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  • Soulkeeper's Bargain

    by Krista Fazendin
    Fleur Harkyn is not a thief. At least that’s what she tells herself. She’s just completing the quest her mother left her and finding—or stealing, when the situation calls for it—one magical relic at a time, until she stumbles on the spirit of Birdy, an estranged childhood friend in need of her help. Lenora Khade has spent the last month in the Inbetween learning the history of the realms, and she’s sick of it. She misses her life, her family, even Fleur. When the opportunity to help Fleur pr... more
  • Moths and Moonlight

    by Krista Fazendin
    A ghost with no memory. Lenora Khade is dead. As her spirit rises, her memories are replaced with those of a reluctant spiritualist. To find her killer, Lenora must first find the woman in her head. A medium trying to forget her past. Fleur Harkyn has better things to do than help the desperate spirit haunting her—she's been down that road and no good came from it, until Lenora possesses the body of a fake spiritualist at a séance, revealing secrets Fleur buried long ago. Hunted by s... more
  • The Aurora Revelations

    by Michael F. Walker
    Paranormal investigator Kevin Starkly disappears mysteriously in the haunted Pine Barrens of New Jersey right at the start of a much-publicized road trip promoting his podcast—and soon after hinting he’s uncovered key evidence proving a UFO crashed in Aurora, Texas in 1897 and the alien pilot is buried in the local cemetery. What secrets did he uncover about the Aurora crash, and has he paid a terrible price for his curiosity? A quartet of his twenty-something friends, a self-styled “Nerd Legi... more
  • Children of Madness

    by Jarrett Brandon Early

    The Imperator of Quaan restlessly awaits the centennial arrival of the Snail-Gods to cure the Gloomtide, a shadow of melancholy blanketing the Titian Empire. But when the Supreme Helices finally make landfall, they do so out of reach of the distressed monarch, beyond a poisonous grove that separates man from messiah.

    Fincher Bugg leads the Sour Flower Gang, the preeminent child harvesters of the Stenches, a town of outcasts condemned to diminished lives in toxic conditions. As Fincher a... more

  • Fallen Spirits

    by Diane Hatz
    Spirits materializing from another dimension. A ruthless billionaire trying to take over the world. And one woman searching for redemption in all the wrong places. Meet Alex Scott, unemployed and heartbroken—again. Through despair and bottles of vodka, she finds herself part of a cross-country car chase, connected with an underground network trying to rescue spirits and save the world, and falling into the hands of ruthless tyrant JT Wilson. Alex has a choice: hide in materialism or have ... more
  • The Ship

    by C.E. Ricketts
    Sam, a spaceship captain who is grieving the loss of her crew, decides to retire and sell her ship. But instead she ends up rescuing a stranger, Kate, and being dragged into a job for a criminal. With a ragtag new crew, they set about completing the job and taking down the bad guy at the same time.
  • Blackcloak: A Man of His Sword

    by W. James Chan
    Blackcloak is the disturbing tale of a fractured, damaged personality set in a land not unlike ancient China. Here, elemental forces are real, dreams can reshape a lifetime and the night is owned by horrifying yet revered entities. Here, two very different halves of the same man are teased out, tempted, examined, cross-examined and eventually reconstructed to form a whole of unprecedented power. Two ambitious women vie for control over this potential weapon: Dhiana, who took his memories in the... more
  • The Death of Clara Willenheim

    by Charlotte Lesemann
    Surrounded by family secrets, suspicious deaths, and her own repressed memories, fifteen-year-old Clara Willenheim lives as a prisoner in her ancestral estate in 1860s Bavaria. Her only chance of escape is to journey through the castle’s secret passages, unraveling her family’s dark history and its place at the center of a vast web of crime. Driven by the capricious and vengeful ghost of her long-dead aunt, Clara opens doors that threaten powerful enemies and force her to choose between righting... more
  • Olaf and Essex

