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  • Wizards & Witches: Whisper (Book One)

    by Jonathan Blackwell

    Of that I be, the truth of magic does not exist! Only there be events (effects) of a cause, be that cause physical or mental. Effects can be as simple as someone showing up at your side, your door, or something as drastic as someone’s death, or a catastrophic storm. These effects be the wonderful, beautiful, yet often unseen painful and disastrous world of MAGIC!
    Never curse anyone intentionally! If your belief or intent is strong enough, it can, and has happened in a matter of min... more

  • The Sor-Wiz and the Painted Lady

    by Jonathan Phillip Blackwell
    When you think you have it all, think again. Today you are here, but where is here? Between fantasy and fiction lies the reality of the mind and the truth of us all. All is an illusion and in constant change, manifested to serve a purpose of intent. Be of thyself that the perception of others knows not an illusion. Magic, the effect of an intentional cause. What does time have to do with anything? Only that it changed every part of my life and because of that, I totally lost track of a lot of i... more
  • The Gatherer

    by Kit Trzebunia
    A coming-of-age fantasy tale of healing, purpose and the true nature of love. Legend tells of two powers that arise in times of crisis, but young healer-warrior Peregrine never dreams those tales might affect her life. Struggling to find her calling after her father's disappearance, she meets the Spear Prince of Moran and finds their unexpected friendship may be what saves the kingdom from invasion.
  • The Unravelling

    by Will Gibson
    In the year 2038, a disillusioned English boy's audacious plan to save his beloved Asian pop star collides with a weary New York cop's pursuit of an unfathomable global conspiracy, as humanity balances on the razor's edge between AI-governed order and lawless urban chaos. As unprecedented system failures plunge the world into turmoil, Joe Jones races against time to unravel the deceit behind apocalyptic threats and protect those he loves, revealing the delicate intersection of human vulnerabilit... more
  • Devi's Game

    by Alan Hamid
    Prepare to embark on an epic interstellar odyssey that delves into themes of identity, diversity, and the enduring forces of hope and love. "Devi's Game" is a pulse-pounding sci-fi saga destined to enrapture young adult readers, inviting them to contemplate the infinite possibilities of the cosmos and the boundless potential residing within the human spirit.
  • Nightshade Academy

    by Mel Torrefranca
    When Yahshi is unexpectedly selected for the Empire's military boarding school, he strikes an alliance with Vell, the only girl, and Pinto, the overachiever. Together they tackle the school's twisted challenges, compromising their humanity for success. But when Yahshi uncovers a dark truth about the program, he abandons everything he's worked for to become a fugitive on the run. Pursued by Vell and Pinto, who remain loyal to the Empire, he is torn between his affection for them and his revulsion... more
  • Dreaming Under an Electric Moon

    by Kris Powers

    Two FBI agents investigating a murder discover someone is twisting a vast virtual reality into an instrument for possession. Partners Washington and Deane form a motley crew to stop a psychopath who could be hiding behind any face. They race across enchanted villages and impossible planets, hoping to find a lost creator protecting a secret that could save the world or destroy it forever…

  • All the Dark Voices

    by Philip Myles Dane

    A justice driven, modern day nomad charts the course to world peace amdist the unseen evil forces and their human counterparts that seek an apocolypse.  Three powerfull women guide Thomas Shelton to success.


  • Time-Marked Warlock

    by Shami Stovall
    Adair Finch is the most powerful warlock in the world, and one of the best private investigators for hire. He has dealt with corporate vampires, murderous werewolves, and even fae royalty. Everything was perfect until he lost one case—the case where he also lost his brother. So Finch retired. From magic. From PI work. From everything. Bree Blackstone, a twelve-year-old witch, doesn’t know or care about any of that except Finch’s reputation. In the middle of the night, she bangs on Finch’s ... more
  • The Sharp Edge of Fate

    by TF Johnson

    "It's your job. You kill who I tell you, when I tell you."

    The Belladonna is a shadow; an assassin who leaves purple-black berries on the bodies of her victims. No one knows her name, or her face.

    Piper is desperate to keep it that way.

    When an assignment goes spectacularly wrong, Piper's carefully separated lives begin to converge. Her target becomes a reluctant ally as they search for clues to the disappearances haunting the city of Silversdale; ... more

  • Warden of the Valley

    by J.P. Springett II
    It is the year 3025. A thousand years of progress have been made on Earth since the chaos of the Twenty-First Century ended, and the Shenandoah Valley has been returned to its ancient, verdant glory. The Valley’s inhabitants have now achieved a balance between high technology and an anachronistic lifestyle that is intended to provide fulfilling lives and protect the renewed rural nature of their home. Warden Matthew Stone travels across the Kingdom of the Shenandoah Valley and keeps the peac... more
  • Fire Wave (Fire Wave #1)

    by Ana Stanojevic
    Aiyana never expected that her life would change drastically. After having a near-death experience and the company she works for being attacked, Aiyana, an employee of Ihode Labs, is shocked to wonder who would attack the work place and for what purpose. She found out that some classified chemicals had been stolen from Ihode Labs but despite the warning from the Head of the Company, Aiyana pursues her curiosity even further. She soon learns that there is an evil brewing, nestled somewhere ... more
  • Caring for Your Clown Book Three: Letting Go of Things

    by Oleander Blume
    Oliver began to walk backwards the moment he witnessed Dindet suffer a horrific fate at the hands of an electrifying scientific experiment. And it was his it seems. As Oliver falls deeper into his own self destructive tendencies in the wake of Dindet's apparent demise, another far more sinister plot rears it's ugly head in the form of Poppy, bent on pulling every last string until all the pieces fall into place, her vindictive claws are dug into all the unfortunate residents at Ame... more
  • Phoenix Rising: Initiation: The Trybrid Chronicles

    by Rebecca Nagy
    In "Phoenix Rising: Initiation," a gripping YA fantasy novel, readers are plunged into a richly woven tapestry of past lives, mythical beings, and cosmic battles. The protagonist, Ayesha, once the High Priestess of Sirius, bears the scars of Atlantis' fall and is trapped in a relentless cycle of rebirth, striving to balance her karma. Reborn as Cassandra Oberon, a gifted Trybrid with Celestial, Human, and Devic DNA, she becomes a symbol of humanity's next evolutionary leap, attracting both divin... more
  • Red Giant Star: Trilogy

    by Konstantin T. Salmann

    2023rd Edition.
    When does the past begin and when does the future end?

    Red Giant Star:
    A dystopian, yet still plausible notion.

    Konstantin T. Salmann

    What readers are saying about this book:

    Dive into a cosmic adventure with the "Red Giant Star: Trilogy" by Konstantin Salmann! This captivating trilogy takes you on a thrilling journey through space and time, blending scien... more

  • Inundation

    by Coral Alejandra Moore
    Camila battles demons in the flooded streets of Old Nueva York to keep the people of St. Joan’s parish safe. But now that her ex has come back into the picture after leaving to become a priest, her life has become even more complicated. No one has any idea that they have a child together who is growing up a few blocks away. And she wants to keep it that way.