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  • Black Mark

    by Katherine Beals
    What's worse than a pissed off demon? An entire clan of them holding your friend hostage. Then demanding you steal a priceless artifact from Seattle's sleaziest necromancer as the ransom price. Alex Whittaker will do whatever it takes to rescue her friend. And she's dragging her new partner, paranormal PI Finn Black, along for the ride. You'll love every twist and turn of this action packed urban fantasy. Witches, fae, and daemons won't be enough to stop our heroes from kicking butt and pro... more
  • Babylon Twins

    by Michael Ferris Gibson
    Meet Chloe and Elizabeth Yetti: antisocial, semi-homicidal eighteen-year-old twins casually surviving the AI apocalypse. Ten years ago, a powerful machine intelligence unleashed a nanoengineered superdrug on humanity. Civilization is now a collection of mindless addicts confined to automated treatment centers that tower over drone-dominated cityscapes. Having escaped and grown up in the forests of Northern California alongside their younger brother and brilliant scientist/survivalist mother, ... more
  • The Otherworld Book 1: Wish

    by Dr. Victoria Harris
    Cara’s little sister Bri hasn’t spoken a word since his disappearance. In fact, Cara feels like her whole family is under a curse. And it seems like all the adults in their family are keeping some sort of secret. Her world further tumbles into chaos when, after a close encounter with a living, breathing fairy, Cara realizes the old stories are all true. Now, she must find the door to the Otherworld to retrieve an ancient treasure. But can she battle the darkness to save her family ¬– and the ent... more
  • Blaze

    by Ellaura Shoop
    How can two pups fight a destiny that they know nothing about? Fiery and Slate couldn’t be more different. Fiery is born the son of the dominant male and female in the small family of meerkats known as the Blazes. Slate is born an outcast among the large meerkat family called the Zeros, being the daughter of a subordinate female. Fiery is dedicated and determined, while Slate is bold and ambitious. The only thing that they have in common is a spikey black pelt marking on their flanks. Litt... more
  • Perilous Ground

    by Ellaura Shoop
    This thrilling anthology will explore the many adventures and tragedies of the meer families as they are pitted against one another in a struggle for survival. Experience how the meer families come to be in three serials from the past and then get a glimpse into the heart of every family as they are today. Follow a devious cobra as he plots against his closest friends, a brave meerkat who is determined to have justice for his fractured family, a loyal owl who is prepared to fight for peace, a cu... more
  • Russian HellwayZ

    by Igor Generalov
    In Russia, a socially divided country where corrupt rulers and capitalists often prey upon ordinary citizens, eight men endure harsh conditions beyond the Arctic Circle to work in the uninhabited Far North. One day, the workers lose all contact with civilization, and their supply deliveries cease. Upon learning that humanity has been plagued by a virus that turns people into zombies, the men agree to return home to Moscow. Together, they must travel several thousand kilometers to reach the capit... more
  • The Ripper: The First Next Life Prequel

    by James G. Robertson

    In Whitechapel 1888, death was abound. The devilish Jack the Ripper haunted the streets like a spectre while mutilating his victims. But who is this man, if even a man at all? The theories given tell of a barber, a doctor, and a prince. Those couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s time to set the record straight, and reveal the origin of the troubled Jack—both from his eyes, and those among him.

    The riveting quest of Jack and his most beloved friend John is now shown... more

  • Afterworld

    by James G. Robertson

    Death comes, and misery follows. As a man in his early twenties, Leon never genuinely contemplated what would happen after his death. Like those before him, he never understood the truth of our universe. After his sudden demise, the terrorizing reality of a mysterious dystopian afterlife begins crushing him as it has those prior. Men have started enslaving and killing each other to sate their greed while enigmatic creatures oppress the masses. Only a select few have shown the courage that is ... more

