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  • The Conquest of Kiynan

    by Eric P. Caillibot
    Masc Blackheart, a bloodthirsty warlord, invades Kiynan. The only person standing in his way is Hendrik Stoneworth, a young naïve King. Will he be shrewd enough to repel the attack and save his kingdom? Meanwhile Daimin the Mauve, an ancient Conjurer, escapes from his imprisonment in the spirit world. He raises an army with the intention of taking revenge and conquering the people of Ornland. In a desperate bid to defeat their enemy, the magic Houses of Ornland seek help from their alienat... more
  • The Heart of the Bloodstone

    by Philinna Wood
    Avalan is a hunter in a cage. In the village of Hydrus, a fastness secluded from the Stone Lands, Avalan was born. He swam its warm waters, hunted through its blackwood forest, played the goat games on its white shore. Now, he watches the chief erect a mighty palisade to keep his tribe contained, forbid the magic of the birthstones, exile his childhood friend, and punish the tribe of Hydrus for daring to love, hope, dream … As the chief’s madness grows, so does Avalan’s longing to lead the... more
  • Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tales: Books 1-3

    by Laurel Decher

    Three full-length books in one!

    Follow the hilarious adventures of a princess who defends her castle and wins a name for herself, a perpetually lost prince who learns how to lead, and a team of royal twins who face test after test to protect their beloved dragon. 

    1. Trouble With Parsnips, A Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale, 1; 

    2. Lost With Leeks, A Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale, 2; and 

    3. Under Pressure With a Squash: The Multiplicat... more
  • Twiceborn: Six Stories from the Future

    by C. L. Kagmi
    We all evolve. Our abilities, our bodies, and our opinions change. For the people in these stories, some changes are more radical than others. Would you end one life to make way for another? Would you leave the world you know for one more beautiful and dangerous? If you could give humans immortality—and the dangerous powers that go with it—would you? This collection of six stories spans three fictional universes whose citizens have solved the problem of mortality in different ways. ... more
  • Girl Malfunctioned

    by Dustin Holloway
    Krista Kinsley is a girl genius. Abused by her family. Subjected to experimental surgery. Locked up for defending herself. The computer implanted in her mind is starting to malfunction, and Krista discovers that she has frightening abilities that make her a danger to herself and to the people trying to exploit her. Can she control her own mind before it destroys her? Girl Malfunctioned is a stunning techno and medical thriller that weaves together the latest advancements in artificial in... more
  • Snatching St. Nick

    by Myla Taylor
    Ten-year-old Cooper is always at the top of Santa’s Naughty List. His archrival bets there’s NO WAY Cooper will get the super-hot Christmas toy only given to those on Santa’s Nice List. (Yes, Santa Claus is real!) The loser has to transfer to the dreaded Dunsley Military Academy. When trying to be good absolutely fails, there’s only one thing Cooper can do to win the bet: travel to the North Pole, kidnap Santa, and hold him for ransom. Of course, nothing goes as planned! In this wild Christmas ... more
  • Shadow of the Desert Sun

    by Alex Passey
    Raynor Fiet has walked a path that has stripped him of all but his honor, his duty and his skill with a sword. Now he finds that duty has saddled him with the protection of two sheltered youths, Ayden and Cyan, who know little outside their simple village life in the Arannite desert. Ayden and Cyan have been suddenly caught in a whirlwind of cutthroat political intrigue. They must trust Raynor to protect them from a deadly assassin clan, a magi-swordmaster gone mad, and the all-powerful Archm... more
  • Those Left Behind

    by N. C. Scrimgeour

    A dying planet. A desperate mission. A crew facing impossible odds.

    Humanity’s last hope lies with them…

    Time is running out for the people of New Pallas. Nobody knows that better than Alvera Renata, a tenacious captain determined to scout past the stars with nothing but a handpicked crew and the promise she made: to find a new home for humanity.

