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  • Marta Ray and the Undersea Kingdom

    by W.R. Smith
    In 1841, Marta Ray, discontented in a whaling town, will discover an unknown world within the place she hated most-the sea. Rescued from the sea by a gruff captain, Marta's disdain for the ocean transforms to determination when a wish unravels dark secrets. Amidst a mysterious and stormy night, tragedy strikes, transforming her life and unveiling an undersea kingdom beyond her wildest imagination. Finding home, friendship, oddities, and an unexpected destiny, Marta's journey uncovers mysterie... more
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Radioactive!

    by Wallace Briggs
    Jimmy Crikey, the orphaned alien who chose to make his life on Earth, is not magical, but he has unique skills that come in useful when his family of friends in Roombelow need help. Roombelow is suffering from the aftereffects of the rock-chewing Scarab beatles that undermined the town and the world of the Diamites, and even the water-world of the Aquamites is crumbling. Unexpectedly, a hole appeared in the centre of the Aquamites’ Emerald Lake. Not only does the lake begin to empty, but thirt... more
  • The Phoenix Elite: Sacred Blood

    by C.T. Clark
    Adam Eberhardt has always felt different, but he never would’ve guessed he was a clone of Albert Einstein. Science geeks don't usually live inside the body of a hulk. A brain that never shuts off can be a blessing or a curse, but Adam hasn’t felt many blessings during his sleepless nights, regular victims of his severe anxiety disorder. Weaving through harrowing childhood memories, science research, and self-doubt, he most enjoys spending his mind power thinking about his wunderkind fellow stude... more
  • 9780692261156

    by Yvette Carmon Davis
    What time is it? And who is the Beast?This is the first volume in a series of stories about a future Earth, immediately before End. Before the Coming of Jesus Christ. It is an unexpected chronicle of what life might be like immediately before the end of human time. And the identity of the Beast of the Book of Revelation. What will he look like? Is he in the world right now? Could we identify him if we see him on the street? Is he, right now, on the world stage? Who IS the Beast?
  • Steele High: Generation Ship Destiny, Book One

    by Phil Huddleston
    His family dead, his life devastated, former Homicide Detective Oscar Steele thinks of himself as "The Hollow Man", with nothing left to live for. But Deborah Geller, in charge of the impending launch of Generation Ship Destiny, has other plans for him. There is a saboteur aboard - and she wants Steele to find him. Paired with unlikely ally Summer Winn, Steele runs into trouble quickly. Events on both Destiny and Earth spiral out of control. Suddenly, the residents of Destiny watch the Earth ... more
  • The Realm of Gods

    by Glen Dahlgren

    In a realm where dreams and reality intertwine, the final battle brews.

    he gods of Order have vanished. Despite priests like Dantess and Myra struggling to maintain peace, the Harbingers of Chaos fan the flames of rebellion, bringing the world to the brink of war.

    Galen, drawn into the heart of the Dreaming—an ethereal realm where past, present, and future collide—confronts not only his nemesis, the cunning Carnaubas, but a horrifying truth: t... more

  • Freak Frat (Freak Frat Series, Book One)

    by Nicki Greenwood

    It’s hard getting a life when you’re undead.

    Freshman Year Checklist:

    • Find the bit-and-run girl who turned me into a vampire
    • Join supernatural beings support group
    • Call Dad
    • Cram for midterms
    • Find out who's trying to kill me

    Joe Dietrich has a lot on his plate: college classes, a lonely divorced dad, and a weirdo gamer roommate. Oh, yeah, and that vampire thing. If only he didn’t have a supernatural ... more

  • Gleaners

    by Kip Cassino
    The rock that killed the dinosaurs had passengers. Chicxulub’s devasting impact brought with it race of beings who have dominated Earth for more than sixty million years. They remain in shadow, gleaning life from the edges of our civilization They will scour us from the planet we think is ours if aroused. Psychiatrist Elizabeth Wyler finds herself drawn into the growing conflict between humanity and these clandestine overlords. She almost dies at the hands of their minions, and reluctantly join... more
  • Tale of the Unlikely Prince

    by Dr. Bill Senyard
    18-year-old Prince Yeled desperately wanted to prove to his adoptive father the King that he was worthy of being the prince heir. But what could he possibly do? He asks for a quest—no, a great quest—no, a heroically astonishing quest—challenging enough to prove his enoughness and finally earn the King's respect and love. But what happens if all does not go as planned? Yeled will learn through thrilling, quirky, and sometimes unbelievable twists and turns that not all quests are what they might s... more
  • Acolytes

    by Daniel Fansler
    Thuradin and Felix must venture into the Dwarven Kingdom and do what they can to prevent the dwarves from falling into civil war. Salevari, in Felix's absence, leads Aleganthia and must maintain the peace as humans enter viatari society for the first time. Victria and her companions must travel to the Southern Isles to retrieve an Acolyte in the Throne of the Deep, but as they encounter the Vashi who live in the deep ocean waters, they must contend with political forces they did not expect.
  • Lifting the Siege

    by Daniel Fansler
    Black waters consume the human lands to the north. Rumors of another artifact like the Creature come from the west. New, mysterious enemies threaten the viatari and dwarven way of life. But who is leading them? In this thrilling sequel to The Lost King, Thuradin and his viatari friends must journey to the farthest reaches of Azar, heal old wounds, and unearth the oldest secrets of their world’s creation to find the answers they need to survive the coming threat.
  • `The Lost King

    by Daniel Fansler
    Thuradin, commander of the Royal Guard, must journey to the outside world, the first dwarf to do so in one thousand years, in a quest to find and retrieve the dwarven king. During this quest, he must face obstacles and encounter creatures and peoples who will make him question everything he ever thought he knew about being a dwarf and the meaning of honor and courage.
  • The Garage House Kids

    by Stephen Heckler
  • The Archaeologist's Club

    by D.K. Devonshire
    Will four misfit kids find a mystical, powerful artifact in time to stop an ancient queen’s return to power? Can they trust a mysterious man who claims to be an archaeology professor? After a surprise discovery, Jimmy, Margaret, Sascha, and Rodney are launched on the thrill ride of their young lives. And they aren’t the only ones searching for Queen Atanami’s scepter.
  • The Hezakhal Dungeon

    by S. K. Bilguun
  • A Fistful of Sand

    by Leah Rohla
    Out of all the most improbable of possibilities a genuine miracle happens in the desert town of Starfall. The combined wishes of the people living there join together to resonate loud enough that a god is born from their long seated desires. Freya is made of wishes and grants them and grows more powerful as she does this. This fledgling god follows her instinct to grant as many wishes as feasibly possible in a growing bid to quiet the ever ceaseless hunger in the air of cravings. It is here whe... more