  • Dr. Susan's Reign

    by Katerina Degratte
    When a mad scientist swipes her chatty pet, she’ll claw her way through any danger to get her back… Cat Johnson just wants a quiet life. Living paycheck to paycheck, the soft-spoken game-store clerk prefers to spend her nights home alone in the company of her sassy, talking kitty, Maori. But when a beautiful woman lures her out on a date, she’s devastated to discover it was a ruse to abduct her beloved feline friend. Forcing the duplicitous dame to show her where Maori was taken, Cat races... more
  • Gotham Kitty

    by Ann Greyson
    This heartwarming imaginative story is about a half-feline half-human extraterrestrial, Catusapien, from another galaxy, who escapes her cell aboard a Brozian insectoid cargo vessel and flees in an escape pod after the ship slips into a wormhole and spits out into the Milky Way Galaxy. The spaceship explodes in mid-air and crash lands in the forest of Arusha National Park in Tanzania right before Allison Banes' very eyes, who is in East Africa working on a Doctor of Philosophy degree in zoology ... more
  • Revolution (The Sol Saga Book 1)

    by James Fox
    General Keith Brennan would rather face an army with his trusty rifle than attend another state dinner. When the President of the solar system is assassinated on Mars, Brennan is the obvious choice to investigate. If he comes up with the wrong answer, though, his career will be over. However, duty is never so simple. When the investigation uncovers a trail of corruption and a conspiracy on a system-wide scale, Brennan’s career is the least of his worries. With Earth and Mars on the brink o... more
  • SuperPower: The Ability to Fly or to Become Invisible: The Next Generation

    by Roger Pedersen
    The Second Book of the SuperPower Series: The Next Generation “SuperPower: The Ability to Fly or to Become Invisible: The Next Generation" (Book #2) begins twenty years after Professor Steele's heist of the century. The twin sons of Diego and Carmen Martin become the heads of DODGE (Department of Defense Genetically Engineered) Initiative along with Elijah Moses Jr. After the disappearance of the Professor, his two nephews take over his 'Golden Eagle' organization. In a worldwide drive to ... more
  • Author

    by Yaba Baker
    Cameron Justus (CJ) is a 12-year-old boy given superpowers to fight the greatest evil the earth has ever known. An evil focused on destroying all of humanity. CJ’s one weakness is his anger. When Super CJ gets angry he loses his powers and must calm down before his powers return. The Super CJ story teaches children that making decisions while you are angry is usually a recipe for disaster. "The Adventures of Super CJ" is an entertaining story providing lessons in anger management that will help... more
  • The Spirit of a Rising Sun

    by K. R. Galindez

    Rebellion is always right.

    Oyza yearns for revolution—an impossible dream with her lifetime prison sentence. Fueled by the destruction of her home and years of servitude, she reads the smuggled texts of the Ungoverned and dreams of a future that can never be. But the arrival of a new prisoner, Yars, reignites Oyza’s courage. She finds herself capable of more than she ever imagined.

    To fight their way to their own freedom, they must fight for something bigger: freedom f... more

  • SuperPower: The Ability to Fly or to Become Invisible: The Deal of the Art

    by Roger E. Pedersen
    he First Book of the SuperPower Series: “SuperPower: The Ability to Fly or to Become Invisible: The Deal of the Art" (Book #1) focuses on individuals around the world that discover which SuperPower they have acquired as Professor Steele with his associate, the FA (Fine Arts) King plans a $3.5 billion one-night heist using SuperPower ability teams to steal from the major art museums in New York City, London, and Paris." Professor Steele attends a lecture at the Louvre from FA-King and disc... more
  • Power's Play

    by Eva Sandor

    For a former Fool, the road to glory is lumpy, bumpy and full of pitfalls!

    Malfred Murd has risen in the world: he's now the Whellen Country's newest nobleman— and that's not all. When the Grand Constable of the Brewel Country needs help taking down the capital's biggest crime boss, Fred jumps— no, make that handsprings— at the opportunity... not least because he thinks it might impress the ardent, artistic lady of his dreams. But will ... more