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  • No Power

    by Todd Kirby
    When Manhattanite Tom Walton wakes up from a suicide attempt, he finds himself in a Bronx hospital being attacked by an ancient, savage creature that thrives in the darkness of a summer blackout. Tom, the son of a rich and racist New York politician, teams up with his fellow patients — a diverse group of Bronx natives — in an attempt to fight back. As Tom falls helplessly in love with Kiki, a badass teenage patient, he gains a deeper understanding of the source of his pain and reconsiders his st... more
  • Zhang Legacy

    by Wendy Cottiers
    Wendy Cottiers coined the phrase "GMO-Disease" in her nutrition book, Healthy is Not a Size; It is a Lifestyle. This Holistic Nutritionist has now released her first sci-fi romance novel, Zhang Legacy, translated into 10 languages. The idea came to Cottiers in a dream about a Xian Warrior saving a young girl from a mega-tsunami. No one has built five-star luxury resorts in outer space, including landing pads with full-service bars and Michelin restaurants, and that sparked a business deal: Wh... more
  • Decede's Dream

    by M.J. O'Farrell
    Enter the magical, nightmarish, colourful, worlds of the four L’amie. Deep in a dying universe, the end of time is coming. Only four children hold the key to defeating the evil Tar-klis, the Dragon King tyrant, Grimhildr the witch vampire and Sugwin the wicked imp. Can Tyersel, Simon, Clough and Shifter unite and make the perilous cross-world journey to overcome the evil forces and save the forsaken? With the fantastical worlds of J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the epic adventures and mag... more
  • The Wizard Within

    by Debra Borys

    No demons. No angels. No fairies or mythical beasts of the forest. The only fantastical element in The Wizard Within is Magic itself, a sentient being that lives within all of creation. This truth has been hidden from Eli Stone his whole life, leaving him unprepared to transition from homeless addict to becoming The Red, a leader intended to Pair with his counterpart Thorne Rios and Awaken the magic that has been suppressed in Seattle for over twenty years.

  • War of Beyond: Terminal Assault

    by David Lontok
    Latharion Rava happened. A huge sky-sailing Lathravan fleet devastates one of the Viacruz Union's megacities, starting a war. Stranded in ruins, several survivors pour everything to reach Centeral City's refuge. But within the borders of the capital city, a corrupt group, ruling in power, has been pulling the strings of the security forces in all ways unjust. Colonel Reno Maxon finds himself forming a resistance of his own. Outgunned and outnumbered, he and his allies discover that the onl... more
  • The Friend Exchange

    by Gavin Black
    Welcome to the world of “The Friend Exchange,” where the line between reality and the fantastical blur. This is the story of a young boy whose rash act of pushing away his closest friend triggers a chain of events that might just consume him, unless he can learn from his mistakes. Prepare to explore the very boundaries of reality, posing the question: what if you had the power to swap a friend? Would the consequences darken your path?
  • Crop Burner: The Tale Of Fearn & The Deamhon

    by Gavin Black
    — Along with awesome power comes the greatest test of will — Despite his humble farming roots, young Fearn displays incredible powers. Blessed by Dainua to harness the strength of every soul surrounding him, he’s known as an Asinta and could help the kingdom vitally. However, due to dark events that marred the name of those akin, Fearn finds himself distrusted by the superstitious villagers and even his own father, Dair . . . effecting untold sorrow. To overcome the ancient ills of prejudice... more
  • Burn Hot Burn Long

    by Bryan Cassiday

    Phoebe is running for her life after discovering a dark secret about the police. She saw them murder individuals suspected of being infected with the lethal Novamors virus. Not only are the cops after her, but a sociopathic hit man hired by her vindictive wealthy father-in-law is hot on her trail. Meanwhile, infected maniacs are overrunning the city and cannibalizing citizens. The governor has locked down the city and ordered all comms with the outside world jammed while police are ... more

  • The Skystone Chronicles Book 2: Dragon Guard

    by Blake and Raven Penn
    In a realm where magi are outlawed, Meleya of Misthaven has spent a lifetime hiding her powers. With her parents locked up in Spydra Prison, Meleya has no choice but to pay off their sentence the only way she can: By serving as a soldier in the dragon guard. But an attack on her redrock canyon home puts her new dragon bond in danger. Meleya knows she has to save him—even if it means revealing her etherarchy. Banished to Outcast Outpost, the most dangerous platoon in the realm, Meleya and h... more

    Escaping from a life of little potential where they had long suffered under the yoke of extreme oppression by their leaders, a group of brave individuals ventured across space as they ought out a new life. One where their sense of adventure and creativity would finally be something celebrated, not suppressed. Four months following their landing in the new System of planets, the new arrivals experienced an unexpected phenomenon. Whilst all had observed the two moons and their unusual crisscross... more
  • Fortune House: A Ghost Story

    by Jeannie Rivera
    Janie is a regular girl whose life turns topsy-turvy when her family moves into the mysterious old Fortune House in the tranquil Adirondack Mountain town of Willoughby. This once grand home is falling apart, a perfect canvas for her mom's next house-flipping project. But as the renovations stir up ghostly activity, Janie is haunted by eerie sounds and frightening apparitions that nobody else believes exist. Armed with her bravery and her new, fearless friend Caroline, an avid ghost enthusiast... more
  • The Gods Who Want To Die

    by Luke McCamley
    A devoted mother is torn between love of family, and loyalty to a religious cult leader whose demands become increasingly bizarre-and deadly. To all appearances, Shelly Grinstead is a happily married woman with three children. But appearances can be deceiving. There's a dark past behind her, and a greater darkness looms ahead. Shelly is a firm believer in Necrotheism, a religious cult that helps immortal gods end their lives through the ceremonial mock-deaths of cult members. The only problem i... more
  • Tiger Eyes and Dragon Teeth

    by Alikai Bronach
    A young man bonds with an icetiger and becomes a shapechanger. Because of this he finds an earring that helps him becomes a psion with more telepathic powers than his people usually have. The Zeikas are aware of his burgeoning power and come after him, wanting to twist it for their own purposes.
  • Madison's Peculiar Adventure

    by S. K. Bilguun
    10-year-old Madison attempts to escape from an orphanage run by the eccentric directress Madam Eve, who is behind the disapperance of orphans.
  • Marked: A Dark Fantasy Novella

    by R. M. Krogman
    The story of a lonely boy who found everything he needed in an unexpected place. Davy was abandoned by all those who should have cared for him. Believing himself to be unlovable, he learns his greatest lesson in his darkest place.
  • Liberation

    by R. M. Krogman
    A prisoner scarred by his past, a prince bound by his family's tragedy, and a princess demoted and shamed. All must shed their shackles, but their battles are only beginning. A violent madness has seized those of common blood, and enemies wreak death and destruction on the borders. Those gifted with power must face the oncoming darkness, and decide how to use their live, or to kill?