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  • Blood of the Sands

    by S.C. Grayson
    Keera is an exile struggling to survive, forced to rob passing travelers or face starvation. When she steals from the wrong man—a vicious masked warrior named the Viper—his hand around her throat awakens an ancient magic within her, and she uses it to escape his clutches. Now, Keera must master her power to protect the city of Kelvadan—the only place an exile like her can find a home—from the Viper and his growing army. The Viper serves the magic of the desert, but the sins of the past threat... more
  • Zoomarble

    by Adam Swetnam

    In a wild ride suitable for all ages, Zoomarble is a nonstop comedy action tornado with a literary flare. Siblings arriving in a quirky new town are quickly entangled in an absurd mission to save the Earth. With what Kirkus Reviews calls, “Swetnam’s deliberately nonsensical plot…”, Joey and Clarissa team up with the aliens who are trying to protect the planet from other, more sinister, aliens. Saving the planet is always more difficult when trying to stay on budget fo... more

  • SINthetik Messiah - Lies, Secrets and Death

    by Bug Gigabyte
    "SINthetik Messiah - Lies, Secrets, and Death" is not your typical book. It is an immersive experience that combines a gripping narrative with original music, elevating the reader's engagement to new heights. Set against a backdrop of intrigue and mystery, the story explores themes of deception, hidden truths, and the inevitability of mortality.
  • The Winter Heir

    by J.A. Nielsen
    Spense might have saved his country of Telridge and won the heart of the faerie princess. But he doesn’t feel like a hero—not while Dewy is stuck in the Winter lands, all because of a bargain she made on his behalf. After months of fruitless research, Spense abandons the libraries of Telridge and turns to the Faerie Oracles to seek a solution. Meanwhile, Dewy is no damsel in distress. She is on a journey of her own, diving deeper into her magic, and finding alliances in the most unexpected of p... more
  • Dark Pawn

    by JP Rindfleisch IX
    What if you discovered magic…the night your father murdered your mother? Would you seek revenge? Leah Ackerman had everything a fifteen-year-old could wish for. A home in the suburbs of Chicago with a loving family, friends she partied with, and a bright future ahead of her. But everything changed that gut-wrenching night. Now, there's only one thing she wants. The truth. It lies in her mother’s past. One with mysterious ties to a secret society of demon hunting mystics. Can she t... more
  • Pestilence

    by Patrick Sims
    Tragedy caused one man to isolate himself from the rest of the world In his isolation, the Apocalypse happened - unbeknownst to him . Years in isolation prepared him for everything in the new world; even when the dead didn't stay dead. He was prepared for everything except for people. When fate knocked on his door, he was forced to take a teenage boy to raise as his own. Years later, while they traveled to a nearby town, the duo found the once quaint hamlet disheveled from its former glory. A... more
  • Carved From Wood

    by Brendan O'Meara
    Join James and the team as they confront their invaders in the Southern Federation. After witnessing the devastating power of the BlankZone James and his team head South. Their self-ascribed mission is to explore the most dangerous place on the planet – the new BlankZone border in the Southern Federation. While conspiracies drive the narrative in the North, James and his team set out to learn about the Federation’s mysterious aggressors. Jump back into the adventure as James and his friend... more
  • Of Gods and Globes III

    by Lancelot Schaubert
    Given that we know that the moon holds sway over the ocean tides, and the almost universal testimony of the effect of a full moon on people, it seems plausible that there are planetary effects that are more mysterious than we have discovered. Does a bias against seeming superstitious or appearing to descend to horoscope folly cause the scientific community to leave such questions less explored than they should be? After all, our words "influence" and "lunacy," not to mention the names of the ... more
  • Necromaniac

    by Bryan Cassiday
    A harrowing descent into the mind of a thirty-three-year-old woman who fears she is losing her grip on sanity. Or is she being possessed? Managing a crematorium, where she also lives as a virtual recluse harboring a dark secret and taking refuge from the world, Libby Genet fears she is going mad when she feels an uncontrollable urge to kill. When her psychiatrist can’t cure her, Libby comes to the conclusion that she might be in the process of being possessed, since she hears a voice in her... more
  • The Others

    by Evette Davis
    Olivia Shepherd is a political consultant with a secret: She possesses empathic abilities, the power to sense the emotions of those around her. Keen to keep her supernatural gifts hidden, Olivia's world is upended when Elsa, an ancient time-walker, appears in her kitchen, unveiling a destiny she never knew she had. As Olivia delves deeper into the hidden world of the "Others" who lurk beneath San Francisco's foggy streets, she finds herself drawn into the clandestine organization, the Council, a... more
  • Somebody's Dilemma

    by Joshua Valentine
    This book details the first and last weeks of one of the first human children raised by a robotic mother, as well as the artificial gestation prior to it. It's told from the perspective of both the robotic mother and the offspring, and details his tortured, emotionally disturbed upbringing and his first week as an adult in a dark, dystopian world.
  • Pallbearer Bridge

    by M. A. Csortos
    The Grim Reaper has gone rogue. No longer satisfied letting circumstance and opportunity determine which souls to plunder, the alumni from Dale Grubbin High School have been targeted. The reaper has been busy with its nasty deeds. But not all are willing to succumb without a fight. The ensuing race to discover the cause of the terrible deaths forces an assemblage of individuals on a supernatural rollercoaster that leaves them breathless and questioning the significance of faith and the finali... more
  • The Last Refuge

    by Christina Bacilieri

    Magic will transform you. Power could destroy you. Actions will define you.

    Kiera Vandyer told herself she’d only agreed to this scheme for the money, that nothing else had drawn her to this venture, but you can’t lie to the truest parts of yourself. For sixteen years, she’s hidden her burning curiosity for magic, knowing that one misstep would mean certain death at the hands of Atterah’s merciless leaders: the all-powerful Ruling Board.

    Just when Kiera is on the cusp of securing ... more

  • The Epsilon Account: Book One of the Golden Harvest Series

    by Joni Parker
    Thousands of years ago, Eledon was created for the Elves by their Mentors when they were forced to leave Earth. At least, that's how the legend goes. In return, the Elves must pay them a tribute in gold, known as the Golden Harvest, every four thousand years. The Elfin Council of Elders appoints Lady Alexin (Alex) Dumwalt, the Keeper of the Keys, to manage the next payment, due 244 years from now. That is, until the Mentors show up early.
  • Marta Ray and the Undersea Kingdom

    by W.R. Smith
    In 1841, Marta Ray, discontented in a whaling town, will discover an unknown world within the place she hated most-the sea. Rescued from the sea by a gruff captain, Marta's disdain for the ocean transforms to determination when a wish unravels dark secrets. Amidst a mysterious and stormy night, tragedy strikes, transforming her life and unveiling an undersea kingdom beyond her wildest imagination. Finding home, friendship, oddities, and an unexpected destiny, Marta's journey uncovers mysterie... more
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Radioactive!

    by Wallace Briggs
    Jimmy Crikey, the orphaned alien who chose to make his life on Earth, is not magical, but he has unique skills that come in useful when his family of friends in Roombelow need help. Roombelow is suffering from the aftereffects of the rock-chewing Scarab beatles that undermined the town and the world of the Diamites, and even the water-world of the Aquamites is crumbling. Unexpectedly, a hole appeared in the centre of the Aquamites’ Emerald Lake. Not only does the lake begin to empty, but thirt... more