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  • Unleashed

    by E. L. Jefferson

    In a wooded suburb of Southern Maryland, the victim of a drunken midnight hit-and-run accident is left to die on the side of the road, his body horribly shattered. His unconscious form, on the brink of death, is transported to one of the best trauma hospitals in the state, where he is cared for by one of the nation's leading surgeons, Dr. Paul Laden. The doctor observes something astounding about his patient, which contradicts everything he knows about medicine. This leads Dr. Laden down a da... more

  • Strange Adventure

    by Richard Huggett
    Kitty, her twin Toby, sister Sam and best friends Lizzie and Luke are home after school. Sam and Luke vanish. Minutes later, Kitty, Toby, and Lizzie materialize in a parallel world, with just one clue as to where Sam and Luke are. They launch a rescue mission. But in a hi-tech alien world where real and virtual mingle, will they ever succeed?
  • Blood of the Prince: Omnibus

    by R.L. Dean

    An orphan discovers he can wield ancient, mysterious technology but will pay a terrible price if he uses his wondrous skills to fight for his benefactor.

    As winter settles in an old man sits down to pen the tale of his youth. A sense of melancholy, of love lost, and the disappointment of labors performed in vain cloak his shoulders as he leans forward, the quill in the weathered knuckles of his hand hovering over parchment. Asking himself where it all began was unnecessary ... time coul... more

  • Something in the Middle: Black & White Edition: Small Stories from the Far Side of Consciousness

    by A.I. Wand
    A first-time author. A hotshot book editor. A whirlwind romance and a runaway bestseller nobody saw coming. The meteoric rise and sudden collapse of a cross-platform media empire. All of this — plus a basement full of undiscovered treasures left by former tenants — is thoughtfully unpacked and dusted off in this sideways collection of small, strange fictions. SITM is a light-hearted 44-story collection of mostly free-standing stories surrounding a framed narrative that explores how these tales w... more
  • Sister of the Chosen One

    by Colleen Oakes/Erin Armknecht
    Valora Rigmore understands pressure. As the Chosen One (resident telekinetic, superstar and model girlfriend) her life revolves around it. According to an ancient prophesy, Valora is destined to fight Erys, a terrifying individual with the power to control monsters. Valora is worshipped at school, in the press and by her parents, but as the battle with Erys looms near, the cracks in her perfect façade are beginning to show. Her twin, Grier Rigmore understands disappointment. A curvy bookworm ... more
  • The Lonely Vampire

    by Ann Greyson

    After fleeing from a vampire witch hunt in Transylvania hundreds of years earlier, vampire Ileana Vladislava lives out a lonely existence in Wightwick Hall, a castle in the Jesmond Dene area of Newcastle upon Tyne, a city in Tyne and Wear, England. Still bearing the scars of her past, she avoids relationships with people. The likelihood of the vengeful werewolf, Claymor, finding her also keeps her in a state of solitary. Myrna Ivester lacks confidence and is often unsure about her decisions. ... more

  • Divine Summons (The Windrider Saga, Book 1)

    by Rebecca P. Minor
    When Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast, an officer in the elven cavalry, narrowly escapes a devastating scouting mission, he discovers a new calling to establish and command an airborne unit of mounted warriors. Joined by an enigmatic half-elven prophetess and a silver dragon, Vinyanel struggles to come to grips with this responsibility, while mourning the recent loss of his unit and only friends.

 A subversive plot emerges within the walls of the elven capital city, one that threatens to provide ... more
  • The Avalon Order

    by N.B. Yomi
    Ethan is a nerd who leads an average life until he meets a girl named Lauren, who recruits into a monster hunting organization called The Avalon Order. Will this be what Ethan needs to add excitement to his dull life?
  • Hemispheres

    by Mark Everglade
    Light is currency, light is big business on Gliese 581g, the last remaining colony of the human race. Severum Rivenshear hunts those who steal it in the form of fireflies, just to have enough light to live by. He works in the icy, eternally dark hemisphere of Evig Natt, the sun an absent deity. The rest of the world pursues every pleasure beneath a sun that never sleeps. Thalassa Latimer will rotate the tidal-locked planet faster, or die trying. Dedicated to bringing light to everyone, rich ... more
  • Dominion

    by John Ford
    When self-aware Artificial Intelligence is finally achieved, will we even know we have succeeded? Technology researchers attempt ever-more sophisticated realizations of AI. Bold in the conceit of modernism, what is the goal? Is it self-awareness, or merely form and function, where archetypes in interacting jargon become so polished there can be no distinction between genuine and ingenuity? Throughout history, amazing discoveries have precipitated, often unintentionally, less than favorable cons... more
  • EN: A Girl Energy-Bending between Worlds (The Girl, the Pendant & the Portal Book 1)

    by Michelle Reynoso
    STRANGER THINGS meets THE LAST AIRBENDER in this urban fantasy about a teen girl discovering her own power to save two worlds. Faith McDaniels is smart, but defiant. A loner in a new high school, she openly rebels against a world that took her mother. When Faith unexpectedly discovers the secret symbiotic world of Enlitra, it looks like the universe still has a surprise or two. But her newfound abil... more
  • Billy Chan and the Clash of the Bungolins

    by D.Z. Mah

    Bungolins have appeared in Wyoming and are chasing bison. But wait! They’ve also appeared in Florida and are terrorizing alligators. Two warring factions are here in our world, and I need to do something fast.

    But where should I go? Who should I help?

    This is where you come in. I need you to help me choose what I should do. No matter what you decide, things are sure to be interesting. There are four ways this can end; see if you can read them all!

  • Song of the Vampire

    by K. M. McFarland

    In 1989, successful rock star Quinn Forrester’s life turned upside down the night he was ripped from the mortal world and transformed into a vampire. Ageless, immortal, and forced to live in secret, he mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind his wife and baby daughter, Nadia. Eighteen years later, his now grown-up daughter, Nadia Forrester, is playing a deadly game with alcohol, promiscuity, and an abusive relationship. Their lives change drastically when their worlds collide the night... more

  • Billy Chan Goes to the World of the Felidavians

    by D.Z. Mah

    Normally I get my missions from the CIA, when my parents let me. Today, though, the elusive billionaire and exotic chimera collector, Mr. Roahr, has paid me a visit. He and his foster daughter, Cassie, need my help.

    Cassie hasn't heard from her family in weeks, and she can't get home unless I use my powers to take her there. This is my biggest, scariest adventure yet! I'm going to a world of felidavians (great big flying cats) and I'm with Cassie. We all know how unpredi... more

  • The Seven Strings

    by Sarah Morin

    To free her innocent sister from Traitor’s Prison , sixteen-year-old Eva must free herself—her true self—by taking back her soul. 

    In a kingdom where anything sacred or spiritual is banned by law, Eva, the daughter of freedom fighters, accidentally exposes her family as Traitors when she’s caught meditating. For her crime, her parents are put to death. Seeking redemption for her carelessness, even while trapped in a prison camp, Eva struggles to find her twi... more

  • Nanagin

    by Hayley Kilgour
    If only they had known… Aron might have acted sooner. Kade might have acted different… though probably not. Jared might have let Keegan go her own way. Had Keegan known that Arciol, a world filled with magic and adventure, existed in parallel to her own, she would have given anything to go there. Instead, she wakes up a prisoner of the realm’s tyrannical king with the weight of the world on her shoulders. If only they had known.