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  • Charlie One

    by Tom Connelly

    Chamberlain is everything teenager Charlie Anderson thought it would be when he moved there from the city in 1957—a quaint and cozy upstate New York town where time moves slowly. But that’s all about to change.

    Charlie finds his elderly and wealthy newspaper customer, Mr. Grazione, on the brink of death. Just before he passes, he shares a secret with Charlie. Grazione was part of a group of atomic scientists who discovered a special rock that allowed them to... more

  • Exoputians

    by AJ Pagan
    As the Second American Civil War wanes, Mary the Exoputian awaits her chance to contact the Folbulae—a highly advanced species of extraterrestrial, only to be hunted down by the dictator of the Sovereign States of America, Vladimir Booth. \tWith rising tides and thawing tundra, the Exoputians—a new species of human genetically created to live in Space and communicate with the Folbulae, land in the Republic of Texas following a missile strike on their Space station. Mary and the other Exoputian... more
  • Bones

    by K.L. Speer
    Bones was born with the miraculous power to heal, but all her gift has brought is death. Haunted by the blood on her hands, she escapes her captors after twelve brutal years only to find herself trapped once again thanks to rumors of her abilities. Dragged to the Vault, a mountain stronghold, she forms unexpected connections with her captors that scare her more than all the horrors of her past. Navigating her trauma and the horrifying misuse of her powers, Bones grapples with her identity and pu... more

    by Tom Norton
    Bobby Tucker hates Doctor Albert. Not dislikes him. HATES him. Bobby can’t understand how a scientist could be so stupid. When Albert, a below-average astrophysicist, discovers a strange signal from outer space, everything changes. If someone or anyone else answered the call things might’ve gone better. Now, Bobby’s small town has one chance to pull it together and prove humanity is worthy. For Bobby, it's a hard pass. He’s going to save the world and get high, but probably not in that ... more
  • Mr

    by Mick Vernant
    When his father disappears, Dax faces every living nightmare to find him. Dax Candeland is navigating another difficult day at school, where no one shows enough consideration for his dislike of contractions or his obsession with numbers. One thought sustains him: it's his sixteenth birthday, and he will celebrate it with his father. Alone, the two of them enjoy their meal and a special understanding–until Dax visits the bathroom, where the sinister clown from a poster comes alive, making h... more
  • Dreams Unite: An Epic Fantasy Adventure

    by K. Stan Tinos
    Dreams Unite, the third book in the highly anticipated Bennington series, is a captivating tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. In a mystical convergence of dreams, Ronnie Trudeau, Strago Celest, and Halsin find their premonitions filled with hidden dangers and conflicting motives as they hunt the powerful presence of an owlbear. Embark on a daring expedition through ancient forests and forgotten ruins to seek out the mythical beast. Stirred by primal instincts, you track... more
  • Blood and Gears

    by Declan Cosson
    In the wake of World War Three, the militaristic state of Terra is the last major bastion of human civilisation and its main army is the Legion, comprised of a genetically modified race of superhuman men known as Legionnaires who are currently engaged in a total war with armies of so called "machines", a race of robotic monsters. Amidst this chaos, nineteen year old Zach Harker is pressed into the legion where he fights a battle not only in the name of humanity but in the name of his honour a... more
  • Giant Trouble: The Mystery of the Magic Beans

    by Laurel Decher
    Could You Stick Up For a Giant? When the beloved Mr. Giant keels over in the Royal Marigold Restaurant, it’s a recipe for trouble for eleven-year-old Prince William of Marigold!. Find the cure for Mr. Giant's mysterious sleeping sickness and cook up a plan to prevent a War on Giants? Phew! Years ago, his family was warmly welcomed by the Seven Kingdoms. Suddenly, it's William's job to remind everyone how to make friends!? Fee, Fie, Foe, FUN!
  • Dissonance Volume I

