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  • The Pilgrim - Part I

    by A Keith Carreiro

    The Immortality Wars series continues with the first book of the second trilogy...

    After thinking he dies in combat, a young warrior learns he was in a world created as a human experiment by a ruthless society over 500 years in the future. He must draw upon his combat skills and spiritual power to fight amidst a galactic war whose twelve bases are in a deadly quest for immortality.

    It is 2562 Old Earth Time. One reality, created by scientists, technicians, and a corrupt ruling cou... more

  • How to Learn Basic-to-Advance Professional Makeup Course?

    by makeupstudio India
    There has always been doubt about the makeup courses that are appropriate for you and how you can go from basic to advance makeup course. The best makeup courses in India provide a lot of variety by providing basic and advanced techniques. If you are new to the makeup industry, you need to start with the basics and then understand the advanced features of makeup. Google is the best way to find the best makeup courses near you, and if you want to do a hairstyle in makeup, then you can search ... more
  • Priya Echo's Adventure - Book 4 - Transcendence

    by David Gold
    In the dream world of the Echo Realm, the Ascencion War has erupted, with Echo's forces fighting the Alliance. In the real world, Priya Echo continues her battle against the evil wizard Telenon. She will have to rescue a friend from Telenon's castle, return to the university as it is under siege by Telenon's forces, then face him in one climactic final battle. Priya must find a way to upgrade her magical powers. The only way she can win ... is to achieve Transcendence!
  • Priya Echo's Adventure: Book One Awakening

    by David Gold
    Hello, my name is Echo. Priya Echo is a super nerdy, shy lab scientist at university when one day an experiment goes wrong and gives her magic powers! After falling into her own dream land, she discovers that she has echo powers! Priya awakens and soon meets three kick ass girls who let her into their group, Nadine, Felicia and Dominque. Her so-called friends, who are really bad at not using peer pressure, set her up with a cute guy named Eric. He just wants a normal girlfriend and cannot ... more
  • Convergence

    by John Frei
    In a world where climate change threatens our existence, what if a protector turned predator? Set against the expansive tapestry of the cosmos, "Convergence" dives into a future where Earth's last hope might just be its undoing. By 2074, Earth is on the brink of devastation, and salvation seems elusive. But when Adam, a descendent of StellarCorp's visionary, discovers an unsettling secret buried deep within, he's thrust into a web of deception. Designed as Earth's protector, a rogue AI no... more
  • 9798223717768

    by Marti Ward
    After she gets a kitten for her birthday, Airlie finds she is seeing the world in a different way. This new perspective allows her to solve some minor crimes and brings her to the attention of a certain Inspector Humble. This leads to an invitation to a special camp for children with the new Quantum Talents. But soon foreign agents become aware of the PsyQ kids and their psionic gifts.
  • Trempealeau

    by John T. Umhoefer

    Trempealeau blends local fiction, mystery, multiverse and apocalyptic science fiction to explain the real Skylab discovery of a massive circular structure in the snow-covered ground along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border in the winter of 1974. In the novel, the U.S. government discovers the astonishing secret at the center of this mysterious circle during World War II, a secret that residents in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, have hidden for decades with deadly violence. The Skylab transmission... more

  • A Battle For Tomorrow

    by Matt Simons
    Drafted into a world war that no country can win, young Jason is forced to witness the worst of humanity as everyone around him dies before he is thrown back in time by an explosion that kills him. Seemingly trapped in childhood with memories of a hopeless future haunting him, can Jason find a way to stop the war and save millions of lives if no one believes him? See firsthand how trauma changes a person, how quickly a good person can become a violent killer. This is Jason’s story.
  • Surviving Eros

    by Philip Carlisle
    Book I : The Paradox of Jayne Le Faye is a cerebral, dual-world, fantasy adventure that combines two popular methods of re-making a character’s reality; magic and the mind. In this case, both are broken. A brilliant college girl holds the magic. A young soldier wakes from a coma with the broken mind. The twist comes when the girl breaks the rules of her own to aid the wounded soldier with a spell she's not permitted to do yet. It weaves beyond her control and traps his mind within ... more
  • Three Rivers Plague

    by Zachary Forbes
    After escaping the fallout of a bioweapon, famous musician Thomas Wylde is brought to an air shelter outside of Pittsburgh with other important people, including the Pennsylvania governor. One of Thomas' bandmates falls victim to the infection, and the governor gives him an ultimatum: have his friend executed to protect the other passengers, or abandon shelter to find a lost outpost that was working on a cure. Struggling with addiction and fighting for his friend's life, Thomas must face the hor... more
  • Mr. Daisy: A Low Fantasy Slice of Life Novel

    by M. Vattic

    Quincy Daisy is impossibly strong, incredibly large, and a seasoned substitute teacher. His closest friend is a cosmic entity that takes the form of a flower on his head. Together, they travel the world, teaching others to love themselves and one another.

    He has arrived at Blue Diamond Elementary in the East Coast city of Almond Bay, where he will teach for an entire school year. In this city, he will be challenged by an odd assortment of colorful characters, including a trio of kinderg... more

  • The True Story of the Komodo Dragon

    by Sébastien Bourbeau
    The experimental fiction novel The True Story of the Komodo Dragon follows a young creature on his jaunty, playful quest toward self-discovery. Written by a young author (, Sébastien Bourbeau will inspire children everywhere. The book is tailored for grade 4 - 6 students, and a teacher's classroom resource PDF file can be downloaded from the website Teachers' page: ( Visit the website for more information and for reviews b... more
  • Human

    by Antionette van der Gryp

    Holding back the Gader horde has been the priority of every able-bodied person on Earth for the past 80 years …

    But after a decade Vin Montgomery returns home and she has vengeance on her mind …

    Her body has been advanced …

    Her rebels are in place …

    The only thing standing in her way is her estranged husband, General Matthew Washington …

    But if she is careful, she is sure she could bring him over to her ... more

  • In Ora: The Land of the Superior

    by Sotto Voce
    In a world divided between the superior and the bereft, a desperate man must find a way to save someone he cares about. But what sacrifice does he have to make? Luke thought he’d found purpose again. After years of heartache and a devastating loss, his companionship with the strong-willed Ruyi gave him a reason to cherish life, even in a home plagued with poverty and disease, the Origin. But when he learns about Ruyi’s life-threatening and mysterious disease, Luke is prepared to seek help in ... more
  • Luna

    by David Thomas

    "One day, Earth's cities failed to shine and a silence fell over our corner of the cosmos... and that is when our peace died."

    Adam is like any other seventeen year old. He has dreams, hopes and fears.
    However, Adam's birth marked another giant leap for mankind.

    One day, his entire world begins to slip away.
    One day, he and those closest to him are faced with impossible life-or-death decisions... and time is rapidly running out.

    This is his s... more

  • The Evil That Men Love

    by Aaron J Clarke
    Jealousy, shame, lust… A maelstrom of emotions stirs in this passionate novella, a tale following a young boy in a small town who is doomed to follow in the footsteps of his father. Sinister betrayal. Defying death for love. The Bloofer Man will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he always gets his way.