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  • Fort Cruel

    by Rob Moody
    Ezekiel and his people travel to Fort Lower Brule to warn the U.S. Army of the plague. When they get there, however, they have trouble convincing them their story is true. When the plague spreads to the fort, the soldiers quickly become believers. Ezekiel and his friends battle their way out of the fort and then decide to confront the plague's author: Shadow Savior.
  • Plague at Snake Creek

    by Rob Moody
    It's a western—with zombies. Confederate veteran Ezekiel Cool leads a quiet life as small town sheriff in the Dakota Territory. Haunted by nightmares of wars gone by, he just wants to be left alone. But then a terrible sickness invades his town.
  • Death Penalty for a Ghost in China

    by Kim Cancer
    How do you feel about the death penalty? How do you feel about ghosts? How do you feel about China?
  • Deja Vu

    by Felicia Jedlicka
    A story of duality like no other. Two women living in one body who have spent a lifetime separated by everything except distance. With resentment and deception as the foundation of their blind relationship, they do everything in their power to keep their personal lives separate from the other. However, when Elise's life is threatened she has no choice but to trust her counterpart, Deja, to get her out of it, or risk both of them dying. Life is hard enough as one person and nearly impossible a... more
  • Magic Wanda

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Magic runs in the women of Carrie's family. Her grandmother, her father's mother, was the last magical member of the family. Now, because of her love for Grandma, Carrie is developing her magic and learning to use the wondrous treasures that have been passed down through her family. In this book, she meets the wandas, who are female wands. Wandas don't do magic. They are magic. They become what Carrie wishes them to be. This series has three other books, each exploring one of the gifts. The wand... more
  • Pure Fyre

    by KristaLyn A. Vetovich
    The land of Condel is blessed, and Gaernod is not. Eofyn is king, and Spyre most certainly isn’t. When Spyre’s king threatens Eofyn’s kingdom and the source of its people’s power, Spyre sets out on a journey to save the Blessed Kingdom, not because he wants to, but because the other creatures of Curnen have threatened to kill him if he doesn't. It’s a long road ahead to save a kingdom he’s sure will hate him, and he’ll have to brave the many realms of Curnen to reach Condel and, regrettably, bey... more
  • All's Forgotten Now

    by Michael S. Ripley
    Silicon Valley is arguably the birthplace of the high-tech, modern world. Even here, in this shining testament to the heights of human achievement, there are ancient forces that hide in the shadows, pursuing their own agendas. A homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause the two worlds to collide. A woman awakes with no memory and tries to piece together her past, finding unexpected allies and sinister enemies along the way. Her personal quest becomes a race against time ... more
  • The Unexpected

    by Donal Myrick
    Venezuela's Angel Falls has ceased to exist. Atop Auyán tepui, one of Venezuela's remote table mountains, an offshore earthquake causes the opening of a deep, narrow canyon that swallows up Angel Fall's Churún River which then flows into a large cave. At the rear of the cave, the river disappears into an abyss that is speculated to be over twenty-five hundred feet deep. The existence of this abyss is brought to the attention of group of extreme cave explorers. Exploring deep difficult caves i... more
  • Play It Again

    by CP Harrison
    What would you do if a strange accident suddenly put you in a position where you could change history. Knowing what will happen over the next 150 years, would you decide to try or just let things go as before. This is the dilemma that SFC James Mitchell and his detail of mostly young soldiers will need to decide. What can they do to try to make things better or will they just do nothing but watch as history repeats itself?
  • Soul of the Crow

    by Jessaca Willis
    Run. Hide if you must. But once the Reapers have your name, They always find you... Sinisa is one of them. For three years, she’s served the underrealm as one of their assassins, killing mortals and siphoning their souls with the aid of her crow familiar. She just needs to collect one more soul to ascend as a Shade, a coveted status of power that by far exceeds her current lowly rank. To mark the momentous occasion, the Councilspirits of the underrealm have chosen the Princess of Oakf... more
  • Destiny Rejected

    by Felicia Jedlicka
    Torn between her duty to uphold a thousand year old prophecy and her desire to not be bored out of her mind, Kit Mallory (or Mallory Kit) has decided to give up her life as a Princess/politician’s daughter in favor of traveling the stars in a rusty old ship that still contains its legally dead captain. Aside from bad food, cold showers, and hard beds, she is enjoying her life as a runaway. Unfortunately, her former bodyguard, and the embodiment of her lingering teenage crush, is hunting her d... more
  • The Necromancer's Child

    by Felicia Jedlicka
    Tori Blake is digging up more than her past. Fourteen years after her parents’ death, Tori Blake is still searching for answers. She returns to her home town of Harold to investigate the so-called accidental fire that burned them alive. With most of her childhood memories buried by the trauma of witnessing the event, she must rely on accounts from her parents’ former friends and colleagues. Her efforts to find the truth, dig up as many rumors as facts. Her vision of a perfect family is t... more
  • Edge of Extinction

    by Kim Borg

    The year is 2086 and the planet is deteriorating fast. Extreme weather events and unseasonable climate have become the norm. Millions die of famine and drought each year and yet the population continues to grow, reaching well over 10 billion people. After millions of years of evolution, humanity faces collapse.

    But all is not lost.

    There is another planet, far from our solar system, which may be capable of supporting human life – Arcadia. Dr. Amber Lytton and Dr. Joel Carter... more

  • Blood and Veil: A Novella

    by Marjory Kaptanoglu
    Murder, romance, and the discovery of the true nature of her high-powered patron disrupt the life of a sheltered courtesan. Set in an alternate history world in which women have no rights, Blood and Veil tells the story of beautiful, cultured Gabrielle, who lives and works at a house of courtesans. After uncovering evidence that her patron has committed murder, she plots to bring him down by allying herself with a secret society of wives who will use any means to avenge the wrongs against the... more
  • Solar Warden

    by Peter Fuller
    USAF combat pilot Colonel Steve Richardson is injured during a mission in Afghanistan. He's rescued by an unusual craft and taken aboard a massive space craft in orbit, where he's treated for his wounds. Once recovered, he's introduced to a secret space program called "Solar Warden" that defends earth from a malevolent, paranormal alien threat.
  • Divine Blood (The Guardians of the Maiden #1)

    by Beck Michaels
    The Shadow demon nearly took everything from Dynalya Astron, and it would soon return for more. When she discovers a way to fight back, she must go on a perilous journey and risk it all for those she holds dear. Along the way, she meets Cassiel, a Celestial Prince with magic blood and wings as black as his heart. He wants nothing to do with Dyna until he learns she could lead him to a place he has been searching for all his life. But reaching their destination is not as easy as they though... more