    But between navigating the treacherous chasm of dark space and first contact politics with a galacti... more

  • Designated Protector

    by Hope Abrom and Amanda Abrom
    Kaison inherits a magical halberd from his family the day they are murdered. He must infiltrate Sun Castle to uncover the secrets of the halberd but Mortimer, an exiled knight who obtained the magic of the Eclipse, is hunting Kaison for the sacred halberd. Kaison works with his friends, uncovering the labyrinth under the castle and finding the Crimson Teardrop so he can fight Mortimer. However, in order to kill Mortimer, either Kaison or one of his friends must take the power of the Eclipse and ... more
  • Amidst The Heavens: Stories of the Fantastic and Strange

    by Carmenn Alexander King Kocznur

    Part I - Science-Fiction A lonely space miner with the antidote for a plague sweeping the galaxy must reach the last outpost-world before humanity becomes extinct. An alien creature experiences a terrifying vision of impending doom for her species. The cosmos sing a collective lament for a weeping star. Part II - Speculative A newly engaged couple are horrified to learn nuclear war is on the horizon. Two outlaws and a talking coyote encounter a mysterious stranger in tatters. A boy runs ... more

  • S.E.T. The Earth on Fire

    by Kyle Noland
    It’s the summer of 3129, one thousand years after meteors destroyed most of life on Earth. The city of Akhet endures in the barren desert landscape of what remains. Ethos, an artist living in poverty within the gilded city, renders commission work for the families of missing girls. When his best friend reveals she and the vanishing citizens are all witches, they discover the horrifying link between the disappearances and a godlike elite named Ra. Their investigation abruptly ends in the tragic d... more
  • The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice

    by Fred Yu
    The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice is a plot driven Asian fantasy, Martial Arts epic, taking place in ancient China, about Feng, a spoiled son of a general still realizing his own military genius, suddenly hunted by the entire world because of a symbol on his body, known as the Red Crest. Feng is chased from his home, his sister is abducted, his friends are slaughtered, and there’s a huge reward out there for his head. Feng learns that civil war is imminent in Ancient China. The enemy, only known as... more
  • The Lucky Diamond

    by Valinora Troy
    “The whirlclouds erupted on all sides, buffeting the boat first one way and then the next, sending Alan sprawling from one side of the deck to the other. He couldn’t stay on his feet long enough to reach the tiller. Yvonne and Susan clung to the mast. He couldn’t see Vicky or Cathy as waves washed over the side, drenching him.” When 10 year old Cathy meets Lucky, a magical talking diamond, she and her orphaned siblings readily agree to help Lucky get home to the Rock of Diamonds, situated far... more
  • Seraphim Falls

    by T.R. Toth
    How many times do we drive through small towns? We pass through, stay a few nights at a hotel, eat at a restaurant, or visit a local tourist destination. We take them at face value because we want to find the next small town that is a true hidden gem. Their beautiful lampposts and perfectly potted flowers don't give a true picture the residents either want to keep quiet or don't know themselves. After all, we are just guests. However, we trust these towns to be safe and enjoyable. We trust the p... more
  • The Order of Time and Odin’s Door

    by Scott P. Southall

    Anastasia and Edward Upston are summoned to the Order of Time’s London headquarters to provide testimony. Their friend and mentor Dr. Alfred Gregorian has been charged with violating the time-traveling society’s rules in relation to their trip to ancient Egypt. The twelve-year-old twins are determined to defend Dr. G and to get a closer look at the inner workings of the Order and its secret academy.

    An unexpected turn of events leaves the twins stranded a thousand years... more

  • Secrets and Truths (Otherside Heat 1)

    by Whitney Hill
    Book 1 of Otherside Heat, the paranormal romance spin-off to the Shadows of Otherside series. Sparks fly when the hunter becomes the hunted. Half-elven bounty hunter Lya Desmarais is living in exile in North Carolina after getting into trouble back home. When her boss makes it clear he's got a target on her back, she seeks dangerous allies to regain control of her future. Vampire vagabond Cade is running from his past and thirsty for more powerful blood than mundanes can offer. Most of Others... more