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    by Jason Abofsky

    She’ll betray her country to save lives, but can she betray her best friend too?

    Celoven Windess has been groomed since birth to serve her best friend, Princess Naruné, as her Stone Maiden: her closest aide and confidant in all royal matters. The king’s failing health forces the princess to begin a reign she never wanted, and Cel must be there to guide her.

    After a catastrophe, the full weight of responsibility comes down on the untested princes... more

  • Legends & Lattes

    by Travis Baldree
    Worn out after decades of packing steel and raising hell, Viv the orc barbarian cashes out of the warrior’s life with one final score. A forgotten legend, a fabled artifact, and an unreasonable amount of hope lead her to the streets of Thune, where she plans to open the first coffee shop the city has ever seen. However, her dreams of a fresh start pulling shots instead of swinging swords are hardly a sure bet. Old frenemies and Thune’s shady underbelly may just upset her plans. To finally bui... more
  • The Guardian of the Palace: Book 1 of The Guardian League

    by Steven J. Morris

    Everyone knows magic isn’t real. Alien invaders? Ha! Yet, unless one skeptic changes her mind, Earth and her life will meet a swift end.

    Disillusioned with her military career, Red Hernandez crawled back to civilian life as a second tier security lead for an engineering marvel meant to cram more people into the tiny island of Manhattan. She expected her biggest struggles to be integrating back into a society where social media and closet space reigned supreme. But when mysterious ... more

  • Trials of Fire and Rebirth

    by Edith Pawlicki
    An immortal who can’t remember the past, and a god who’d do anything to forget it… An Ning wakes with no memory of her past in a male body. As the centuries pass, she masters her powers and makes a quiet life among mortals, but she keeps her fears and secrets to herself. Then a strange immortal drifts into her village, and An Ning wants to tell him everything.. Karana never wanted to be the God of Destruction, and after his family fell apart, he abandoned his mortal followers to wander the... more
  • Why Odin Drinks

    by Bjørn Larssen

    Norse Mythology retelling for fans of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Calvin & Hobbes

    Ever woken up being a God, but not knowing how to God properly? Poor Odin must restrain his brothers, who create offensive weapons such as mosquitoes and celery; placate his future-telling wife, Frigg, who demands sweatpants with pockets; listen to Loki’s Helpful Questions; hang himself from Yggdrasil for nine days with a spear through his side (as you do); teac... more

  • Vows of Gold and Laughter

    by Edith Pawlicki
    The meeting of four lonely immortals will change them - and the world. High in the Heavens, an immortal court celebrates the betrothal of Jin, Goddess of Beauty, and Xiao, God of Pleasure. But as soon as the vows are made, the Sun Emperor collapses from a death curse. Raised away from the Sun Court after her mother's murder, Jin is called a useless goddess, but she is now the emperor's only hope. The curse's cure is locked in the Underworld, and even though the court dismisses him as a hop... more
  • 9798573456119

    by Edith Pawlicki
    Action is driven by thought, thought is ruled by emotion, and emotion is controlled by Empaths. Eighteen-year-old Minerva lives in a city of repurposed shipping containers, dependent on a hydroelectric plant for light and heat, while a nuclear winter blankets the world in snow. Hemp powder meals and patchwork clothes are a fact of life - as is human evolution. An unparalleled Empath, not only can Minerva sense emotions, she can read minds and influence thoughts. Power has a price. Start... more
  • Fable's End

    by Seth Halleway
    After centuries of warfare, a world of conquerors has at last defeated their enemies and destroyed their god-like creators. With their society now teetering on collapse and an aging ruler close to death, two young scions from legendary imperial families contend to take control. One has a progressive vision for changing their world by integrating their former enemies. The other has a darker plan that calls for the expulsion and extermination of those who once opposed them. Only one can succeed, a... more
  • Strung

    by ⟅R̫o̮s̫k͚e̫

    In an attempt to repel an unwanted suitor, Lady Lysbeth Haywood shares her unfashionable enthusiasm for the "Faye"—a supposedly-mythical race few believe exist. Instead, her suitor is driven to capture one as a gift.

