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  • Subterranean Antebellum

    by J. E. Tremulant
    A collection of short stories/novel fragments of Post-America, a version of the US in which society has collapsed, but the various automated corporate functions and services remain: A hitman is hired by members of an animated TV show to assassinate a rival sect of fans of the same show; A new age gladiator/wrestler finds herself targeted by a sponsor for assassination and must find out why; Two bitter lovers try and outlive one another as post-human ghosts; A scavenger family is targeted by a co... more
  • Warlocks & Sorceresses: The Timeless Grimoire

    by Antonio Galarza
    In 1907 Wiltshire, Calne, Victor Waltz, gets blasted out of his suitably normal teenage life in the Edwardian English countryside as his strange seizures and the dreams they invoke grow exponentially until he can no longer avoid them. He fights every day of his life with this demonic parasite known as a Veil that threatens his existence. High Enchantress Amber Wolflight, a powerful Sorceress charged with gathering new underage recruits for the Division of Global Magic Affairs, pays the Waltz... more
  • One Aon Fatality

    by Vanessa Krauss
    A chance encounter has the Horizons Corporation realizing that their want to control the weather means accounting for literal forces of nature, gods. By creating the Aons, they plan to use them to chase and destroy these powerful beings. There is a small catch. Their first Aon, Fatality. Being told her only function is to live, die, hunt, kill, she can only want for something better, a world where nature doesn’t bow to man, nor to Horizons.
  • Rebels of Akrona

    by Gregory Urbach
    To defeat the Arikhan invasion of Earth, Governor-General Grey Waters gave his life to destroy the alien battlecruiser Bellerophon. But he did not die. For seven years, he labored as a nameless slave in a mining camp thousands of light years from home, until an insurrection forced him to seek a new destiny.
  • NAIMERA: Absence of Grace

    by michael ganzberger
    AGENT MIKE MURPHY is leaving the FBI to join SGSI, a top-secret defense tech company, contracted to the US government. When Mike’s new boss - Peter Strauss - learns that his daughter, Grace, has been kidnapped in Guatemala, he turns to Mike for help. While Mike’s connections track Grace’s kidnappers, Strauss shows Mike that he and SGSI possess their own special resources… resources beyond anything Mike could ever have possibly imagined. He introduces Mike to the NAIMERA: advanced, mission... more
  • A Trail of Pearls

    by D.M. George
    Fifty-five, frumpy, and flung to the curb like an old floral sofa… Losing her Silicon Valley job to a younger woman was bad enough. Catching her husband in the arms of one is the final straw. Something’s gotta give, like the last threads of Perla Palazzo’s sanity. Then, a plan so wild and reckless it’s just an inch to the left of self-destruction. With a bank foreclosure hanging over her head and staring at the last of her savings, Perla books a trip to the Amalfi Coast in the hope of fulfi... more
  • Through this strange window

    by Edgar Smith
    This is a collection of short stories dealing in the supernatural and metaphysical, while posting intriguing philosophical questions and pushing the reader through, at times, uncomfortable pathways. Themes such as identity, death, the beyond, hell, the occult, aliens, and fate are discussed throughout the book in a series of powerfully engaging (at times, disturbing) tales.
  • Last Strand

    by Jennifer Estep
    Every bloody thread has been leading to this . . . I’ve battled a lot of bad guys in my time, both as Gin Blanco and as the notorious assassin the Spider. But I’ve never faced off against anyone quite as powerful and deadly as the dastardly leader of the Circle secret society. Just when I finally have a lead on how I can defeat the evil group once and for all, new information comes to light that throws me for a loop. Suddenly, everyone and everything I love is in imminent peril of being de... more
  • Oval Man

    by Mary Davis Gage
    Oval Man, a superhero from outer space must stop Triangularus, resident of Planet Isosceles, from stealing all the triangular slices of cheese pizza on Earth. Can Oval Man and his faithful sidekick pup named Ovaltina stop Triangularus before another child’s lunch disappears into thin air? A large gap exists in children’s literature where science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) blend seamlessly. This shortfall led to the creation of Oval Man, an indie book aimed at 2nd-4th gr... more
  • The Sallow Scourge

    by E Stuart Marlowe
    On the cusp of becoming maidens, twin Queens Allison and Joie Wynpenny have spent the past year trapped inside their castle. The Sallow Scourge has their kingdom in its grip. Whether curse or contagion, the wisemen do not yet know. What is known is that it causes the afflicted to commit severe bodily harm, while disrupting the balance of magic throughout the realm. Both queens decide that something drastic must be done, though each has a very different solution. Allison vows to seek out the c... more
  • The Vanishing

    by Arjay Lewis
    She needs to forget the past. Her ex wants her back. The creatures in the woods crave every living soul… Former NYPD detective Liliana Slavik is still recovering from a nervous breakdown after a shooting that killed her fiancé and ended her career. Seeking refuge in her peaceful hometown, she soon discovers hundreds of people have disappeared in the Pine Barrens nearby. She becomes determined to fight through her panic attacks, team up with the man who betrayed her, and solve the sinister sec... more
  • Voice

    by William Gee
    The war of global subjugation is ending, and complete totalitarian rule is imminent. Scrutiny will soon fall on Adam, prompting his exile from the Solar System. Joining him is mankind’s first ever artificial intelligence, but it possesses an agenda of its own… Adam, one of the few pilots to ever fly and survivor of hopeless situations, has volunteered to pilot the Ion, the first intersystem spacecraft, to survey the Tau Ceti system. Crossing the void of intersystem space mandates suspended an... more
  • Dark Apprentice: Fall of Magic Book One

    by Val Neil
    A psychopathic wizard. An immortal mage. An epic battle of wills. Nikolai doesn’t want much out of life: sex, immortality, and the power to disembowel anyone who crosses him. But with dark magic forbidden, his only option is Medea–a mage so deadly even the Enforcers give her a wide berth. Despite dire warnings that her apprentices don’t survive, Nikolai won’t stop until she agrees to train him. After all, he’s a killer himself. Barbaric and brutal, the training is a far cry from what Nikol... more
  • A Song of Sirens

    by Pandora Pandora
    A new era has dawned, giving rise to women called Sirens. Imbued with god-like powers of the Universe, they are a force unlike any the World has ever seen. Will the Sirens use their amazing powers to help or destroy humanity? With the birth of every new Siren, heroines and villains will be forged in the fire that shapes the fate of the World.
  • Nevaeh Walking the Halls

    by marcel ray duriez
    Nevaeh was never unusually inadequate at talking to boys—or anyone other than her best friend and fellow outcasts, due to the human trafficking, she was placed into at the age of 4. A deranged, loving narrative story focusing on the thoughtful look of a young girl, facing pain- as she bares her soul.' A Small-town in Pennsylvania, Nevaeh May Natalie was born in 1996 that is bullied by teachers and students alike, said to be braindead within a class. Made to be Sped-Ed yet is brilliant. Nevaeh Ho... more
  • Army of the Cursed

    by Karim Soliman
    After seventeen years of preparation, the Goranians realize that they are not ready for the war against the demons. As the final battle is about to start, the fate of the Goranians rests in the hands of a hapless trio. But can those three put aside their differences before it is too late?