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  • The Legacy of King Jasteroth Vol. 2: The Journey to Oclesedor

    by S. L. Wyllie

    After uncovering King Jasteroth's secret plot to conquer the Eastern Realm, Princess Ariella and her Royal Guards must embark on the perilous journey to Oclesedor...

    However, they soon become the targets of the Commander of the Black Magic Sorcerers and his ruthless fire-breathing abomination. Ariella begins to doubt where the loyalties of her company lie as the troublesome pair effortlessly track her every move. Are the Black Magic Sorcerers' untimely appearances purely c... more

  • Gargoyle Huntress

    by Jen Pretty
    My name is Harlow, and I am the loser who got suckered into the worst job in history. I am a gargoyle huntress. Thanks to a tiny bit of vandalism, I now wrestle wayward bitey devils back to their perches at way-too-early o’clock. But lately, something has gone wrong. Gargoyles all over the country are flying the coop, if you will. When a handsome stranger blows into town trying to convince me that this is my problem, I'd rather tell him to piss off. But I don’t have a choice. My gargoyle... more
  • IGIST: New Stars (Book 1 of the YA Science Fiction Series)

    by L.S. Larson
    Ever since her mother disappeared, Emi was a light sleeper. Most nights she lay awake, wondering when the plague would strike. It had ruined most of the planet, leaving the Bygones on Earth restless and without hope. There has to be a way, her father had promised her. A way to escape Earth and observe the wonders of space. A way to defeat the plague and save the Bygones. A way to advance science like her mother and achieve her dream of joining the best and brightest inventors in the universe at ... more
  • The World Between

    by Sarah Orr Aten
    Jamir of Lur-lataer, Priest of The Almighty, is living with a curse. He’ll follow wherever his god directs him to go, but how can he trust in a plan that hasn’t been revealed? Marina, displaced in time, finds herself confronting a truth she never wanted to learn: she isn’t who she thinks she is. Jakar of House Arcanan jumped through a portal into the unknown after the woman he has always loved. He won’t leave her, because the future depends on them being together. Velundovil peels back ... more
  • Blue Moon Fox

    by Bellarose Fox

    This children’s book features Luna, the blue moon fox. Journey with Luna through her adventures and mysteries. Travel with her to magical lands and meet mystical creatures, and kittens.

    Age range: 8-12 years old.

  • Code of Rainbow: Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet (Book 3)

    by weiqi wang
    Due to a shocking discovery, Soarame now has to undertake a new dangerous journey with his friends. He must cross the largest, most deadly ocean in the world. Battling more powerful, evil wizards, he was forced to escape underwater, and stay in the bottom of the ocean for weeks. But how could a teenage boy survive underwater, especially that there were lethal creatures down there? And what further perils are waiting for him, if he really survives?
  • Code of Rainbow: Ancient Barons and the Returned Assassin (Book 2)

    by weiqi wang
    Two years after the MagiMax incident, everything seemed to be peaceful. Until one day, Soarame and his friends received a threat from an unknown source. The unbelievable discoveries thus come one after another...
  • Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal (Book 1)

    by weiqi wang

    If you like JK Rowling or Brandon Sanderson or both, you will love this book. It’s a new novel genre that develops magic with the power of science - something rarely seen. Soarame has a pair of special eyes. He can see magic elements in this world, which are supposed to be invisible. This enviable gift of his could reveal the truth of the world, but it also put him in danger. Many animals in this world possess magic power, so they are called “magimals” - dragons as an exampl... more

  • Art for the Sake of Art (The Multiverse Askew Trilogy Book 1)

    by Christopher Brimmage
    For as long as Art can remember, he can’t bring himself to feel a single, solitary emotion about anything. According to the ridiculous nature of the Multiverse, this emotional emptiness has made him a messiah of sorts. And that’s precisely why a version of himself from an alternate reality appears on his doorstep, whisking him away on a dimension-hopping quest to save the Multiverse from dead dictators reincarnated as dwarves in Girl Scout uniforms.
  • To Kill a Fae (The Dragon Portal Book 1)

    by Jamie A. Waters
    The darkness holds more than just secrets... Marked for death, Sabine escaped from her home more than ten years ago. But the Wild Hunt will never give up. It should have been easy to stay hidden. All Sabine had to do was keep her head down, avoid telling anyone about her past, and above all else -- not let her glamour drop. Even the best-laid plans eventually fall apart. When a charismatic stranger arrives in the city, Sabine finds herself unwittingly drawn to him and the power s... more
  • Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century: 1957

    by Theresa M. Moore
    A collection of essays by the author about films which were important to pop culture and the genre. Each essay includes a complete plot synopsis, additional analyses and notes, anecdotal information and data, where possible; since some films have been lost. Each has been selected for addition to this volume based on the author's experience as a fan of science fiction and a film critic. Some of the films may seem like cheaply made popcorn thrillers but when seen for their themes and impact they w... more
  • The Proto Project

    by Bryan R. Johnson
    When Jason meets his mom’s billion-dollar invention, an artificial intelligence device named Proto, he accidentally gets caught up in a mysterious adventure. Proto goes missing, and then people go missing. Now Jason and his coolest-neighbor-ever Maya must risk their lives to prevent global mayhem. But who is behind this devious plot? Is it another AI? The FBI? Or any other abbreviation with an I? What exactly is there to learn about artificial and human intelligence while fighting for your life ... more
  • Athena's Choice

    by Adam Boostrom

    In this sci-fi debut, men have gone extinct, and one woman must decide how society should continue.

    "A daring book that will stay in readers’ minds long after the final page."
    --Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

  • Down the Monster Hole

    by Carmela Tal Baron
    In Down the Monster Hole or Don't Be Afraid I'm only a Child, a child's journey through a fictional maze full of wonders and challenges turns into a mind-expanding search for meaning. Tom, a runaway, clashes with a gang of wicked clocks and loses his way and his sense of time. After wandering around and making new friends, Tom finds himself alone in a cemetery for machines. There, amid the junk of the mechanical remains, he discovers a hidden kingdom of monsters and puzzles, which peak his curio... more
  • Trivium (Trivium Trilogy#1)

    by Amber Nguyen
    Have you ever wanted to know your future? What if you could choose what your life would look like? For Cassia Bellerose, once she turns eighteen that’s exactly what she’ll do. Every citizen must visit the Trivium and choose from three different futures. Cassia has planned her life exactly how she wants it. Choosing at the Trivium should be easy. She’ll go to medical school, marry her boyfriend, Gunner, and always have her best friend, Verity, by her side. But Cassia has a secret she's kept fr... more
  • The Sentry (The Novan Chronicles Book 1)

    by Lyssa Morasey

    In a war between fire and ice, three former enemies must join forces to save everything they love.

    The Nixans and Wardens are supernatural beings living hidden within our world, locked in a brutal war for supremacy. Wielding the powers of ice and fire, their ancient feud has grown to engulf six continents, eleven races of superhumans, and one very powerful goddess.

    Now, three reluctant teenagers, armed with nothing but a magic sword and a blistering vendetta, are... more