, the homeless, and political upheaval, and soon finds there are those who wil... more
  • Powerless

    by Jacqueline Pretty
    How far would you go for power? When Hanna was eight, her older sister burst into flames—the first of her siblings to get superpowers. Eight years later and Hanna now has three other superpowered siblings, while she remains disappointingly powerless. Hanna’s father, Artem Super, is the scientist responsible for discovering the super gene mutation. She has been working in his lab, desperate to find a way to unlock the powers hidden in her DNA before his patience runs out. Unfortunately for... more
  • The Witch of Wolfden

    by Kodi Gonzaga

    The Horner Paranormal Private Investigators, a trio of traveling twenty-year-olds that solve paranormal mysteries, arrive in a small town for a supposedly easy case. However, the Horner PIs quickly realize there's something else afoot thanks to their own special abilities. When the town witch is not only implicated in the case but also shows up asking to join the Horners, tensions rise, and suspicion abounds. In the end, the four must work together to solve the mystery and escape the supe... more

  • Kera's Awakening: The Battle for New York

    by Austin LeBleu

     Set in a post-apocalyptic New York City Kera, a young woman with a mysterious past, discovers her ability to control mutated creatures Joined by a group of diverse companions, Kera battles against the tyrannical Duke, who rules the city with an iron fist. Adventure unfolds as the group sneaks through the city, confronts challenges, and uncovers hidden truths about their world and themselves A story of friendship, courage, and the power of self-discovery

  • Ghosts of the Past

    by Deanna R. Sweeney
    Ghosts of the Past takes the reader on a centuries old battle between the forces of good and evil. Throughout her life, including her previous lives, Veronica has lived a lonely existence, being outcast from her community for the special gifts she possesses. After centuries of pain from watching the few people she loved being killed before her very eyes, Veronica is determined to end this long-standing battle between her and Lilith once and for all. The second book follows Veronica on a journ... more
  • The Awakening: A Veronica Strange Story

    by Deanna R Sweeney
    Veronica works as assistant manager at a spa resort in the little town she has lived in all her life. Recurrent, unexplained and otherworldly visions cause her to lead a lonely existence as experience has taught her that people tend to be suspicious of people that are different. Even her own mother treats her with indifference, and the only two people she has truly loved and trusted are both dead. Her career, at least, is going well until a colleague is found dead and another is mysteriously inj... more
  • Project Mariner

    by Bahhaj Hockley
    Project Mariner is a story of survival and triumph through personal tragedy and familial deception as generational legacies within the close-knit climbing community are debated and fought over, even upon the very slopes of Olympus Mons itself. It is the biggest mountaineering prize up for grabs in nearly two centuries, and it has reawakened one of the oldest rivalries in all of alpinism. Artfully weaving together references to the long-standing debate as to whether or not George Mallory ever mad... more
  • The Wolf Song: a Blood of the Wolf King Novel

    by Caleb the Writer
    A grand fantasy tale unlike any other. In a world that mirrors our own, violence and death are a way of life. Petty Lords fight for insignificant tracks of land, while pirates rule the waves and brigands stalk the night. Meanwhile, The Holy Aeternian Empire (or HAE), which reigns over the Kontinent of Gotheca (Götheßa), does nothing to protect its subjects as they fall into chaos and ruin. In the midst of all of this, a young boy would be born with red eyes. Unknown to him, he would soon bring t... more
  • Rosetta Dagotto and the Fight For the Underworld

    by Mariah Brotzman
    A sixteen-year-old student named Nova Tyler McNaughton died on the way to school. Nova was hit when he saved a little girl who had been chasing after a ball. The last thing he saw when he died was the little girl and her Mom hovering over his dying form and hearing a man calling the ambulance. Nova awoke in the Underworld where Charon, the ferryman, was there to meet him. Nova is gifted with Elysium and that is where he stayed for the next ten years. Rosetta Dagotto is a sixteen-year-old girl in... more
  • The Bridge to Magic

    by Alex Thornbury
    A gripping, award-winning debut for lovers of traditional high fantasy, set in the dying world where humanity is likened to weakness, and the only path to salvation is the same path which might lead to death. The Blight. The end of Mankind. The Bridge that may be salvation or the final betrayal. In this grimdark fantasy, Elika, an orphan on Terren's streets, hates and fears the bridge that spans the great chasm to the Deadlands. Like everyone else, she clings to the hope that purging every... more
  • The Sands of Abzu

    The Sands of Abzu Long before Alexander, in ancient Persia, there lived an energetic young man known as Fardad who was a gifted clairvoyant. An unanticipated whirlpool of the fate made him the grand-vizier of the mighty King Kai-Kobad. As the King’s appointed minister with the princess on his side, Fardad has to enter the caves, ascend the mountains, flight the manticores to get to the clues to decode the book of astrology. He must reach the legendary place called Abzu, which lies hidden deep... more
  • The Orc Who Saved Christmas (Loveable Monster Holiday)

    by Michelle Franklin
    He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He wants to celebrate Christmas-- so invite him, for orc’s sake! Orcs don’t usually celebrate Christmas, but that won’t stop Darryn the kindhearted half-orc from celebrating by himself. After watching his mountain village celebrate the holiday without him for many years, a girl named Karla invites him to join the holiday festivities. Will a clever disguise and the power of friendship be enough to turn the hearts of the hard-hearted... more