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  • Desiderium

    by W. B. Biggs
    How much can a person lose before she is no longer herself? Memories fade, but when they’re ripped from your mind, they leave a gaping hole. That empty cavity tugs and threatens to swallow me up; its edges erode away as my mind picks at it like a week-old scab. On a journey to find lost memories, travel to a reality where lost things go: a world of misplaced treasures and things best forgotten. Dangers lurk in the dark, and lost hopes light the way. Welcome to Desiderium.
  • Awadhesh Raj creator

    by Awadhesh Raj creator
  • Brave Mermaids: Shell of Magic

    by Maria Mandel Dunsche
    Livi and Lexa are mermaid sisters who live in the beautiful underwater city of Atlantica; their days filled with fun explorations and magical adventures. One day, Lexa hears about the legendary Shell of Magic which can grant a wish to whoever possesses it. Together, the mermaid sisters and their merpup Finn embark on an adventure to find this shell. With their journey full of challenges to overcome, eventually Lexa and Livi find it guarded by an Octupus named Ollie. The mermaid sisters prove to... more
  • Memoirs of a Lyrical Man (Tapestry of Time Book 1)

    by Steven Templar
    In 2014, Jay Hagaki's life as a famous actor and musician is filled with fame and fortune. But when a brush with death sends him back to 2007, the world of celebrity fades, replaced by a seemingly average life—until the danger and intrigue begin. Hunted by shadowy forces, Hagaki is sent on a wild ride, taking him deep into the unknown. Amidst the chaos, he's drawn to a woman who haunts his dreams, her connection to his life a tantalizing mystery. While the present and the future tango in h... more
  • Teendyth: On Desecrated Faith and New-Found Religion

    by StevenMark Maine
    It is a shared trait between all of man that plans are subject to the circumstances that surround them. Plans are futile when so many other things need to be fully taken into account, and more often than not mankind forgets to think of all outside influences. Whether it be coincidence, time, or Putrid Cloud, the self is of least concern when plans are created. Many know of the disappearance of the church Afton Assembly, though most do not know of the man who disappeared with it and how h... more
  • Starfall Book 1

    by T. Newyear
    In this extended tale of cli-fi-meets-historical fiction, Xenia, a woman with an integrated artificial intelligence, embarks on a mission to repair a malfunctioning relay at the edge of the wilderness now called the Flood Zone. As the mission turns to disaster, Xenia and her security contractor find themselves confronting a greater mystery, one that eventually leads them to a strange town in the middle of nowhere, where nothing is quite as it seems. The town, called Harmonie, has a long utopi... more
  • Europa Deep

    by Gary Gibson
    The first manned expedition disappeared while exploring the vast ocean beneath the ice, and fifteen years later, Cassie White is given the chance to join a second expedition—so long as she agrees to investigate secretive experiments carried out by the first. It soon becomes clear the first expedition stumbled onto a secret even greater than the existence of alien life within our own solar system—something hidden in the depths of Europa’s lightless ocean for untold billions of years. But befor... more
  • Soultaming the Serpent

    by Tar Atore
    Jun was barely ten years old when the last dragon died. Half a century later and Jun still dreams of the rain that hasn’t fallen since. Her mundane life takes a turn when she encounters Aurel, who she suspects may be the one that holds the key to restoring balance and is destined to find the elusive serpent from the prophecy.  Joined by Casey, Jun’s closest friend and the village brewer, the three embark on a journey to unravel the prophecy's intricacies, figure out what the serpent's role... more
  • The Sunset Sovereign: A Dragon's Memoir (A Cozy Standalone Fantasy Story)

    by Laura Huie
    When a dragon finds an assassin sneaking into his lair, he tells her of his life's work and his soon to be final chapter. --- For the past thousand years, the dragon Vakandi has watched the people of Vakfored grow from a wandering band of refugees to a glorious city of art and magic. Under his protection, the city has survived monsters, floods, and wars all without building an army, dam, or even a wall. But time changes everything and now the citizens of his beloved city want him dead. Vaka... more
  • Atom Bomb Baby

    by Brandon Gillespie
    Atom Bomb Baby is a Retro-Future character-driven adventure, it features a sci-fi setting as imagined in the golden age of the atom of the 50's, as a backdrop for dealing with character trauma in the post-apocalyptic world the character finds herself in. The protagonist is struggling with PTSD after the loss of her family, hiding from the world, but is drawn out as she learns to connect with friends again, to ultimately face the past.
  • Upon the Pale Isle of Gloam: A Gothic Horror Novella

    by Mark Gulino

    Upon a deserted shoreline, Rue wakes alone with no knowledge of her past. Decades of wreckage lay sprawled across the beach. The days are impossibly short, and the weather foreboding. Worse are the supernatural beings that stalk the landscape, littering it with corpses. Using only her instincts, Rue embarks on a journey to reclaim her truth and find a way home—all while unraveling the isle's dark secret.

    A spooky weekend read brimming with gothic themes and atmospheric ho... more

  • The Vermilion Ribbon

    by Hayley Price

    Jason Bourne meets Robin Hood, but with lesbians.

    Corelle’s fairy tale dream turns into a horrific nightmare in The Vermilion Ribbon, a pulsating mix of fantasy, romance and adventure. Corelle’s journey from innocence to cold-hearted killer leaves a trail of bodies from one end of Dur to the other. With her enemies in relentless pursuit and another woman’s life in her hands, Corelle cannot relax for a heartbeat. Despair and vengeance compete for her at... more

  • Flame of the Blood

    by Queenie A. Marie
    A GIRL RUNNING FROM THE LAW. Wren Farley is cursed with the power to save her kingdom from an ancient plague. With magic estranged to her war-ravaged, witch infested continent, Wren flees her village following a brutal betrayal. With a price on her head and hunters at her heels, Wren must find a way to survive out on her own. But when a boy from her past discovers and captures her, Wren finds herself brought before the king’s mercy. A BOY RUNNING FROM THE PAST. Crown Prince Alaric Bernt... more
  • shadows and LIGHT

    by Robin Chappell
    Which Side are You on? Leading up to the final Battle between Good and Evil, Dr. Kathryn Runyon not only finds out her life has been a lie, but is now on the run from the Demonic Forces intent on destroying her. As a doctor dealing with Patients with Multiple Personality Syndrome, she finds out the hard way that not only are these patients not delusional, but recall actual manifestations of the Darkness growing in the World. They are instruments for the Ultimate Evil — The Beast of the Bi... more
  • Chosen by the Blade

    by S. R. Sereda

    Orion, a student of the Academy, a school that trains devotees of the god Aarus, is about to have his eighteenth birthday. Trained to be a Chronicler, a historian who travels from town to town documenting important events, he is looking forward to his new life after graduation. There is only one hitch: every student of the Academy who turns eighteen is required to take a turn at attempting to pull a magical sword from an obelisk. Whoever is successful must set out on a perilous quest to find ... more