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  • A Drowned Kingdom

    by P.L. Stuart
    Once Second Prince of the mightiest kingdom in the known world, Othrun now leads the last survivors of his exiled people into an uncertain future far across the Shimmering Sea from their ancestral home, now lost beneath the waves. With his Single God binding his knights to chivalric oaths, intent on wiping out idolatry and pagan worship, they will have to carve out a new kingdom on this mysterious continent—a continent that has for centuries been ravaged by warlords competing for supremacy and m... more
  • ZODIAC SAGA 2 The Balance of Power

    by Kaitlyn McKnight

    Zodiac Saga 2: The Balance of Power, is the second book in the award-winning finalist for most promising series of fantasy/sci-fi. Zodiac Saga 2 continues the story of a bullied young boy named Cyrus O’Hara, a believer in Zodiac gods. Cyrus is now known as Lancaster in The Balance of Power. The Zodiac gods are known as the Sacred Twelve or the Elders of Zodia. There is an unknown powerful force seeking to destroy the Zodiac gods and the entire universe. Lancaster embarks upon a suspense... more

  • Avery Black: Pleased to Meet You

    by Mimi Cocquyt

    When All Hope is lost, a door will appear. A single man will step forward. Eternity has a protector. Mankind has it's Man. Avery Black. Written and Illustrated by Christopher Harvill. 


  • Porridger1

    by Caroline Hartmann
    Cosmo and his spaceship, Nova, search the galaxies for a better breakfast than the usual icky, lumpy, porridge he has every morning. Tasting everything from snowballs and ice, (which are too cold and made Nova sputter away) to meteorites (which are tasteless and heavy and prevent Nova from doing her favourite cartwheels), Cosmo almost gave up his search until they came upon a pretty blue planet and a girl named Aggie. Guess what happens to Cosmo and Nova when Aggie serves them breakfast?
  • The Cobalt Moon's Fury

    by Lou Hernández
    Teenage hemophiliac, half-Vampire joshua Puig grapples to survive the final 24-hour period of life-altering events thrust upon him by the cyclical-and deadly- arrival of the cobalt moon.
  • The Curse of the Cobalt Moon

    by Lou Hernández
    Joshua Puig has his life turned upside down when he is confronted with the existence of two types of half-vampires, and he is part of one of the factions
  • Sick and Twisted

    by Danny Salazar
    In the middle of new York city where a vicious mob, an insane hooker and a gang of grave robbers all have one thing in common. "Murdering". And none of them will stop until everyone is dead. This story takes you on a wild journey adventure of humor, sex, violence and death. Please enjoy!
  • Into the Battle

    by James Rosone

    Mankind has awakened a monster…

    …Humanity must put aside its own animosities…

    …or face extinction

    The origins of human history begin to unravel as Earth learns they are not the only humans in the galaxy. The sudden discovery of humans living on multiple planets beyond Earth has created more questions than it’s answered.

    When humanity arrived on New Eden, a hideous new alien race, the Z... more

  • L'Ultimo Gigante: Trasgressione

    by J. R. Hardesty
    Al centro del Mar dell'Alba giace la potente nazione isolana di Kalyria, faro di luce e di speranza per il mondo sin dalla sua creazione alla fine dei Tempi Bui quasi quattromila estati prima, ma ora, nell'Estate del Mondo 6097, qualcosa di malvagio sta arrivando. Minaccia non solo Kalyria stessa, ma anche il futuro di tutti quelli che la chiamano casa, siano essi stranieri o isolani. Uno di questi stranieri è il giovane Gigante Menannon, esiliato dalla sua stessa terra di Lornennog con l'acc... more
  • Flesh Eater

    by Travis M. Riddle
    Branded as a Flesh Eater, Coal is on the run from Palace Stingers: soldiers tasked with tracking down those who have consumed flesh and locking them away in specialized prisons. After a year of avoiding capture and struggling to scrape by working odd jobs for a local crime lord, Coal is growing desperate. He learns of someone in the city's underbelly who can erase his record, but her services don't come cheap. Seeing no other option, he enters a spiderback race with a grand prize valuable ... more
  • Summoned: Siren Prophecy #3

    by Angel Leya, Tricia Barr, Jesse Booth, Alessandra Jay, Joanna Reeder
    In this thrilling conclusion to the USA Today Bestselling Siren Prophecy Trilogy, the Dome is under it's greatest threat yet. Myreen struggles to adapt to life under the thumb of her vampire leader father. Kol battles his feelings over the family curse while trying to save her. Kenzie dives headfirst into the vampire school to rescue her best friend and Leif, who is so broken down by torture he can barely decipher what's real and what's not. The final battle between the shifters and vampir... more
  • Scorched: Siren Prophecy 2

    by Angel Leya, Tricia Barr, Jesse Booth, Alessandra Jay, Joanna Reeder
    Resuming normal life isn’t exactly an option for Myreen after finding out she’s a freak chimera and the daughter of a villainous vampire leader. But she can’t forget about that kiss she shared with dragon shifter Kol, even if he’s still acting hot one minute and cold the next. Juliet’s love life isn’t looking so great, either, while Kenzie’s may be too hot to handle. And Leif’s feeling the heat of his subterfuge with the vampires, while Oberon is struggling to keep the school together. Tim... more
  • Half Blooded

    by Angel Leya
    Blood runs thickest. Adam is the next Beaulieu vampire heir, but the day he's slated to receive his bite, his father informs him he'll be going to the vampire school instead. While still human. But Adam is resourceful. He sticks his nose into school business, trying to make a good impression--determined to get his fangs. There are so many hoops to jump through, and each misstep adds one more thing to Adam's growing list of goals--the girl, the power, the freedom. Adam wants it all, b... more
  • Once Shifted

    by Angel Leya
    First shift. First love. First betrayal. Late-bloomer Katie is just accepting her fate as a were shifter. Wary of the security of the School for the Shifted, she opts for a trip into the wilds of Idaho where weres can make their first change in peace and under seasoned guidance. But the leader of this group, Max, is not much older than herself. And handsome and charismatic, too. Even better, he notices her. Not her best friend who’s there for moral support, but insecure, quiet little... more
  • The Last Minder

    by Fish Phillips
    The Last Minder is a social science fiction thriller set in the past and future that follows Benny Moloney through life with undeveloped superpowers. A youth filled with dreams of demons (alien visitation), a church that abandoned his family, and the murder/suicide of his father and mother. This leads him into WW2. There he discovers his powers at great personal cost, leaving him dejected. He ignores his later Vietnam recall in favor of killing the priest responsible for his pain. Afterwards, he... more
  • The Boy Who Cried Christmas

    by Dennis Bailey
    9-year-old Logan Ailshie, the only son of well-to-do parents, was used to getting his way, especially during the holidays. For him, Christmas wasn’t just about making a list, but making sure it was long enough. He also had a reputation for embellishing the truth. That is until a chance meeting with an angel on the streets of Manhattan ends with a journey back in time to the birthplace of Christianity. Eventually, he makes his way home with a story that could change all their lives. He only has o... more