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  • The Fallen Demon: A Paranormal Enemies to Lovers

    by R.L. Perez
    Darkness brews. A new threat emerges. A deadly bargain is struck. Leo Serrano, shape-shifting vampire and coven leader, knows something dark is approaching his city. To uncover the threat, he works alongside Brielle, a frustratingly stubborn witch who plays by her own rules. As his feelings for Brielle burn hotter, Leo discovers Brielle holds a fiery new power that threatens to consume them both. A pack of werewolves arrives, intent on taking down the coven. But as Leo digs deeper, he find... more
  • The Cursed Witch: A Paranormal Enemies to Lovers

    by R.L. Perez
    She’s a witch with no powers. He’s a shape-shifting vampire. Trusting him could save her . . . or cost her everything. Brielle Gerrick can’t access her magic. In an effort to awaken her powers, she gets sucked into a time portal—to a castle in Spain in the year 1735. The castle is attacked by demons. Their leader is a shape-shifting vampire named Leo Serrano, an arrogant creep who enjoys taunting Brielle. When Brielle’s dark powers awaken, the others in the castle turn on her. They try ... more
  • Bound by Blood: A Dark Fantasy Romance

    by R.L. Perez
    This thrilling conclusion to the Timecaster Chronicles provides the answers Desi Campbell has yearned for since she first time traveled. The secret to why she was called to Santiago in the first place. Finally back in her own time, Desi seeks out the friends she never thought she’d see again and joins their cause to fight the unstoppable demon lord Levarret. Then Desi learns that Levarret has more to do with her past than she realized. And he's targeting Oliver, too. Desi will do any... more
  • Devoured by Darkness: A Dark Fantasy Romance

    by R.L. Perez
    It’s been six months since El Diablo’s disappearance, but Desi Campbell still has nightmares. Still adjusting after time-traveling, Desi hunts demons with her coven in 1899 Santiago. Then she hears rumors that El Diablo is back—and he's in Manila, where Oliver is fighting in the Philippine-American War. She travels there to warn him. A heart-crushing secret is exposed. Familiar faces resurface. And Desi is faced with dark magic she's never known before. Demons stalk the city, preying... more
  • Twisted by Time: A Dark Fantasy Romance

    by R.L. Perez
    A fall through time. A reckless witch. A war of monsters. 17-year-old witch Desiree Campbell tries to cast a spell to go to Miami for spring break. But she ends up in Cuba a hundred years in the past. The year is 1898. The Spanish-American War rages. Demons thrive in the city, preying on humans. Desi is caught between the war of mortals and the war of monsters. She meets Oliver Gerrick, a handsome American soldier and warlock. He offers to help her fight off demons and find a way hom... more
  • Replaced Parts

    by Stephanie Hansen
    In the year 2163 a corrupt World Government controls everything on our planet and beyond. Sixteen year-old Sierra has been so caught up in her own world of saving animal test subjects and her father’s disappearance, she hasn’t paid much attention. When she finally finds his location, she and her friend set off on a covert interplanetary mission to rescue him, she begins to see the corruption first hand. Discovering that her father has been on the front lines secretly trying to save human t... more
  • Visiting Heaven

    by Rebekah Wagner
    After losing her grandmother who was also her best friend, Tori distances herself from everyone she knows and falls into a deep, dark place—losing control of her life with no idea on how to get it back on track. With the gift of being able to visit heaven and the guidance of her nanny, she is able to get back on track with her life and even find love.
  • The Bear Was Not There

    by Joel Spriggs
    What began as a routine task to find a stuffed koala for his daughter, quickly turned into an adventure for one father. Along with a talking cat, he must follow the koala's trail encountering werewolves, pixies, aliens, and more to achieve his original goal: getting his children to sleep. If you enjoy wild adventure, poorly drawn post-it notes, sci-fi, and fantasy all blended together, then you'll love this fantastical journey. Get your copy of The Bear Was Not There to start a wondrous an... more
  • The Night the Stars Fell

    by Amber D. Lewis

    "My name is Astra Downs, and in three days I may destroy the world."​

    The earth trembles and the stars fall. Things that were long forgotten return and Astra and her twin, Kato, are at the center of it all. Magic has been dead for centuries, but when Astra and Kato are born, it's a sign that something is about to happen. No twins have ever been born before—not in their kingdom of Callenia or anywhere else on their continent. Beneath their skin prowls a... more

  • FitzDuncan

    by John Spearman

    Meet Casimir FitzDuncan, a resident of the medieval kingdom of Aquileia. A woman has come to him, seeking his assistance in escaping a contract to marry a nobleman with a foul reputation. After their meeting, she is kidnapped not far from his residence. Caz is accused of abducting her and forced to investigate her disappearance. Aided by his friend Freddy, Lord Rawlinsford, and Freddy's mysterious cousin Lucy, Caz works to find the kidnapper. The closer he gets to finding the truth, the m... more

  • Edge Anomaly : The Spirit of Crescent Island

    by Meg Rabbit

    Edge is a curious young scientist. She and her mother study the Insects, a race of creatures who communicate through dance and chemical signals. Edge believes she and her mother are the only animals on Crescent Island who can talk until she meets an outcast named Jessop and his friend Xalma, a mysterious child who lives in an underground lake called The Grotto. Edge’s new friends teach her things about the world that her mother has kept secret.

    Xalma soon grows jealous of Jessop a... more

  • Another Dead Intern

    by Joel Spriggs
    Boston’s magical community is cursed with a snarky private detective. Private Investigator Hemlock Connal has a problem with her assistants. They all die... violently. When Morgan Burns became her new intern, they both wonder if he’ll meet a similar tragic end. As Hemlock and Morgan embark on a case together, she teaches about the unseen and blended landscape of magic. Hemlock introduces Morgan to grungy pixies, Fae royals, and the annoyingly bad musical talents of a half-demon. H... more
  • TouchingHabits

    by Richard G Edwards
    What happens when physical distancing becomes the norm for society? When it is possible to download your consciousness into an android, when artificial intelligence gets bored, when babies are conceived and born in smart incubators, when the USA no longer exists? Welcome to 2220. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, the data entrepreneur Victor Mackay identifies physical proximity as the main cause of sickness in society. To overcome this sickness, he establishes a political party. The aim? A ... more
  • Deeply Rooted Dreams

    by Alexander Mukte
    A fantastic, genre-bending story that weaves together the best elements of mystery, visionary, and speculative fiction. This bold and compelling sequel is an evocative page-turner on the journey to a better future. Since her encounter with Ori years ago, Jessica, an investigative journalist, has continued her mission to print the truth that the world needs to hear. Her pursuit has led her to meet with a source, Zach Carver, a leading mind at Singularity Group. The meeting goes awry, and Jessi... more
  • Chosen to Fall

    by Emmie Hamilton
    Faria Agostonna, heir to the Queendom of Anestra, is tired of hearing about the Fates. That she must follow her Destiny. That it is already Chosen for her. Knowing she needs to be life-bonded in an archaic Elven ceremony makes it even worse. But when a darkness invades her land and threatens her people’s existence, Faria must figure out what sacrifices will need to be made and how far she will have to go to choose what is right for her people, even if it means ignoring the needs of her heart. ... more
  • https:\\

    by MC Pollack
    The time is upon us. The ship is here. Who will fulfill its promise? At present, the forces of nature, humanity and technology combine to reach unprecedented thresholds. Now more than ever these very forces are capable of destroying our universe. A past civilization foresaw the arrival of our time, and our troubles. They produced a spaceship to help us. The “Adjuster” can fix things by controlling time. Four childhood friends - Amy, Axel, Monica and JD reunite as revised adults... more