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  • Among The Vines And Haunting Skies: The Journal of Samantha Harrow

    by R.L.J. Adams
    In the heart of a tranquil vineyard, Samantha Harrow's life takes a chilling turn. Her journal, once a vessel of personal musings, becomes a haunting chronicle of terror. When a mysterious woman bestows an enigmatic gift upon her, Samantha's idyllic world transforms into a nightmare. As the vines bear witness, and the skies turn ominous, Samantha's journal unveils a descent into horror, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. Samantha's heartfelt entries document her struggl... more
  • Parity (Spiral Worlds Book 2)

    by Alexandra Almeida

    Parity, Book 2, SpiralWorlds Series. SPIRAL WORLDS is a literary, sci-fi series for the fans of Becky Chambers’s A Closed and Common Orbit, Alex Garland’s DEVS and Ex Machina, and Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. Weaving near-future sci-fi elements with social commentary and queer romantic suspense, the series explores the nature of consciousness and how it's connected to a not-so-secret ingredient—story. As AI consumes the world, intelligence is nothing but the app... more

  • Magic, Mystery and Adventure On Juniper Farm

    by Glenn Brentnall
    Ten-year-old Jake and his younger sister, Grace, have just been invited to spend two weeks at Juniper Farm in Buckinghamshire with their mother’s longtime friends, Melissa and Jack. Anxious to explore and have fun, the excited siblings count down the days until they leave. After their parents drop them off on the farm, Jake and Grace become friends with Ellie, a twelve-year-old worker who helps during the summer. When Ellie tells them that fairies and tree elves used to exist in the area at one... more
  • The Mystical Closet

    by Dr. Gene Haynes
    Is the mystical closet real or a figment of Jammie’s imagination? When Jammie comes home from school one day without anything to write about for a class assignment, little does he know that he is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Jammie discovers a secret passageway in his closet that leads to a high-tech subway train named Alex—the train of the future—and Jammie sets off with Alex on an adventure to a faraway place and time. If you’re ready for a fun ride, hold on and stand clear of th... more
  • Three Sixes and a Forked Tongue or Cold Medicine and a Liar

    by James Tyler Toothman
    The year is nineteen seventy one. Lost deep in the woods of West Virginia, two childhood friends discover a book that dismantles and unravels everything they once considered reality, And when an enigmatic stranger rolls into their small coal mining town in the back of a Rolls Royce, the teenagers are plunged deep into a world of drugs, sex, music, and violence. Together, the two friends confront the forces of good and evil head on - the unwitting pawns of an eternal game played without rules or ... more
  • The Moth And The Flame

    by William Balson
    A boy is granted a wish, For 30 days he is able to speak with insects in order to help his grandfather answer the question; "Why do moths fly into the flame?" His journey.adventure becomes far more important than the answer.
  • Formosan Vampire

    by Amadeus Rockefeller
    A foreign prisoner waiting on Taiwan’s death row is believed by some to be the murderous and powerful leader of a legion of vampires called the Dark Order. However, no one knows why this creature allowed itself to be captured and consequently executed. It isn’t until Eunice Wang, a young paralegal, visits the prisoner before his execution that he tells an epic historical tale about the life that led him to become the Formosan vampire king, reigning for thousands of years over the island kingdom.... more
  • Devi's Game

    by Alan Hamid
    "Devi’s Game" is the first book in a trilogy called "Chronicles of Kepler-186f," an epic sci-fi adventure that transports readers across galaxies, dimensions, and time. In a distant future, humanity faces annihilation on Planet Earth, overrun by mutated genes and the ominous Lord Iblyse. The last hope for mankind lies with a seemingly unlikely hero, Geeta, a strong-willed warrior from a Himalayan village with a remarkable destiny. As the world teeters on the brink of devastation, "Devi’s Game... more
  • The End of the World

    by H.S. Gilchrist
    In a dystopian future under Technocratic rule, Animkii and Mica enter a post-apocalyptic showdown against an ancient, alien god to save Earth from annihilation.
  • Darkhaven: Book 1 of The Lightless Prophecy

    by Kel E Fox

    Gabby Whitehall is finishing high school and desperately needs an epiphany. But when lightning strikes and magic unfolds, she's faced with a much harder decision than choosing a career.
    Darkhaven is an Australian YA contemporary fantasy with superhuman sci-fi vibes, action, romance and plenty of sass.

  • Desiderium

    by W. B. Biggs
    How much can a person lose before she is no longer herself? Memories fade, but when they’re ripped from your mind, they leave a gaping hole. That empty cavity tugs and threatens to swallow me up; its edges erode away as my mind picks at it like a week-old scab. On a journey to find lost memories, travel to a reality where lost things go: a world of misplaced treasures and things best forgotten. Dangers lurk in the dark, and lost hopes light the way. Welcome to Desiderium.
  • Awadhesh Raj creator

    by Awadhesh Raj creator
  • Brave Mermaids: Shell of Magic

    by Maria Mandel Dunsche
    Livi and Lexa are mermaid sisters who live in the beautiful underwater city of Atlantica; their days filled with fun explorations and magical adventures. One day, Lexa hears about the legendary Shell of Magic which can grant a wish to whoever possesses it. Together, the mermaid sisters and their merpup Finn embark on an adventure to find this shell. With their journey full of challenges to overcome, eventually Lexa and Livi find it guarded by an Octupus named Ollie. The mermaid sisters prove to... more
  • Memoirs of a Lyrical Man (Tapestry of Time Book 1)

    by Steven Templar
    In 2014, Jay Hagaki's life as a famous actor and musician is filled with fame and fortune. But when a brush with death sends him back to 2007, the world of celebrity fades, replaced by a seemingly average life—until the danger and intrigue begin. Hunted by shadowy forces, Hagaki is sent on a wild ride, taking him deep into the unknown. Amidst the chaos, he's drawn to a woman who haunts his dreams, her connection to his life a tantalizing mystery. While the present and the future tango in h... more
  • Teendyth: On Desecrated Faith and New-Found Religion

    by StevenMark Maine
    It is a shared trait between all of man that plans are subject to the circumstances that surround them. Plans are futile when so many other things need to be fully taken into account, and more often than not mankind forgets to think of all outside influences. Whether it be coincidence, time, or Putrid Cloud, the self is of least concern when plans are created. Many know of the disappearance of the church Afton Assembly, though most do not know of the man who disappeared with it and how h... more