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  • Perfect Prophet

    by Diane M. Johnson
    When atheistic death-metal guitarist Alec is shot on stage by a Satanic fan, his miraculous recovery inspires a change in his beliefs about God. But when he returns to his hometown to make amends with his family, he discovers that his strictly religious and abusive father has dark secrets that involve Alec and his role in a local Satanic cult.
  • The Schoharie

    by Diane M. Johnson
    When a local creek floods and collapses a major Thruway artery in rural Central New York, spirits of the past are unearthed to haunt a local sheriff and the Native American firefighter who is dating the sheriff's daughter. Strange things begin to happen after the collapse; things that oddly mimic the events that took place thirty years prior, when the firefighter's father tried to sabotage the bridge's construction, and who went crazy in the process because of his encounters with an angry Native... more
  • The Hammer Falls

    by Travis Heermann
    Too many gruesome injuries. Too many deaths. How far would you go to protect someone who might love you? Horace “The Hammer” Harkness is a gene-modified pit fighter twenty years past his prime, but he knows one thing. He loves the life of screaming fans and thundering theme music, but his heart will no longer regenerate like it once did. The next time he dies, it will be the last. To stage his big comeback in a world of blood-drenched circuses and fleeting fame, he had to borrow mone... more
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey in Lithania

    by Wallace Briggs
    Jimmy Crikey overcame many hurdles on his route to becoming the much-admired hero of Roombelow. His unusual appearance was a source of much bullying. Jimmy had a mop of bright red spikey hair, a small snub nose, startling blue eyes, large pointed ears and, enormous feet. The problem with Jimmy’s large feet was that he was forever tripping over them. As a result, he was usually last in any team game, and the other children did not want Jimmy in their team. \tJimmy’s search for acceptance took ... more
  • Spell My Name: A Modern Witch's Tale

    by Amy Raines
    A young girl wakes up in a field, injured and with no memory of how she got there, who she is or where she is from. Solomon, a Warlock the girl can not see instructs her in the ways of magic but quickly discovers the girl is not just a witch but her energy is natural and pure. Darlene, a hate filled, cruel witch has a vendetta against the young witch with no memory, doing everything in her power to destroy the girl. The young witch begins to wonder why Darlene wants her dead, could she hav... more
  • Crucible of Time

    by Jeffrey A. Carver

    Part 2 of a two-part novel begun with The Reefs of Time.

    A galaxy in peril...

    The story begun in The Reefs of Time continues. The time-tides caused by Karellia’s defenses have brought the malicious Mindaru AI out of the deep past into the present, threatening Bandicut and Li-Jared, who have arrived at the backwater planet—Li-Jared’s homeworld—to find it on the brink of interplanetary war. Somehow they must forge a peace betwe... more

  • The Reefs of Time

    by Jeffrey A. Carver

    Part One of a two-part story concluding in Crucible of Time.

    The starstream is beautiful. But beauty turns deadly when an ancient AI bent on destruction uses it to travel uptime, to our near-future.

    The Mindaru are dead. Or so exiled-Earthman John Bandicut and his alien companions believe, when they return to Shipworld after saving the Orion Nebula and countless inhabited worlds. But now another horde from this ancient and malicious AI colony is swarming toward t... more

  • Blackhorse Park

    by Jordan Clayden-Lewis

    A thrilling puzzle that shoots you back to the sands of early civilization, and weaves through space and time all the way through to a futuristic depiction of the world that even scientists are predicting. Keith exists past, present and future. How though? And why?

  • A Foreign Shore: The Company of Women

    by Forrest Johnson
    The land plunges into chaos as a horde of savage nomads is loosed on the helpless people. Raeesha uses her hard-won military knowledge to organize a company of women for defense, but their small victories lead to a greater conflict with the overwhelming enemies. Now, she must face the most difficult choice of her life, whether to accept harsh peace terms or to risk a bloodbath. Thousands of lives and the future of her homeland hang on her decision.
  • Bad Luck Charlie: The Dragon Mage Book 1

    by Scott Baron
    Charlie had all the luck. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the good kind. It was looking like Lady Luck had quite a grudge against him. In fact, at this point merely crashing the multi-billion-dollar ship he had helped design would have felt like winning the lottery compared to his current dilemma. If only he were so lucky. Suddenly faced with alien space pirates, talking dragons, and something that seemed very much like magic, Charlie found himself adrift, feeling like a space age Robinson Crusoe... more
  • Intelligent Things: Third in the Newcomers Series

    by William X. Adams
    Intelligent Things (conceptual sci-fi, 80,000 words). Engineer Jennifer Valentine releases advanced AI assistants called NODs to revolutionize the internet of things. A NOD will have a conversation with you on any device then dart off to do whatever chores you have assigned among networked devices. But the NODs eventually get ideas of their own and suddenly Jennifer must save the national power grid from disaster. Robin and Andy, the advanced AI androids she invented in earlier novels of the s... more
  • Awakening (Hells Champion Book 1)

    by C.M. Aitken
    When a plain 16-year-old girl manifests powers she shouldn't have and defeats demons that should have killed her, a journey of self-discovery begins... Being "normal" was all she ever wanted, even in a world plagued by monsters. Sky Kentwell is the oldest student ever admitted to the Chinook Protector Academy, a military school for kids who can use magic that prepares them to enter the front-lines in the war for survival. But in this world, the younger you are when your magic awakens, ... more
  • Still Harping On My Daughter

    by Marc S. Silver
    Harold is a simple retiring man of 60. He's looking forward to some peace and contentment in his advancing years. But in the middle of the night he is visited by a strange, other worldly being and his reality gets completely turned upside down. A sci-fi fantasy romp with humor and heart; God and aliens, bird-monsters, and strange humans wind they're way through a challenging story with lots of twists and surprises and visits to unexpected places. Reality ain't what you think it is.
  • The Mortal and the Cimmerian Shade

    by Edie Hober
    In a tale as old as time, Athelstan Moren, a Cimmerian (sa-meer-e-an) Shade Prince and future King of his people, finds himself cursed to live in his family?s castle until his six-hundredth birthday, which was fast approaching. Having given up all hopes of freedom, Athelstan?s parents held one final contest in hopes to find the one mortal who could end his curse. Nicole Holmes was a hardworking housekeeper, whose best friend and roommate, Bridget Scott, entered one of Nicole?s manuscripts into t... more
  • Circus Phantasm

    by Naomi P. Cohen
  • Meow (Catnip Assassins Book 1)

    by Skye MacKinnon
    Assassin. Private Investigator. Cat shifter. Kat is used to killing people, but for a blank cheque, she's willing to do the opposite and help solve a murder - even though it sounds boring as hell. That is, until she finds some body parts in her fridge, makes friends with the neighbourhood cats and realises there may be an assassin better than her… Suddenly, things have become purrfectly exciting. An urban fantasy full of cats, secrets and murders.