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  • Keep On Asking

    by Jeffrey McClain Jones
    He feels like his family is falling apart, their lives wrecked by the car that hit his little brother. His brother in a coma, ten-year-old Josiah Winslow faces the hardest weeks of his life. Little Matty may not survive. If he does, he may have serious brain damage. Praying. That’s what his family is doing, what their church is doing. As Josiah struggles to imagine the power of those prayers, a celestial visitor takes him on a miraculous ride into the realm where petitions rise toward heav... more
  • Jimmy Chartron and the Lost Keystone

    by J.T. Michaels
    An orphaned Academy student gets tangled up in a dark mystery and must use his wits – and the ghost in his head – to solve it, before a larger evil unravels. Sixteen-year-old Jimmy Chartron is parentless, living on his own and working down at the docks. With dreams of becoming an electrician, he’s accepted into the prestigious Navale Academy of Eagleon, where he finds strange things afoot—not the least of which is a ghost who has claimed residence in his head. When murder and mystery unfold a... more
  • Dream Phaze - Imagination

    by Matt Watters

    Book 2 in the continuing award-winning Dream Phaze series. Imagination won Gold in the 2022 Global Ebook Awards in the science fiction category. Introduction is by Dr Keith Hearne (father of lucid dream research).

    The ultimate uncharted frontier is the human mind. Dream Phaze - Imagination explores these extreme boundaries through engineered dreams as mainstream entertainment. We all dream…but what are the psychological consequences of creating an immersive environment indistingu... more

  • The Nemesis Vector

    by bo demont
    Sci-Fi romance of an American Astronaut and his pregnant wife. Aliens attack the International Space Station starts the story off. Only two Astronauts survive and battle their way back to earth using their wits. Many hair raising moments leave your hands cold and your heart pounding. Heartbreaking moments between husband and wife during uncertain times as his missions are all but suicidal.
  • The City of Stone & Sorrow

    by S. D. Howard
  • The City of Snow & Stars: Cities of Wintenaeth Book One

    by S. D. Howard

    A gritty YA Christian Fantasy tackling difficult topics surrounding abuse, human trafficking, and the question "Why does God let bad things happen?"

    A girl who can duplicate herself.
    A prince on the run from his future.
    A man hiding from his past.
    A fate that binds them together.

    Gifted with the power to perfectly duplicate herself, Trinia flees from her power-hungry father who wishes to use her ability for his own means. Born of... more

  • Data Mine

    by Lou Iovino
    No more secrets. Political scandals. Corporate greed. Embezzlement, disinformation, and fraud. Schemes perpetrated, year after year, by an elite few—and yet it’s always, always the little people who are victimized. Who pay the price. Those little people have finally demanded action. Powerful elites must be watched. And our leaders have responded . . . by mandating that all individuals who wield global influence receive Harvesters—nanoparticle-infused, flexible circuitry tattoos that transm... more
  • The Gene

    by Amy Raines
    Eugene Evans, a seemingly autistic child holds many secrets in his young mind. His mother, Sara, is instructed by his doctor to take him to a facility that can help him better than modern medicine can. An orphaned little girl who is also presumed to be autistic, Carrie-Anne, warms up to Eugene very quickly and becomes part of the family. She has some interesting secrets of her own. Sheer, an evil man who wants nothing less than world domination is intent on forcing the powerful teens to work... more
  • Unbound

    by Amy Lynn Raines
    It is a universal assumption that death binds you to some sort of permanent residency in Heaven or Hell. What if there was a lot more to dying than simply passing on to a place of light or darkness? What if the soul is simply bound to some other place, forced to watch from a silent distance as the world carries on without them? What if someone from that bound place was watching you and felt that you have done something very wrong? What if one of these bound souls find their way out of their pris... more
  • The Girls From The Arch Guild

    by Holli J Cox
    When a mysterious artefact is discovered, three young sisters must learn forbidden magic to destroy their mother’s guild and save their lives. In a beautiful and imaginative tale, Holli J Cox beckons us to explore the dark and hidden corners of mountainside caves, abandoned sewers, and enduring sisterhood. The Girls From The Arch Guild features all female characters. Every role. The good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the smart and the dumb, the strong and the weak. The diversity... more
  • Bernard's Promise

    by S.D. Falchetti
    In Janus 2, the crew of Gossamer Goose made disastrous first contact with the Silver Stars, costing them Earth's first starship. Now, with the Centauri probe revealing a world with a breathable atmosphere and possible life, James Hayden must build the ship capable of taking them to the stars. But the Centauri worlds have their own dangers and mysteries, and not everything they find is what it seems. The crew of Gossamer Goose returns for a planet-hopping interstellar adventure in the first fu... more
  • Janus 2

    by S.D. Falchetti
    In Erebus, James Hayden sacrificed the world’s first near-light-speed Riggs ship to make a remarkable discovery on the icy moon of Janus. Now, amidst mounting concerns about that discovery’s implications, he must assemble a crew to repair his crashed ship and fly it back to Saturn’s Cassini Station. But Janus still has secrets to discover, and the alien probe’s mission may not be finished. The crew of Gossamer Goose returns for a new interstellar adventure in this hard science fiction novella... more
  • Titan's Shadow

    by S.D. Falchetti
    In Aero One, Jia nearly lost everything during her encounter with the pirate ship Maya. A year later, she’s trying to restart her life as a freelancer aboard Saturn’s newly-built Cassini Station. But Cassini has its own secrets. When a chance encounter with a past adversary sets old battles in motion, she must unravel the mystery of Titan’s Shadow before more lives are lost. Titan’s Shadow is a hard science fiction story set in the Hayden's World universe. The story is a 12,500 word novella (... more
  • Erebus

    by S.D. Falchetti
    In 43 Seconds, James Hayden took us to near-light-speed with the world’s first Riggs ship. Now, construction of the second Riggs ship is nearly complete, and in one month Sarah will take the helm. But growing opposition may shut down the program before she gets her chance. When James’s last-ditch publicity stunt traps him light-days from rescue, Sarah must decide just how far she’s willing to go to save a friend. Erebus is a hard science fiction novella set in the Hayden's World universe. The... more
  • Aero One

    by S.D. Falchetti
    Jia can’t breathe, her ship is minutes from breaking apart in Uranus’s atmosphere, and the lifepod just burned up. Things aren’t going well. When her injured engineer’s solution sends them plummeting into the icy stratosphere, they find themselves trapped in a life-or-death battle against time, the elements, and unexpected visitors. Aero One is a hard science fiction short story set in the Hayden's World universe. The story is a 9300 word short read (< 1 hour) and is the perfect size for read... more
  • Signal Loss

    by S.D. Falchetti
    Life aboard the Aristarchus isn’t much of an adventure, and Kyan just wants to do his job and get back to his family. When he discovers a mysterious object at the edge of the solar system and an unexpected contact during comms loss, data running turns life-or-death thirteen billion kilometers from home. Signal Loss is a hard science fiction short story set in the Hayden’s World universe The story is a 9000 word short read (< 1 hour) and is the perfect size for reading on the go. This updat... more