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  • Beckoning of the Gate

    by Benjamin J. Ryan
    The only life Santha Lathagin has ever known has become her prison. Vicious gossip is everywhere. Whispers of a scandal have turned to accusations of murder, and fingers are pointing her way. Feeling powerless and alone, she yearns for escape. When Santha stumbles upon a small, rusted key in the forest near her home, it seems her silent pleas have been answered. Awakened by her touch, the key demands to be heard—and she is not the only one to heed its call. Thrust into a world only glimpse... more
  • The Samaritan: A Tale Plagued by Regret

    by Robert Atkins
    onathan Porter is a troubled man to say the least, often fighting with his own morals and quite literally with something living inside him, it calls itself Brody. Not exactly a friend, not exactly a foe, but always working in his own interest. Accompanied by Brody, Jonathan embarks on a journey to get him out of his body, hoping to do some good along the way. However, with each step forward, such a journey proves not to be a simple walk in the park. In this regretful tale of cosmic proportions,... more
  • The Second Alpha Heir

    by C.L. Ledford
    The bullied second son of the Alpha, Nolen, just turned thirteen when his brother Archer is attacked and killed by an enemy pack—making him the next heir of the Rhyolite Pack. Forcing him from his family to an allied pack for training. He returns a few days before his eighteenth birthday back to his home to shift for the first time. He finds his mate, but due to a law, he cannot confront her. Three years later, misfortunes await him when the enemy pack that killed his brother challenges the pa... more
  • Secrets of the Under-Under World: Creatures

    by P.S. Whatever
    “Magic is just science that hasn’t been understood or explained yet,” says The Great Hildinski in this fast-paced adventure that sees your favorite characters from book one back and ready to overcome pirates, thieves, would-be-kings, and their own self-doubt to save the world. In Creatures, Sam, Boyo, Darby, and Gemini, have to complete a quest in time to stop the dreaded Slashasaurus eggs from hatching. Because if the eggs hatch, they could destroy every person on earth. Their journey tak... more
  • Lily

    by E. G. Creel
    Discover what it means to be born with a shadow. Lily's shadow, only hours old, is already a killer. But is it really Lily's fault, and should she be made to suffer the consequences for the actions she has no control over?
  • The Immortal

    by E. G. Creel
    Emma just turned forty and has finally decided to begin living her best life. She books a vacation at a resort on a French Polynesian island only to find herself on the dinner menu of an immortal Viking. If she keeps her wits, and with a little luck, maybe she'll make it off the island alive. Spoiler alert: Don't fall in love because the ending will rip your heart out.
  • The Forbidden Spell: Mark of a Caster Book One

    by Kaely Rose
    Senrind’s life has always been dictated by magic. Cursed from birth, he is forced to live out his life stuck as a wolf. Sure, it’s been fine living with his pack in the mountains. But Senrind can’t help wanting more. He’s never visited the city or had a conversation with another human being. That is, until a fortune teller introduces him to a shapeshifting cat named Carithway. Carithway can help him break his curse, but in exchange for a heavy price. Senrind finds himself pulled into a ... more
  • Witch Test

    by Katie L. Carroll

    Liza is sinking in a bubbling cauldron of middle school rumors. When the entire eighth grade begins studying the Salem witch trials, it seems everyone is on a witch hunt...with Liza as target number one. Worst of all, her ex-best friend is the one who started a rumor that Liza bewitched a boy with a love potion.

    As the bullying intensifies, Liza's loneliness grows. More than ever, she wishes her mother were still alive. A glimmer of hope arrives when Liza finds her mother's diar... more

  • Sovereign Servants - The Sending

    by W.C. Jasper
    In a perfect world, undefiled yet by the baneful touch of man, can mankind protect and preserve the Virgin Earth's maiden glory? What or who can protect this Virgin Earth from the inevitable corruption and wickedness of mankind that is doomed to defile and disfigure this perfect world? An Epic Fantasy set in a prehistoric Earth. A time when the earth was yet undefiled. A time of which no history remains. A tale of destiny and purpose; told through scrolls of prophecy, action, emotion,... more
  • Warded

    by JB McDonald
    It came out of the jungle. It decimated the village. Somehow, Jahal escaped. Now he's risking everything to rescue other survivors with the help of the enigmatic warder, Dalak. Survivors don't matter to Dalak. One instinct drives her: kill the demon, regardless of who dies along the way. Anaye has never seen a demon; the warder has kept her tribe safe for generations. But as the warder's tenuous link to society, Anaye goes where Dalak goes – and Dalak is going with Jahal. Saving anyone,... more
  • Rvwaa: The Rise Of Mother Goose

    by Zephyr Dorsey

    The Enlightened, who believe that government knows best what is good for its citizens, have ruled the archipelago of Rvwaa with authoritarian completeness for a full generation. But when several young rebels meet at a reconcentration camp for the perversely heretical, they begin to form a plan for freedom. Can one Elf change the world?

  • Fragile: A Novel

    by Alexa Weik von Mossner

    A man responsible for keeping New York City alive falls for an underground animal activist from the wrong side of the East River in this compelling novel about love, loss, and resilience in the face of global ecological crisis.

  • The Islands of Iros

    by L.M. Bracklow
    Three close friends—Luke, fearless, optimistic, outgoing; Damien, steadfast, self-contained, loyal; and Kaori, smart, strong-minded, determined—journey across the sea with the Crimson Raiders, their island’s fearless champions, to find the sorcerer’s finger, rumored to bestow unimaginable power on the one who consumes it—enough power to vanquish their island’s enemies. This fast-paced, engaging story mixes vicious pirates, seductive sirens, gruesome monsters and so much more as it weaves magic, ... more
  • The Hawk's Flight

    by Elizabeth R. Jensen

    After twenty years of peace in the land of Etria, war has come crashing across its borders. Both Wanonia to the north and Ruschmann Blackwell to the south have waged attacks. 


    Suddenly, three young brothers find themselves thrust into the role of battlefront soldiers. Following separate paths, the three hone their skills and fight for their people. 


    The eldest brother, Borus, becomes a full-fledged swordmaster. 

    The middle brother, Ka... more

  • Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies

    by Cyra King
    Double shifts and burnout are all in a day’s work for Nurse Megan Cole. No one’s going to die on her watch. Then a viral apocalypse kills all her patients and turns her into a sentient zombie, forcing her to re-evaluate both her life goals and dietary habits. Fast-forward a year, the city is ruled by the ruthless Salt Lake Z Council. But with her boyfriend Mike by her side, things are okay—until the Council sends Mike to infiltrate the army. When Megan discovers a mangled corpse days later, h... more
  • Please Evacuate

    by Johnny Townsend
    A gay, partygoing New Yorker unconcerned about the future or the unsustainability of capitalism is hit by a truck and thrust into a straight man’s body half a continent away. As Hunter tries to figure out what’s happening, he’s caught up in another disaster, a wildfire sweeping through a Colorado community, the flames overtaking him and several schoolchildren as they flee. When he awakens, Hunter finds himself in the body of yet another man, this time in northern Italy, a former missionary ab... more