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  • Megazoic: The Primeval Power

    by Matthew Donald
    Dinosaurs. Sword-wielding dinosaurs. Ghostly dinosaurs. Witch dinosaurs. The Late Cretaceous has become even weirder than before, with the knowledge of the primeval power. Eight months have passed since the fall of the Tyranneon Kingdom. While the Laurasia Corps helps other nations fight the last remnants of their longtime enemy, Kortan develops all sorts of nifty new tech for his nation’s soldiers, and often accompanies them in battle. Since he destroyed the ancient and highly-advanced Cortex t... more
  • Megazoic

    by Matthew Donald
    In the first installment of Megazoic, the Laurasian Empire has been at war with the Tyranneon Kingdom for fifteen years. While the conflict has remained relatively bloodless, fatigue has started to set in for the Laurasia Corps, the empire's military force. When a Sinraptor named Kortan prods a bit too carelessly into studying Tyranneon tech, the Tyranneons launch a surprise attack on one of Laurasia's cities, and take two Laurasians captive. One of these Laurasians is Belar, an Edmontosaurus an... more
  • Zero Percenters

    by Scott T. Grusky

    Would you sacrifice your humanity to live free from pain and suffering?

    Conservationist Anja Lapin always stood firm against her father’s profiteering. But in her wildest dreams, she never guessed his tech company would stumble on an algorithm enabling humans to digitize their bodies and secure artificial immortality.

    Before Anja can stage a protest, terrorists take out the research team, along with her father. Billions adopt the new technology in recor... more

  • First Blood (The Blood Series Book 2)

    by Michael Lynes
    The Adventures Continue! Follow Dev and Tray as they battle for the Heart of Creation against a foe whose plans have taken millennia to come to fruition. Can they find the Key to that will unlock the hidden power before all is lost? Or will their enemy draw First Blood?
  • The Well

    by Duane E. Coffill
    An old well is found by a boy and his dog in a field behind their newly bought house. With its' cracked sides and rusted top, it was a curious find until something lurches out and mauls the dog and terrifies the boy. His family is told by what happened, but nobody believes him until his father discovers the truth and he and his son, Norman must find out what lurks within the embodiment of the old well.
  • Soul Veil: Rising Sun Saga book 3

    by Kayette la Mane
    Three weeks. Three heartbeats. And something eternally life-changing. As Abe and Kira’s love relationship grows closer, she discovers something else she’d thought impossible. And as Kira realizes that angels and dark shadows exist with purpose in a supernatural realm around her, she then finds out there’s also a very real battle brewing in the heavenlies over her soul. The same battle rages in her dreams at night over what she sees there — clues to what she’s searching for. But will BJ and ... more
  • God Just Wanted To Play Golf

    by Craig W. Chenery

    When Heaven screws up... All hell breaks loose.

    God; omniscient creator, terrible golfer, and disgruntled CEO of Heaven, asks for little in life. He wants nothing more than for his private elevator to be repaired, ten minutes of peace and quiet to eat Girl Scout cookies, and an eighteen-hole round with the recently deceased British Prime Minister. So when a broken database causes his records department to send The Grim Reaper a list of souls not ready for reaping, his once peaceful... more

  • The Banished

    by Ron Gabriel

    An orphaned witch thinks his inherited spells are harmless, but comes to discover the family magic is pure evil.

  • Separating You

    by Dr. Jason Carson
    A book written by a serial killer to show the world how they must embrace a psychopathic mindset to achieve their goals in life. Full of Dr. Carson's personal stories, anecdotes, and occasional rantings, this book does all that it promised, and then some.
  • Dragon Lad: Wand of the Black Sphere

    by J. C. Stevens

    Dirk is a budding boy wizard who hatched as a dragon and has a ring that turns him back into one. For his summer vacation, he's leaving Roman Britannia on a secret journey to tell the dragon who raised him she's free from a curse.

    He doesn't realize he's being tracked by his worst enemy, the sorceress who abducted him as a baby and blames him for her husband's death. Treacherous Ethelda thinks Dirk has her fiendishly powerful wand and she'll do anything to get it... more

  • The Witch Hunter General

    by Mace Berry
    Almost two thousand years after the betrayal of a close friend, Inquisitor General Victor Cain is now the very thing he hunts and hates: a half human-half witch. Cursed with immortality, Victor must summon all of his strength to face his past and bring justice for one of his own.
  • Dragon Lad: Tale of the Talisman

    by J. C. Stevens

    Magic and adventure abound in this second book in the Dragon Lad trilogy. The Tale of the Talisman follows our young dragon-hatched hero as he seeks his parents, his past and his destiny in Roman-ruled Britannia.

    A boy without a history—at least one that he can remember—Dirk turns to his shape-shifting friends for help. They launch him on a quest involving the one clue he has to his previous existence: a magic talisman. The wizard Beldor gives Dirk a ring that allows him to ... more

  • Gia's Journey

    by Lysa-Ann Rizzo
    After the Faerie Queen informs Gia and Ciri that the answers they seek can only be found in Terra della Folletto; the two young girls embark upon a long and dangerous journey through two worlds in search of the mysterious land. Armed with only a magical olive tree branch and Ciri’s faerie powers the girls must travel by moonlight so the evil Faerie Queen will not detect them. Will they solve the mystery of the missing elves or will their fate be the same as those who once reigned over Terra dell... more
  • Shaman

    by Sam Polakoff
    Dan Alston questioned his sanity. A successful businessman and US senator, his entire life had been plagued by strange voices and visions. The episodes were ambiguous and easily ignored. But on his 50th birthday, during a climb in the Andes, Dan Alston is involuntarily transported on a spiritual journey and shown something horrifying; an environmental apocalypse. Dan learns he is experiencing episodes from another lifetime, a lifetime from which he has been reincarnated and once lived as a s... more
  • Sinkhole: A Horror Story

    by April A. Taylor
    Could you learn to get along with a complete stranger - or even your worst enemy - to save your life? A sinkhole swallows a girl in Michigan. Fire shoots into the sky in Pennsylvania. Deer attacks leave people hospitalized in West Virginia. And this is all just the beginning of a catastrophic series of global events that will make you question everything you think you know about the planet, nature, and humanity. From an award-winning, Amazon #1 best-selling author comes this harrowing tale... more
  • The Pups

    by David Perlmutter