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  • Eclipse Arts

    by Michelle Chastaine
    Supernatural seventh-graders forge their own path to stardom… but stardom has its costs! Liska, Ephy, and Airin are thrilled to finally attend their dream school, Eclipse Arts, where they can let their talents and passions shine…there’s just one big problem: their families. Ephy’s family wants her to become an instant star, while Liska’s passion for music clashes with her family’s reputation. In singing, Airin finds relief from a terrible family curse. But when a stunning opening ceremony ce... more
  • Partners in Time: A Harry and Jett Adventure

    by Nicholas Hodgson
    Two boys born eighty years apart and on opposite sides of the world meet via a secret time-spanning doorway underneath the British Museum. But their meetings has unintended consequences as history takes a swerve and suddenly the Nazi's have won World War Two and everything has gone wrong. With the help of King George VI (locked up in the Tower of London) and his second daughter, the boys must figure out what went wrong and put it right or nothing in the past, the present or the future will even... more

    by Scott Sullivan
    In the vast expanse of the sky, two passenger aircraft from different corners of the world vanished, leaving only mysteries behind. A Transvaal plane, on its routine journey over Zambia, was enveloped by blinding white light, ascending into the heavens without a trace. Search efforts across continents proved futile, leaving behind a chilling enigma. Simultaneously, in Brazil, renowned for its UFO sightings, another passenger aircraft disappeared, but its passengers were returned in a macabre ... more
  • Modern Magic

    by P.L. Hight
    There are no magical schools… There are no flying cars or dark forests full of spiders… And brooms? They are made for sweeping. There is Magic, however, and it is Modern, governed by old-age rules to preserve it in the common day. Yet, despite all the rules, it sometimes shows itself accidentally, and for us, it just so happened to escape a sixteen-year-old girl named Nyssa. This unintentional act attracts the attention of two powerful factions who, through millennia, have struggled... more
  • Hearthender

    by Catrina Prager
    Hearthender tells the story of a demented Oracle, who preaches the destruction of Amagiraea at any cost. Of men desperate to protect their homes, as war slowly engulfs the entirety of the known world. Of women who, bereft of worthy idols, become gods to their own people. It is a story of war, quest, and political intrigue. A hundred years ago, the Veshini Isles started sinking into the Long Sea, forcing their denizens to find new homes, and with them, a new identity. Fast-forward four gen... more
  • The Cartographer's Vault: Book 1

    by Richard Houlden
    The Cartographer's Vault is a collection of 13 short stories that is kicked off by the daring Ashra Whistlo who endeavors on a journey to discover a mythical space station - The Cartographer's Vault - which is said to contain accounts of everything that had ever happened within human history. When she reaches the station, she is greeted by its mysterious custodian, The Curator - an artificial intelligence construct - who explains that the vault contain not only the history of human existence bu... more
  • Ascent


    The Circle was over.

    Ellie, Josh, and Sam’s world is growing, expanding with people who suffer the same bane as themselves.

    The cloistered Ellie must emerge from the shadows. The young Josh must learn to live with the beast that walks beside him. And Sam plays a duplicitous game to learn about the demonic phenomena that have destroyed all their lives.

    The enigmatic Mika, with his Pantheon of Conduits each with their own curse, is searching for a legend of evil - the an... more

  • Book of No

    by Nabeel Mohan
    When God hears voices in his head, there's only one thing he can do. So begins the first tale in this bizarre collection spanning genres from science fiction and horror to poetry and memoir. Enter, if you dare, this space where dreams collide with waking life, creatures lurk in every shadow, messiahs are not who they seem, and innocence is always corrupted. The stories featured here reflect a realty that is as insidious as it is fragmented, where humankind suffers not under the weight of Or... more
  • Isle of the Dark

    by Rina Brown
    Guardian of the people Ranger has spent decades slaying Datsoe monsters. His friends are shocked when he starts to befriend one after it saves his life. Isle is more boy than beast, desperately hoping that his days of loneliness and rejection are over now that the mighty Gatekeepers are in his life. Can they join forces long enough to save the Kingdom from looming forces? Or will they succumb to the approaching dark?
  • The Naked President

    by Denis Holden
    The Naked President The Naked President is a tongue-in-cheek political/social comedy about the remarkable and eccentric Cartmel family. It weaves together the lives of the richest man in the world, an irrational socialist activist, and an eccentric philosopher venerated by a fearsome West Coast motorcycle gang. After World War II and a personal tragedy, the handsome, heroic fighter pilot Captain Roger Cartmel deserts England and moves to the USA. He travels through Wyoming, Maryland, Texas, an... more
  • The Paradigm

    by Kim Devine
    Laurel Havendale’s sixteenth birthday has opened an unyielding vault of judgment and peril when she learns that she must either join the cryptic Paradigm to save her family, or escape in exile to the outlands of the realm with nothing but the whispers of a secret. Her past has been hidden, and her future has been watched. She holds onto her precious love, Jacek, through the darkest moments of her own existence and reality, but he slips deeper under the control of the Paradigm. No one can ever le... more
  • Summoned

    by M.B. Thurman
    When Hadley Weston reunites with her estranged lover, Fitz MacGregor, she discovers that he is a witch. And she’s one, too. As Hadley navigates a new world of magic and invasive government officials, she and Fitz must work together to find a lost family artifact before it falls into the wrong hands. Fans of A Discovery of Witches and The Magicians will be swept away on a journey of love, magic, and self-discovery in this love letter to travel and found family. 
  • Blood Divided

    by Katie Keridan
    Kyra Valorian and Sebastian Sayre have finally remembered their pasts as the former Felserpent Queen and King, and now it’s time for them to change the future―by reuniting the realms and bringing peace to Astrals and Daevals. But tensions between Aeles and Nocens have never been higher, and those of silver and gold blood are more divided than ever. In addition to improving her recovrancy abilities and completing internship, Kyra is determined to uncover her father’s role in the evil Astral ex... more
  • Victoria McKay and the Kingdom of Creatures

    by Jane Alvey Harris
    Victoria McKay had the perfect family: a doting mother, a distracted father, and a perfectly adorable daughter, Vicky. Why did Mum and Dad have to ruin everything by having another baby? Vicky tried to get along with her younger sister Ashley, but after seven years of insufferable pranks and moaning, she'd reached her limit. When, in a fit of rage, Vicky shouted that she wished Ashley would disappear, she'd fully expected to be sent to bed without supper. She hadn't expected to wake up the ... more
  • Epic Fantasy RPG

    by Jonathan Nolan
    EPIC FANTASY RPG A complete fantasy role-playing game! MURDER HOBOS NEED NOT APPLY! This book adapts the SRD to FASERIP system, while preserving the classic fantasy role-playing flavor! 450+ pages, complete adaptation of the SRD pursuant to the OGL, a complete game, game world, the works.Using the FASERIPopedia version of FASERIP. Some of the stuff will be familiar to our existing fans; ALL of it has been rewritten especially for this book plus hundreds of pages adapted from the SRD - but ag... more
  • Dark Haven

    by Brey Willows
    Even vampires get tired of playing with their food… Running an off-grid community for vampires is serious business, and Remy Winslow gives it her all. Weary of the world and its noise, she’s content to live at Dark Haven and away from the public eye after all the work she did to help vampires come into the light, so to speak, so humans and vampires could live side by side. The last thing Remy needs is more press, but that’s exactly what she gets when Sage comes to Dark Haven. Internet influenc... more