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  • Death's Fair Maiden

    by Dan O'Mahony
    Love empowers both mortals and immortals alike. There is something about Eve that can only be described as “enchanting” or “magical.” She is a young hospice worker assigned to work with seventeen-year-old Tommy Kennedy’s beloved great-grandmother. Eve charms Tommy and his family. She always has the right thing to say, and her mere presence comforts them in their time of need. Only Tommy has seen Eve before -- in a nightmare he’d had that took place in ancient Ireland, where Eve was brutall... more
  • Bake Happy

    by Cori Cooper
    Cat has this baking thing down! Now that she's been to the family bakery and knows all about her baking abilities, Cat is baking the world a better place one class party and family dinner at a time. Her life is practically perfect until a surprise visit and an even bigger surprise announcement turn Cat's perfectly proofed world into an upside down cake. How is she supposed to Bake Happy now? Find out in Bake Happy, the third and final book in the Bake Believe Trilogy.
  • Bake Off

    by Cori Cooper
    Now that Cat knows what her baking can do, it's time to discover why and how! Cat and her family roadtrip all the way to Arizona for Thanksgiving break to find the answers they need at the family bakery. Instead of resolving her bazillion questions, Cat finds herself in the middle of a bakery showdown with suspicion as the main ingredient. Emotions are all over the place as Cat and Robyn learn the hard way that reckless baking and magic is a recipe for disaster.
  • Bake Believe

    by Cori Cooper
    Baking is messy enough without adding Magic to the mix. Cat Anderson has everything she could ever want. Her best friend is also her cousin, she's about to start eighth grade, and a cute new boy just moved into the neighborhood. Seriously, best life ever. So what if her mom refuses to touch the oven? So what if they always eat frozen food or take-out? So what if Cat doesn't know the difference between homemade and store bought? It's just food. Who even cares? But food, it turns out, is ... more
  • Wizards of Arcadia

    by Daniel Xavier Luna
    Evil isn’t born, nor is it stumbled upon. It’s created in the shadows of a person’s soul. It plants itself and evolves throughout one’s journey in life where it culminates in darkness until it consumes the individual. For twins Adrian and Andrew, it’s a journey one of them will take. Book one Andrew and Adrian are catapulted into a world where spells, magical beasts, and wizards exist. A world they now belong to, and their once predictable summer is gone in a blink of an eye. They go visi... more
  • Magic and Goldfire

    by Clare Rushing

    A frostbitten healer's apprentice and a knightess with memory loss must save the world from a wicked prince in a high fantasy adventure inspired by mythology, fairy tales, and medieval culture.

    Vesunna "Sunny" Padsva is a legendary knight with her own ballad sung by tone-deaf bards across the land. She tolerates the fame, but craves an escape away from guard duty and starry eyed townsfolk. When the high king announces a diplomatic mission to an isolated kingdom in the... more

  • Swallow

    by A.H. Mims
    In a future America wracked by climate change, disease, and civil unrest, Martene Fisher has risen from humble beginnings to realize her dream of becoming a military officer and pilot, positions usually reserved for members of the upper class. With an elevated social status and a lifestyle few in her world enjoy, she has everything she’s ever wanted and more than most could hope for: a career, a home, people she loves, security. But Martene discovers the job is not what it seems and her hard-won... more
  • After the Fall

    by Deek Rhew
    Shai was created for one purpose: to die. 200 years after the fall of civilization, in a world warred to rubble, Shai and her fellow Recollectors—humans built by machines to serve machines—have carved out a simple, pleasant life in their Mazatlán oasis. One of love, surf, and kinship. Life is far from peaceful though. The Osiris AI controlling the machines is destabilizing, and Shai, with her upgraded genome, is the perfect sacrificial specimen they can use to patch it. To stop them and... more
  • The Road to Damascus

    by Mark Tapper
    When a magic ritual goes awry at the end of the First Crusade, a group of Knights Hospitaller are mistakenly made immortal, doomed to be reborn after each death. The knights fight with sword and magic, and, like the Hospitallers they once were, they care for the sick and dying. Their foes are the Returned, banished mages who form a corporation in another dimension that’s hell-bent on destroying beauty, diversity, and tolerance in our world as completely as it has in their own. Paul, senesc... more
  • Missing in the Pages

    by Ashley Tropea
    After eighteen-year-old Elizabeth Burrough's father went missing six years ago, all Elizabeth has ever felt is alone. Ostracized at school and ignored at home by her perpetually grieving mother, Elizabeth’s only solace lies within the pages of her favorite book, filled with daring sword fights and adventurous heroines. But when she awakes one morning to discover she's somehow inside the novel, it seems the glamorous world of eighteenth-century England may be more perilous than she'd ever expecte... more
  • Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within (Wars of the New Humanity Book #2)

    by Michael J. Brooks

    In the second book of this adult science-fiction thriller, a young immigrant woman, from Colony Three, becomes an outcast within Eden’s class system but decides to retaliate, and she aims to recruit Randal Scott, one of the colonies’ liberators, into a social-justice organization involved in a shadow war against murderous extremists scheming to preserve the status quo.

    What is the journey of a lottery beneficiary, a colony immigrant, like? What happens when ... more

  • Lost in Hanks Hollow (Hanks Hollow Series Book 3)

    by Rachelle Kampen
    The Harts are left reeling after tragedy strikes right in their backyard. As Sam sits vigil at the side of his injured sister, Rosie, he questions his role within the pack. He already feels he let his father down, now he has the weight of his family on his shoulders. When the pack struggles under the poor leadership of Amos Hart, Sam must rise above his guilt to try to be the leader his family needs. Becca Miller has always had a crush on her best friend Rosie’s older brother, Sam Hart. After... more
  • Cato's Choice

    by Juri Pill
  • Ascension

    by Marc R. Micciola

    The long-standing peace in the continent of Midstad is disrupted by a cult called The Black Light after a number of assassinations. The goal is to cause enough chaos to distract the good people of Midstad from their secret mission. Sadly for The Black Light, and its leaders Iver and Otti, their enemies are not so easily fooled. Suspicions arise when the old name of Kemryr is uttered, and the King of Hestferd, Bryntyr, decides to investigate further. Einar, Bryntyr's son, goes with hi... more

  • The Elevator

    by Alice Night
    After the strange disappearance of their classmate, Julie Anderson, four friends sneak into an unlocked building to play a game to help them locate Julie in "The Other World." Once they come back with her, odd things begin to happen--nightmares, a mysterious woman, possessions, and a mark of something terrible. The web of secrets and lies unravel. Who will survive these horrors? And who will die?

    by Elise Chidley
    SYNOPSIS: DEEPWOOD Young Adult Fantasy, 96,000 Words by Elise Chidley Development threatens the last portal between Earth and a mythical realm in this YA fantasy adventure. After their father abandons them, teenagers Willow and Ivo McBane have to relocate with their mother, Viv, from London to Deepwood Cottage in Gloucestershire. The cottage abuts hundreds of acres of wildwood. For brilliant, curious Ivo, fascinated by botany, it’s a chance to explore. But Willow—fierce, sinewy, and athletic—m... more