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    by Nick Wood
    In a modern day South Africa where Apartheid still holds sway, Sibusiso Mchunu, a young amaZulu man, finds himself the unwitting focus of momentous events when he falls foul of the system and comes into possession of a secret that may just offer hope to his entire people. Pursued by the ANC on one side and Special Branch agents on the other, Sibusiso has little choice but to run.
  • REM

    by J.D. Valentine
    Former LAPD officer Danny Etter is a recovering alcoholic skating on thin ice with his family – desperately trying to regain their trust and stave off a devastating divorce. Remaining behind while his wife and two kids go off on a vacation in Lake Tahoe, Danny is caught in a pandemic apocalypse where a mysterious disease turns people into flesh-eating lunatics who wander the towns and cities in deadly swarms. When the chaos finally ensues Danny is left fighting for his life to get back to his... more
  • The Dark Maiden (The Tales of Iradas #1)

    by Adrianna J. Tetnowski
    Raise the dead, or muster the living… Cursed and plagued with visions of a dark future she cannot change, Serendipity Valdar learns one thing – she’s not who she thinks she is. Abducted by a sadist Lord after an attack on her sleepy home, Serendipity is torn between two paths. Follow her heart and the man she comes to loves, or pledge loyalty to a family she didn’t know she had. Serendipity soon finds herself a pawn in a very dangerous game. She must play spy to her enemies; to the very ... more
  • The Eidola Project

    by Robert Herold
    Eidola [ahy-doh-luh]: phantoms; apparitions. It's 1885 and a drunk and rage-filled Nigel Pickford breaks up a phony medium's séance. A strange twist of fate soon finds him part of a team investigating the afterlife. The Eidola Project is an intrepid group of explorers dedicated to bringing the light of science to that which has been feared, misunderstood, and often manipulated by charlatans. They are a psychology professor, his assistant, an African-American physicist, a sideshow med... more
  • The Seventh Year Trials

    by Alexis D. Johnson
    It isn’t easy for a fifteen-year-old girl to raise a dragon in secret, but Mirren never turned down a challenge. When keeping her new friend proves to be a much greater struggle than she bargained for, she’s forced to turn to competitions for money, and gets swept into the prestigious Seventh Year Trials.
  • Crackle and Fire: An Angela Hardwicke Mystery

    by Russ Colchamiro
    Angela Hardwicke isn’t just any private eye. She’s a PI from Eternity, the cosmic realm responsible for the design, creation, and maintenance of the Universe. When accountant Gil Haberseau hires her to find an intern with stolen corporate files, Hardwicke soon finds herself embroiled in a deadly case of lies, intrigue, and murder, clashing with vengeful gangsters, MinderNot rallies, and a madman who’s come a long way to get what he wants. In Russ Colchamiro’s thrilling Sci-Fi mystery C... more
  • Jitters!

    by Chris Harmon
    WANNA GET SCARED? It's the story of a doll who is controlling girls' minds, it's the story of a boy who's robot costume has come to life, it's the story of a strange new school that isn't what it seems.
  • Unleashed

    by E. L. Jefferson

    In a wooded suburb of Southern Maryland, the victim of a drunken midnight hit-and-run accident is left to die on the side of the road, his body horribly shattered. His unconscious form, on the brink of death, is transported to one of the best trauma hospitals in the state, where he is cared for by one of the nation's leading surgeons, Dr. Paul Laden. The doctor observes something astounding about his patient, which contradicts everything he knows about medicine. This leads Dr. Laden down a da... more

  • Strange Adventure

    by Richard Huggett
    Kitty, her twin Toby, sister Sam and best friends Lizzie and Luke are home after school. Sam and Luke vanish. Minutes later, Kitty, Toby, and Lizzie materialize in a parallel world, with just one clue as to where Sam and Luke are. They launch a rescue mission. But in a hi-tech alien world where real and virtual mingle, will they ever succeed?
  • Blood of the Prince: Omnibus

    by R.L. Dean

    An orphan discovers he can wield ancient, mysterious technology but will pay a terrible price if he uses his wondrous skills to fight for his benefactor.

    As winter settles in an old man sits down to pen the tale of his youth. A sense of melancholy, of love lost, and the disappointment of labors performed in vain cloak his shoulders as he leans forward, the quill in the weathered knuckles of his hand hovering over parchment. Asking himself where it all began was unnecessary ... time coul... more

  • Something in the Middle: Black & White Edition: Small Stories from the Far Side of Consciousness

    by A.I. Wand
    A first-time author. A hotshot book editor. A whirlwind romance and a runaway bestseller nobody saw coming. The meteoric rise and sudden collapse of a cross-platform media empire. All of this — plus a basement full of undiscovered treasures left by former tenants — is thoughtfully unpacked and dusted off in this sideways collection of small, strange fictions. SITM is a light-hearted 44-story collection of mostly free-standing stories surrounding a framed narrative that explores how these tales w... more
  • Sister of the Chosen One

    by Colleen Oakes/Erin Armknecht
    Valora Rigmore understands pressure. As the Chosen One (resident telekinetic, superstar and model girlfriend) her life revolves around it. According to an ancient prophesy, Valora is destined to fight Erys, a terrifying individual with the power to control monsters. Valora is worshipped at school, in the press and by her parents, but as the battle with Erys looms near, the cracks in her perfect façade are beginning to show. Her twin, Grier Rigmore understands disappointment. A curvy bookworm ... more
  • The Lonely Vampire

    by Ann Greyson

    After fleeing from a vampire witch hunt in Transylvania hundreds of years earlier, vampire Ileana Vladislava lives out a lonely existence in Wightwick Hall, a castle in the Jesmond Dene area of Newcastle upon Tyne, a city in Tyne and Wear, England. Still bearing the scars of her past, she avoids relationships with people. The likelihood of the vengeful werewolf, Claymor, finding her also keeps her in a state of solitary. Myrna Ivester lacks confidence and is often unsure about her decisions. ... more

  • Divine Summons (The Windrider Saga, Book 1)

    by Rebecca P. Minor
    When Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast, an officer in the elven cavalry, narrowly escapes a devastating scouting mission, he discovers a new calling to establish and command an airborne unit of mounted warriors. Joined by an enigmatic half-elven prophetess and a silver dragon, Vinyanel struggles to come to grips with this responsibility, while mourning the recent loss of his unit and only friends.

 A subversive plot emerges within the walls of the elven capital city, one that threatens to provide ... more
  • The Avalon Order

    by N.B. Yomi
    Ethan is a nerd who leads an average life until he meets a girl named Lauren, who recruits into a monster hunting organization called The Avalon Order. Will this be what Ethan needs to add excitement to his dull life?
  • Hemispheres

    by Mark Everglade
    Light is currency, light is big business on Gliese 581g, the last remaining colony of the human race. Severum Rivenshear hunts those who steal it in the form of fireflies, just to have enough light to live by. He works in the icy, eternally dark hemisphere of Evig Natt, the sun an absent deity. The rest of the world pursues every pleasure beneath a sun that never sleeps. Thalassa Latimer will rotate the tidal-locked planet faster, or die trying. Dedicated to bringing light to everyone, rich ... more