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  • Final Warning

    by David Drum
    A zany, high-stakes, epic adventure. As aliens speed toward Earth, strange things occur. A corporation releases a dangerous technology. A female scientist fights to expose the danger. The corporate president is abducted. An experiment goes awry, a Victoria's Secret model tries to save herself, Neanderthals return, and more. A fable for our times.
  • The Vampire Jack Townson: Fame Has Its Price

    by Jack Townson
    A man down on his luck trips and stumbles into a world of bloodthirsty monsters hidden among the precipices of New York City. A chance encounter with illustrious vampire Alexander LaMont ensnares the clumsy yet hopeful James Donovan in shadow and treachery, thrusting James into his new identity, The Vampire Jack Townson. Will Jack survive the vampiric politics of Manhattan, or will final death come to claim him at the next sunrise? Welcome to New York. We bite. Jack Townson's contemporary... more
  • Stitched Together

    by Juliet Rose
    Nothing happens in a small town. At least, that's what newcomer Wes and his friends think when a building is erected next to the town's only gas station and ends up being a boring sew shop. A place for old ladies to make quilts and complain about the youth of the town, like always. That's until Wes and his friend Clare discover a cryptic symbol sketched on the floor of the building and a swastika hidden in the shop sign. Later, the four friends see the elderly people of the town holding a str... more
  • In Dreams, We Fly

    by Juliet Rose
    After the untimely death of her mother to cancer, Sitka thinks when she goes to live with her aunt and cousin in Wilmington, North Carolina from New York, the biggest challenge she'll face will be as the new kid in an unfamiliar area. However, when she witnesses a body being dumped in the woods, Sitka finds herself hiding in an abandoned shack from the perpetrators of the crime. A secret door she finds in the floor of the space takes her beyond her world... fifty years back in time. She finds th... more
  • Carrying the Dead

    by Juliet Rose
    Six months after the sudden loss of an unplanned pregnancy, Hannah Moore is almost ready to think about living again. That is until one fateful day when a reckless, young motorcyclist changes the course of both their lives forever. One terrible, momentary decision ends his life at Hannah's unwitting hands, sending her down a spiral she can't find her way out of. Even a brief stint in the mental hospital does not release Hannah from that which insists on haunting her waking moments, and the night... more
  • Amethyst, The Shallows

    by Kellye Abernathy

    “This is a night for being brave.”

    In the aftermath of a devastating sickness that shatters their close-knit beach town, six lonely kids are drawn together during the unpredictable autumn equinox. Among them are fourteen-year-old Lorelei, who yearns to be an oceanographer, and her peculiar younger brother, Tad, who possesses an otherworldly curiosity.

    When Lorelei has a strange and almost deadly encounter in a sea cave, her loyal boyfriend, Casey, cannot reconcile her ... more

  • Mannigan - A Speck of Light

    by L. Ross Coulter

    Born from the ashes of the old world, the great cities of humanity's new hope are beacons of light. Yet freed from the depths of a cruel prison, Will Manning is left with nothing but rage.

    Seeking revenge against the tyrannical rule of the Vitruvian elite with the help of a shadowy group called Legion, he sets about to light the spark to bring them to their knees. But from the palace of the mad queen in the Sea of Sand to the Weeping City of Sorrow in the mountains of Mourne, the tr... more

  • The Workaholism Cult: A Tale of Otherworldly Invasion

    by Jou Nathaniel
    This is a workplace horror story. Sam, an employee who loathes his job, makes a chilling discovery within the IT company where he works. Something sinister lurks within, transforming negligent employees into deranged workaholics. Meanwhile, Sam begins to experience supernatural phenomena more frequently, leaving him uncertain about the reality of what he sees. Is it genuine or a manifestation of stress-induced mental disorder? But not for long. What was initially dismissed as a mere hallucina... more
  • Salvation Taverns

    by E.M. Goldsmith
    Nearly half a century after the methodical slaughter of the rookes who wandered the land of Aerda, weaving stories and inspiring the citizens of the growing empire, only one rooke remains. It has long been his duty, a task he traded his name for, to spread the tales that keep the dragons in a peaceful slumber. When the Seven Aspects of the Relic task him with the quest of rekindling the hope and respect that once accompanied the role of a rooke among the people of Alleysiande, he must decide ... more
  • A Sudden Absence

    by Christopher Mari
    Each morning since Lee Carter’s young wife, Frankie Buonasera, died on 9/11, he’s woken up expecting things that aren’t there—and knowing exactly what he lost. Two and a half years since her death, however, his life has moved in a decidedly surreal direction: the appearance of a packet of letters in a safe-deposit box he never knew existed; calendars that have their days listed out of order; traffic lights that are suddenly upside down. And now, buildings and bridges appearing all across New Yor... more
  • Mantles of Oak and Iron

    by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
    Grayden thought he had four years to decide his future... he was wrong. War is imminent. The Igyeum has already begun incursions across Telmondir's borders. The headmaster of the military academy issues a new directive: all students will be fast-tracked through the program. They will be full-fledged defenders by the end of the year. But when a training exercise turns deadly, Grayden must keep his head and become the leader his friends need. Captain Marik has witnessed evil beyond imagi... more
  • Always Carry Your Scythe

    by Pip Paisley
    Trixie D’Vita didn’t scythe. That was Mom’s gig. Then the Angel Investigative Bureau (AIB) turned up at Aunt Harry’s bar. Seemed the hottest afterlife gameshow in the Mystical Realms was misappropriating newly-departed souls. And Death was a person of interest. When the AIB can’t find Death, they come looking for Trixie, Death’s estranged daughter. Soon Trixie's best friend is in dire peril. An AIB trainee is traipsing towards trouble. And Trixie, armed with nothing but a pocket-scythe, is... more
  • The Rabbit Hole

    by Matthew Fries
    An evil ideology is altering the minds and bodies of visitors to Santa’s Kingdom, a Christmas-themed amusement park, and once joyful children are transforming into little monsters. Unaware of the horrors that await them, the park’s newest hire, Jimmy Miles, and his pregnant sister, Bailey, are looking for a fresh start. Upon arrival, the siblings are stunned to find the park overrun. Gingerbread Go-Kart Palace has fallen, the go-karts commandeered, and a convoy of children are demanding freed... more
  • Archaic

    by Jasmin De Anda
    Archaic presents the battle of good and evil in a realm of sorcerers and angels, as an evil force plans to unleash an unimaginable horror on Earth. Cornelius Alewar, leader of the sorcerers helping humankind, is unexpectedly reunited with his grandson, Eric. Cornelius, who has lived almost two centuries, and is known more recently as Neil, had thought Eric was killed along with his mother, Leanna, 13 years before. Having found himself different from other boys all his young life, Eric hap... more

    by Jeevan Gopalan
    Was this their last goodbye? The Marga’s decision to leave Prithvos (Earth) was difficult. They had been here for thousands of years, spanning thousands of generations. After leaving their home planet Ishkoe, they discovered Prithvos (Earth), a paradise. They had grown accustomed to the good life because many of their generation had spent their lives on Prithvos. Even though they had known from the start that they would have to leave once Homo-Sapiens, the only native Sentient,... more
  • Aries and the Prince No More

    by Taylor Stephens

    "Aires and the Prince No More" is a gripping fantasy novel that intertwines elements of dark magic, personal vengeance, and epic battles in a richly imagined world. The story unfolds with Aires, the protagonist, haunted by recurring nightmares about a prince and his dark, sacrificial rituals. As the narrative progresses, Aires finds herself in a relentless struggle against a fearsome Revenant, a monstrous entity linked to her past and the death of her father.


    The ... more