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  • The 53rd Card: A Dark Tale about Finding Light

    by Virginia Weiss
    When the devil gifts her a peculiar power he refuses to take back, agoraphobic Emma Addison embarks on an audacious quest to end earthly suffering. The exploit will shatter her every notion of truth. But that may prove a gift well worth receiving.
  • The R.E.M. Project: A Thriller (The Ocula Series, Book 2)

    by J.M. Lanham
    It’s been six months since the release of Asteria Pharmaceutical’s groundbreaking sleeping pill, and already, profits are soaring. With the original clinical trial outliers in hiding and on the run, George Sturgis has had free rein to disperse his revolutionary genome-inhibiting medication to the masses, with little regard for Ocula’s unconventional side effects. Meanwhile, in Langley, the Director of Central Intelligence has taken notice of Ocula’s success and is determined to take the drug ... more
  • The R.E.M. Effect: A Thriller (The Ocula Series, Book 1)

    by J.M. Lanham
    It’s 2021 and Paul Freeman just landed a job with Asteria Pharmaceuticals, a world leader in revolutionary drug development. Paul knows the company’s future is riding on the success of their latest product—a sleeping pill designed to interact with the human genome to deliver the perfect eight-hour sleep cycle. Just a few blocks from Asteria’s Atlanta headquarters, troubled self-help guru Donny Ford is selling a different kind of drug, empowering followers to take control of their lives using ... more
  • Last of The Nighthawks

    by Greg Dragon
    Helga Ate is finally getting her chance. Chosen for a coveted slot in the glorious Nighthawks, Special Forces, she will certainly be able to prove herself as more than a half-alien outcast. But when her team deploys to the moon of Dyn, tragedy strikes and Helga is put to the ultimate test--survival. Facing insurmountable odds and escaping torture, Helga and her mentor, Cilas Mec, are forced to face a fate worse than death. Battling brain-eating aliens and human pirates, the odds are stack... more
  • The Rebellious Earthling: Tale of the Turquoise Mirror

    by Andi Hayes
    Alice in Wonderland meets Dante’s Inferno: After impulsively accompanying the charismatic son of a Fallen Angel back to his underground kingdom, the animal-loving Ermina finds herself trapped in a hellish realm of animal sacrifice, slavery and orgies, surrounded by vicious hedonistic trolls who want to rip her to shreds.
  • B07DM7SBPB

    by Darren Johnson

    "There's going to be an attack." By sending his memories back in time, Arnesto Modesto gets to live his life over again. Of course, his much younger self may not be prepared to handle all that foreknowledge... Encouraged by his friend Pete, Arnesto attempts to use his limited recall to do some good — and winds up stumbling through some of the biggest events of the past quarter-century. Life isn't going to be easier the second time around.

  • Tigerfish

    by Evan James Clark
  • Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights

    by Todd Matthews

    One Hero Fights for Freedom. South Columbia, where government corruption poisons the masses…where the police state exterminates the unreliable…where open warfare is about to begin. Cain Riscattare is a brash college athlete gifted in element control when he is exposed to government atrocities within South Columbia, a society demoralized at the hands of the interventionist Southpoint Empire. When a military draft to expand Southpoint’s imperial fist threatens Cain’s a... more

  • Freshman Hunt: A Nightmare Academy Novella

    by Anthony Avina
    When an ancient supernatural legend comes to town on All Hallow’s Eve and the annual Freshman Hunt puts Francesca’s friend Faith in danger, the undercover teen vampire must decide whether to risk her mission to save her friend, while she struggles with her growing feelings for the handsome warlock Jasper. In a school full of danger, what is she willing to sacrifice? Love…or the mission?
  • The Ghost Mine

    by Ben Wolf
    Three years ago, a horrific accident closed ACM-1134, the energy mine on Ketarus-4. Now the mine has reopened, and Justin Barclay has joined the first new batch of miners hired to begin harvesting the energy stored below the planet’s surface. But as he settles into his new job and home, Justin quickly discovers that the mine’s polished exterior is masking a host of hidden dangers—some of them fatal. When the mine’s technology begins malfunctioning, Justin’s coworkers mysteriously disappear, g... more
  • Highway 666: And Other Tales to Speed your Descent into the Abyss (1)

    by David Clark
    The author that brought you "Jack" in Shopping list 2 and "Unholy Trinity" in the Big Book of Bootleg Horror Volume IV now brings you an assortment of four tales that will leave your spine tingling and soul looking for redemption Highway 666 - Read the newspaper account of the horrifying death of 3 teenagers who encountered a Demonic traveler Til Death - A wife is taken on an anniversary treasure hunt following clues left by her husband. At the end of the path, she will be shown he has com... more
  • Awakening: The Prince of Nabalar

    by Diana Flame
    One prophecy. One girl. One Galaxy. When a human becomes the most important thing to a planet that is light years away from earth, then there must be something seriously wrong. As fate would have it, one such human exists. In a sector where the evil thrive and the innocent are punished for deeds they have not committed, enters one woman from earth who threatens the plot of the evil forces. Her coming was foretold by a prophecy. She has arrived and has fallen for the prince, but the th... more
  • Nyira and the Invisible Boy: The Graveyard Club, Book I

    by K.M. Harrell
    Nyira, a seven-year-old healer, watched slave hunters burn her village and murder her father. Hiding in the jungle, she befriends a young gorilla, named Gord. The slave hunters capture Gord, forcing Nyira to give up her freedom to save his life. She is transported by slave ship to Haiti. Ten-year-old Enriquillo’s tribe has lived peacefully—hidden in the Haitian mountains—for over three hundred years. French soldiers still managed to kill their chief—Enriquillo’s father, and his best friend... more
  • The Pious Insurrection: The Reaping

    by Dexter Morgenstern

    A grim, sword & sorcery tale with monsters, magic, religion, and war.

    This is how the world ends:

    The innocent kill. Those killers lead. That is the nature of war, which ravages the province of Evigönda.

    For a breath, there is peace, but the gods' demands pull at thestrings. Amos is a mystic who guards Bo, a seer who sacrificed herphysical sight to see spirits. Together, they must use her judgment toharvest souls for the Reaping, a sacred mission and necessary evil ... more

  • The Peril of Thought: Sci Fi and Horror from the Mind of David Dean

    by David Dean
    A woman is torn from her loving husband in the afterlife and brought back from the dead, trapped in an unforgiving future that won’t let her leave...a man finds himself on a hilltop overlooking smoking ruins of a city, unaware of who he is, how he got there, or what role he played in the destruction below...jealousy overtakes a voice-activated virtual assistant customized with the personality of a widower’s wife, wreaking havoc as its artificial intelligence goes on a rampage against him and his... more
  • Eden Chip

    by scott cramer
    Thanks to nanochips implanted in human brains, the world is at peace in 2055. But not everyone likes having their emotions controlled, or their religion suppressed. Eighteen-year-old Raissa embarks upon a perilous mission to free the world, just days before the release of nanochip Version 7, which will broadcast every citizen's thoughts to the Collective. The countdown has started, and Raissa must make choices that jeopardize the lives of billions, including the only boy she has ever lov... more