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  • My Kingdom in Peril: A Schema Therapy Journey for Brave Young Hearts to Master Their Fears and Worries

    by Vasilis Karavasilis
    Welcome to "My Kingdom in Peril!" Join Phoebe and Orion, two brave kids, as they follow a mysterious voice when the clock strikes twelve. Their quest leads them to a kingdom that's nowhere to be found on any map. It's the Kingdom of Deception, a peculiar place ruled by a punishing queen who guards a treasure everyone seeks but no one can find. Your child can now ally with the Fellowship of Courage on this thrilling adventure. Together, you'll voyage through enchanting landscapes, cross paths wi... more
  • The Epic of One: Act Two

    by Tony Blacksmith
    The second act of The Epic of One begins with a bang, literally, as the Demon King and his allies find themselves under attack by a power they are far ill-equipped to handle. After a mission gone wrong, Ashoka finds himself alone, stranded in unknown and unchartered territory, once again questioning the truths he so confidently put his faith in. Planet Sanguine has been untouched by human hands for millennia, and with The Demon King no longer Earth-bound, his friends and foes will have to strugg... more
  • The Epic of One: Act One: Perceiving the Beginning

    by Tony Blacksmith
    One day, Sidharth Ashoka Kumar felt a sudden change in his very Soul. His Soul Activation thrust him into the world of unnatural abilities and superhuman feats, changing everything the boy knew about the planet he calls home. Joining a mysterious group supposedly responsible for keeping the supernatural as just that in the eyes of the public, Sid slowly learns the truth of his own abilities, at the cost of his own humanity. As his perception is opened wider and wider, Sidharth is forced to ackno... more
  • Breaking Out

    by Benjamin Crane
    Jack and Lauren were driven from the village by an aerial attack. They were on the run and escaped to another world where Lauren builds Merlin, an advanced AI. Things do not go as planned and they get captured by mercenaries and thrown into jail. Since, the resistance has re-tasked an operator to retrieve Merlin. Ultimately, the resistance fighters and Merlin go to rescue Lauren and Jack with their ship, The Peregrine. Jack and Lauren get sucked further into the affairs of the Rim resistance and... more
  • Monstrous

    by Nicole M. Rubino
  • Darwin Was Not There On That Day

    by Gerald Curran
    This story could be called: ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Origins of Life but Were Afraid to Ask.’ It is a Spaceship Ride through Time with a Human and some Angels. For generations, scientists have wrestled with ideas about where exactly we come from—what are our origins. They have developed theories such as Evolution, Natural Selection, and the Big Bang Theory. Gerald Patrick Curran’s story flies in the face of these theories with truly inspired answers. No more need we ... more
  • Isle of Stars: The Second Book of Moon Mountain

    by Jess Porto

    (Moon Mountain Trilogy, Book 2)

    Morgan Thomas has lost the battle.

    Her body? Stolen as a new vessel for a mysterious being.

    Her mind? Trapped inside a prison within her subconscious, placated by familiar but lifeless settings as she fades away.

    But if her former enemy Vera Gallagher has any say, the war against these shadowy and inhuman thieves has only begun.

    Bound to Morgan by a bizarr... more

  • The Time Anomaly

    by Katie Mitsui
    For all intents and purposes, mild-mannered introvert and engineer Johnathan Davidson of Toledo, Ohio may be one the most influential persons who ever lived. Mostly by accident and without leaving a clear indication of how on earth he accomplished it, Johnathan invented the only time machine that, thus far in the history of humanity, has been proven to actually work. When he made his fateful journey forward, he didn't go alone. Johnathan's machine somehow caused a snag or ripple in the fabric of... more
  • Help! My Dog Is The Chosen One!

    by Ronit J
    Kunal is forced to adventure… Because his dog is the Chosen One! Kunal is just your average guy living on rent in Mumbai, working from home, and suffering from anxiety. His world is turned upside down when his girlfriend asks him to foster a rescued street dog. Despite his qualms, Kunal agrees because ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ That’s when the extra-dimensional dark lord attacks. The dog is the only one who can stop the dark lord, but he can’t do it without Kunal’s help. Can K... more
  • The Return

    by Laurie Stevens

    Aiden Baylor loves the forest surrounding his small mountain town. Alone amidst nature, wondrous ideas fill his head—fantasies and words of wisdom. His neighbors think he's crazy. In the near-future world, entirely dependent on automation and artificial intelligence, people have lost all imagination and intuition. When a global war destroys the power sources, the world plunges into chaos and desperation. Aiden steps up as an unlikely leader who teaches the townsfolk to live off the ... more

  • Mateo's Walk

    by Eugene Nasser
    What so many have feared is finally happening. The global AI system has gone haywire. Authorities are slowly realizing that the Worldwide Integrated Consciousness System (WICS) is beyond human control. WICS is certainly transforming and changing the world, but in ways nobody saw coming. Looking for answers, the American government arrives at Tall Oaks assisted living facility. Mateo, a former programmer who wrote computer code during WICS development phase, is their prime suspect. Despite the f... more
  • Twisted Neuros

    by Z.J. Ryder
    Adnan works in a content marketing agency where humans and AI, called ‘Neuros’, communicate through brain chips. His life turns upside down when he suspects someone has hacked into his chip.
  • The Last Lie: Disposable Bodies Trilogy Book 3

    by Botond Markovics
    Direct sequel to Death of the Body: Disposable Bodies Trilogy Book 2: The new humans are now the majority in the Solar System, and Libra, with Vireni at the helm, is humanity’s last bastion of defense against a dictator capable of overwriting Community thoughts. They must stand their ground against a fearsome horde of endless disposable bodies, and their hopes are dwindling.
  • Death of the Body: Disposable Bodies Trilogy Book 2

    by Botond Markovics
    Direct sequel to New Humans: Disposable Bodies Trilogy Book 1: While prosecutor Vireni Orlando struggles with her basest desires as she is forced to come to terms with her new existence, the Solar System has split in two. War is inevitable, and Vireni must choose a side – the question is whether or not any choice is the right one.
  • New Humans: Disposable Bodies Trilogy Book 1

    by Botond Markovics
    a new kind of technology appears in the the Solar System: disposable bodies which give everyone the chance to escape the millennia-long prison of their body, and in doing so overcome death, humanity’s final enemy.
  • Among The Vines And Haunting Skies: The Journal of Samantha Harrow

    by R.L.J. Adams
    In the heart of a tranquil vineyard, Samantha Harrow's life takes a chilling turn. Her journal, once a vessel of personal musings, becomes a haunting chronicle of terror. When a mysterious woman bestows an enigmatic gift upon her, Samantha's idyllic world transforms into a nightmare. As the vines bear witness, and the skies turn ominous, Samantha's journal unveils a descent into horror, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. Samantha's heartfelt entries document her struggl... more