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  • Chiral Mad 5

    by Michael Bailey
    Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Michael Bailey brings you the fifth and final installment of the Chiral Mad series, featuring a diverse writers from around the world. Includes fiction and poetry by the likes of Stephen King, Josh Malerman, Zoje Stage, Tlotlo Tsamaase, Victor LaValle. Linda D. Addison, Sheree Renée Thomas, and the late Jack Ketchum (writing with Lucky McKee). With illustrations throughout by artist Seth Brown, enjoy a chiral dance of speculative, horror, and dark science fiction... more
  • Pinocchio's Guide to the End of the World

    by Eva Moon
    Becoming real was only the start. Pinocchio got his wish, but finds there’s more to being human than having the right kind of body. Inside, he still feels like that same wooden puppet. In the wake of WWI, his struggle to fit into a human world leads to a deadly fight with a fascist officer and flight from the only home he’s ever known. From tramp steamers to sweatshops, from love to bitter heartbreak, he can’t outrun his puppet past. Returning home years later, he discovers his beloved papa, ... more
  • Instructions in Flesh

    by Marcus James
    Talbot Mathias has always felt different. He's never really been able to connect with his adoptive parents, has had difficulty making friends at school, and has been tormented for his sexuality ever since entering Mariner High School, a place run by a new generation of teenage Golden Gods from South Hill, Edgemoor, and Fairhaven; legacy neighborhoods along the dark waters of Bellingham Bay filled with generational families with dark secrets and ghosts that seem to be in every window or on every ... more
  • Day of the Beast: Dark Fantasy (The Power Bearer Book 1)

    by H.M. Clasher
    Imagine the whole world believing you were born with unlimited power. I know what you’re thinking, life must be easy with all that power. Everyone wants to be powerful. Everyone wants to be admired. Everyone wants to be commanding. For young Azazel, there was nothing intriguing about the fight. He has spent most of his life running away from being known as the power bearer. He is young, charming, and unflinchingly mischievous. Before you jump to conclusions, it’s really not his fault th... more
  • The Kingdom's Daughter: YA Dystopian Romance (The Kingdom Series, Book 1)

    by Daniel JP Harris
    After the Third World War, Africa became the governing global power, naming itself the Kingdom. Now, with the resistance growing stronger, the Kingdom must produce an army of super soldiers if they’re to solidify their reign, but that will require the perfect genetic makeup. To obtain this, the Kingdom Trials are born: a series of lethal challenges designed to eliminate all but a single female whose DNA will be crossed with the Kingdom's elite. This girl shall be known as the Kingdom's Daughter,... more
  • Within Fire

    by Sonig Varadian
    Within Fire, is about a boy who on the eve of his 16th birthday realizes that he may have mystical powers. Managing and learning how to control these newfound powers, isolates him from his estranged father and a mom who just wants him to be normal. He then turns to his two best friends, who at best don't know how to react to his shocking news. When his new powers enable him to discover secrets about them, he begins to question what his next moves are. As his powers reveal themselves, others desi... more
  • LingerLust

    by Matt Smart
    From the moment Charlie Anderson stepped through the door to his office, his worries of trying to keep his job, finding the perfect woman or fitting into society vanished. His average existence turns into a life so influential, dictating the past or deleting the future will simply become the norm. The survival of entire human race will depend on the answers Charlie is able to find. Yet the answers Charlie discovers, amongst the ancient cities of Sparta to the chaos of the final moments of the... more

    by A.W. Karen

    From a young age, studying to become a space cadet is all Maci Layton has known - it's all every kid has known. Society demands children do nothing but prepare for a future in space, even though a select few are actually chosen to be space cadets. Despite this, no one protests or pushes for change. Everything seems peaceful, everyone content.

    But unflinching order comes with a cost.

