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    BOOK FOUR OF THE FORLORN SERIES. After thousands of years imprisoned in the Abyss, the fallen angels known as the Watchers are on the loose. Jared Lorn and Grace Fortune want to do is get home to their family, but dark forces conspire against them, and soon they find themselves on a perilous journey to the Other Side, the spiritual realm. They must battle the Watcher Samyaza and his cohorts to escape, not knowing that the leader of the Watchers, Azazel, has taken control of the real world and... more
  • The Revenant's Bargain

    by Molly Adaza
    Since her abduction as a child, Kacela has learned to be a diplomat and a warrior. She trains with the best and practices politics with the worst. As the royal commander's ward, she returns to her native war camp to strike a deal with her mother's murderers. But revenge is secondary to the ploy for female equality she's bet her life on. When Kacela becomes the first female in the annual, coming-of-age sacrament in over a thousand years, she's pit against hundreds of trained warriors whose aim is... more
  • Transcendent

    by Jay Antani
    As the lone survivor of a shocking accident on board an interstellar ship, Troy Hortman is ready to hang it up once he realizes the odds against him. But a pair of unusual events prompts Troy to battle the odds, because life is worth fighting for and saving—and because a singular celestial mystery demands investigating.
  • A Devil in Every Dark Corner

    by Amanda Braun Boe
    Thirty-two-year-old Imogen Abernathy is fed up with being a witch. And she’s definitely had enough of her family’s ghost and monster-hunting business, Otherworldly Investigations. But when her younger sister, Carmen, has an otherworldly mishap, Imogen has no choice but to return home to face her past and her deep mistrust of witchcraft. Drawn back into the world of magic, Imogen and Carmen begin investigating a series of grisly murders that may be linked to the mysterious Thistle Witch, a powerf... more
  • Storm Cloud Rising

    by Jason Edward Lancour
    No prophecy. No Chosen One. No greatest hero of all time. The fate of the known universe does not hang in the balance. A group of mercenaries is hired for what was supposed to be an easy assignment. Get in. Get out. Get paid. But like most things in life, nothing is as easy as it seems. In a world rich with history, meticulously engineered laws of magic, unique cultures and peoples (as well as the occasional whiskey joint), the “private contractors” soon find their already varied motivati... more
  • Stars Like Acid

    by Marissa Lupe
    Téa, a Latina soldier in training, is used to standing her ground in a world that seems hellbent on bringing her to her knees. Orphaned at age five and held captive on a military base for most of her life, she barely remembers a time before the government controlled her every move. Now, fifteen years later, the Earth is dying, a resistance is forming, and the corrupt government is hoarding resources and information that could save the world. When Téa is forced to marry the son of a terrifying g... more
  • Besties in Space - Zap and Flare in the Science of stopping thieves.: A kids book about alien grade friendship and teamwork.

    by Richard DeLozier
    Besties in Space is a collection of stories about the adventures of Zee and Lolo, two friends who travel the galaxy together. They work together to solve problems, overcome challenges, and help those in need. Along the way, they face dangerous traps, scary monsters, and challenging puzzles, but they always rely on their friendship to get them through. Through their journeys, Zee and Lolo learn the importance of trust, communication, and teamwork. They realize that they each have unique streng... more
  • Elemental Ascension

    by E. Rachael Hardcastle

    An exciting Elemental adventure for young adult and teen readers; perfect for lovers of dragons, fortune-telling, sword fights, and pirates!

    Ash the Elemental is dying, cursed by his brothers in the Guard when they suspect he is a rare and dangerous Alchemist. Suffering their wrath, he escapes their anger and goes into hiding, until a generous Oracle offers to read his fortune. He insists Ash is the solution to the Land's ongoing war against their cruel government; all he has to do ... more

  • Home Rule (The Tribal Wars Book 3)

    by Stella Atrium
    Photojournalist Hershel Henry witnesses the self-torchings of tribal women protesting to the oppressive rule of Rabbenu Ely. While Brianna Miller seeks peace among the tribes, Kelly sets the bride price for a wedding at Stargate Junction.
  • By a Silver Thread (DFZ Changeling Book 1)

    by Rachel Aaron
    BY A SILVER THREAD is a fast-paced Urban Fantasy featuring cunning fae, a kind heroine, and a magic so destructive that using it even once will stain your soul forever. Buckle up for a wild ride through a near-future, magical Detroit where urban legends ride the streets, fairy queens have mansions uptown, and the City is an actual deity you don't want to cross. This book takes place in the world of the DFZ and continues the story of the setting. New readers can jump right in without knowing ... more
  • Enter the Parkerverse

    by CL Baxter
    There's a talent show coming up, and middle-school kid Parker has no idea what her talents are. Is everybody great at something but her? But then she runs into a mysterious person who looks exactly like her, and hands her a phone. Not an ordinary phone... a phone that can call parallel universes! Now Parker can summon alternate Parkers with all the skills she wishes she had. She'll dominate the talent show, and never have to deal with problems again! But all that messing with the multiverse come... more
  • Hole House

    by DM Sinclair
    Two strangers, Mae and Guy, find themselves unwitting co-owners of a decrepit mansion in the middle of nowhere. While attempting to renovate it so they can flip it for a profit, they uncover a bottomless hole in the basement floor. It soon becomes apparent that something dark and ancient dwells deep in the hole, and will never let them leave the house unless they give in to its malevolent demands.
  • The Veil Between Worlds

    by K. M. McFarland

    You Don't Find Voodoo — Voodoo finds YOU!

    • A strong female MC who sees and communicates with the dead.
    • A rock star with blood on his hands and a debt to settle with a Voodoo Loa.
    • What happens when their paths cross in this tale of Voodoo, reincarnation, love, and destiny?


  • The Streets of Whirly

    by A. M. Rodgers
    In poverty and crime-stricken West Side Whirly, Jule is like anyone else at the bottom of the barrel, living meal-to-meal and stealing for money while avoiding her old gang leader and the stews of Doxy Row. Except Jule has the Fei, the tiny tricksters as likely to get her into trouble as out of it. When she’s hired by the mysterious blue-monocle man, she thinks it will be an easy in-and-out job. Instead she’s plunged into a decade long mystery of wizards, earls, and murder. If she ever wants to ... more
  • Tzia: The Book of Galatéa

    by Mister Sanamon
    In Tzia’s debut title, Galatéa’s story is told through the eyes of her future daughter, Theo, on her fourteenth birthday, when she is approached by a very unusual mouse-like old woman who introduces the unsuspecting Theo to her family history and the quest she must now undertake, as her mother did before her. Toggling between the past and the future, the very remarkable, albeit unbelievable, quest of fourteen-year-old Galatéa on a mythical Greek island that was hidden from the civilized worl... more
  • Trine Revelation: The Kinderra Saga, Book 3

    by C.K. Donnelly
    Now is the moment of choice... Betrayed by the man she once worshipped, Mirana Pinal must finish the quest for Jasal’s Keep with the help of an enemy. As she races to save her people, the Fal'kin infiltrate the Dark Trine's stronghold to discover the warlord's plans for conquest. For Teague Beltran, however, the mission is much more personal. His mother has been captured by the Ken’nar, and he will stop at nothing to rescue her. If Mirana gives the Dark Trine the key to the Keep’s power, she ... more