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  • As the Fallen Rise

    by Sadie Hewitt
    It started with iridescent wings... now one woman must face danger and mystery beyond her wildest imagination. Created by Primordials, daemons were made in the likeness of humans following a devastating betrayal. And for nearly six hundred years, Agnes was the Mage who protected them, kept them alive, and gave them power. Since her death, the seven factions of daemons have been on the brink of war, inching closer and closer to burning the world to the ground. Anthropologist Greer Myers bel... more
  • The Audient and The Phantom Night

    by Sadie Hewitt
    Inspired by the worlds of The Legend of the Flying Dutchman and Beauty and the Beast, this action-packed fantasy is filled with searing romance, outlawed magic, and seafaring danger. Fenna Terrigan never expected to leave her seaside village. She was too quiet, too gentle, and far too kind to take on life outside of the bookshop she works at. But when her brother shows up on her doorstep begging for aid with a pirate captain hot on his tail, Fenna will do anything to protect him. Devlin Ca... more
  • Blood Bonds

    by Laura A. Ellison
    The vampire Fu Sheng is dismayed to learn the Rufuses, a family of Roman-era vampires, have arrived in Desert City on Pharaoh Moon II, the place Fu Sheng calls home in the futuristic New Galaxy. He is invited to family wedding, where he encounters a mystery while pursuing a new romance.
  • NeuroNet

    by Kristi Casey
    Why would someone given the gift of eternal life throw it away? That's the question at the core of NeuroNet, a thrilling science fiction novel that explores love, loyalty, grief, and what makes us human.
  • Mr

    by Daniel James
    Clyde Williams has been drifting along in a state of shock since the ghost of his murdered best friend, Kev Carpenter, returned to their apartment. But both his life, and Kev's new existence, are thrown into turmoil when they are drafted into the paranormal defence agency, Hourglass. It is here where they both get a glimpse into the wider world, and the mysteries and horrors which lay beyond, whilst both learning about their new place in this strange life. But elsewhere, a sinister plot is brewi... more
  • A Fool's Errand (In All Jest #1)

    by D.E. King

    Watching over the kin and scraping up what work she could, was Lani’s lot, and she’d come to terms with it. Up until she stumbled on Ashantha dying in the town’s wood storage cave, that is.

    There in his final breaths, he pleads with her to protect a jewel he has given his life over.

    In those moments, her life changes forever as she becomes unwittingly linked to his secret society of Jesters.

    The amulet Lani takes possession of is the key to an eight-hundred... more

  • Talisgate

    by Tilmer Wright Jr
    It’s autumn 1976 in Bradenton, Florida. Troy Cooper is no ordinary eleven-year-old boy. He’s smart. Just ask him. He’ll tell you. His best friend is the ever-faithful, pragmatic, and unflappable Molly McPherson, who lives one street over. Together, they’ve been rummaging around in the old, abandoned Muldoon place for a long time. They’re about to find something in that dilapidated house, something that will change their lives, and forever change their view of the world. Armed with a magical t... more
  • The Gifted Society

    by Tatiana White
    Sixteen-year-old Alexia has a secret; she’s a Varien—burdened with the gift of shooting stars through her skin. And after watching her best friend Sarai get falsely accused of murder upon changing into a Varien, Alexia wants no one to know. She keeps her secret tight and close until an accident with her strange abilities critically injures her father—threatening her identity to be revealed. Alexia flees and goes on the run to avoid death row. While in transit, she meets Greta, a quirky antiqu... more
  • Ternion of Tarr: A Simgra Series Novel

    by Bethany Arliss

    Ternion of Tarr is a fantasy story with strong whodunnit generic aspects.
    In a realm where magic is both a blessing and a curse, twenty-year-old Rill Narin, unjustly imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit, hides a dangerous ability—she is a Tangler, capable of temporarily inhabiting other bodies. This illicit skill provides brief escapes from the prison's harsh reality, but her secret life takes a dark turn when she inhabits the Earl of Tarr's daughter and witnes... more

  • Message for the Devil

    by Stormy McDonald

    Roger Vaughn must discover the true story behind the legend of Lavinia Fisher, the first female serial killer executed in South Carolina.

    "At the hanging, Lavinia Fisher's last words to the minister and the gathered audience were, 'Cease! I will have none of it. Save your words for others who want them. But if you have a message for the devil, give it to me; I'll carry it.' And with that, she leapt off the platform, hanging herself and stealing... more

  • Thief on King Street: A Roger V Adventure

    by Stormy McDonald

    Sha'iry — priests of the dark god, Sutekh — are taking over Parlatheas, kingdom by kingdom. Those who resist them have fallen to plague, civil war, and invasion. In this dark hour, it seems all hope is lost...

    Roger Vaughn, thief and spy in service to the Highlord of Gallowen, has one task: steal back the country of Carolingias. To do so, he must help the few remaining Knights of Carolingias find someone both the nobility and peasantry will follow: a Bat... more

  • Cargo Hold 4

    by Lonnie Busch
    Several years into a multidecadal deep space mission, a team of eight scientists—four women, four men—are exploring a dwarf planet near the Kuiper Belt, loading soil samples, rocks and artifacts onto their ship, when they inadvertently bring aboard a stowaway, an unseen entity which is trying desperately to escape from Cargo Hold 4.
  • Project Übermensch

    by Lonnie Busch
    PROJECT ÜBERMENSCH Modern-day messiah or military experiment gone awry—either way, Geoffrey Cannon, a young inspirational guru, has mad metaphysical skills… In 1943, unsuspecting sailors on the USS Eldridge are subjects of a U.S. Navy experiment. Sailors die, others are maimed, including Third mate Peter Smithwick whose amputated legs are restored through advanced extraterrestrial technology. Leaving the Navy, and fleeing his hometown, he escapes his dubious rescuers to go on the lam und... more
  • Shifter Awakened

    by M. L. White
    Shanely Thomas discovers exactly who she is in this fast-paced, fantasy, book. Full of romance and adventure, Shifter Awakened captivates its readers from the very beginning with twists and turns and characters that you instantly fall in love with. This reluctant hero stumbles into the hidden world of shifters when a rogue wolf attacks her one night outside her new home in the Washington mountains. Saved by the nearby pack, no one knows who this wolf is, but as Shanely starts explaining what hap... more
  • Absolute Zero

    by Mathe Storm
    A brilliant scientist discovers a new quantum method to freeze matter to below absolute zero, and finds that the sample matter starts reversing in time. The government is soon interested in her work and she is told by a scientist from NASA that there is a region of space that has no discernable temperature and the Earth is heading right for it. The woman scientist believes she can save the Earth from a global time reversal catastrophe.
  • What is This?

    by Ollie Miller
    Who loves fun and playing pretend? A grandpa, of course! He always answers Eva's many, many questions and encourages her to dream big. Together, they find adventure in the most ordinary places and maybe even meet a new magical friend.