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  • Transadonia: Erased from Time

    by Queen Depriest
    A modern day magical fantasy fiction novel, with undertones of my life, a love letter to my family, and supportive undertones for the LGBTQ+ community especially to my fellow trans brothers and sisters. A young woman has lost her memories of her home, her family, and the love of her life. Through a quest guided by a familiar presence and flashes of the past she embarks to regain her memories, her magic, and her love. Along the way finds the land of magic she calls home, her heart, an... more
  • Master Builders

    by Wilbur Schmarr
    Chris finds himself in a foreign environment and form, ten light years from Earth after his untimely death. His mentor, Brian, explains the new order of things. He discovers that he is now in a mechanical shell and bemoans his loss of some body parts. Chris joins three other junior builders, that have been tasked to seed the universe with newly tailored and tested sentient beings. Chris gets into trouble with the Sentient Species Test and Evaluation Facility management but is then instrumental i... more
  • Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology

    by Nico Bell
    Diet Riot: A Fatterpunk Anthology features twelve fat-positive horror tales of people who come into their own, celebrate their curves, and save the day. There are babysitters and bakers, thieves and roller derby stars. Young women unsure about their bodies meet demons and water spirits who offer assistance–in their own way, of course. Danger lurks in hospitals, in the mysterious occult shop in the local mall, and in a house filled with cats. Campers, trash collectors, and house flippers alike un... more
  • Food Fright

    by Nico Bell
    High school junior Cassie Adler just wanted the bullying to stop. She thought gaining a spot on the varsity soccer team would whip up instant friends, but it isn't until the popular girls need Cassie's help that they acknowledge her presence. Cassie reluctantly agrees to participate in a prank that turns sour fast. Now with blood on their hands, she and the popular girls race to cover their tracks. But something savage knows what they've done, and it's hungry for revenge. Can Cassie redeem herse... more
  • Beyond the Creek

    by Nico Bell
    When Alex Foster accepted the caregiver position with the eccentric Nox family, she was issued a single rule. Don’t wander past the creek. Alex isn’t interested in exploring the Nox’s vast wooded property. After escaping an abusive past, her sole focus is building a safe future for herself and her unborn baby. Except, a series of chilling events threatens her happily-ever-after. Now, she must fight to survive an ancient evil before all hope is lost. There’s something beyond the creek, and it’... more
  • No Heart for a Thief

    by James Lloyd Dulin
    We are the stories we tell ourselves...even the lies. The Thief, a great spirit, and her descendants have abused their ability to steal magic for centuries. When Kaylo starts to hear the song of other people’s magic, he must learn to hide from his people as well as the invaders. A gift or a curse, Kaylo may be able to save his people from the Gousht Empire that claimed their land with this stolen magic. Eighteen years later, Kaylo still prays to the spirits, but not out of loyalty or love.... more
  • CROSSED (Winged Book 1)

    by Lynn Rush
    Trinity Dawkins, a winged creature that lost her memory when she fell to Earth through her Realm’s portal, helps a struggling artist find his purpose as she searches for who, and what she is, in this urban fantasy trilogy fans of Hush Hush, The Crave Series, and The Queen’s Assassin are sure to love.

    by Bill Harvey
    One day every psychic on Earth receives the same message—but who sent it? The US Theta Force and the Russian Psychotronic Division both want to find them first. Whoever has that much psychic energy will be an invincible ally. West Point career officer Martin Williams had led a team of US special forces when the ISIS-Taliban civil war erupted in Afghanistan, forcing the US to send troops in yet again to protect the already nearly-decimated civilian population. Williams had been disparaged for... more
  • The Genesis Backup

    by Dale Harwin

    William Ell is a mathematics professor living a quiet life—until his father, a successful IT entrepreneur, is murdered. Was his father’s last project his undoing? What exactly was this project that cost him his entire fortune? Ell begins to investigate and soon becomes a target himself. Someone’s trying, by any means necessary, to take away his father's only legacy: a green gemstone that contains an unknown technology. Only a mysterious woman named Allison seems to know ... more

  • The Little Door

    by Stormy Lynn
    All Rose wanted to do with her summer vacation was hang out with her friends. Maybe burn some of their homework, have sleepovers, and relax a little. What Rose didn't want to do with her summer vacation was visit her grandparents she barely knew in an isolated cabin in the woods. But when Rose falls through a mysterious little door in the bed of the raging river behind her grandparent's cabin, she finds herself waking up in the middle of a war between two species--and she must decide which... more
  • Central

    by Andrew Zellgert
    Darkness forever shrouding… Death’s cold clutches close in… As the drumbeat of war comes… Randy’s transition through life has led him to Central. A mysterious community filled with many wonders… and dangers… When he discovers its true purpose, he is launched into another intense adventure where he is faced with the true mastermind behind all of his trials. Will he save the day? Or will he fall deeper down into the never-ending darkness? Find out in this thrilling ... more
  • Promised Shadows

    by MK Ahearn
    Rae is a skilled thief, willing to complete any job for the right price, that is until one job does not go according to plan. After coming face to face with a deadly and powerful prince, Rae has made a bargain that thrusts her into the center of palace life and fighting to save a kingdom she is not even sure she has much faith in.  Gavriel is the Royal Prince of Apricus, set to rule the kingdom one day, that is if the shadows do not rise again and tear it apart, driving them into a never-ending... more
  • Charlie Lavender and the Origin of Everything Volume One: Orientation

    by Carson Patrick Bowie
    A bundle of awkwardness and social anxiety, Charlie Lavender isn’t sure about starting her freshman year in small-town Normal, Illinois. Little does she know her new best friend, a love triangle, and…a magical owl(?) are waiting for her in the Fall of 1993. She definitely didn’t expect ominous priests, probable witches, and a secret, several-thousand-year-old war would also become part of everyday life. Welcome to Normal, where nothing ever is. As she and her newfound friends search for... more
  • Blood Ties

    by L. Waithman
    At the heart of an ancient prophecy is young Lucas, who has the sole power to save two medieval kingdoms from destruction . . . but will he discover this ultimate secret before it’s too late? Lucas has been raised as a blacksmith’s son; an outsider ostracized by the other village children. One night at a nearby monastery, a mysterious black stone whispers a haunting premonition to Lucas. When his father is murdered, the monks take Lucas in, convinced he is an extraordinary hero foretold by de... more
  • Evasive Winds (The Legend of the Downdraft Book 1)

    by A.R. Shellnut
    An act of kindness leaves blood on Samantha's hands. She faces an impossible ultimatum: become the first mate to the violent captain Bloody Anne, or be framed for murder. Meanwhile, Anne seeks revenge against the traitorous crew that left her stranded and dying. Options limited, Sam follows Anne across flying islands and criminal cities on a quest to reclaim the most feared pirate ship on the horizon: The Red Nightmare.
  • Between the Android and Me

    by Michael Kan
    What happens when. your girlfriend is the most advanced android in the galaxy? Captain Julian Nverson finds out the hard way in this space opera packed with action, a military conspiracy, and the secret truth behind the universe.