    Maci's story offers an intimate look into the mind of someone struggling to come to terms with thei... more

  • Free Week: E. R. T. Prequel (Elite Rescue Troopers)

    by Frankie Ingram
    15 year olds, unlimited money, and a killer family legacy make for a dangerous good time. Twins Kyndra and Kimani have just been accepted to the Elite Rescue Academy, the most prestigious school in the solar system. Both of their parents graduated from the same academy, leaving a lofty legacy for their children to live up to. Before they report to Unity Space Station, the twins get a free week to explore the hot spots of Earth, the moon, and beyond, all on the government’s dime. When the twin... more
  • Longevity

    by Caleb Smith
    Alastair Ramsden was barely twelve years old when he witnessed the brutal death of his father. Growing up orphaned during the Scottish War of Independence, Alastair struggled to survive. The only place he knew to save him was an old oak tree in the middle of an upland field where he gained the ability to cross over into the 4th-dimensional elemental kingdom of Akasha. It was there he first connected with elementals of the sun, who helped him on his way to self-discovery. The Divine Queen Moth... more
  • Holier Than Thou

    by Nick Jameson
    “A special work of philosophical fiction rich in hidden meaning. Not for the average fantasy reader, this one will challenge you, offering buried treasure to those willing and able to dig it up.” - Jackie Kennedy, FirstLadyReads Alex is the black sheep in The Barnes Clan, a Christian community concealed in the Blue Ridge mountains near Salem, VA, dedicated to a simple, godly life. He was born an outsider, reads the wrong things, wants to write about non-religious spirituality, thinks, like... more
  • Of Fangs and Shadows

    by Jessica J Ayala


    The city is at war. Daemons haunt the mortal realm, and the wolves of Rome have been called to battle.

    Remus, known throughout the Empire as the Lone Wolf, lives a life of solitude, drowning the griefs of his past by hunting those who have ruined him. An unexpected turn of events throws Remus into the crosshairs of the Roman Pack.

    Diane is a warrior of the Pack. One of the strongest she-wolves who can control the aether of her godsgiven bloodline. Something reawakens i... more

  • Allaigna's Song: Chorale

    by JM Landels
    In the six years since Allaigna left home, killed her betrothed, and joined the Brandishear Rangers, she has hidden her family name and her ability to sing music into magic. Confronted with the dire implications of her grandfather’s exploration into long-forbidden arcana, Allaigna must swallow her pride and summon her courage to return home with the ashes of her cousin to prevent yet another war, or worse, an arcane catastrophe to rival that of the legendary Cataclysm. The Allaigna’s Song tri... more
  • The Little Queen

    by Kevin Hincker

    In this exciting tale of speculative fiction, a mysterious research facility, breeding a single line of honeybee queens down ten thousand generations, finally succeeds in its mission: creating hive sentience. But when the Little Queen gains self awareness and realizes she is imprisoned, she executes a daring escape, which nearly kills her. In doing it, she changes the trajectory of a small mountain town, and the life of Anthony, the boy who rescues her. Anthony is a Keeper. From his mother he... more

  • Obscure Reflections at Dawn

    by Jack Clubb
    Obscure Reflections at Dawn By Jack Clubb An artist wakes up from his dreamy world to find himself lost in a dungeon like chamber, just to be pulled away into another reality. The only answers available are in the cryptic clues left by the previous occupant, a dead man reclining in a chair. Events shift to a woman who is renovating an old opera house in St.Louis, but something is lurking from the shadows. One night after finishing violin practice, someone starts clapping, but she’s alone... more
  • Rayla vs. The Machine

    by Tatjana Saunders
    From the backup logs of Rayla Fields Date: 2137 AD, Month 6 Location: Earth, Midwestern United States, exact geo-tag unknown It seems that people were fascinated with speculating on how society would crumble. Would it be zombies, natural disaster, climate change, aliens, revolt of the machines, collapse of the machines, or some type of rapture or asteroid that comes instantly? Well, it ended up being almost all of those things. However, it didn’t happen quickly. It didn’t happen like so... more