    by Aaron Ryan
    There are some rules you never forget. Above all else, whatever you do, you never look directly at a gorgon. Now, plug your ears… because the war for humanity has begun. Sergeant Cameron "Jet" Shipley was there when they first arrived in 2026. For 16 long years, he learned to hide. To never make a sound. Learning the most important rule of all about the gorgons: You just... don't... look. The year is now 2042, and humanity is eking out an existence in the shadows. Shipley and his te... more
  • The Forest and the Crows

    by Matian Ellis
    Sackery is one of the Vedrethal, a warrior-servant who fought for the Vedreron during the days before mankind would arrive on the continent Arún. He promised to keep the daughter of a man he trusted safe. He journeys with the girl’s mother, Cyridel Elendsah, an Ellúndar Princess of the Míran kingdom-city of Ilhivendal. It is a hard road they follow. Nialla, daughter of Galron and Cyridel, is a child born of two worlds. But she grew up on the road, never staying anywhere for too long, calling “h... more
  • The Neon Prince

    by R.M. Gayler

    The thrilling sequel to the Neon God.

    In a world decimated by the hypnotic neon lights, the uneasy calm brokered by Jessie Aguilar teeters on the brink of collapse. The sudden disappearance of Mason, the remarkable empath, and his unlikely companion, Prince—the prized offspring of the enigmatic Neon God AI—propels the destinies of two species on a collision course. Mason and Prince must confront the mysteries that bind them, facing challenges that threaten not only their fri... more

  • The World's Other Side

    by Daniel M. Bensen
    George Boatman trained to be a priest, but his people need a criminal. Five centuries after the mighty Gondwanan civilization conquered the Northern Hemisphere, George leads a band of thieves and smugglers in the Ilinwa city of Shikaakwa. It's a bloody job, but his people need him. What George needs is vengeance. Bounce Nakmara didn't expect her post-graduate work to be so demanding. Placed without her consent into a home-stay with a bunch of incomprehensible Native Eurasian refugees, she doe... more
  • Jo Moonstone and The Atlantis Diamond

    by Pamela Hegarty
    Twelve-year-old Jo Moonstone has never ridden a giant seahorse. She’s never had to fight a mega shark. All Jo wanted to do was stay home with her great aunt Ellie and pretend she isn’t different. Everything changes one stormy night when a lightning-flinging villain attacks Jo’s home. Now Jo has one chance to keep her great aunt safe. Journey to the underwater city of Atlantis. There, Jo and her team of misfit friends must use their emerging, supernatural gifts to beat the supervillain to... more
  • Threads of Power

    by Kenyon Strother

    Kenyon, seemingly ordinary, discovers a truth that shatters his reality. Descendant of a Yoruba god-king and a Roman god, he possesses an extraordinary lineage. But this legacy comes at a cost. The ambitious sorcerer, Selena Blackwood, threatens to sever the very threads that bind history and myth, plunging the world into chaos.

    Descendant of gods, Kenyon Williams - with his striking black and silver hair and otherworldly eyes - found himself in a world of magic, thrust onto a peri... more

  • Chisel the Bone

    by Renee S. DeCamillis
    Chisel the Bone is about Dory, a mental patient out on safety release, who finds herself as the single witness who can bring down a horrifying cult of drug addicts from her past as well as their supernatural puppeteer. Now, Dory finds herself on the run from the cult who wants to chisel her bones into dust to satiate their addictions and keep her from bringing their secrets to life.
  • Rich Kid, Poor Kid: Navigating Privilege, Illusions, and Innovation

    by Onesimus Malatji

    In "Rich Kid, Poor Kid," readers are taken on a journey through the lives of two young individuals, one from a wealthy background and the other from a struggling economic environment. The novel is structured in a way that offers a deep dive into their parallel yet distinct worlds, highlighting the stark contrasts and unexpected similarities in their experiences.


    The first part of the book introduces the characters, setting the stage for an exploration of how their... more