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  • The New Magic

    by Joseph Malik

    "Tell me who you ride beside, and I'll tell you who you are."

    Once dubbed “The Deadliest Man Alive,” Jarrod Torrealday is now Lord Protector of Falconsrealm and a knight officer in the Order of the Stallion. He awakens one glorious fall morning to find his castle under siege and his alliances shattered as a new threat rises in the west: a revolution driven by a sorceress trained to kill and led by an unstoppable swordsman from the worl... more

  • An Apprentice to Three Masters: The Chronicles of Chloe, Book Two

    by D. T. Nelson

    The second novel in the epic fantsy series The Chronicles of Chloe. It returns the reader to familiar settings and characters as well as expanding the world of Eratheal.

  • A Daughter of Two Worlds: The Chronicles of Chloe, Book One

    by D. T. Nelson

    Too Many Secrets...

    Chloe Mikaelsson barely remembers her mother, and her father refuses to talk about her death. Her best friend has suddenly stopped returning her phone calls. If that wasn’t bad enough, some creepy cosplay guy is stalking her. She can’t imagine things getting worse. Then a group of masked strangers in dark cloaks, armed with swords and magic, invade her home and drag her sister into the forest behind their house. Before her father di... more

  • The Foundry: Dianis, A World In Turmoil

    by Frank Dravis
    The lead character in The Foundry is a cultural anthropologist.      The Foundry, a sci-fi fantasy, is about the protected planet of Dianis. In a sudden shift of federation policy, the planet is stripped of its observers, but a single team circumvents the withdrawal and stays behind. Love, friendship, and career aspirations drive the members of the last remaining Interspecies Development Branch team.  In many ways, The Foundry can be compared to Dune. Both are on primitive backwater worlds wit... more
  • The Jewel of Veenah

    by Connie Peck
    Kia has waited for this moment for most of her life, her bonding ceremony with her four best friends which will unite them as sisters for life. But at the height of the beautiful ceremony, her village is attacked and destroyed. One sister is lost, another critically injured, and likely no others survived the blast. Her only hope is to lead her small family across the badlands in search of a mythical jewel of promise; a legend hardly anyone believes anymore. She must force herself to trust, and c... more
  • Sorcerous Rivalry

    by Kayleigh Nicol
    In the peace following the Great Mage Hunt, the king's long-time mistress is revealed as a sorceress. Locked away for the safety of the kingdom, bounties are placed upon the heads of the seven children she birthed. Mage hunters have scoured the kingdom for four years, searching for the seven scattered mage-born bastards. After growing up in an orphanage, Reshi discovers his parentage and learns to hide his magic, living peacefully in a remote village with an unusual friend. But when an alluri... more
  • The Music of Mars

    by George G. Moore
    Blackballed from the archaeology field after a dispute with her project leader, Gretchen Blake is forced to accept a job offer from MarsVantage to decipher odd symbols in a remote Martian cave. If she can correctly interpret them, it will open up a cavern filled with an energy source that could dramatically improve MarsVantage’s circumstances. Interplanetary, MarsVantage’s Earth-based rival, will stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding… including bribery, theft, and even murder. Can G... more
  • Servant of Evil

    by J.R. Gonzalez
    Detective Kenneth Galang is hunting a serial killer that rips the heart out of his victims while they are still alive. The killer knows things about the detective and taunts him, leaves clues and hints while daring him to catch him and end his career.
  • The Lingstroms

    by J.R. Gonzalez
    Two people meet and fall in love, a well-meaning friend advises them to invest in flipping houses. One day they find something sleeping underneath the house that was better off left alone.
  • Opened Windows

    by J.R. Gonzalez
    A story about a woman that has been abused and degraded by men all of her life, every man she ever trusted until one day she snaps and then bad things start happen to people around her. The one man that truly loves her thinks someone is trying to kill her and decides to fight for her; how far would you go for the one you love?
  • Experiment 93

    by R.S. Burghardt

    Thomas is having a crisis of faith. His wife and daughter are dead, and his son, Adam’s, physical and emotional scars run deep. Why would God let this happen to him? He doesn’t know. What he does know is that the girl that he’s just met isn’t human—and she needs his help . . . An otherworldly general wants his experiment back, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get her. To keep Nina safe, Thomas will have to pass her off as human. But human girls must go to ... more

  • Madness (Madness Chronicles) (Volume 1)

    by ML Banner
    FACT: There is a parasite which rewires animals brains for extreme aggressive behavior. And over half of all the world's mammals are already infected, but aren't symptomatic because the parasite often remains dormant in their hosts. Like a ticking bomb, this puppet master is quietly waiting for the right time to set off its hosts against the world. That time is now! A canceled flight due to a volcanic eruption and a violent animal attack at their port, almost cause Ted and TJ to miss th... more
  • Subversion

    by Laura Ander
    Aspen Pacific, a seventeen-year-old not-so-average girl, and her younger sister Ragan are determined to find the legendary Seraph, an immortal, medieval alchemist that resides in the furthest reaches of the mystical world of Ragnfrid-Taron. He is rumored to be one of the most ancient, all-powerful alchemists, and he is the sisters’ only hope for learning the craft. Shrouded in naiveté and ignorance, Aspen must learn the whirlwind of truths and discover the many hidden secrets that exist in this ... more
  • A Year in the Lives of God's Furry Angels

    by Kirby Lee Davis
    The illustrated novel "A Year in the Lives of God's Furry Angels" by Kirby Lee Davis is, as the name suggests, a companion work to his coming-of-age tale "God's Furry Angels." They represent a rarity in modern literature: two books published at roughly the same time on the same subject by the same author, with wildly different styles and contexts. The first could compare to a Pixar or Hallmark tale, while "A Year in the Lives" resembles a collection of watercooler anecdotes or newspaper comic st... more
  • SCALES: Book 1 of the Fate and Fire Series

    by Amity Green
    Tessa Conley isn’t ready to go back home to Austin when her summer course in London comes to an end. She gets her wish as she steps into a new world of urban fantasy and mystery when she is transformed into a living gargoyle, complete with wings and a tail. Mostly human by day and gargoyle by night, Tessa is not alone in her new world with other gargoyles in the bookstore she now calls home. Bree, her best friend from Austin, is kidnapped and held in the UK. Tessa uncovers the mystery of her bir... more
  • Celeste: The Dark Queen

    by Samantha Eklund
    On the night of her 26th birthday, the man who had loved her since their shared childhood poisoned her, stabbed her, and then left her for dead. Since then, the sun hasn't risen in their land. Since then, bloodthirsty and abhorrent beasts have roamed the earth and slain her innocent people. Kiev, her traitorous husband, is the son of her neighboring kingdom's vile queen. For years the two kingdoms had been at war, until hers and his marriage. Celeste had never doubted the substance of his ... more