    When the Faye, Evyn, is delivered to Lindenholt Manor, Lysbeth's dread at the prospect of a forced engagement yields to the thrilling actualization of childhood Fayetales—and the chance to satisfy her long-suffered curiosity. Unfortunately, Avonlei... more

  • The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten: Bait And Switch

    by D. E. Wyatt
    There are some things in the world that are real, and others found only in minstrels' fancies. Elsabeth and Hieronymus find these lines blurring after accepting a simple escort job to the isolated village of Checy. Local folklore tells of a wizard dwelling in the wilderness nearby, and their client, an orphaned youth named Maerten, hopes that his magic can reveal the truth about his past. Despite their skepticism, Elsabeth and Hieronymus are soon drawn kicking and screaming into the unlikely ... more
  • My Manufactured Soul

    by Jeffry Dwight

    A planet with a forbidden history;
    A man without a name or memory;
    The two collide in a titanic struggle.

    Magic battles science in this gripping tale of an exoplanet colony’s struggle for survival.

    On Sundering, the man called Grey must unravel the planet’s deepest secrets to find his own real name and the truth about himself. His search for his past threatens the balance of power, and awakens ancient forces. Grey’s unshakeable... more

  • Fyrian's Fire: The Fate of Glademont

    by Emily H. Jeffries
    The week of her wedding, Lady Tessamine Canyon is jilted by her betrothed, Prince Linden. Left utterly humiliated, Tess betrays a tightly guarded secret to an enemy spy—a decision that throws the Dione of Glademont into chaos. Hunted by bloodthirsty mercenaries, Tess flees into the Hinge Forest. There, with the help of a wild owl and a two-hundred-year-old bear, Tess begins to unlock the forgotten mysteries of her people. Deep in the woods, the spirit of a long-dead dryad awaits the next thane o... more
  • Stage Four

    by John Payne
    Three people are dying of melanoma cancer. Nothing more can be done for them. Their pets are keeping them alive. The Chicago metro-sexual has a python, the gay guy from Paris has a French bulldog and the lawyer from San Francisco has a falcon. Their pets are keeping them alive until they get their ravaged bodies to Texas, and for one mil, undergo the treatment process. They are verified cured by their doctors. All goes well until certain atmospheric conditions erupt, and they genetically morph i... more
  • The Albatross: Requiem

    by Connor Mackay
    The crew of the elite warship, Albatross, and the newfound Union they belong to, have been gravely injured. First contact with the mysterious alien enemy, known as the Forsaken, was more devastating than they could have imagined. The cost of the Union’s historic rescue mission on the planet Stormwater has left the few remaining survivors picking up the pieces and questioning what hell lies ahead. A new face and another one of the eight original human bright eyes, Elora Bhele, joins Will Reach... more
  • The Venus Project

    by Ilker Korkutlar
    The Venus Project is a science fiction adventure novel about the experiences of a group of people working to change the global socioeconomic system. The plot is divided across the years of 2010, 2017-2019, and 2044-2045. With the latter years corresponding to a dystopian world where small groups of survivors remain after global disaster, the topics of artificial intelligence, pandemics, and cryogenics are explored. In addition to a multi-character adventure, the novel also offers a philosophical... more
  • The Undiscovered Descendants: Book #1 in the Nordri Series

    by Jo Visuri

    A captivating real-world fantasy adventure filled with intrigue, suspense, Norse mythology, magical objects, and special abilities, Jo Visuri’s tale will sweep you away to mystical Auor Island—where nothing is quite as it seems!

    A remote island. Old secrets. And a cascade of unintended consequences.

    Long ago, four clans from earth’s four corners were given magical abilities to help save humanity from oblivion. For generations, their desc... more