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  • The Legend of Chip: The Perilous Journey

    by Stanley Campbell
    Charged with a crime he didn't commit, Chip flees his homeland. Under the alias of William Chips, he finds himself again in the services of Captain O’Toole and aboard the mighty Ottoman. Embarking on a new and dangerous voyage, they set course for the tense shores of the British Colonies. To his dismay, Chip soon discovers that he cannot run from his troubles. That the darkness he sought to escape knows no boundaries, nor is held to any shore, and remains as close as looking over his shoulder.
  • Magelord: Worldwalker Book I

    by Andrew Christian
    Magelord Alexander Mason has ruled Northridge for eighty years, his unique offworld magic crushing his enemies and bringing prosperity to his lands. His Firstborn son, Malkin, has long been the heir apparent, with every intention of succeeding his father. To Devon, fifth generation Greatson of Lord Mason, such politics are far removed—until he unexpectedly summons the interdimensional Veils of Chaos, threatening the claim of Malkin to the throne. As hostile adversaries and shifting loyalties ... more
  • Praeceps: A Rain City Story

    by Albert Aykler
    Every neon-stained gray dawn on Praeceps reveals the body of another ‘impossible person' floating face down in the drainage canals. That could change, but first a man must fall in love with a machine. On Praeceps the rain never ends. There are no crimes because there is no law. The Syndicate controls Precip City with a brutal security force made up of off-world mercenaries the locals call Toads and they call SynSec. Under their watch, even possible people have no rights or recourse. Sancho Pa... more
  • The Fortress

    by T. A. Styles
    Sim was a teacher in his old life. Now he’s the savior of orphans. He isn’t their father. God knows he has already failed in that role. But he is their guide. And the kids? They are his penance. His redemption. For three years Sim has prepared his orphans for the hard realities of life after the plague that wiped out most of the global population. Theirs is a life without laws or creature comforts. He has trained them to forage and grow their own food, to be vigilant, and to protect themse... more
  • McAlister's Way

    by Richard Marman
    By his fifteenth birthday, Danny McAlister in on the run. He has escaped from a draconian boarding school after seriously injuring the principal. His flight takes him through Northern Queensland to the New Guinea Highlands where he searches for his father, lost while fighting the Japanese on the Kokoda Track. Thrown into an unforgiving adult world he grows up fast and becomes embroiled in union wars amongst cane cutters, joins the crew of prawn trawler in the Gulf of Carpentaria, gets mixed u... more
  • Gradient Descent: Schrödinger's Dog

    by Jim Christopher
    Two scientists break physics to save their dog and are thrust into an apocalyptic future. Can they discover a way home in time to prevent the end of the world?
  • The Dawn of AI (Paper War Book 1)

    by Ryan LeKodak
    One malfunction… Millions dead… The search for answers begins… In the year 2040, the world's transportation is dominated by a highly advanced artificial intelligence system. However, this seemingly perfect technology collapses, resulting in catastrophic disasters and the loss of millions of lives worldwide. The disaster is dubbed Mayday, and its aftermath affects everyone. But was it simply a malfunction, or is there a more nefarious agenda at work? Who is accountable for the mass slaughter, ... more
  • Offset: The Mask of Bimshire

    by Delvin Howell
    Magic is Expensive. An underground obeah trade lies within the Caribbean island of Bimshire, where miracles are sold every day. The problem is, each one comes with a burdensome debt. As a child, Kyle Harding thought Bimshire a frightening place. Bus stops glow. Flute music haunts the air. And the shadows themselves stalk him. With his mother dead, and a baby brother—Damien—to raise, Kyle had much to endure growing up. But when a serial killer attacks his home, Kyle is forced down a bloo... more
  • In Search of Rohan Chang

    by Lincoln Lee
    ★★★★★ "YA fiction worthy of adult reading!" - Reader review ______ A mesmerizing, page-turning, and inspiring story, weaving together tenets of Christianity, different eras of American history, young love, prejudice, the immigrant experience, and the warrior’s way! New York City, the city that never sleeps, is also a place where once-in-a-lifetime magical events occur! As a serial killer hunts in the five boroughs for new prey, Asian American teenager Rohan Chang has deep-seated fear... more
  • The Book of Daniel

    by Sean Ian
    The Book of Daniel is an immersive story of the life of a unique child with extraordinary abilities that will take him years to understand. Follow Daniel on a heartwarming journey across America. Fall in love, feel your breath stop, and hop onto the rollercoaster of a life that may be more like your own than you know.
  • The Irish Within Us

    by C.A. Logan
    The Irish Within Us is a low fantasy escapade novel set in 2016. Kara, a retired civil servant, visits her grandfather’s native village of Ballybeg on the north coast of Northern Ireland. She is drawn into a fight over land that may be enchanted as she comes face-to-face with distant cousins: Imogen, a reserved heritage conservationist, and David, a self-obsessed American real estate developer who came to build a large leisure facility. As villagers and visitors are played against each other, n... more
  • Tapped (Zephyr Chronicles Book 1)

    by A.J. Maguire
    Devon Barlow knows his parents are different. They never dress down, they rarely talk to people outside the ship, and they have so many smugglers' caches on board Zephyr they could hide an army. In fact, he's pretty sure they're pirates. When his mother brings passengers onto the ship he thinks his suspicions are confirmed, but these passengers are more than he'd anticipated. Suddenly on the run, Devon finds himself confronted by a past his parents have worked hard to protect him from; his own.
  • The Man Behind The Light: Beginnings End

    by 3Mind Blight
    As a young boy sets out to explore his newfound powers, he discovers an endless world of spirits, ethereal planes, and infinite dimensions that he shapes with his dreams. However, he is not alone in this world. An ancient and malevolent energy force, with a hunger for domination that spans across all creation, has set its sights on his extraordinary powers and will stop at nothing to exploit them for its own nefarious plans
  • Remember Us: A Post-Apocsalyptic Novel (The Odemark Series)

    by E.T. Gunnarsson

    "The Vessel? It must've been sent from God. It's the answer, the key to the peace I seek. Something to save or damn us." – The Father, leader of the Twilight Cult

    Remember Us is a thrilling journey through a post-apocalyptic world where every decision could lead to freedom or ruin, perfect for fans of The Road and Station Eleven.

    Meet Simon, a former revolutionary from the space station&nb... more

  • Acheron Ride

    by Millie Leigh
    Death was no stranger to Elliot Winters. Her home had turned into a prison long before she was born. The only chance at freedom involved a deathly trip around the track. She could pass on those rewards, even if they were tempting. The Chaos Championship turns motorcycle riders into murderers for a bit of fame and a lot of brutal misfortune. Firepits and creatures, made meticulously by hand, forced the track to be almost as cruel as the warden herself. Elle’s newest journalism assignment plac... more
  • \t 9781788786560

    by Hawraa Albahrani
    Every adventure we embark on shapes who we are, enriching our lives with new experiences and wisdom. In this moving narrative, follow the journey of a hero whose bravery and determination inspire us all. Through trials and triumphs, this hero learns to embrace love and resilience, and we are invited to witness the transformative power of these emotions on the characters around them. Written with love and patience over the course of four years, this is a story that will stay with you long after t... more