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  • A Sea Of Monsters: and Other Tales

    by DM Wolfenden
    An A to Z of Horror from the author we know to be a little dark, with a lot of heart. This collection of Novelettes, short stories, flash fiction and poetry will tempt the darkest of souls. Some of the stories you will find inside: Bernie & the Beast - TwoFromTx said: When weird, creepy dreams seem to come true! Carly - Ray Hecht said: Excellent thriller short story told in interview form, great writing. Joanna - On Top Down Under Reviews/Dark Hints Reviews said: Excellent Horror Short.... more
  • B07QRSRYD4

    by DM Wolfenden
  • Big Bad Wolves

    by Rodney Thomas Coreau
    Eric Prince is a disenchanted call-center employee, an aspiring artist/writer and a hopeless romantic. He yearns for a more exciting life. He pines to get out of the ‘friend-zone’ with Rose, the girl of his dreams two cubicles down from his. But he lacks the courage to do what’s necessary to seize his own destiny. Destiny comes calling, however, the night three of his own characters, Red Riding Hood, Jacob The Pig, and Braum the woodsman, magically arrive in his apartment, asking for his help to... more
  • Strings of Chance

    by Jeff Pryor
    Life is a song, sing it well! Edson Pye is the greatest bard in all of Elraon. Unfortunately, nobody else has figured this out yet. An annual competition in the city of Vonst provides an opportunity to validate his claims, while a chance encounter springs him toward the fame he so desperately covets...though at what cost? Wanting only wine, women, and an audience for his music, Edson instead finds himself drawn into an increasingly tangled web of schemes centered around a mysterious murder... more
  • Kimberling Bridge

    by Jeffrey W. Tenney
    An electromagnetic pulse attack has disabled all communications and most transportation in the American Midwest. Societal chaos has ensued. Gangs of murderous bikers raid all sources of food, gas, and other supplies in an effort to dominate what remains of humanity. William, an embittered survivor of the madness, encounters a young girl who needs his help to reach her relative many miles away.
  • The Bee Maker

    by Mobi Warren
    The year is 2036. Honeybees are nearly extinct. The world's crops are disappearing and a young boy's life hangs in the balance. When Melissa Bùi's origami opens a time portal to Ancient Crete and connects her to a young athlete named Amethea, she has a chance to save both bees and boy. But she may risk blinking out of existence like the quarks her scientist father studies. Story Monster Approved for tweens (ages 10-14)
  • Nothing's Ever Lost

    by Emma G Rose
    Jack and Anna are dead. At least Jack is. Anna might just be having a near-death experience. How far is Anna willing to go for her friend? What role did Jack play in their accident? They'll have to trust each other to get through the afterlife, but how can they when they're both keeping secrets?
  • Skin Deep

    by Kendra Merritt

    The only one who can free him is the girl he’s hurt the most.

    Cursed for a youthful accident which maimed a young woman, Léon Beauregard roams his mountain as a bear, clinging to the scraps of his humanity. Too bad it’s not working. Every day he loses a little more of himself to the bear and his stupid fuzzy tail. But when Léon comes across Anwen, an enchanter scarred from an accident she doesn’t remember, she promises to free him, because she believes no... more

  • Lesath

    by A. M. Kherbash
    Amateur journalist Greg travels to a remote mountain area to investigate rumors of a sinister building only to find himself imprisoned there. As he tries to escape, he evinces symptoms of a strange affliction, and struggles to remain conscious while maintaining an uncertain hold on reality.
  • Universe For Sale

    by Elliot Jackman
    Cal Pierson uncovers more than he bargained for during an archeological dig on a remote lake in the middle of Africa. Cal’s single-minded goal to prove his theory of human evolution, and save his career, culminates in him and his wife getting embroiled in a 50,000 year old intergalactic murder spree. Accidentally launching a long dormant space craft puts them in a desperate situation. Unknowingly, they awaken a madman wanted for crimes in multiple galaxies before he was put in stasis and lef... more
  • The Chronicles of the Virago:: Book II The Apprentus

    by Michael Bialys
    Makenna Grace Gold is the Virago. At barely thirteen-years-old, she has been entrusted by the forces of good to protect her twin siblings Emi and Noah from the evil forces that seek to destroy them. The infant twins are destined to lead our world into its next age of Hope and Enlightenment; if and only if Makenna can protect them. As she begins to settle into her new role as the Virago, Makenna receives a cryptic warning from none other than the Grim Reaper himself. She is told that her immediat... more
  • Treading Waves

    by S.R. Atkinson
    The third book in the Siren Anthology, Treading Waves, picks up just months after the second where Santi and Rogan are still reeling from the tragedy that struck in the last book. They are trying to cope and find how they fit into this new world while outside forces are sabotaging them and trying to use them for ill-gains. The reader also learns more details about how this underwater world was built and, how Santi and Rogan may be able to fix the current, horrible, state of affairs.
  • The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family

    by Dipa Sanatani

    The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu - Celestial Beings from world mythology - bicker and squabble, just like any family. But they’re going to have to put their differences aside to help the Little Light - a wise soul, imbued with insight and curiosity - prepare for its birth on Planet Earth, where it has a great and far-reaching destiny...

    “A part of the Sun will always shine inside the Little Light, come what may. Life ... more

  • Downfall of the Gods: Clovel Sword Chronicles Epic Fantasy Book 3

    by Gordon Brewer
    Chaos and bloodshed fill the three realms of the dark fantasy world of Kamin. Urith, the Clovel Destroyer, continues his search for the final piece of the Skool to complete the weapon of the gods. While their civilization falls apart around them, warriors from many clans are fighting for power following the deaths of two powerful overlords. Across the kingdoms, underworld monsters emerge from the depths to kill the innocent for their souls. Soon, the populace begins to understand the threat comi... more
  • The Clovel Sword Chronicles: Omnibus Epic Fantasy Edition

    by Gordon Brewer
    The Epic Dark Fantasy Clovel Sword Chronicles Anthology in one book! Book 1: Shield of Skool Book 2: Battle for Three Realms Book 3: Downfall of the Gods