    by Patti Calkosz
    A fox and bear take on bumbling witch kidnappers and the NYPD’s Chief Magic Detector to protect a magical baby and the witches of New York. In an alternate New York City, Olaf, a bear living in Central Park, accidentally scares away two witches. They leave behind a baby, whom they’d kidnapped to force the father—the NYPD’s Chief Magic Detector—to stop harassing the magical community. Olaf’s mother died when he was just a cub, so his natural instinct is to protect the child. When he and hi... more
  • Journey to 2125: One Century, One Family, Rising to Challenges

    by Gary F. Bengier

    Journey to 2125 is a speculative fiction novel of one hundred thousand words. It might be found on a bookstore shelf between The Martian by Andy Weir and The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson. But uniquely, it is a family story, describing our shared future from a personal perspective, bringing it to life. So it is also action & adventure and family fiction, a cross-genre journey.

    Journey to 2125: One Century, One Fam... more

  • River Dragon: A Hidden Secret. An Ancient Prophecy. A Queen’s Ordeal.

    by Rivera Sun
    Fifteen-year-old Ari Ara is returning to the Riverlands to take up her duties as royal heir. Nervous and excited, she leaps into the heart-pounding tests that will prove she’s worthy of the throne. But hidden dangers lurk beneath the rituals of the Ordeal of Queens. Ancestor spirits haunt her. Nightmares plague her. When her dedication to peace comes into conflict with the warriors, Ari Ara stands to lose everything. Will she risk the crown, her love, even her life for what she believes?
  • Welcome to Meadowbrook

    by Cassandra L. Thompson
    A psychiatric facility. An upscale hotel. A casino. A place for wellness. A retreat. No matter the decade, the towering edifice perched on the top of a mountain inspires both awe and fear. Holding the secrets of all who have walked her halls (and those who haunt them still), Meadowbrook’s facade shifts with time. But there is one constant that remains unchanged—Meadowbrook makes her own rules. Told in a series of short stories from alternating viewpoints, each from a different era, discover the ... more
  • Rapture of the Deep

    by Christopher Dainton
    In a future controlled by an artificial intelligence known as the Djinn, Sevan leads an isolated life on Earth. But when his childhood friend Miah vanishes while stationed on America’s dystopian Venus colony, he must risk a dangerous journey to save her. Miah, a diplomat for the African-led Humanitarian Service, is abducted by a power-hungry Venusian nationalist named Orion. Her fate becomes intertwined with that of the Venusians, whose American occupiers seek to civilize them and neutralize ... more
  • Crazy Hawk

    by RJ Stewart
    Deirdre Buford, age 25, lives for one purpose: to find her sister, Mindy, age 14. The Buford sisters are members of a tribe of raiders who call themselves the Hussars. Mindy had been kidnapped while patrolling the rim of Hussar valley in Pacifica, formerly California. Riding her Soul Horse, Danny, Deirdre relentlessly pursues the kidnappers through an America wrecked by the Great Virus, the Great Famine, endless civil war and the Breakdown, a global collapse of world order. Circumstances force h... more
  • Head of the Class

    by Tao Wong

    Standardized testing is so much worse in the apocalypse.

    Caleb Hanson assumed the most exciting part of his field trip scouting in Northern Minnesota would be a rare bird sighting. Instead, he was abducted by hive-minded hexapods and forced to be their children’s teacher. Not the worst way to ride out the end of the world.

    Two years later, the apocalypse has finally come for Caleb. His savior-captors are murdered, leaving him as the last line of defense for ... more

  • AndroBiotica 2: Journey in Time

    by David Gittlin
    Presenting an engaging science fiction adventure for teens and adults. After unceremoniously losing his job, Special Investigator Derrick Faulk is summoned by his close friend, Adrien Mattias, a developer of best-in-class nearly human Androids, for a mission that holds the future of their world in the balance. “Time is of the Essence,” as Adrien likes to say, and the clock is ticking. Romantic sparks fly, and guns blaze in “Androbiotica 2: Journey in Time,” the sequel to “The Androbiotica Fi... more