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  • The Sands of Akhirah (The Valor of Valhalla Book 2)

    by Martin Kearns
    Months after the loss of Rose, David finds himself traveling through the Middle East to find the one he holds ultimately responsible for her death. But stumbling upon a dark tycoon with the same agenda sends David on a path he’d never thought possible. One of revelation and reclamation. Navigating a gauntlet of the supernatural has taken a toll on Chelsea and Dodd. The children of Lilith are no longer plaguing their world, but another vile creation awaits them in the shadows. A perversion of ... more
  • The Shadows of Wren

    by Jen Bliton

    After decades of peace within the lands of Caldumn ruled by the Red Kingdom, the southern towns have come under attack. Their libraries burned and ancient texts stolen by an ominous force. An unlikely alliance between two magic kinds is formed when Wren, a nineteen-year-old Mage, finds herself in the middle of a conflict that will take her outside of the peaceful life she’s known.

    Along her journey, she meets Tyran, whose Necromancer magic is not widely trusted, and learns they sh... more

  • Remains of Time

    by Rishit Logar
    Remains of Time has diverse collection of tales exploring the depths of human emotion, fiction, thrills of horror, mysteries of religion and God, and the beauty of nature. From stories to poems - Remains of Time contains everything that will keep you engaged.
  • The Bee King

    by Mathilda Zeller
    When the crops fail, the monsters come. When the monsters come, they buy the daughters. Alice would do anything to keep her sister and cousin out of the hands of the monsters. She would even accept a marriage proposal from the Bee King, the mysterious honey magnate allegedly driving the prosperity of the empire. But when she arrives at the Apiary, the secluded estate of her betrothed, nothing is as it seems. The empire's wealthy and famous are converging upon the estate and she soon lea... more
  • Slashtag

    by Jon Cohn
    Welcome to Slashtag, the most immersive horror reality competition series in history! Tag along as seven of America's favorite celebrities step into the infamous Propitius Hotel, home to one of the most prolific serial killers in history - Arthur Wilson. Arthur built and operated the Propitius Hotel from 1905 until 1928 when dozens of bodies were found in his hotel, along with countless hidden torture rooms throughout the hotel. Arthur disappeared, seemingly never to be caught. He then return... more
  • Nobody's War

    by A.S. Dhavale
    A fast-paced space opera set in the far future. The story progresses from depicting intense political conflicts to a war between two intra-galactic forces but ultimately delves into the emotional upheavals of its solid yet absolutely crazy characters! Walk with President Zxea, a strong female leader of the modern world. Laugh with Xules, a 'no guilt' attached dealer. Carve out your niche in this big, bad universe with Kubo, a young girl with immense talent and strong emotional longings. Quest... more
  • The Mirror Dance: A French Quarter Faerie Tale

    by Annie Russell
    Mimi Blanchard survived a hand-to-mouth existence after her family perished and her father abandoned her to drink and delusion. The tenacity needed to stay alive within the dark streets and alleyways of the French Quarter would become essential when the faerie that has stalked her family comes for her. Can a monk who has the ability to travel through time right the ancient wrong that destroyed Mimi's family before it destroys her as well? In Book 3 of the Faerie Tale Chronicles, the Baobhan Sid... more
  • Diamond City

    by Astrid Cole
    Pizza-loving Sage will do anything for a ticket to Prince Louis’ birthday party, whether that’s shooting bad guys at bars, chasing them in hover cars, or dropping one hundred stories from the highest skyscraper in Diamond City. She doesn’t mind attracting a little bit of positive attention from the royal family so long as no one learns her true secret: She hails from an ancient warrior race, and kicking ass in war is her specialty. Only those days are long over. At least, she thinks they are... more
  • The Posh Prepper

    by Todd Knight
    In 2035, in a hopelessly broken world, Nick Ritter is The Posh Prepper, a gifted crisis consultant who sells disaster-survival plans to rich and powerful clients. Haunted by corrupt clients and a tragic past, Nick lives a reclusive life in overcrowded Boston, counting the days until he can retire to his survival ranch in New Zealand. But when he gets an insider tip that a deadly virus is tearing through Boston, Nick has 24 hours to escape the city and flee to New Zealand. He has the perfec... more
  • Where Liberty Lies

    by Nathaniel Wrey
    Book Two in the Liberty Trilogy and sequel to award-winning novel, Liberty Bound. A new world opens up for Finbarl and Aminatra after their rebellion and escape from the claustrophobic restraints and smoking ruins of their isolated hometown, Athenia. Hopes and dreams drive them across the near impregnable mountains in their quest for freedom and a better life in the aftermath of civilisation’s collapse. Amid a more conducive environment, new dangers and surprises hinder their progress, until,... more
  • The Golden March


    Lost identities, hidden history…
    Three lives collide in a quest for truth…

    Cerci only wanted to know who her parents were. Abandoned at birth she spent her days toiling away in the Brightwater Archives, working under her adoptive mother, Merilda. But one day, a curious man dropped off a quizzical piece of history to be logged. After what she saw, she had no choice but to dig a little deeper.

    Dredge was a simple man, content with working in the Split fo... more

  • The Initiatives

    by L Leon
    In a world plagued by division and chaos, the Lawyer and his friend Yuryll embark on a mission to create a better world. They post an Election Initiative on GitHub, a plan that will change the world forever. The first two rules read, 1. THE PURPOSE The purpose of these rules is to govern an election to elect: (a) Firstly, 200,000 deserving individuals; and (b) Then, 1 million individuals will be elected based on the population ratio of each country or territory in the world ... more
  • The Lost Journals of Phineas Finke

    by Stephen Barnwell
    In 1906, photographer Phineas Finke discovered a new emulsion for his glass plates. It was sensitive to a very special frequency of light that allowed him to see into another dimension. At first, he was excited and fascinated by the intriguing images and bizarre creatures that his New Emulsion captured. Soon, however, enthusiasm turned to terror, as horrific beings from another dimension began to infest the countryside, the nearby town of Arkham, and finally his own home. Join Phineas Fin... more
  • The Wild Fall

    by Katherine Silva
    It has been ten years since the Merging, since the Woods began taking over the world, since ghosts returned to haunt their loved ones. Liz Raleigh has hidden in the New England wilderness with Hank, his daughter, Evie, and their small group, trying to eke out a small but normal life. Though Liz longs to forget the time she spent attached to her best friend and lover, Brody's ghost, she finds herself pursued by a shadow of his former self and dreams of a life they could have lived together had he... more
  • Recruit of Talionis: A Young Adult Sci-Fi Dystopian Novel

    by C.J. Milacci
    A teen with a dark past. A secret military force that kidnaps new soldiers. Can she survive as a Recruit of Talionis? America has fallen. Seventeen-year-old Bria Averton grew up in a small town of survivors near the ruins of Portland, Maine. It’s all she’s ever known — until she’s kidnapped along with hundreds of other teens and brought to the city of Talionis. A city no one knew existed. The soldiers tell them the intense trainings are for the good of the survivors, and Bria resists be... more
  • The Final Season (Planet Gallywood #1)

    by Andrew Gillsmith
    For fans of Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, Monty Python, and PG Wodehouse. It's one thing to know that the End is coming, quite another to know the exact date and time right down to the nanosecond. Such is the unhappy fate of the inhabitants of Rexos-4, a once-thriving planet that has lived under the doom of an inevitable apocalypse for millenia. Their entire philosophy of life may be summed up by the phrase "Mxtlpicam' bnak ooligapn," which in most languages translates to something along t... more